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Report: Nokia's next Windows Phones to include '3D Touch' hand gesture support

Today, leakster Twitter account @evleaks revealed the codenames of two upcoming Nokia Windows Phones, the "Goldfinger" and "Moneypenny." As well as these new smartphones, Nokia is also reported to be working on "3D Touch," utilising hardware sensors to enable you to manipulate things on-screen through gestures. Similar to what you can do already with Nokia Glance

Samsung already has this technology included on Android smartphones in the form of gesture support, and it's believed 3D Touch will be sported by these Windows Phone 8.1 handsets. See the gesture support for Nokia Glance in the below video:

The Verge understands that Goldfinger will be the flagship model of the two Windows Phones, shipping with the technology that has been in development for some time. Sources familiar with Nokia plans have revealed that owners will be able to interact with the Windows Phone by making hand gestures above and to the side of the device.

These gestures would include "scrolling and flipping," enabling you to navigate through the OS without physically touching the display. Both Microsoft and Nokia are reported to have been testing Windows Phone 8.1, which could also include trials of the 3D Touch tech. We'll have to see what both companies unveil when announcements are made in the future.

Update: @Nawzil8 has published the below patent diagram on Twitter, showing the company working on touch screen hover tech.

Nokia Touch Screen Hover Patent

Source: Twitter (@evleaks), The Verge


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Report: Nokia's next Windows Phones to include '3D Touch' hand gesture support


I am making a wild guess but based on the James Bond code names:

Goldfinger was released on 9 January 1965 (so possible Nokia either announces or launches)

In other thoughts the first JB movie released 5 October (which i hope has no significance) !!!

Other James Bond fans...please go ahead and place your conspiracy theories !!!


CES 2014 Starts Jan07-10 So possible Nokia keynote/announcement on the 9th ????

That's nice. Now how about a 3 way toggle to include silent, a week view in the calendar and a quiet time option like Windows 8.1. Those are features I'd use daily as opposed to almost never.

Jazmac!! You probably don't remember me..I am the guy who was not sure about buying a L925 :D It finally reached stores in my country and costs around $800 SIM-Free. I didn't save up enough cash though..I'm gonna have to get a job through December to afford it. Meh..with some luck the L1020 will arrive as well, by end of December. Anyways..just keeping you updated! You may scroll down now :P

That's the way I like it, I've got to get me some of that PussyGalore :)

It's going to get crazy pretty fast now - Nokia is Forever, From Finland with Love, Casino Windows, The Phone That I Loved etc.

Seems highly unlikely to me that they would choose a codename based on a release date.  These are chosen very early, long before they would know a date.  They could have a target date of course, but there's a good chance it wouldn't stick... so why base the codename on it?

However, if the date's are close, they may choose to use the codename-related dates.  Nokia's clever like that.

Hmmm, what does glance screen have to do with "3d touching"? Hope its better implemented than the useless implementation by samsung

Yeah, I wondered that too. Glance is just proximity sensor triggered. Nothing new or 3D bout that.

In the sense that you can wave your hand over the screen and it shows the glance screen. Which is 3D since you don't have to physically touch the device to activate it.

Agreed, my mother in law has the S4 and I think I have gotten air gestures to work once...maybe. I might have accidentally hit the screen while I was frantically waving my hand around. Lol.

LOL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You made me realize that the word "turd" is still funny to me like it was when I was 10...

Wow....after all these decades....I still can't say or read that without laughing....

You know what, you've got it right. My username is actually a portmanteau of Windows (Phone) and Wannabe. ;)

Set glance to peak and you'd essentially be using it all day.. Hate that the clock isn't fixed to the bottom once pic is added though.. Merges in and looks ugly..

The clock has to move to prevent burn-in. But I do use Glance and double tap almost exclusively to turn my phone on. I'm not sure how much I'd use 3D touch but it sounds pretty interesting. 

They just need to make an option so it isn't on the whole time you are charging. So for me the usefulness doesn't outweigh the charging issue.

Yeah i love glance its useful but honestly all the gestures are pointless tried it on a friends gs3 so pointless its quicker just to use the touchscreen

Glance will be more useful once(its coming) it show the lock screen like quick status. Regarding double tap, I use it 99% of time to wake up my phone. H/w power button is seldom used (only to lock the screen before screen time out).

Only time will tell we can not say that it will be a gimmick by past experiences...and as far as Nokia is concerned...they actually innovate...i wud personally like to mute inc dec volume. Or change phone profiles..simple task!

Yeah, kind of like the eye scroll on Samsung's. People I know thought it was cool at first then turned it off as it just wasn't usful. 

