Rdio for Windows Phone updates interface and improves streaming

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Music services are one thing that Windows Phone isn’t lacking in the app department. We’ve got the native Zune Xbox Music service built in, Nokia Music on some devices, Spotify, Slacker, Rdio, and Pandora (on the way). For fans of Rdio, the app just got a small update that should help appease subscribers of the human-powered music discovery music network.

The last big update in at the tail end of December gave Rdio the Windows Phone 8 treatment. Lockscreen support, multiple tile sizes, etc. Moving from version 1.15.0 of the app to 1.16.0 will give you two changes:

  • Improved online streaming/playback
  • Improved interface

Rdio for Windows Phone Screenshots

Rdio is still rocking a nice design and hits all the high notes in regards to the ‘Microsoft Design Language’. The latest version eschews the black layout of the previous version and now you’ll find white the big theme. Feels a bit more like the Rdio website. Additionally, the app used to just have ‘heavy rotation’ as a big pivot in the panorama layout. They’ve now added top charts, and new releases. Overall it feels a bit more like the native Xbox Music app in terms of layout. Maybe Corey will be happy now.

Streaming and playback are working great on my Lumia 920 running on T-Mobiles faux-G network in southern California. To be honest I can’t notice a difference in streaming or playback, but changes like that are more often than not hard to notice unless you were having issues before.

Let us know if you are getting better performance in terms of music streaming.

If you don’t have Rdio, you can download it for free from the Windows Phone Store for all devices. You can start a 14-day trial subscription from the app too. Get it here, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.

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Rdio for Windows Phone updates interface and improves streaming


still terrible on windows phone 7.8, but hey... forget the past. Don't care about the wp7 users... we wp7 users have just been test objects in a new ecosystem for Rdio and even microsoft :-(

Amen... Furthermore, WPCentral needs to wake up and make it clear on the app these articles and what exactly they are talking about. While it doesn't apply to THIS article, I would like to know before I click to read, whether it's WP 7 or 8. Maybe a filter? Tired of 7 users getting ditched and its mainly why I'm not ever going WP 8... Thank you. The End.

jup sorry, my post is a bit off topic. But I like the idea of the filter for WP7/Wp8 :-)
or specific tags like [WP7] [WP8] like the [APPS] tag on this news

This update was long overdue but is a huge improvement. The Queue item on the home screen is a big help, although oddly you still can't scrub forward or back in songs...

I'm sorry but I respectively have to disagree; "Music services are one thing that Windows Phone isn’t lacking in the app department".   Like a broken record... The premiere Music Service Zune was killed and replaced by MS with the alpha software xBox music leaving many things a music service should provide horribly broken with no apps to replace its functions...  Rdio is nice for what it does but until MS brings back Zune or fixes its alpha software your statement is not remotely correct.

Streaming seems a bit better, but it still isn't perfect. At least Rdio is making a commitment and is moving in the right direction.