Renders of TCL View S606 Windows Phone released, heading to China

TCL View 606

The TCL View S606, Alcatel One Touch View's brother-in-arms

TCL is expecting to launch a new Windows Phone 7.8 handset in China, branded the View S606. This Windows Phone looks to be a Chinese version of the Alcatel One Touch View, which we reported on yesterday after images were published by the official Alcatel Russia Twitter account. Alcatel Mobile is a joint venture by both Alcatel and TCL China, thus the same handset will launch in both markets (and potentially beyond).

Expected pricing of the Alcatel Windows Phone in Russia is 7990 rubles (approx. £160 / $256), and while we've only seen the handset in one colour, the TCL View S606 will be available in Sapphire Blue and a unique Dutch Orange - we expect a similar price tag for the Chinese offering.

To recap on specifications of the Alcatel One Touch View, we're looking at single-core Qualcomm MSM7227A chip - 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. A 4" display, 1500mAh battery, and a 5MP camera (with VGA FFC) are also included. Dimensions come in at 124.2 x 64.2 x 10.75 mm.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, pricing and dates of availability remain unknown. Both Windows phones should prove to be a hit in the targeted markets, Nokia will have further internal competition for low-end Windows Phone marketshare.

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Renders of TCL View S606 Windows Phone released, heading to China


It definitely looks better that Lumia 810 which seems to be my only option as a TMo client.

You of course realize the 810 is WP8 while the Alcatel is just WP7.8? And that the 810 is dual core while the Alcatel is just single-core?

the only news about this is that Chinese are going to scoop up the low end market Nokia was shooting for.  You can't compete with rubbish and Nokia should just aim for the middle to high end phones.

Says it runs 7.8 but has the gutter in the images? If 7.8 keeps the gutter, I may just not upgrade to a 8.0 device.

That render is showing 7.5. 7.8 will have resizable tiles and no gutter. You could just not upgrade from 7.5 if the gutter is that important to you.

Get one of the smaller screened phones and tape a black pencil to the side? If you want a gutter, get a 900. They're a great phone that's pretty cheap right now and don't upgrade it to 7.8. WP7.8 & WP8 don't/won't have a gutter. If your car doesn't have air bags and you don't want air bags, don't buy a new car. Derp.

I think power5 is saying that he DOESN'T want the gutter in 7.8 and later WP versions.
It's either a render or Alcatel and TCL were just testing and showing it running 7.5 for now.  7.8 is probably not finished (as I'm sure MS is concentrating on 8 until it's released) so with 7.5 they can show it off all they want as there are no secrets to hide.

Lol :P At first I loved the no-gutter on WP8, but when I tried the W Phone 8 app I realised how ridiculously huge the medium-square tiles become... You also lose one row of tiles. Switching them all to small icons helps a bit, but you lose all the live-tile goodness and a screen that looks like android/ios. I would like an option to turn the gutter on/off really.

introuducing the very first windows phone that doesn't have logo on front.
i hope it comes with nokia apps

WOW, i could go for that orange one by pure looking at it, but the specs aren't there so I would pass on a offering.

Wait.... a WP running 7.8 that is built AND priced for the emerging markets that has more than 256mb of RAM?!?  How is this possible??? Can someone inform Nokia that this is possible!?!?
But seriously, this is priced rather high.  It has similar specs to my Nokia Lumia 710 but is probably lower quality while selling for $50-$100 more?  This Alcatel/TCl phone is overpriced, especially if Nokia can sell a similar 710 for the same price or a 510 for noticeably less.

Yes, the 710 is 1.5GHZ while the Alcatel is only 1GHZ but has a front facing camera which appeals to a segment of the market who do video calling. Now whether the USD50 price difference between the two can be offset by the FFC in the Alcatel remains to be seen.