It doesn't seem like a gimmick to me, but it probably is a feature that most people won't need to use most of the time. However, I can see it being very useful during times when you can't/don't want to touch your phone, but do need to use it and are busy doing something like cooking. That said, I still think it's a welome feature.

If somehow you could flash a presentation from your device onto a television or screen, this feature might be very useful in that scenario.

Nokia Beamer does just that, also Irda might be making a come back after all these but as a ir blaster for your tv, stb etc. I miss my XKD watch lol, used to have so much fun at school and playing pranks on people.

Ya, I'm of the same mindset.  Well in my simple mind, I can't see how 3D touch gestures can be anything but clumsy.

Blow my mind Nokia!!!

Can't wait. Though I am still upgrading my L900 with L1520. Not waiting for WP 8.1 flagship device. I don't expect to release anytime soon.

There's a world of difference between Glance and scrolling.  I'll believe it when I see it.

The thing I like more about this news is that Nokia will still release at least one more generation of phones before being hypothetically swallowed (and destroyed) by Microsoft.

As for the technology itself...meh. It's cool. Specially if it works better than it does on the Galaxy (shouldn't be hard...). However, I'm still more interested in the internal specs of the new devices...and perhaps I won't need to actually have a L929 brought from the US.

I guess I'll keep with Windows Phone for a bit longer then.

This is the last comment of yours i'll read. I'm sick of the same baseless, pessimistic, conspiratorial crap. Get some original thoughts.

I saw this guy in my class use the gestures on his s4 and it worked like crap :) nokia better do it right!

lol true! A friend of mine has one and she lend it so I could play with was pathetic. Seldom did it properly worked and when it did, it was with immense lag. On the other hand...I was not's a Samsung. I never expect anything much good from Samsung. =P

No one is being being destroyed, you people are just in denial that Nokia was declining prior to Elop's arrival, but whatever floats your boat

Oh.... Nokia is copying Samsung now. JK. I don't see nothing wrong with OEM's getting ideas and advancing them from other OEM's. It advances technology and creates more innovation.

Nokia designers have been talking about his kind of concept for a long time now, even before the launch of the N9. So they're not copying anyone.

Talk is cheap..... People have been talking about flying cars since the Jetsons cartoon.
So what if Samsung did it first and now Nokia is copying them. Hopefully Nokia can improve on it and advance the technology.

I have nothing to contribute other than this (Talk is cheap..... People have been talking about flying cars since the Jetsons cartoon.) made me laugh out loud. Getting strange glances from my co-workers.

I thought I read back couple months ago where Samsung been stealing Nokia technology. Samsung is conniving company but their still loved despite so.

This is stupid. I'm all for tech development, but this is another gimmick that nobody will use after 5 minutes. Same thing happened with Galaxy S4. I understand that they need to implement it in order to stay competitive, but these gimmicks need to stop.

It's more about the implementation than the tech.  Samsung didn't do much with it that was seen as useful.  Let's see what Nokia does.  I like the idea of positioning the cursor in text via hover like shown in one of the above screenshots.  That's a pain to do right now via touch.

Agree,ms and nokia need to add this useless crap to their phones.Remember the big wave S4 did when it was launched?remember the commercials?it was the wow factor that sell the phone,of course nobody uses that crap,but if samsung did it and will continue to do it I don't see why ms or nokia shouldn't do it.

Same here. And on webpages, a lot of times it only gives a single line text box, and if you write something that goes past the visible size of it and want to edit it... you're out of luck because you can't (in most cases) navigate there using touch. Why there aren't arrows in the keyboard is a mystery to me.

Try pressing & hold on the screen while editing text.  This gesture will allow you to then move the cursor to anyplace in the text.  Then you can insert any text you want, including a space.  :-)

I knew about this, but it doesn't work in the case I mentioned above. It is also very imprecise (trying to get to that exact spot is usually pretty tricky), and frankly kind of a pain - especially compared to just using arrows.

Tap-n-hold is your best friend in times like that. It will give you an option to put the cursor anywhere on the text field even if the field is a one-liner.

Like I said, not always. In many cases it will not move the text to inside the visible part of the text box.

I haven't tried to confirm, but I believe if you tap and hold and then hover the cursor at one edge of the text box it will scroll your off screen text into view.

Correct, I do this all the time for WPCentral comments because the text-box on the app often has issues with its height.

How many times do I have to write that THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK and in those cases (and others, where it would just be a lot EASIER) arrows WOULD work?

I comment a LOT on various websites and believe me I have run into this many times, and tap & hold doesn't WORK in many cases.


