Report: Nokia sold 8 million Lumia Windows Phones in Q3

Lumia 620 Shells

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia has sold at least 8 million Lumia Windows Phones during the period of June through September this year. According to people familiar with the situation, the Finnish manufacturer has experienced a fourth consecutive quarter where the sales of its Windows-based mobile phones have increased compared with both the prior quarter and year.

This eight million sales figure is up from 7.4 million in the second quarter, not to mention more than double the reported data for the same period in 2012. Nokia has certainly grown within the Windows Phone ecosystem. AdDuplex reports the company to have almost 90 per cent of the market, leaving other Windows Phone OEMs with minute shares of the pie.

With the Lumia 1020 and upcoming hardware to be announced at Nokia World this week, the company is currently going through an interesting period, especially with the looming deal with Microsoft, which will be confirmed in 2014. How the market reacts to more advanced Nokia Windows Phones, as well as a "phablet" and Windows RT tablet, is yet to be seen. 

One thing's for certain: the company is definitely making progress.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Report: Nokia sold 8 million Lumia Windows Phones in Q3


I totally agree with you, 8 million is a great number if we take in consideration that a lot of smartphones as the Galaxy S4, Iphones and others started to sell in the same period.

Well why wouldn't they? Its not as if Samsung or Apple are going to suddenly exit the smartphone business... These sales figures are mediocre and growth is almost nonexistent.

8 million is not that much, considering most of them are low profit 520s. That said, I expect closer 9M.

I expected more too.  7.4 to 8 million sequential growth is only 8%.  The 520 is in full stride and I would have thought those were really selling because of the price.  There is a possible suprise.  The article said "at least 8 million phones."  Maybe it will come in more like 8.5 million.

well considering sony sold 11 million last quarter, Nokia is very close to justafing the WP choice its made...its taking time but I can really see Nokia overtaking the lower marketshare Android OEMs with units sold, they only trail samsung in feature phones... Now thats what i thouht before the MS deal... I'm from ireland and alot of people here (and in Europe) by Nokia's... regardless what OS is on it... even before WP the people who bought Nokia love the s%&t out of em, and i know 1 person who owns an 820 and wishes it ran android but trusts the fact Nokia make better phones full stop.... thats brand loyalty.... thats gona get chucked out the window..... for Techies we know its still going to be the same people making and designing the phones (mostly and considering Surface, Xbox, Zun (yea fail but we talking hardware) and all the hardware MS make, they very very good at it).... we'll have to wait and see

Give Nokia another year and apple and android will start to think twice. Anyways 8 M is for lumia only not including asha phones which also millions.

actually i'm a bit dissapointed.  After 7.4 M last quarter i was really hoping for 9 or 10 million.  Well at least it didn't go down.  But as you continue to hear how well the 520 was selling i was really thinking it was up signficantly.  

At least it is selling. Of course not as much as those other companies, but it sold more than 5 million, so I think that's good.

Still kinda low iPhone sold 9 mill its first weekend and Samsung slaughters that in its sleep but good improvement is great when building up marketshare

Apple sold 9 million to the various carriers, those various carriers sold 5 million to consumers in its first 3 days.

Yeah but Asha aren't WP nor considered smart phones. Those numbers are irrelevant considering WP growth.

Nokias nontheless. And they are potential Nokia Windowsphone buyers. And Nokia is making the transition inexpensive through the L520 series.

I doubt that MS will run another companies software on their own products.. You can count on a version of WP Being developed for the Asha lineup.. For all we know Microkia could already be testing a water down version of WP8 on prototype Asha phones as we speak... This could be part of the ultimate plan by Microkia... Seriously think about all this❕

A tonne is only roughly 2127 Asha phones in weight so I'm not sure this is a good sales outcome (I'm joking of course) :P

Better than Q2/13, and yes, it's a lot for Nokia/Microsoft.
I really long for 10 milion in the end of this year :3

No, that's 'less than 10mil' - I doubt that's what he means since it IS less.

Edit: guess you didn't need the third correction haha, was a tad late.

I'm not even remotely annoyed. But thanks for thinking of me. I think < you now. ;-)

Be nice to know the breakdown of each Lumia devices even though its a sure bet the majority will be the 520 sells.

