Reddit client Baconit 2.5 for Windows Phone now available


Baconit version 2.5 is now available on the Windows Phone Store, which we recently took a look at. The app is a popular Reddit client on the platform, and one we highly recommend should you find yourself glued to the depths of Reddit for hours on end. It's the premium experience for browsing the topics available on the main site.

So what's new in 2.5 (Windows Phone 8 only)?

  • Lock screen wallpaper from any subreddit
  • Lock screen notifications
  • New live tiles for Windows Phone 8
  • Tap + Send support
  • New social network sharing
  • New animations
  • Rapid resume
  • High resolution images
  • Fixes to flip view to use less memory and have better performance
  • Completely rewritten back end which improves performance of entire app

Be sure to check out our quick walkthrough of the new Baconit:

You can download Baconit from the Windows Phone Store, as well as the donation version ($1.99). Both versions sport zero advertising.

QR: Baconit     QR: Baconit Donate


Reader comments

Reddit client Baconit 2.5 for Windows Phone now available


Live tiles don't seem to work for me and its crashed a couple of times using the gallery view. It is faster but those are the issues in having with it. The live tile bug is a new one specific to this update for me anyways.

What doesn't work? If it's jumbled text, the dev said on Reddit that it's a windows phone bug and not a Baconit bug.

The app is smart and takes advantage of what your color you're using system wide. So if your Start screen has the dark background you'll see a dark Baconit, to get a light background in Baconit you'll need to change your phones background to light. NIfty huh?