Reddit app Baconit goes to v1.6 & gets donation version


We're pretty sure that Baconit is the best Reddit.com app on the Windows Phone Marketplace today. Developed by Quinn Damerell, the app is constantly in development with beta tests and updates coming nearly every two weeks. In fact, since its release in late December the app has been updated three times, including today's release which brings it to version 1.6:

“The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight”

  • Better images on live tiles
  • Edit / delete posts and comments
  • Speed increases of up to 2-3x
  • Tons of performance / UI tweaks

There's a lot more too which you can read here (opens Word Web app). The app is of course free and ad-free, which is remarkable for such a gorgeous and highly functional app. So if you want to show Damerell some thanks, you can grab the "donation version" for $1.99 here in the Marketplace. You don't get any new features (yet) but you do get the satisfaction of helping a dev out and perhaps giving him a little encouragement.

We think it's a great investment and anxiously await further updates to Baconit. Pick up Baconit v1.6 here in the Marketplace or grab the donation version here.

QR: Baconit FreeQR: Baconit Pay


Reader comments

Reddit app Baconit goes to v1.6 & gets donation version


This is where metro doesnt appear to be the right approach, I mean the main page made me think this app is about BACON... 

lol, he's sponsored by the Pork Council. 

Well, bacon is a big inside joke on Reddit, so most redditors get it but yeah, it does stand out.

I've been testing this app from the beginning and if your a redditor and on wp7 its a must have. I will say instant reddit is a good one also.