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Readit picks up massive update, includes Gold account support and much more

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Aw yiss. One of our favorite Reddit apps on Windows Phone has been updated. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find version Readit at version 1.8. Today’s update is pretty big and introduces new features and many refinements. Let’s check out all that’s new with Readit.

The last update for Readit we covered was back in late February. It wasn’t major, but today’s is very major. Bullet list time since that’s all you guys read (besides the headline). Here’s what you’ll find in Readit version 1.8:

  • Improved spoiler support
  • Complete multireddit support
  • Gold account sync
  • Moderation tools
  • Updated profile pages
  • Edit user and link flair
  • Comment icon flair
  • Improved Swipe View
  • Improved Inbox messaging
  • Oauth2 login
  • New content in the main page
  • Custom colors
  • Save comments
  • Report posts/comments
  • Improved gfycat playback
  • Add images/albums in edit dialogs
  • Album caption titles
  • Dark/Light theme support for web links when using optimization mode
  • Third YouTube option – Toib
  • Pin posts to Start
  • Recursive markup


Huge update right? This version of Readit supports the two most common spoiler formats used on Reddit and the book spoiler version used in the Game of Thrones subreddit. You also get other great features like Gold account sync, mod tools and more.

This is a pretty massive update to Readit and we can’t wait to spend more time playing with it. Hit up the source below to get full details on each new feature added to this update! Do let us know what you think of the update down below in the comments!

Download Readit from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: r/readit

Thanks for the tip Ewert!

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Reader comments

Readit picks up massive update, includes Gold account support and much more


I used to worship a false god too, until I saw the light.

Join us, brother! Bask in the glory of Readit!

There sure are a lot of massive (Spotify), big (Beats Music), massive (Readit) things going on around here.

Yes its very interesting to see some strong improvements to big apps. These companies must be seeing more traffic from WP devices

Windows Phone users should be proud of this app. It does many things NO OTHER reddit app in existence can do, anywhere.

Seems to be going a bit slower. (Or, at least the super smooth-ness between tapping something and it appearing has gone away.)

But I'm on 8.1, so who knows if that's the reason.

Switching back to readit after this update. It looks amazing and works great now. I have had zero problems all day since the update. I couldn't even say that yesterday.

[Off-topic] Where do you get these awesome poly wallpapers Sam?? Polyscreen can't do this. Could share the link?.....pleeease? :)

Thanks man. I tried that already. But i can never get the output to look as good and "artistic" as Sam's ones (assuming he's using this at all).

Sorry, but this update is borked. No longer possible to log in with a Reddit account (the link to accept the terms of use is broken). Maybe the app works if you were already logged in, but the login process for those not already logged in is broken.