Razer unveils Atrox Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox One

Razer is bringing their Atrox Arcade Fighting Stick to the Xbox One. Like the original accessory for the Xbox 360, the Atrox for Xbox One is an arcade-style stick made for fighting games like Killer Instinct.

The Atrox features eight Sanwa Denshi buttons in an arcade layout. The platform of the Atrox opens up by pressing a button, letting players customize the stick for their ideal layout. The controller was built with modders in mind, and players can swap out the standard look for ones that fit their style, and internal components are easily customized. Dedicated slots inside the platform can store the included joystick, USB cable, and bundled screwdriver.

Razer is including a limited-edition faceplate for the controller based on Killer Instinct. The Atrox Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox One will be available to players beginning next month for the price of $199.99.

Will you be picking one of these up? Let us know below in the comments.


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Razer unveils Atrox Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox One


That's like average and i thinks it's wort it. I still have my TE Round 2 stick I bought in 2008 for $200.00 CDN

I spent another 150.00 to customize it. New buttons, plexy artwork. Octagonal Gate.

I play Street Fighter almost every day and the stick and parts have lasted this long.

Peep my custom stick.

Would never buy from Razer again. I got the Tournament edition Onza for the 360 and the build quality was absolutely horrendous, edges you could cut glass with, stick adjusters that broke on about the second use, triggers that went after a month. Had several replacements sent out by the retailer but they were all the same, none of them lasted not than a month.

I liked my Onza, but the first one I got had a broken RB button, and then I got it replaced and it had a broken mic jack. I just gave it to my friend who doesn't play on Xbox Live and he's loving it.

That said I have both a Naga and BlackWidow Ultimate and absolutely love both.

actually not a bad price.... look up building a pro grade stick and you'll easily spend quite a bit of money. Hell, I spent well over $150 to customize a $50 joystick a few years back, and it was worth it. Not worth it for the casual fighting game fan, but for competition use, you'll see the difference.

True not for casual players.
15,000 Ryu. 14,000 Deejay. 7,000 Guile with a 3,500 PP. Street fighter Ultra reset all those points. Now my Ryu is at 6,700 pts and guild under 3.000 :(

Exactly. You want something that can take the abuse and still be spot on and reliable every time you need it. The fact that it incluse Sanwa buttons/stick from the get go is a plus. plus the fact that you can customize it on the fly is GREAT. It also comes with a bat top according to razer's site, so you can have a Japanese or US feel on the joystick.

Going to Evo this weekend and buying some custom parts? Pop them in minutes before competing!

Its the same price as the Killer Instinct arcade stick when it was launched. At that price I'd rather get an extra pad and two - three games lol.