Quick tour of Reddit client Baconit 2.5 for Windows Phone 8

Within the next week or so users of the popular Reddit client Baconit should be getting an update that will bring some added functionality for Windows Phone 8 users.

We’ve been using Baconit version 2.5 or the last few days and really enjoy the performance (we were sold on the design with version 1.0) and the new features. Baconit (and its PC browser client BaconSync) is probably your best choice if you’re a casual or hardcore Reddit user who also uses Windows Phone.

Head past the break for the complete change log or just watch our video to get the highlights of those new features in action!

Baconit version 2.5 (Windows Phone 8 only changes)

  • Lock screen wallpaper from any subreddit
  • Lock screen notifications
  • New live tiles for Windows Phone 8
  • Tap + Send support
  • New social network sharing
  • New animations
  • Rapid resume
  • High resolution images
  • Fixes to flip view to use less memory and have better performance :)
  • Completely rewritten back end which improves performance of entire app

Overall, Baconit version 2.5 is quite killer and makes the app that much better. We’ll keep you posted when the update goes live and in the meantime you can pick up Baconit here in the Windows Phone Store 100% free (no ads) and if you love the dev’s work (Quinn Damerell) you can get the donation version here for $1.99.

QR: Baconit          QR: Baconit Pay


Reader comments

Quick tour of Reddit client Baconit 2.5 for Windows Phone 8


Woah, that's great and all but what's this about photosynth on your start screen on a WP8 phone, I thought it wasn't available yet?

Hoping this improves the app's battery use. Not really sure why, but this thing KILLS my L920's battery. Browsed for about 20-30 minutes earlier today, lost about 15%. Don't even have games that deal that much damage.

OMG the new video intro is AMAZING! Finally Windows Phone Central has a proper video intro teaser thing. This site just keeps getting better and better! :)

I want the intro on loop for ten minutes. It's like our intro wants to make love to each and every viewer. 

Had it for a minute. Its a pretty well developed and works well.

Doh. The WP8 release. I'll go take my WP7 device and go sit in the back of the bus. *hangs head*

I noticed Photosynth as well. It may be the WP7 version. I still have it on my NL900, but it hasn't popped up in the App Store yet on my NL920, so I'm not sure how he got the install on his phone. Perhaps he's using a Developer Phone that grants access to WP7 apps?

Def suport the devs guys. the app is amazing and should be bought. easily the best reddit app on any platform

another thing, are you using some beta gleek app to get it in the lockscreen? I know they published an update when one failed, I dont know if that lockscreen addition made it.