Reindeer Round-Up becomes free at the Windows Phone Store

Reindeer Round-Up

Reindeer Round-Up, a cool physics-based puzzle game, is now free at the Windows Phone Store. It’s probably free only for a limited time, so we recommend downloading it now. Reindeer Round-Up is normally $1.29 without a trial.

This game will get you in the holiday mood as you stack reindeers on top of each other to reach the presents above them without falling. Reindeer Round-Up has originally launched for iOS and Android, so we are really happy the game has released for Windows Phone 8, too.

If you haven’t installed it yet, go grab Reindeer Round-Up from the Windows Phone Store while it’s free. Let us know what you think of this Holiday game in the comments!

(Note: The staff here are only seeing the game free on our phones, not via the web Store. So try to download thru the Store on the phone first!)

QR: Reindeer Round-Up


Reader comments

Reindeer Round-Up becomes free at the Windows Phone Store


Heads up guys, I checked back a few times and sure enough now it says free and is currently installing :) keep checking!

It was free when I checked. I couldn't download it cuz my storage is full. Made some space for it but now it's back at $1.29! Damn you 16GB!!

I quit downloading all the crap that goes free for limited time. It's just a trick to boost downloads, 99% of the time I dont even run it even once.

You don't say! Obviously the devs want us to download their applications and give them good ratings. The best way to do that is to offer the app for free for a limited time.

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