Raw footage from the Nokia Deadmau5 gig, how did the Lumia 920 perform?

So we've seen how the Lumia 920 holds up when attached to the front of a Land Rover, or at live concerts, but what's the quality like when you're (like many) recording while grooving to the beat? We decided to head on down to the Deadmau5 event in Brixton, London last night to see how our Lumia 920s would perform in low light, with high volume levels and an obscene amount of movement.

The first part of our footage above is of the main Nokia lightshow, featuring Deadmau5 performing on a rooftop. Pretty standard stuff - notice the quality of the recording, we were about 10-20 feet from one of the speaker towers inside the venue, which were turned up fairly high. While we weren't present at the outside event, but we did manag to attend the action Electric Brixton.

The second part of the footage is where the action kicked off. Deadmau5 entered onstage and started throwing out some of his best known beats to the audience. It's safe to say there was a lot of arm flailing and jumping. We weren't ready to stand around and watch so it was decided we'd see how the Lumia 920 would fare when recording the performance with many elements and factors present.

Deadmau5 Live Event

Movement, lighting, loud music were mostly tackled well by the Windows Phone and while the video wasn't entirely stable, it did a fine job at capturing some of the excitement at the event last night. Many attendees were doing the exact same with competitor handsets, but we bet the OIS and HAAC microphones would ensure our footage is top quality.

We'll have a comparison video of the HTC 8X and Lumia 920 up soon with the former also being used to record some of the performance - there's less jumping, we promise.


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Raw footage from the Nokia Deadmau5 gig, how did the Lumia 920 perform?


Audio recordings on this phone is simply amazing. I can't wait till the Movement festival in Detroit this summer and start recording.

I recorded parts of a metal concert while being in the very front row and the sound came out amazing but I do have two slight hiccups here and there. One being it sometimes has trouble focusing and the other is sometimes while recording my video will stutter for three seconds including the sound being a little messed up. Hopefully an update addresses any video/camera issues

I had similar stuttering on a video but not on some others. I dont know the cause but am going to restart phone to clear out memory before future recording in case that is the problem since it seems it could have an effect.

Did you have continous focusing set to "on"? That can give the impression of having trouble focusing.

HTC 8X was also used. But you'd rather whine about the Lumia 920 right?.

That's exactly your problem. Ignore what you must , comment about how excited you are to see the HTC 8X footage, that you look forward to it and thanks the editors; And finally move on damn it.

But if you keep commenting about how there is way much emphasis on the L920, it is your own bias bringing it up.

Actually, Jay supposedly shot some of the concert with the 8X which we may have up later (if he gets around to uploading it).

As has been said elsewhere... call us and let us know when the 8X has literally ANY kind of video-worthy event... or gets taken to an event... if you got footage, post it!
It's called marketing... and spreading GREAT news about a GREAT product. Nobody said the 8X sucked (it doesn't), but what does it have worth talking about?

I can think of one final test for the Lumia.  Someone needs to place one near the launchpad of a rocket, preferably a larger one.  Mmmmm, that'd be fun. :)

Lol I went to an apple store and.put my lumia 920 besides iphone 5. No doubt it blows it away. Yes gotten many apple Zombies looking and great part had one iphone user ask me if she can show her lumia 920 screen and live tiles. She loved it so much she decided leave apple store and go to Microsoft store get one lol... Also she was cute has well. :-D

I think the star of the show here is actually the quality of the audio.. Given how much bass these dudes produce, i thought for sure it'd be all distorted like most recordings but it was crystal clear and warm. Very impressed by that.

I agree on that. Lord knows all my fb friends would love for me to post a good audio video of a live concert I've recorded with my phone to actually be, well as good and awesome as these 920 bids that are popping up.

Wow the sound recorded was far better than I was expecting, I Have re-evaluated my views on WP8's recording capability for gigs for sure! thankyou :0)

I don't really understand the music or this Dead-whatever...is it pronounced "Deadmouse" or "Deadmauve" or just "Dead-mau-five"?  Anyway, whatever it is, it doesn't appeal much to me, but the audio quality of the video is great.  The video quality left something to be desired, however...but it's still better than I've ever seen on any other phone.

Lumia camera looking and sounding great as usual. Also, I've got to say; I'm SOOOO GLAD that you finally replaced that dated video intro. This new one is looking good!!!

I can't sa that I am terribly impressed by this. To be fair, it's not exactly the easiest thing to video tap (a bunch of rapidly flashing multi colored lights in the dark). Sound is good, albeit muted.