Report: Update for Windows 8.1 will enable boot to desktop as default

Windows 8.1 Boot to desktop

Build is right around the corner. It starts on April 2nd to be exact. Build is going to bring a flurry of news for the Windows Phone faithful, but there’s also going to be some cool info on Windows 8 and Xbox One. On the Windows front, here’s a new report to tide you over another few months. The next update for Windows 8.1, called Update 1, will boot straight to the desktop by default.

Windows leaker, Wzor, shared another internal build of Windows 8.1 Update 1 where “boot to desktop” is enabled by default. Speaking with internal sources at Microsoft, Tom Warren from The Verge adds that this recent change will make it as default for the consumer release of Windows 8.1 Update 1.

The reason? To make improve Windows 8 for mice and keyboard users. It’s not too hard to understand Microsoft’s reasoning for the change, but we think devices like the Surface 2 would best be served by not having boot to desktop as the default. Devices like the Surface Pro 2 or your desktop is where a change would make the most sense.

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Is boot to desktop enabled by default a good move by Microsoft or a bad one? Sound off below.

Update: Mary Jo Foley has heard from sources that boot to desktop might not actually be enabled by default with Update 1 for Windows 8.1. We've since dropped the rumometer rating from an 8 down to a 5. 

Source: The Verge, Wzor


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Report: Update for Windows 8.1 will enable boot to desktop as default



Weird, but my windows 8 laptop already does this. Makes me wonder what the hell? But mine always boots directly to desktop. Kind of worries me as I thought this was just normally how it worked!

Its an option. Right click on taskbar and click properties. Then select Navigation tab and you will see it under "Start Screen" section. You must have enabled it there.

Yes they realise that the more intelligent users prefer the start screen and are therefore more capable of changing the default back to the start screen. I'm waiting for the PCMAG article "How to modernise your win8.1 in a few simple clicks" , then consumers will think metro is some awesome hack.

Exactly! Besides setting a default Boolean variable from false to true, is there any interesting new feature or real cool improvement coming to Windows 8.1 update? Like something for the VLC team to deliver the GODDAMNED player already!! OR the Hyper-V with native file sharing support to cut these guys some slack!

Microsoft knows people dont want their new start screen on desktops, but they want to change people mind even against their will. However, criticism being so high on this particular issue they need to make concessions, so with every version of windows they make a small step back so people will not consider them being extremely impertinent. It's a calculated move. Eventually, the start menu will return the way it was because some people will never take a disfunctional solution over a functional one just because it is facny. By that time MS hopes it will alienate enough people so the new interface will succeed.

Meanwhile for those uninterested of this fight there is a tool called ClassicShell that fixes everything... :)

All the people at my company that I've assigned and trained on windows 8/8.1 love the start screen and its functionality. I promise you guys that I don't get helpdesk calls anymore like I did with windows 7. I have also did proof of concept that windows 8/8.1 works with our police departments application's and will be purchasing Panasonic toughbooks running 8.1 in patrol cars. The general public and client users will always resist changed, therefore its up to us (IT managers, network admins, techs, etc) to upgrade them and ensure they are properly trained on how to use these items. The burden doesn't rest solely on Microsoft; if they're failing, its because we've resisted change, now they're having to adjust accordingly. Sucks because win 8.1 is great. I also started sending out the how to guide for enterprise Microsoft released to my client users.

You're spot on, people need to adapt to change, otherwise technology becomes stagnant. Honestly, if all you see is the desktop, would average people see the advancement as a graphical appearance and processor upgrade only and not as the complete re-write that it is? SOME PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID!!!

I think it's cool if it boots to Desktop only if they allow the apps to be resized like any desktop program. I installed a program from stardock that lets you do that and I can't see windows 8 with out it. Best 5 bucks I've spent



and we do this for all of our customers, when they bought a new W8 based computer. and all are really happy.

But most people won't change it which means even fewer will use modern UI and the Windows app store. So remember this moment in a few years when they talk about how few people buy Windows tablets and how few people develop modern apps. You know what else MS turned off by default? Windows Media Center. How's that doing lately?