The 520 is marketed as a no-contract phone. No need to wait 2 years. Loyalty can also be expressed in an upgrade to a higher device. As long as they have a good user experience with the 520, the tendency is to go higher. All indications suggest users are very happy with the 520.

Now if ATLEAST half of those 520 owners think like you, it would be great to lock in those users and have them stay loyal and upgrade to a higher end device, then the next generation 5xx series gains another set of new 'low end' users and such that cycle begins :) a great cycle for Nokia I imagine.

That is exactly the idea. That is why the Asha line is relevant. Why did Nokia launch the Asha line together with the Lumia line. To cover all fronts. Nokia knows that penetrating the high-end market alone is not going to cut it. They have to be aggresive in the lowend/entry level front as well. Sometimes when we use highend devices we tend to be too consumed about its impact and ignore what's happening on the lowend front.

That's really good to hear. I decided to get the 720 over the 925, and am blown away by the quality of the phone for the price. However, I may soon upgrade to the 925 or 1020 just because they have better displays. And the awesome camera of course!!

Lol herr we go with these comments again. Samsung has 1 product that can push over 56 mil and you think all of Lumia devices that barely pushes 10 mil will make Samsung / google to fail?

Samsung had nothing impressive 5 years ago. Nokia already knows the business, they just need the time with their switch to WP. In two years, they have shown an impressive comeback. Two more years, and Samsung (and Android in general) will feel the pain.

That with the current top of the line the 1020 and the unannounced hardware we will see how sales behave this last quarter

He could have meant to say what the other guy above me stated, or also that the Lumia 1020 is STILL rolling out worldwide and these numbers don't account for it. Although a niche device, but still could impat the mindshare of "Lumia" itself. When someone hears a commercial say '41 megapixels on a phone' your attention certainly gets caught.

That's weird.  According to all the trolls on the internet, I was under the belief that nobody buys WP and that their are only 2 users of it in the entire world.  Oh, and that Microsoft apparently fondled their grandmother.  /s

Well, to be fair, that same comparison is used for ATIV S users as well with the WPC community here.

WHAT? THERE ARE OTHER WINDOW PHONES BESIDE NOKIA? jk.  When the WP8 devices were being revealed, I was actually initially interested in going with the Ativ based on the solid near 3 year performance of my samsung focus (one of the best phones i've ever owned).  But I hated how Samsung didn't really treat WP as a priority, and went with Nokia instead.

I think alot will change with 8.1. If Samsung, LG, ASUS, OPPO, Huawei, HTC, and even Lenovo all get on board and start producing devices, it will be a critical notice for the WP ecosystem. 2014 could be a great boost to WP if more makers start to play.

Hopefully that's the case.  It's a really nice operating system.  Most of my family jumped from iOs and Android to WP and haven't looked back.  Idoubt there will be much of an uptick in America anytime soon.  The US solidly belongs to ios and android right now, and even if MS gets more OEM's on board, they still have to contend with the carriers who pretty much don't give a #@$% about WP, and force crappy exclusivity deals on MS just to carry the products.

Well, they are winning the in-program advertising battle on TV at least. Seems like all (well I don't watch much TV but still) the shows I see have a Lumia in then somewhere (Parks & Recreation was the last one I remember).

YES, haha love Parks and Rec! I sent an email notice to the blog because I was stunned how many Windows device in general get attention on that show haha Lumia 925, 1020, and Surface tablets too.

Also every other commercial (on demand as well) is a WP commercial. The channel the CW (my 33) also is mostly bombarded by WP commercial.

I persuaded my mum and my friend to buy a lumia, too. It felt good, actually. Just wanna see WP's growth, that's all.

America, moreso than any other country in the world, is full of rabid Apple and Android fanboys who treat their devices like religous dogma.  It'll be 3~5 years before there is a noteworthy disruption in Marketshare in that area.  At least in other parts of the world there isn't as much corporate fanboyism, so people seem more willing to give a new product a try.

Other than China that has a bigger iPhone fan base than the US. China market to some is considered more important than the US.

"America, moreso than any other country in the world, is full of rabid Apple and Android fanboys who treat their devices like religous dogma. "
It's mostly because everyone is tied to a 2-year contract, actually. And phone costs are baked into the plan cost, so you pay almost the same for all phones.

