Rayman Fiesta Run returns to the Windows Phone Store after disappearing

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run has had a storied time in the Windows Phone Store so far. The game soft-launched in early February, but was only available in a few regions like India. Then in mid-February the game appeared in the Windows Phone Store for everyone, but was pulled shortly after that. Now it looks to finally be back in the Windows Phone Store for those who haven’t picked it up yet.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you should be able to pick up Rayman Fiesta Run. We’ve received a few tips that the game is back and available for all. I personally haven’t downloaded it before today, but was able to finally download it a few minutes ago.

The game so far has great reviews in the Windows Phone Store and definitely worth a download if you were a big fan of the original Rayman game on Windows Phone – Rayman Jungle Run.

Rayman Fiesta Run goes for $2.99 and does not include a trial. The game works on devices with 512MB of RAM, like the Lumia 520. You can download Rayman Fiesta Run from the Windows Phone Store. Want to play it on your Surface 2? Grab it from the Windows Store

Hopefully it isn’t pulled this time! 

Thanks for the tip Brandon E!

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Rayman Fiesta Run returns to the Windows Phone Store after disappearing


Hi Nanoware,

We explained that this game was being soft-launched (until yesterday).
It was removed from several countries a few weeks ago, since the tests were not successful.
Yesterday it was released worldwide.
Hope this helped!

Sees the much sought after Xbox banner in the game's icon.  Celebrates a little.  Buys the game.

Already got this first time around, but it wasn't quite ready. One of the levels was missing 3 lums making it impossible to finish perfectly. If anyone had heard about this and been put off buying, it has been fixed.

Happened to me too. I was racking my brain trying to figure out the 3 lums till I saw a walkthrough showing me I'm missing three. Finished the game already. Going thru playing again. I thing Jungle Run was more challenging. This had some tricky stages but alot more fun to play.

It wasn't actually pulled. I bought it last week. It was just hidden for some reason. If you go to Jungle Run and select "More from Ubisoft" it doesn't show up, but googling it works.

I'm enjoying the game, but I'm a little irritated that you actually have to hit the button for punching. In the last game you just had to tap that side of the screen. I keep dying cause I miss the button.

I been trying to update this game but it won't let me. Shows update then just goes blank on the download. Maybe I need to download it again

It's quite a big download (83mb?). It wouldn't work for me until I did it over wifi at home, rather than a cellular connection.

I finished the entire game all in 100 lumas without using any help in the start, then bought every single buyable thing and last I finished all the achievements.

The game was pulled off due to an error in one of the levels where it was missing three lumas. I repeated that level over 50 times searching every corner until I found that another person was also complaining about the missing lumas. Now it is fixed and the game is complete for me.

Going to go through some levels to beat my time records. :)

I think I'll wait for Red Stripe Deal as I did with Jungle Run. Hopefully I'll get Lumia 1520 cause on my current phone there's just 7,2GB storage.

This is my first time hearing about it being on Windows 8. Awesome! Although I hope one of these days we can just buy it once, have it on all devices. Want it on both tablet and phone? Thats 6 bucks total.

Haha, yes I suppose that is a worthwile perk. Halo: Spartan Assault was the worst though. I have it on my Surface Pro, Lumia 928, and Xbox One. Microsoft messaged me about a "discounted price" to get it on Xbox 360, but I honestly cant justify spending yet another 5 dollars on that game, just to have it absolutely everywhere lol.

So, what are the missing apps and games that were announced in the Nokia World??
And, in the Lumia 1020 announcement? (Flippboard, I'm looking for you.)

Be sure to thank (at)Ubisoft and (at)UbisoftMobile on Twitter for their continued support for Xbox gaming on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT. When you finish up with that, feel free to criticize Microsoft for not doing more to get Xbox titles on Windows Phone. This is only the 3rd Xbox game on WP to launch in 2014. Join the #SaveXboxWP movement: details here.

Some games will be free but doest not support 512mb rams , some games will support 512mb rams but will not be free . This is wp8 , but still i lov it cause wp8.1 is coming to all Lumias including ma l520 . :)