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Refurbished AT&T Asus VivoTab is yours for just $160

Sometimes we want the latest and greatest in tech, but simply cannot afford such luxuries. This is where refurbished units come into play and AT&T currently has a sweet deal on the Asus VivoTab 10.1-inch 32GB Windows 8.1 RT tablet, which can be yours for just $160. Since this is a Windows RT-based tablet and not running full Windows 8, the product is slightly more affordable than the Intel option available elsewhere. That said, if you're looking for a companion device to deal with web browsing, light gaming and more, it's a steal of a deal.

Another neat part about the tablet is how it doesn't require an AT&T subscription, simply because of the built-in Wi-Fi. Can't stand the mobile operator but desperately want the tablet? No problem, just activate Wi-Fi and use it as a home device. As a deal on its own, the VivoTab is well worth looking at. 10.1" HD display with scratch resistant Corning Fit Glass is joined by 32GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi and AT&T 4G. NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.3GHz processor, 2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera with flash.

Will you be picking one up? We have and we'll share our thoughts on the device shortly.

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Refurbished AT&T Asus VivoTab is yours for just $160


I got one for my father in law a while back. Honestly I thought it was a nice device. Weighed less than my surface rt and the keyboard dock doubled the battery life of the tablet. My problem is that I can't go back to first generation rt tablets. Putting rt vs x86 aside, the original rt tablets just had plain awful performance. On my surface it takes like 3 seconds to recognize I started typing.

Daniel, on other note, what's your thought on Nokia's HERE suite going to Android ( Sammy's Galaxy devices particularly) ? Are you already making separate article on that? Happy holidays!

Thanks for the info, I ordered one few minutes ago for my 9th grader kid.

What I love about it which have proven itself (Lenovo 64GB, paid $300 for it about 9 months ago) for her older sister now in 11th grade, What I love about Windows RT is that my kids can not install craps on it from the desktop side (Our boy have killed our All in One twice with Minecraft malware etc twice, had to remove his profile and he is not getting on that PC again) it has Office, and they can web research till kingdom come, less prone to virus and malware plus I less shananigan from our 14 year ols boy.

It came with Keyboard, below is my order detail, it states clearly with Keyboard dock


Your order number is XXXX-XXXXXX-963171 placed on August 29, 2014

Order Details View Order Status
Description   Unit Price
Asus Refurbished VivoTab 10.1 WiFi & 4G 32GB Tablet with Keyboard Dock  

Unit Price: $159.99
Subtotal:  $159.99
Tax:  $9.99
Total:  $169.98


I think that may be a mistake in the item description. Someone asked in the Groupon "Deal Q&A" if it includes the keyboard dock and the response from Groupon was, "a keyboard dock is not included."

Except that it's Windows RT, which basically has no future. Even if they bring Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 closer together with a lot more universal apps, a Pro tablet will always be a better pick for a little more money.


Am I reading that right??

'Little' more money..

Let me fix that for you..

'shitloads' more money..


Not in the uk matey..


Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 Intel




Laptops Direct

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet PC,



And I do admit, they are cheaper than I thought, but still not as cheap as they are in the US.


What shocked me this week was the price release of the Surface Pro 3 in the UK.. I honestly don't think MS want to sell any tablets over here. At them prices they won't even get a look in. WAY over priced.

Ok I just received this in the mail and bricked it trying to ugrade to Windows RT 8.1.  Blue screen of death... any ideas how to resolve this?

Good for you....Daniel....i'm stuck with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 8.0....and really android sucks.
..its laggy and stuck on Android 4.2.2 updates from Samsung

Refurbished means the device was returned for a reason, then wiped and if necessary had parts replaced. It's really a crap shoot in my opinion. I've had great refurbs that were like new and I've also got some clunkers.

For what most people do an RT tablet would suit them. And they come with Office, IE with flash and good for games, etc. But yeah I would opt for the x86 option myself. Still an awesome deal.

What's wrong with it? Sure, it can't run .exe files, but can the iPad run full OSX programs? Windows RT is fast, stable and works great with the MS ecosystem we're all in.

I think that is the point. The iPad doesn't run a full desktop OS and neither does this. Fact is, not being a full desktop OS hasn't impeded the success of Android or iPad tablets. I think the biggest issue before was price with RT tablets, as they were too expensive, relatively. For $160 though, you are well within the range of acceptability for its limitations.

Not at all. The surface 2 and Lumia 2520 are, I think, the only full HD RT tablets out there and I'm torn between the two especially with the refurbished prices being $279 and $199 respectively. I'm currently running the Intel atom version of this vivotab and the screen is awful.

@ahmedjan87 your comment is the one that doesn't make sense at all. You can't compare iOS to Windows RT. They a million miles apart. I'm not an Apple fan, but let's accept it, an iPad is a more functional tablet than those on either RT or Android. However those tablets running full Windows x86 really kick ass

Apps and Speed are not the only definition of functional device.

1) There are tons of apps for android tabs, but most of android's devices speeds are horible plus bloatwares, still, it sells in boatload.

2) Functional device includes and not limited to I/O ports (What other pheripharials one can connect the device to) with PnP. Android have USB, so does Windows RT which is missing in ios tablets.

3) Storage Expansion (SD slots) Android and Windows RT has it, and iOS tablet does not.

4) You have Android and Windows RT in various design modes for docking with keybaords thus giving them clamshell or 2in1 form factor as choices that appeals to different user's functional need that iOS tablet lacks

Dude, in terms of raw OS implementation and functionality Win RT surpasses both iOS and Android. It is impressive for an ARM based OS, regardless of popular opinion. I have tablets running the 3 OSes and I'm constantly amazed by what MS has done with RT on ARM. It is brilliant to put it simply. But if everything is measured by sales figures, then there's no need for further discussion...