Apparently too many times... I tried a page where I know I had issues before... and it worked! I could have sworn that I did exactly that before, but maybe I didn't...

*looks for crow to eat*

It isn't tap and hold, it's tap to select the text, then swipe to the left or right on the text to move it in the text least that is how it works when trying to edit a URL.

It is, too! (spoken like a grown up). tap and hold until you see a blue I-Beam then position it anywhere on your text where you want your cursor to be. If the field is not big enough that some text are hidden - this will do the trick as well to scroll to hidden text.  cheers!

It's not that stupid like everyone is saying, I just hate having my screen all dirty, if I can open apps and scroll without touching it every time it would be nice. Sometimes mi L820 responds to my fingers without touching the screen, I guess the supersensitive screen has something to do with that, I've seen people that says that had happened to them sometimes.

My 920 used to smudge quit a bit but since getting my 1020 I have little to none. So the anti smudge screen seems to be already in play.

While it may be a neato feature, just wonder how annoying it would get if the phone thinks you are gesturing when you are really just picking your nose. 

It's all about what plays best in a 30 second ad, rather than what is used the most. Just look at Samsung's success for a testament to the importance of this.

Without checking the dates, this could be quite old as they were talking about this kind of concept way back with the N9 (and before, I think).

Ah, yes that makes more sense then. I am sure they have tons of unused patents that they slowly bring out. Would be cool to see them all.

I've seen that picture before, either earlier this year or around the wp8 launch
I thought it was on windows phone Central but maybe it was somewhere else

This will be nice. I absolutely hate touching and swiping the screen. I'd prefer going back to a stylus / keyboard combo, but who knows if that will ever come back.

They'll also remove the hydrogen fuel cell that replaces the battery, and set the solar charger to only work at night.

Prefer to have more on voice recognition, text sounding and 3d display. Will really help me when on the road or busy with users.
Imagine listening to any coming message without having to touch your phone, or looking at your opposite contact in 3D holographic video. Now those would really helping a lot..

My brain has a lot of trouble assimilating this picture where a red themed windows phone is showed behind a big "WINDOWS PHONE BLUE". I think I will die when I will have finaly integrated that blue means red.

Not interested at all. I don't get it. What's the point in moving your hand a few inches away from the screen? There's not much further to go to just touch the screen itself. Maybe I'm missing the point here. Someone please enlighten me.

It'll come in an update I bet for the 1520 and beyond cause of its soc 800. And who knows if can hog your battery life for 9xx 10xx series.

What about a 40 mpix camera in a smaller shell, what about better batterylife, better 3g and wifi reception, what about more firstclass devices with the option of having interchangeable batteries in high range devices, what about stylus support, what about waterproof devices, what about landscape support of the startmenu, what about splitscreen multitasking, or built in nfc in all lumia devices. Ik think these are more relevant features to look forward to, to name but a few, than a 3D touch. I think it will quickly go the way of 3D tv, which is a pitty, because it an unnecessary waist of resources and research. 3D tv never took off and was quickly forgotten.

Most of those aren't particularly suited to an early leak though. Not many people would talk about rumoured better battery life as you expect things like that. And landscape start and multitasking are for Microsoft to implement, not Nokia as those are os level changes.
Definitely agree about focussing on the important things though but leaks like this are just bound to appear more.

WPC needs to get a better "Windows Phone Blue" image. This one, seen in a number of articles, really hurts my head with that big bland font!

They must've been working on this technology for awhile since the patent diagrams use the old Windows logo.

While these features are really cool, they also suck battery life from your phone.  Hopefully they come will low power sensors for all the magic.

Here is the feature I want

Instead of paying 2K+ for those in car infotainment systems (which all suck IMHO), lets have a slot where I can pop in my phone and it uses an in car 8" screen and goes into car mode and allows me to use the entertainment and navigation features already in my phone.

AAAANDDD... I just bought more Nokia shares. They're cheap right now and I would buy buy if I were you.

Wow, new reason to wait and stay with wp, i was thinking of getting an iphone coz i feel that wp is still not a fully bake OS, but with this new leak feature, wait wait wait:),

could it possible use it to zoom in and out without touch it :D, i think it wont be gimmick and rather usefull

it's like make hand gesture you want to zoom in but your right hand actually not touch the phone ( i ussualy hold with left hand to take pict )

i know somephone use volume button to zoom in or out, but it make easier right?

Ohh suddenly I'm stoked about Windows Phone again. I switched off my L920 to Nexus 5 a few weeks ago, but will reconsider WP8.1 device that has 3D touch + fingerprint unlock + Cortana.