Report: Shortages Could Hurt Windows Phone 7 Launch In U.S.

This is the big question everyone is wondering about now: how will next Monday go when Windows Phone 7 finally goes on sale? More specifically, will there be enough to go around?

UK operator Orange is reporting shortages, including an email that was sent out that stated

We will be launching with limited amounts of both our Windows Phone 7 devices, the HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7. We are, however, anticipating that our competitors could be in a similar situation.

And that's from the lead launch partner over there. In turn, Orange is offering a gift certificate to HMV as an apology. Now, Business Insider is wondering the same about the U.S. market. Shortages are appearing most likely due to a lack of available components, most likely being AMOLED screens. HTC has had to replace its AMOLED screens with Sony's Super LCD technology because Samsung cannot produce enough (evidently they are building another factory to meet demand). On a conspiratorial note, BI notes that how Google is suppose to launch their G2 phone on the same day as the Windows Phone launch here in the U.S. Samsung is rumored to making that phone, though they have denied it.

All we know is AT&T is no where to be found for pre-orders with just 6 days left. Foreboding?

Source: Business Insider, Mobile Today


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Report: Shortages Could Hurt Windows Phone 7 Launch In U.S.



1. IMAP is the deal breaker for me. This should be standard and I don't see an upside for hotmail not including it.

2. Having a Live ID does NOT mean necessarily having a hotmail address. I have a Windows Live ID with my private domain email address and there is no hotmail on that account. If I click on hotmail while logged in with my private domain, it asks me to sign up for a new Live ID. So my second deal-breaker is to have my private domain's Windows Live ID work with hotmail.

Actually, you can host your personal domain with Hotmail. For $20 per year, you can get rid of the ads that display on the web version (and taglines) as well.

I tried it, but moved right back over to Google Apps. At that time, you couldn't do subfolders in Hotmail, which has recently been added as a feature. Still though, and a dealbreaker for me, you can't create multiple reminders for a calendar event, and you can't have an event reminder be a SMS message. Once you've had these capabilities with your calendar (Gmail and Google Apps), it's very hard to do without.

I do prefer the Hotmail interface over Gmail, however, Gmail is lightening fast in comparison, especially teamed up with Chrome -- and the calendar is much more funcitional.

Maybe they don't want to do preorders so they can get people out in the stores and in long lines? It makes for way better press, though it sucks for most, to show lots of people out trying to get something. Preorders don't have that same impact right away. You can say after the fact that "oh we sold X number on X days" but actually sales numbers don't matter as much if you can show a few stores with long lines.

Only time will tell if marketing had a hand in the lack of preorders or not.