Rdio has been completely rewritten for Windows Phone 8, now available to download


Windows Phone may be in distant third compared to Android and iOS, but we certainly are gaining more and more of the big name apps for our platform. When it comes to music services, we’re certainly not lacking any of the major ones out there.

We’ve got Microsoft’s own Xbox Music and other third party services like Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, Nokia Music, and more. They all compete on features and price, after that it comes down to which one you personally like better. Fans of Rdio on Windows Phone 8 should be happy as the app just picked up a big update today, let’s check it out.

It was in late February of this year that we last checked out Rdio for Windows Phone. The update back then was small and focused on improving online streaming and the interface. So what’s version 4.0 bringing to the table for Rdio? Well for one, the app has been completely rewritten.

The big focus on v4 was to get the app super stable for Windows Phone 8. The last three months of work on Rdio has focused on user feedback and completely rewriting the app. There are some new features like Facebook login, signing-out and more, but the focus was on creating a solid Windows Phone app for Rdio. Now that they’ve nailed that, they’ll work on adding new features.


What features would you like to see added to Rdio now that the app has a solid foundation to build on?

Rdio, like most music subscription services, offers different payment tiers for users. There are three plans (free, $4.99/month, $9.99/month) that have different perks and options depending on your use. Check out how it breaks down on Rdio’s pricing page.

Want Rdio for Windows Phone 8? Grab it for free in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

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Rdio has been completely rewritten for Windows Phone 8, now available to download


Oh my god, they seem to have fixed my biggest irritation -- loading time of large playlists.  They aren't instantaneous, but I have a really big playlist (~800 tracks, it's my Rdio equivalent of starring something in Spotify) that used to take 2-5min to load.  Now it's more like 10s.  Awesome!!!
Everything seems faster in general. Much faster.  On both wifi and LTE.  This is great.
My other big gripe is sometimes it would just uncermoniously die under a lockscreen.  Hopefully this update fixes those crashes too.
Needs stations support added, even if I'm not a big fan of their recommendations in general.

Hi Jesper, I am user of Rdio from a year maybe and is amazing!, I live in Costa RIca so I can't "access"  the service but I get the way to create an account and they let me use my international debit card, I tried Spotify and Xbox Music, but Rdio apps are delightful to use and see. Give them a try!

New content comes fast (one day after iTunes, generally), good interface, solid client. I found anything that I search. I just don't like the lack of SD support, but this is more a dumb decision of Microsoft than anything. :/

I can Jesper. I beta tested this app and I have to say, compared to probably all others in terms of sound, Rdio has the best broadcast sound I have ever heard. That's compared to Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify and Nokia Music. each of which are very good at what they do except Nokia music, well, it makes a valiant effort, better if you pay. 
I don't know how they did it but they immerse you in sound like none I've ever used. The app itself looks good and works well. The interface is clean and exceeds the standards set by our platform.  Its the real deal IMHO.

Ye, I'm using Spotify atm and their library is great :) but the app on WP and the lack of some features on the PC makes me wanna kick their lazy asses! I want to try Xbox music, since it looks cool on 8.1, but I'm worried MSFT is happy with the way it looks on WP atm...

The actual version is already WP8 optimized, in beta. So many features are missing... hopefully there will be some updates around the corner.

Spotify is not committed to Windows at all. They also lack a Windows RT app. And the existing Windows Phone app is a disgrace both in terms of stability as well as fundamental features that exist on iOS and Android. 

While I agree that Spotify's WP8 app is terrible, Rdio also doesn't have an RT app (last I checked). Their website is wonky in IE as well (requires finger gymnastics to hit the play button on songs/albums).

AudioCloud lets me do more stuff than the official Android app and its easier to use to boot. Add that it has a blacked out theme that follows the Metro design beautifully and there is no need for an official app. (For me anyway.)

But after all, i think that an original app would be the best. And as the platforn is growing at a speed of light, i would like to get all the apps original. I support wp since a month ago when i got my 920.

Still no Stations. My biggest gripe about Rdio app.
They fixed the playlist load time thankfully.

I haven't downloaded the update yet, but the previous version of rdio had stations--albeit unintuitive. You had to search for an artist and once you selected the artist, the radio option would appear at the bottom of the screen.

Super bummed on this update. The changes are so minimal that the average user wouldn't know the difference. The app is still buggy and unreliable. Hopefully this rewrite will lead to quicker future updates, but as far as I'm concerned, the Windows Phone version of Rdio pails in comparison to the experience on any other platform. 

I use Xbox Music and have for years, but the UI in WP8 is really starting to bug me to the point that I want to leave. Spotify wasn't great when I last tried it, but it was on WP7. I think I will have to give Rdio a try. I really like their web UI on the computer.

I haven't tried RDIO yet, but I'll have to check it out.
But I'm still waiting on SiriusXM to come up with an app.
Hey Sam, any word regarding that ? 

I hate Apps like this.. "STREAM UNLIMITED SONGS FOR FREE!!!" I open the App to be welcomed to "Your free trial ends 12/11/13" Would of been nice to knows its only a trial App.