RCS-e interoperability confirmed for Windows Phone 7.8

RCS-e confirmed for Windows Phone 8

During the IFA Preview today in Munich, Deutsche Telekom confirmed that Windows Phone 7.8 will have Rich Communications Suite (RCS-e) functionality. The functionality was noted earlier in the leaked details and will come in the form of a separate application and integrated with Windows Phone 8. The RCS-e services will be a cross platform, cross network functionality Previously, RCS-e was announced during the Summit a few weeks ago for Windows Phone 8 but it's a technology that most people are not familiar.

In Deutsche Telekom's presentation they discussed using Joyn services that will provide chat, file transfer and video chat features between carriers. . Joyn will be interoperable between Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone networks for now with O2 Germany coming on board after launch.

The service will provide free chat and file transfers and charge for video chat. Commercial availability is planned for October. It will be interesting to see how the RCS-e services match up with existing services such as Skype. Equally interesting will be to see if the U.S. Carriers can play nice to establish such interoperability.

We've seen things like this before--think Sprint's horrid proprietary PictureMail years ago--but RCS-e at least sets some standards. Personally we think 3rd party services like IM+, Kik, Nokia's Pulse and others are the future but we're glad to see Windows Phone 7.8 getting it too, it should make carriers a little more inclined to support Windows Phone.

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RCS-e interoperability confirmed for Windows Phone 7.8


So if im understanding this correctly windows phone is getting their own messages service? Like imessage? Or BBM?

It'a a carrier tool which carriers can use to offer services to their customers. It just has standards to make it a little nicer, in theory.

It's like BBM but a carrier-branded BBM.

we just got sms/mms totally free from our providers, so no need for any BBM thingy. easier for everyone in the end. (and voice and data is unlimited, too. cost is just dependent on the bandwidth i want, nothing else).

I really think we should get our own messaging service. But I thought Skype was our own messenging service. Or is it a wp version of FaceTime?

Does anybody think first gen WPD will have any issues with the 7.8 update being made available? Im wondering if the firstG. Samsung Focus will get the update, or be left out as usual.

First gen Focus appears to be abandoned on all levels. I have a feeling my disappearing keyboard is here to stay unless I force an update somehow.

I don't get this...manually updating the OS via the cab method we detail is so easy...takes 10 minutes. You've now had two OS update go by you and you still haven't done it?

And 7.8 is suppose to bypass the carriers altogether anyway.

Also to add, I updates to tango and it does not have the internet sharing or voice clip add on, the only thing I notice is attch video or ringtone.

"And 7.8 is suppose to bypass the carriers altogether anyway."
Really?  When was that announced?  I know that MS hinted at WP8 bypassing carriers, but since when did they get that negotiated with carriers?  Believe me, I would be ELATED to know carriers were no longer dependant on releasting OS updates for Windows Phone.

no, 7.x won't bypass anything.  Yet another reason you will see Microsoft dump 7.x like the plague because they have solved their update problems with 8.0

I forced my 1st gen focus to 8701. However I've been reluctant to force to 8773 because I can't tell which man pack codes are for me. Any ideas? I need 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Where are all these pictures of WP7.8 on current phones coming from. This looks to be a Samsung Focus S. Do you guys have it or is this just a render ? 
Also, am I the only one not very impressed with the increased size of the "Medium" sized tile. It looks awkward and weird. It's far too big for my taste. 

As even joyn will only be available via a separate app I wouldnt bet on that.
Still possible, but I guess its not very likely