Release dates for UK Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 revealed?

Lumia 610

Good news for those of you in the UK, tech site Mobile Fun is reporting that they have the dates for your new Nokia phones, the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 610, representing both the high and low ends of Nokia's new beachhead strategy.

The 900 featuring a 4.3" screen and front facing camera will reportedly land on April 9th--a date that's not too far off and seemingly in line with recent rumors.

Likewise, the Lumia 610 will is rumored to be available June 11th when it will launch with Windows Phone "Tango" to better support low-end specs such as 256 MB of RAM. That makes sense as it'll give developers a few months to re-structure their apps to meet those new low memory requirements as well as time for Microsoft/Nokia to finish any last minute touches to the OS.

By June, Windows Phone users should have quite the array of Nokia devices to choose from.

Source: MobileFun; Thanks, hipporama, for the heads up


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Release dates for UK Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 revealed?


Supposedly its March 18th. so in 16 days. but at least you know that the 900 is launching in the US first so any release date for any other carrier tells us that the US will get it first. granted that might be the day before but hey least its something :D.

Well, Nokia has announced availability of the Lumia 900 in certain WW locations, they have not said anything for the US.  Why would they announce for WW locations and leave the US out?  Something isn't right.  I hope someone can find out what is going on.

Perfect! April 2nd is when I get my last student loan payment for the year. Going to sell my HD7 and use whatever money I have left to buy a Lumia 710 for my sister while I get myself a lovely new Lumia 900. Can Not Wait :D

they should not be announcing the phones with so much time before launch.
I've read many comments of people saying "I wanted the Lumia 900, but Tango is around the corner"
And yes, while Tango is focusing on the low end phones, they already announced Apollo having support for better hardware. So you build your hopes for a phone six months before you can get it.

I think it's right to announce in advance. Kept me from the focus s to wait for 900. W/O an announcement people may settle quicker. I'm sure a few 800 owners wish Nokia mentioned the 900 sooner.

Agreed - I bought my TITAN in November... granted that's an HTC device, but they went and announced the TITAN "II" just a couple months later. I already have the Lumia 900 pre-ordered (managed to make it into the MS store just days before they stopped accepting them).

Yes, that's called "freezing the market" and others are smart enough not to do this. MS/Nokia makes products old before they even come out. Have you noticed that when the iPhone is announced it takes just a few weeks before it's on store shelves?