Here in the states, the problem lies with mindshare. Just as you stated CORPORATE fans and sales associate fanboy-ism is what is hurting WP here. So many people get close minded and don't even give it a chance. Why? well because of what others say. The media reports on every single Apple announcement. Word of mouth is a big advantage here in the states.

People/analysts also don't seem to acknowledge that type of fanboyism and coporate worship extends to developers as well.  Developers are not just some super race of non-biased people making their decisions soley on marketshare.  I've seen some who are just as rabid and anti-microsoft, if not more than the average forum trolling fanboy lol.

Point is that WP is selling and sales are increasing YoY. I don't care where the sales are as long as there are sales.

Oh, and I saw my very first Lumia 1020 "in the wild" yesterday, saw a guy texting on it at a movie theater (not during the movie). It's actually the first time I've ever seen anyone with a windows phone, except a few of my colleagues at work (4 of them have WP).

I've seen some around lately. I've seen more than one 920, more than one 925, and another 928 like mine. Most people (obviously) tend to have iPhones, and the only recognizable android I've seen is a galaxy. :O

At my place of work we see a lot of people coming in and out. One in 3 phones is a Nokia Lumia. And the distinctive notifications are quite prevalent.
The Lumia is doing quite well in South Africa.

Yeah it's a bit of an unfair battle here in Toronto (Canada). Since the launch of WP8 I've honestly only seen less than 20 or so WP in the wild. I'd say about 6 in 10 have iPhones here and the rest are Galaxy S and BB's. However, since I've owned my WP I've been able to convert my g/f, her sister, my mom, my dad and 2 of my best friends. I should work in sales for Nokia I think.. But our problem here is it gets literally almost ZERO marketing. I've seen ONE commercial for WP ever and it was from Rogers' launch of WP8 devices. But that's it. So it's no surprise when people still say things to me like "Oh is that the new iPhone?" or "What kind of phone is that? Windows.. they make phones?". But once someone actually sees what the phone is capable of, the kind of amazing photos it takes and how unique it is most people are very intrigued.

Yeah, very few in Australia too. Rarely see them in the wild, and generally only my friends & family have them. In a company of 40 people I'm the only one who has even heard of Windows Phone. Most have iPhones and automatically upgrade each year. 2 or 3 have android. Then there's me with WP.

Here in my college in India, I have seen atleast 60 different guys using 520 and 620, 4 of us own 720 and someone an 820. No 920 here though.Damn thing was too costly when we bought our phones and now (just a few weeks later) 920 has it's price slashed by 12k INR.

There has been an insane amount of Nokia Lumia commercials on TV and radio in the states. Quite impressive actually.

Ok, let's roll a history here in China, yesterday I was at night taking pictures with my 1020 of Canton tower, 4 younger Chinese ask me about the phone, they love phones anyway (15 to 20 years old I guess).... So by the river I heard a common noise , it was a 920t , black one, a guy just next to me received a text message....
In one week, two Nokia Lumia in China....
But a lot of stores and people looking at it....not sure about sales...

Yeah. Even though the stores here I've looked at are crap when it comes to WP (Best Buy, AT&T, T-Mobile etc - none of them have anything to catch a buyer's interest in WP), the TV advertising has been insane lately. I hope it pays off.
I just wonder when people go into say an AT&T Store and ask for that phone they saw in the commercial, will the salespeople actually steer them to the Lumia 1020, or just take them to the iPhones and Androids anyway?

If we compare Nokia with Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple in the same period... i understand that Nokia sells less phones, but how is it if we compare to the others?

Samsung and Apple understandably crushing them, but I believe Nokia sells roughly or close to the same amount as the other android manufacturers.

Not bad. Hopefully, the launch of phablets and tablets plus the forthcoming holiday will help boost Nokia's sale for the Q4.

Good to see. But the issue is not the hardware; it is the OS. WP is, simply, pathetic. Blue needs to come very soon and it needs to be an enormous improvement.

Your argument is invalid because Blackberry has implemented far more features in the BB10 update but that hasn't translated to sales. BB10 sales are far less than WP.

I'll bite.

Are you kidding? BB HAD the power of branding. Dude from 2006 to 2010 if you didn't have BBM and a BB you were lost :P BB is a different story. They lost all that power because they stayed stagnant for too long.