The way Win32 performs is unacceptable to consumers in the modern era. Everything from installing/uninstalling programs loaded with bloatware you don't want to a GUI that is horrible at scaling automatically and a task manager that allows background tasks to destroy battery life makes the desktop unacceptable for the modern era of computing. The desktop cannot compete in the modern mobile device era. If MS is stuck catering to these slow to progress desktop users then developers will never come back to Windows and consumers will accelerate their migration to non-Windows tablets and netbooks.

MS has gone from competing for a new modern user base of developers and consumers to trying desperately to hold onto a dying market niche.

That is especially the case for enterprise and small businesses as it is not always viable to have a new it manager whilst retaining the old. You simply cannot let some go without costs i.e. Severance / redundancy pay, pension and the loss of alot of experience. As it callous it may sound but there comes a time when these experienced veterans become a novice in IT, sadly due to old age, loss of memory and a failing ability to adapt to new habits. That time is going to come to all off us whether we like it or not.

Very well put. Microsoft have come under a persistent hate campaign in the tech press and social media but they just need to ignore most of this and carry on to realise their vision. From the whole Windows 8 saga the most interesting thing to me is it the psychological aspect. People like new things (give a new person an iPad/Android tablet and they will quickly work it out) but like to complain about changes to existing things. Microsoft could still do a better job of marketing the advantages though.

Such nonsense. The niche market is still very much the realm of mobile devices. "Slow to progress desktop users" are the entire corporate world, and people that use their computers for more than just playing simple games and pissing about on the internet. The mobile device era has it's place, but so does the desktop. It sounds like you really want Windows RT for everyone, which is ridiculous.

I think they just need an option on install (of W8) - Do you want to start with Classic Desktop or Start Screen? They shouldn't make it one or other, just make it part of the install process, and then have it as an easy to find option in the Control Panel - not hidden away as it is currently. Options, best of both worlds.

That's a load of crap. The desktop is not supposed to compete against metro. They're two different worlds that MS thought could be merged.

Full screen apps belong on small screens. The desktop belongs on big screens.

I think it should be the first option that pops up when you first boot up the PC or tablet initially or after update.

Such as people that still run Windows XP. They are the ones that won't move on but if this option gets them the hell off XP, put the option in.  After running Windows 8.1, XP looks like Windows 95 to me.

Tell me about it! My stepmom wanted me to troubleshoot her XP machine. I groaned and offered her a Win7 laptop with a messes up screen as a desktop replacement. :)

And thats the reson why desktop is proved for effency. Metro is nice for a phone or a tablet.

With metro you can do only simple tasks. Show me a real program with success which is build in metro framework. Hmm there no Programs like this. Most metro Programs work like the Terminals in the 60´s and 70´s. Without an big cloud(Mainframe) you have no functionality

The desktop PC is becoming a niche device for consumers. The reason why it became this big is because back in the day people had no choice. Then came laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets and the migration started. Clearly people prefer other devices as their daily driver. Among young adults the PC runs an average of 20 minutes a day already! Compared to multiple ours from a few years ago.

The desktop has aged horribly. Its laggy, ugly and needlessly complex compared to modern interfaces such as the startscreen. Microsoft should work towards making the startscreen adaptable to nontouch devices and improve its productivity. Instead of redesigning windows 8 to meet the needs of a dying market. In windows dies then today is the day it started dying because its creator lost its vision.

Not in my corporate environment, I installed 75 units in the first year that win 8 was released (Dell 9010AIO w/touch) and will be installing another 100+ Dell 9020AIO w/touch this year. As stated in previous post, everyone loves it and caught on fast after initial training. People who are used to doing something one way will always resist change until they are forced to do it another way. Take and average user and a corporate use who's always used windows or Linux. Imagine one of the switching to a mac.....there's a learning curve, but we adjust if we have to, it simple as that.

You're not disagreeing with me - you actually just proved my point!! He was saying that everyone is abandoning desktop PC's in droves in favour of laptops/netbooks/tablets. My reply is that the desktop computer reigns supreme in the corporate world. The fact that your company is installing 175+ new desktop computers just proves that the desktop is not some "niche" device, but still resoundingly in the majority in the corporate world.

