Reasoning with changes in Mango IE9

The above chart certainly paints an interesting picture about usage within IE on Windows Phone. Back at MIX'11 when we managed to get a demonstration by Joe Marini of IE9, the excitement began of a chrome-less browsing experience. Moving onto later previews and in-depth looks at what's changed in the browser, many began to question the move to take away the status bar and hide the tabs and featured sites. One of the major complaints about the new IE on Windows Phone though is the missing "Find on Page" feature.

Amin Lakhani has published an insightful article over at the Windows Phone Developer blog, which runs us through the reasoning behind the changes that have been made. Looking back at the chart above, it's clear to see that the majority of users neglect the tabs and favourites features in favour of the address bar (myself being one). It's all about gaining as much screen as possible from chrome and using it for content display, to tie in with the whole concept of Metro, Microsoft has actually done this rather well.

Not everyone is going to agree with changes made as not everyone uses the web in the same way. A user may see IE9 on Windows Phone as a tool for light browsing, should he wish to have multiple tabs active at once he may favour a laptop, desktop or tablet. It's good to disagree with the approach taken, but without an alternative there's little anyone can do. One thing's for sure, it's depressing to see the team boast about having HTML5 with Youtube. Surely we should only rejoice when the monopolistic search engine giant agrees to allow Microsoft to pull down Youtube content via the app?

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


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Reasoning with changes in Mango IE9


All those alternative IE browser shells that are out now for WP should all still work with the new IE9 as well so if you don't like the default UI you can try one of those out in the end. You still get all the IE9 performance so it's not like you've lost anything.

That does not change the fact that the Reload button is useless and could have been replaced with a Tabs or Favorites button.

I find the new layout to be less intuitive.I wish they would allow the address bar to hide in landscape as in the original version.

its better this way. people used to complain that the address bar wasn't in landscape unless the keyboard was slid out

I guess I'm not a typical user. I use tabs, favorites, and the address bar all fairly often. @MrBurrrns, I even use the refresh button on occasion.

Not seen that YouTube demo video before, it pretty much covers all I care about being a web dev.Moving the URL bar to the bottom makes a lot of sense, like that idea. Tabs being two taps away though? Not sure about that choice as I am always opening new ones and closing others.

Hmm yes I use the tabs button almost as often as the address bar. Don't like that being an additional touch. No Favorites though and rarely refresh. Have not used "Find on Page" ever.