Removable storage & Windows Phone 7 [Samsung Focus]

Okay, lets get some of this confusing stuff out of the way: the Samsung Focus has "only" 8GB of storage available. In talking with Samsung, their position was basically so much of this phone is "cloud based" that 8GB may be sufficient for most people. However, they're more than glad to suggest that 16GB and higher are probably on the horizon.

Having said that, the Focus does have removal storage (see the above shot), but it's tricky. Basically you can any size card you like, but you can't remove it without hard-resetting the phone and it's not clear that the card would be re-usable if you do remove it. So essentially, if you add a 16GB or 32GB card, that's it, you got your shot. This has to do with how WP7 uses memory--basically it mirrors/spreads it across any added memory.

But hey, our EVO came with a 16GB card and we've never removed it either. Seems like once you go that huge (or larger), you have little need to keep swapping. So to us, this sounds like a win-win situation, at least for what we're working with here.


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Removable storage & Windows Phone 7 [Samsung Focus]


So you really don't have much to lose by at least trying a new card. Could be interesting. Would love to hear from someone else on this before I try it. Just really needs 16GB. For media like music and movies from Zune I need the space.

Based on this updated information I have made up my mind that barring any major flaws this will be my new phone. I am more than willing to throw in a 32GB card and call it a great phone. The only think I wish is that we got the Omnia 7 chasis as well, I like that a lot better.

BTW - It sounds like Paul Thurrott is going to be getting this phone himself.

That's awesome. I wonder if other OEMs will go the same route or, better yet, MS makes it a requirement later on and maybe adds the ability for easy swapping, too (though I think many others and I would be more than happy with the former).

Please someone confirm this....
If I buy this phone on Nov 8th... then pop a 32GB microSD card in it a week later.... it's going to hard reset the phone, but it will give me 32GB of usable storage space?

That would be amazing. With the amount of times I've flashed my Windows Mobile phone over the years, a hard reset doesn't bother me the slightest. Especially if it's going to quadruple my storage space.

It's better than not having any removable storage at all, but if you use a lot of phones and would like to share a card between them, it's a big negative. Given the way data is managed via the Zune desktop client, it's certainly understandable.

Looks like another subtle push towards the cloud...

"This has to do with how WP7 uses memory--basically it mirrors/spreads it across any added memory."

I don't think it's as innocent of an explanation as you seem to think. The only reason that you might not be able to reuse memory, or otherwise do what you want to is due to encryption/DRM.

Basically, I think what you are seeing is the file system built in such a way that it makes it impossible to pop that thing into your PC and copy files back and forth (something similar to bitlocker, possibly). All that just to appease the DRM monsters in the music and movie industry.

That's my conspiracy theory on the memory mismanagement of WP7. :-) Happy to be wrong... Looking forward to seeing what the wizards at XDA find out when they tear that thing apart.

Also, screw "pushing the cloud." I use cloud storage daily, but would never want to live without local storage on ANY of my devices!

Just give ME control of my device, damn it.

This is a long long way from a "win-win" situation.

If you follow this to its logical conclusion, the stability and reliability of your phone will now depend on the quality of the microSD card as well as the connection to that card. If the card slips slightly or a contact is briefly lost (for example, when using a backup battery you might nudge it slightly) the phone will need a hard reset because it has lost access to the memory it had relied on from the SD card.

That's not "external storage". You're essentially expanding the system disk with a 3rd-party component and hoping it will live up to the task. It's like connecting a USB drive to your desktop so that you can have a little extra space and then being told by Windows that the drive is now a core component that can't be removed without formatting the computer. Insanity!

As a Windows Mobile 6.1 user (Samsung Omnia) this sounds like a disastrous step which I hope is reversed in future builds. At least let me have the option of using the external drive in the usual way.

They do offer a free back-up service... Besides, if you're trying to swap batteries, you should have your phone powered off and I doubt it cares if you nudge when it's off (though I don't see how a serious nudge could really happen in either case). As for SD card quality, no memory is impervious to accidental error, which is why techs suggest backing up drives. Basically, I think you'd have to be either unsuspecting, lumberingly clumsy, or purposefully unsafe to break that system (in which case, you'd break any system).

how much will it cost without the service contract. i used my upgrade to get the iphone 4. also, can someone confirm what kind of storage memory this phone will take?? is that a microsd card?? thats the selling point. i have a 16gb iphone and went through that 16gb (actually 15gb) worth or storage in about 3 weeks. 8gb of storage is not enough. i am a gamer and excited to be able to play xbox live on the go!!!