Your company is like many others out there - the desktop is most definitely alive and well and will be for many years to come. I won't even get started talking about serious gamers and IT professionals who want the most powerful machines out there which usually requires them to use a desktop.

BTW just because those desktops have a touch-interface is "interesting" but beside the point that they're still desktops. I don't see them as particularly practical / useable for everyone though - for example, I have perfect vision therefore sit comfortably at more than an arm-length away from my screen... and I have long arms! I would have to double-over my desk to touch my screen. Sure I could move my monitor closer, but then I would ruin my eyesight in favour of being able to smear my greasy fingers all over the screen. Sometimes it's bad enough having to take my hand off the keyboard to use the mouse... it would be awful if I had to add touch-control into the mix too.

If all desktops had touch screens, the metro side would be more viable in the corporate world. I support many clients that have dual monitors that sit 3 feet from the actual user in the chair. Lots of shoulder strain reaching to do all those win8 swipes all day long. And how would you toss an app to the other screen, kinda toss and catch with both hands.. Just something to think about.

Actually, my GIS and AutoCAD guys are all asking for touch screens, since they've been using windows 8/8.1 (they currently use it with mouse/keyboard, but envy standard client user who use the Dell 9010AIO's with touch built in). Go figure....they don't have issue with the mouse and keyboard functionality, but want touch just because someone else has it....its the same mentality that people who want iPhones (he/she has one, so I want one too)

More like the entire corporate world, and people who want to be productive and don't just play games and use the internet.

I agree. It's the people that are stuck in the past. Prepared for the demise of MS Windows. They HAVE to stay stagnant in order for Android and iOS to prosper and there are some blog rags sites that are probably loving this.

Pookiewood, you can probably make bet that the talking heads who rail on their blogs about how crappy Windows 8 is, is running Windows XP SP2. And are not technical enough to perform a simple upgrade so they spend their lives complaining like Microsoft owes them something.

Jazmac, I find it it funny that you mention the words "like Microsoft owes them something," yet most people get angry at google not having services on windows devices like google owes them anything. Just food for thought.
And using XP has nothing to do with 'not being' able to do anything "Technical.."

What people are angry about is Google requiring that Windows phone devices hold to a standard for accessing Google services that has been shown to not only be impossible with current technology, but that Google themselves don't even try to do. It's the hypocricy.

What is impossible? I'm sorry, but I do not think that many people actually think as far as you have... And you merely turned my general statement into a very specific one.. So not much of a difference.

Apples and Oranges.  How google becomes the topic of conversation is an interesting leap. Did you forget where you were?

I attacked your logic. Why doesn't Microsoft owe the consumers anything? Isn't that why people cry at google? I mean.. If most people here are going to get mad at google when google doesn't give them what they want, why will people allow Microsoft to get away with their actions when Microsoft doesn't do what the people want?

It doesn't make any sense to have double standards.

I suspect that Windows 9 will only have one Start screen/desktop.  I think it will basically be the classic desktop but with Live Tiles instead of icons... and the screen will scroll (left & right) off the page like the current Metro screen.

The Task Bar & Start Button will still be there if you want them, but will be able to be toggled on/off.  So if you're on a desktop, it's there... and if you're on a tablet, you can turn them off.

I think when the user first logs on it should ask you for your preference. Thus tablet owners would check "Tablet" and desktop owners, especially those without touch screen would choose "desktop mode"

So I should choose "Tablet" for my desktop because I have used it and know that it is faster and easier than "desktop" mode?

Knowing Microsoft desktop users won't have a option due to luddites complaining that the option is available!!

Yes sir. MS could have avoided a lot of misery by just implementing this one very simple feature from the beginning with W8.

They didn't, but it's included in 8.1 via the navigation tab on the desktops taskbar....oh I forgot, that's to hard to do

At the end of the day, the most efficient way of getting things done is good old desktop mode with mouse and keyboard. The multitasking and input precisions in touch base os simply does not compare, they are great only if ur not at a desk.

+1 at least someone gets it. A touch interface is useless when you're sitting at a desk with 2 or 3 big monitors and actually have work to do. The desktop with mouse & keyboard is by far the most efficient way of doing things.