@Kamyd, RT can run apps side by side and the UI is a beauty. Aside from that I don't see any advantages of RT over iOS. And sell volumes say a lot

Sales mean nothing, have you looked at the pop charts ever?

RT has the most functionality & having support for USB is one key factor differentiating it from iOS and Android. But it is "Windows" and "Microsoft" so not cool and just doesn't have the apps to make it compelling for most people. Things will be better when we get to Threshold and merge RT/Phone into one OS and one store. That will really boost the app store and functionality even further; almost tempted by this tablet for that time, but it's still 6 months away, so I'm sure better options will come up before then.

They are miles apart - RT is that much better. IOS has apps though and I think that makes it a very compelling sell. The OS is primative compared to RT though.

My 2520 with office works perfect for me. If I need access to corporate legacy programs, I do so by having a Microsoft remote app server or you can do so over Citrix

I just bought a battery for my old laptop for $110. $50 more and I have myself a nice tablet.... Wow what a great price.

I am typing this reply on my vivotab RT. I bought two from a local store about 6 months ago and they are great tablets. RT is fine. Just you can't load programs that work with windows desktop. That is the only drawback of RT. Well, 8.1 RT now. At this price go for it. battery life is 2 days with heavy use. The keyboard rocks and having the ability to use USB drives etc makes this tablet a great piece of tech. Try using a 1 tb drive with an android tablet. Its hell. and its a no show for apple (go figure).

Keep in mind that windows 8.1 rt removed the function of hacking to expand the memory using a micro SD card. THAT is the biggest drawback to windows rt now. Complete bummer.

Did you do it before the 8.1 update? I had to rest my rt and it won't let me do it now. But when I upgraded into 8.1 it was fine. Wasn't untill the reset that 8.1 blocked me. Other people are having this issue as well. Just Bing it and you will see.

The Surface is up to date, but it works just as it has earlier. I highly doubt MS has blocked it (why would they?), so I'm pretty sure something's wrong on your side.

No no. Did you hack into it before the windows 8.1 update? Myself and others are having the issue where after 8.1 is installed and we have to reset our devices then 8.1 won't less us do it again to make it where our tablets can load apps onto an SD card. If you haven't reset your device yet since updating I wouldn't or you stand the chance of not being able to do it again. Unless you have reset it already since you've updated then I dunno. Also unless there's a new way that most people don't know about.

IAlso as for why would they? To potentially sell more tablets? I dunno. Maybe its just a glitch. Maybe they meant to or not. I don't know. I should also note myself and others are on the first rt devices.

Tegra 3 really disappointed me on the Surface 1.  I don't really see this as a good deal as the chipset is telling me this is a tablet going on 2 years old.

Then it's indeed a nice deal. I have the 1st gen surface RT and can't complain. Since 8.1 and the ability to sync documents with onedrive it's great to have all my pds and ppts from classes with me without having to plug a pendrive to carry them from my work pc to my surface.

So happy that I sold my transformer tf101 to buy the surface back in the day.

Current surface rt owner here. I like my tablet, however I cannot stand the crappy performance of the tablet, it's lagging a lot, when I open the task manager, it always has the storage memory at 100% all the time, that crushes performance for me, so this one is a no go

@asoyemi, dude if care so much about peripherals, buy a laptop. At least we agree that android equals lag. I think Android is the worst OS implementation on a tablet. I agree RT has a lot of potential, but is not equal yet to iOS. Let's put funboyism aside. Do you know why most OEMs prefer the full Windows x86 even on 8 inch tablets?

I just got a black Lumia 2520 for $100 from AT&T. The price wasn't listed anywhere. I went into the store to ask if the unit had been discounted, and the seller said he was not aware of any discount. When he checked an actual unit against my account, he said if I add a line to my Family data share plan( $10/month), they can offer me a discount to the point where it will be $100. I jumped at it. I previously had the Acer in question without LTE, and it gave me lots of issues. At this stage the touch screen no longer works.

Folks Windows 9 is due out in spring next year and there is a upgrade windows 9 Mobiles OS for Windows smart phones and RT Tablets. Microsoft smart phones and some MS tablets use ARMS CPU's in window 9 they get new OS that will use MS universal apps. the question is will this tablet be able to get the upgrade to Windows 9 mobile OS

I would assume that this would considering most all RT tablets fall in the same catagory in windowsdom,  unlike the others where they are considered mobile systems,  the RT ecosystem is considerd a small desktop system.

RT actually is far ahead of either IOS or Android as far as user freindliness and function goes.  As I stated above,  try to use a 1TB usb drive on either android (friggin hard to even save stuff to)  and IOS fuggaboutit.  I just plug my drive in,  and all my files show up in desktop just like "real windows"  Everything operates exactly the same as "real windows".  the only thing that does not is acutal windows programs.  I think Im even ok with that as there are apps for most everything. 

I was apprehensive about RT,  but I tried it out,  did some reading and looking around and its awesome.  We love using our tablets and use them ALOT. 

The asus is an awesome budget tablet.  Rocks in speed, and battery life.  Screen is nice and clear,  and the keyboard is a grat addition,  I would go as far as saying nicer than either of the surface offerings for actual functionality.

Again.  ASUS vivotab RT.  AWESOME. 



Ya all of these showed up in places like America and all. But in India there is not many windows tablet only mid ranged and good 1 is dell venue 8 pro leaving that all waste or too costly. Y doesn't Microsoft sell their surface tablets in India and other tablets which r not to costly not above 250 bucks!

Yeah. It's funny though that Asus is not positioned in India. There is always eBay. I can sell you a brand new vivotab rt I have left in packaging if you like.

I had one, it's great at first but eventually gets a problem called ghost touch or phantom touch, making it unusable.