Reminder: WeatherLive v2.0 is now available

The other day we gave you a sneak peak at the all-new WeatherLive 2.0. The app received a nice little overhaul, adding new features, more customizations and push notifications for weather alerts.

We've been using it all week and appreciate that the app is still as "lite" as before with no loss in speed. In addition, seeing as we're getting some severe weather here in the Northeast, the toast notifications detailing weather alerts have worked every single time (on a Mango device).

As before, there's a free, ad-supported version (aka endless trial) or the paid version which is ad-free and has the push notifications. We think the app is great, but we'll let you decide for yourselves. Pick it up here in the Marketplace for $1.49.


Reader comments

Reminder: WeatherLive v2.0 is now available


And it's also cheaper now, great. Too bad I still can't buy stuff because MS doesn't like using it's established points system. I'm not getting a creditcard just so I can buy apps :/

what kind of sense does this make? u need a credit/debit card to even buy points, there's also a bill carrier option.

carrier billing, with like what, 3 carriers worldwide? Definitely none here and how do I need a cc or dc to buy points? They are lying around in shops everywhere and I have more than enough on my account to make some developers happy. Too bad.

...and it is great. I guess I no-longer need Accuweather or Weather Channel App. I was using V1 of Weather Live just for the tile and quick updates. Now, it's all I need. I will say that you have to poke around a bit to find all it does, though. And it does quite a lot now!

It just doesn't work :( put my location in and its turns it into some kind of longitude or latitude number and then does not even load any information at all, just stays completely blank ?

Hi there, I have a similar problem, I get "N/A" for current conditions for any city near me, even cbd (Hamilton, new Zealand). There are current conditions on the underground site though.Love the app though, gave it 5 stars anyway!

There seems to be a discrepency between the wunderground.com api and the website. The api returns a weather station that is further away (Tauranga Aerodrome Aws) than the website (Glenview). The Tauranga station does not have a current weather. I am contacting them to figure this one out. Thanks.

When i enable the show temp beside condition which is the bigger temp icon, the temp range also appear on the live tile even tho i enable "no temperature range". Not sure whether its a bug or its suppose to be like that but i would prefer only "Date" & "Time the live tile updated" on the bottom of the live tile excluding the temp range as it makes the tile looked too cluttered. Hope there is a fix soon (: Great app btw, i uninstall weather channel for this.

This is fixed at the server side. Eventhough you may still see it when you configure, the tile will not show it anymore.I will update the client later to indicate correctly.

Hi there,Thanks for looking into this for me, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I am still having an issue with the tile displaying N/A.I can replicate the issue - if I select, say, 'auckland, new zealand' I can get current conditions and the tile is fine. If I select 'hamilton, new zealand' or 'glenview, hamilton' I get N/A in the current conditions and on the tile.Is there another weather station I should use do you think? Thank-you.

The Taurunga AWS always returns "" as weather condition and there is nothing I can do about it. Weather Underground always returns this station is another problem. I am asking them to take a look at it since Glenview is definitely closer. Unless they fix it, we have to live with it.

Doesn't work for me either when I search for then input the location manually. Only seems to work if GPS updates are turned on (which I'd rather not do because of battery drain). I don't want my GPS activating unless I tell it to.Not sure how this app gets a recommendation from this blog in its current form with such a glaring bug. Did you guys here even test it properly?? Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty nice app underneath, but still. You should put it through its paces before gloating over it.

Great job partnering with weather underground. This app used to be the best of a flawed bunch. It got the nod for having the best live tile, but the performance was sometimes iffy. Now it has the best tile, runs smoothly, and has enough content to satisfy actual weather geeks who were putting up with . . . one of the other apps. Easy recommendation.

Best weather app now because the live tile actually works and it updates when it says it will. About the only thing I would ask for is to be able to create a list of cities that I can easily click on to change to that city.

Woah, after installing this my phone has not been able to hold a charge for even half a day, and that's with GPS turned off. I just had the live tile enabled for each hour. Then I tried turning off the live tile and the battery drain continues.