Damn people complain about the weirdest things. For those enterprise users that do 'real work' (a needlessly patronising way of putting it by the way) IT depts/managers generally ghost the corporate image onto the machines, in which case they can preconfigure them to boot to desktop. So what the hell is the problem? For the rest of us that obviously don't do 'real work' leave it on the consumer friendly Start Page. On my home pc there's big friendly tile that can take me to desktop if i need it and any apps that run in desktop mode take me there when i open them. Also who the hell would want their Arm, Atom or i5 based tablet booting onto desktop by default? Peoples love creating issues where none exist.

If "real work" is needlessly patronising, then why are you the only person saying it? I didn't say that at all. The problem with Windows 8 is that it really is two OS's wedged together...

Those people in IT departments are supposed to be tech savvy enough to configure machines properly for a work environment, they shouldn't expect Microsoft to do their job for them.

+1520.....if you had to make that statement here, what does that tell you about the majority of user you're having to argue with in this forum?

The original argument was that people is that "MS is stuck in the past" by having the desktop interface. The reply was that desktop with mouse & keyboard is still the most efficient way of using it, which I was in agreement with. I'm not sure what your reply has to do with that discussion. Of course IT configure it to best suit the environment. MS have to provide the tools to do so - at the moment there are 2 interfaces wedged together, 1 to suit touch and 1 to suit mouse & keyboard. Sure they both "work" in either situation, but MS should be making it as optimal for either situation. When I'm on a PC with 2 x 24" monitors I don't want huge full-screen apps - at the moment all I can do is make 3 vertical columns.... it should be possible to move them around anywhere I want, with a cross at the top to close them... I don't know let's call them WINDOWS.

All of the users in my organization who have win 8 computers with touch, love using it to launch applications. They love it....you'd Be surprised what happens when you give them the option

That's fine on laptops and tablets. I physically can't reach my screen unless I hunch over my desk like Quasimodo. I've spent YEARS teaching people not to put their greasy fingers all over my screen when they want to point to something on the screen. It would be terrifying it if actually gave them control :P

Nope the easiest way is trackpad and shortcuts :p.

But seriously, we're talking about the start screen, right? Switching from it to the desktop and vice versa, can be done in a huffy, so what is being argued here? I don't get it.

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The _most_ efficient way most likely also removes the mouse from the picture and uses just keyboard input.  We've always sacrificed efficiency for usability.

... it's much easier to click a button that to tab through all the options, or remember a thousand shortcuts. Keyboard can definitely make some things quicker, but the UI is mouse-driven for a good reason...

Full screen apps are from the past. Think DOS. The reason we have windows is because being able to resize your app is actually useful. Who knew? I like windows 8 but only the desktop part is actually useful.

Because you're not using a hybrid. Get one and see how useful it is when you don't want to lug the entire laptop into the living room while surfing and watching tv or reading a kindle book while relaxing; the work suddenly calls and you need to do some productivity work...re-dock to the keyboard and go to work

Maybe if you're using a small screen already and expect to use full screen apps, then having the ability to switch to a more productive desktop view could be considered a "bonus", but if you are using a real computer because you want to use a real computer with a normal sized screen then there is absolutely no benefit to using full screen apps.  It's only an unnecessary limitation.

The only reason apps are full screen on phones is because the screens are so tiny, they need all the real estate they can get.  That makes sense.  It's a way to manage the inherent limitation of a small screen.  But why would Microsoft think that people want that same limitation on a large screen?  It just doesn't make any sense.

I love my windows phone and I like some things about windows 8 but MS really should have put more thought into how people use their desktop computers.  I hope Windows 9 is very different from 8.

+1 fullscreen apps are visually jarring on large multi-monitor desktops. I really wish I could move them around like... windows!

I know. Desktop is pretty much all I use. Trying to multitask with only being able to have two metro apps open is damn near impossible. And alot of my programs have no metro equivalent. I keep -atleast- Skype, hexchat, Word, and an internet browser open at all times. Plus there's steam, a music player, etc. Metro just isn't viable at this point.

Hopefully it's context sensitive... It would look stupid to boot to desktop of my Lenovo Miix 8. Maybe it will be based on whether the computer is touch screen (boot to start screen) or not (boot to desktop).