I thought we were talking about Nokia and BB here? ...lol

If you wanna talk about MS and power of branding for PHONES... well they had none lol ever... Windows Mobile never got the mind share BB had in 2006-2010.

Slowly but it's growing. Hope 8.1 fixes and adds New things to the Eco System. My opinion about wp, i have a 820. The Eco is Amazing, BUT Apps need to develope for wp. If there Will be a lot of OFFICIAL app, then the number Will Rise! That's It. Make It happen! Good luck, Nokia or Microsoft!

Shareholders and the future of the phone division?  You don't really expect Microsoft to be able to compete with Apple and Google if they lose millions every single quarter,  do you?  You don't need profit to participate when you're Microsoft's size,  but you do need it to excel. Either way,  I'm glad for steady growth,  although hopefully it picks up from the only 0.6 million increase. 

Kind of an oxymoron prediction. I can say it too....Atleast 8 Million sold. Which is so vague it's almost like not saying anything.
Apple sold at least 25 Million iPhone 5S's in the next quarter.
Actual numbers should be higher.

"Kind of an oxymoron prediction."
How is it even a prediction at all? And how is this, as you call it, prediction, contradictory to the prediction?
I confess, English is not my native language, but what you said made absolutely no sense to me.

Sales numbers are not everything. In Q2 Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumia phones but made about $30 loss with every Lumia sold. Will be more interesting if they could lower that in Q3. Let's wait for the financial report this week.

They'd probably need about 16 million WP sales to break even, with most of their sales being low end.

People are finally starting to recognize nokia and windows phone.
I use a 920, but my wife uses a white 1020 and the 1020 gets peoples attention.  The fighting commercial at the childrens play was effective. 
People really do comment about it being the phone from that commercial.
Unfortunately the $299 on contract price was a seriously put off.  Had it been $199 or less it would have sold really well from the get go.

<10% growth quarter over quarter is not inspiring, but they didn't really intoduce any new volume phones ast quarter. Q4 should be more interesting with all the GDR3 releases.

If that stupid deal goes through, I can't wait to see the numbers in 2014 and 2015 (if MS doesn't axe WP until then, once they're left as the only OEM in the market)

It likely will.
The only thing that's keeping it getting approved, is the upcoming shareholder vote, and the U.S. and European regulators.
Once the shareholders vote, and it's approved, it's a done deal.   The Nokia brand name on WP smartphones goes away and taking its place is.......who knows. 
Also, I'm sure not all the Nokians will go over to Microsoft.  Some of the redundancies in personnel will be laid off, keeping only the essential engineers who want to remain with Microsoft and some of the design and supply chain people.

Every time one of these stories is posted the comment section is filled with negative glass half empty douches and trolls.

Agree completely. And they become the marketing and business experts with all their predictions when in fact we know nothing. One thing is clear though, Nokia/Microsoft have been very aggressive the last few months. Perhaps good timing since there has not been anything really remarkable from the Iphone/Andoid side lately. With the exception of the Note 3 perhaps.

Had there been seriously good news, Nokia would:

a) not have sold their phones division

b) have posted a positive result warning

Neither has happened

I switched my acct from ATT to T-Mobile this weekend. In-laws each got a 521 and my wife got a 925 (still trying to unlock my 1020).

Every lil sale helps...

The sales number will be close to 20M next year if Temple Run 2, Candy Crush and Subway Surf games are available for WP8.

Nokia keeps making the same mistakes,tomorrow they will launch a 6 inch phone that not many people appreciate (dimensions) and the 929 a 5 inch phone that is today's standard will be available only on one carrier in one country.Very smart move Mr Elop 

8 million lumias when there's no new phone (except 720, 1020 and some carrier exclusives) isn't bad. Some Asha's are made by Nokia's smartphone division and you can consider them smartphones. So Nokia isn't so far behind LG and Sony. How can they still say that WP is DOA?  Still i dont see the new 520...where is the new 920s and 820s (or 940, 840)? Its been a year.  I thing that Nokia will see a decline if they dont release the new line of flagship (and low tier) devices 

Hoping for 9 million but as long as there is growth. From 7.4 mil to 8 mil. Really thought it would be more due to the 520 selling faster than hot cakes...