Office Gemini (Modern UI Office) is actually expected to be out this year. We'll probably see it at BUILD.

I don't think it will be that easy, its not just office that resides on the desktop, your forgetting the file explorer :p that will need to be modernised along with a whole host of items and settings.

A touch-friendly file explorer is like a five minute project, there's barely any controls and tons of free space to work with.

I read somewhere that MS is already doing that.  Although I have no idea how that will work, with as much feature-bloat as apps like Word or Excel have.

I set my desktop to boot to desktop for a little while and I actually didn't like it. I'm too use to having Start come up now. Anyway, all my programs and websites and pinned to my Start screen anyway.
If possibly they should make it so that boot to desktop is enabled if a mouse and keyboard is detected on the system so that tablet users (by default anyway) can boot straight to Start. That just my opinion though.

i agree with the original surface and surface 2, the desktop should be removed or don't make it boot to desktop by default

I think it could be at the setup of Windows 8.1. Where you could pick which environment you pefer :). Metro is boot to the start screen and desktop is boot to desktop

True... Gonna be changing that back to boot in Metro Home screen
Its soooo much more cooler and functional... If I need desktop mode i will choose to go there.... Don't need the computer smarter than me... Not yet :)

I hate this do and undo thing, I loved the path they took with W8 and at first glance I didn't like start button on W8.1, I don't know if I will like the mini start menu either.

That's the best idea, give people a choice what they want on their tablets or desktops when it starts up.. Frankly I prefer the modern 8.1.

Desktop on tablets... Nope doesn't work to well especially sub 8 inch (remember net books??). RT is the way to go for tablets, although they should have modernised the file explorer and moved the settings only accessible via desktop to the settings charm for RT. Cant wait when that happens, but on a pc, mouse, keyboard, and desktop. Windows 8 really needs alot of fine tuning before it becomes a viable replacement for desktop. But the desktop isn't going anywhere, to abandon on it will be the same as ditching all those millions of x86 and x64 apps. I just hope this mini start is just an option to be enabled by choice and confined to desktop only.

I think that's really the only reason desktop mode even exists on RT.  It's like a closet full of crap that they haven't finished porting to Metro.


Oh come on, Microsoft. Would it be too much to ask the user what they prefer the first time the account is used to login?

They also better bring back full Start Button functionality if they want W8 to suceed. What a mess trying to organize my program on W8. I actually gave up and now just let them fall into one gigantic heap of chaos. W8 is a total no-go in the enterprise and for a good many desktop users as well.

8 was difficult for me to organize too, where every new program went to the right edge of the start screen. At least my lefternmost (not a word) columns were organized. ;) I'm glad they fixed that behavior with 8.1.

To most of you who replied to my message. You're outbursts make it sound your world is coming to end and you must attack anyone who doesn't love everything Microsoft. Get a life and stop worrying so much about what choices others make. There are a lot of reasons not to like Windows 8 and it Is not going to go over without some signifiant changes. It Vista all over again and thankfully it appears like once again the majority of us are going to force MS to do better.

You're an ignorant fool. Vista failed for performance, stability, & compatibility issues. Windows 8 is superior to every other OS performance wise. As with the Xbox, the IGN crowd is afraid of anything not crafted by Sony or Apple. You can't post your (misguided) opinion & tell others to get lost for doing the same

Honestly, if you don't like windows 8 stick to windows 7... Its not like that's going anywhere anytime soon in terms of support. I like windows 8 and where ms is heading but not on a desktop pc :p. Hence why its called a "desktop" pc :p. RT is amazing on tablets, i just don't see desktop viable on a small touch screen at all, win7 supports touch but it feels not optimised on a touch screen aio. Windows 8 should boot to desktop for non touch screen laptops also.

I'll give you the fact that vista sucked. But your next claim.. Needs proof or it's a weak argument.

No that is not why Vista failed. Those problems were fixed early on. Vista failed because it drove technical people bonkers with all its restrictions and nagging and it is technical people that set the narrative for operating systems. Just like what is happening with Win 8.1. MetroMode is a casual computing area and would be a nice addition to Windows if going to it was optonal.

I think that the system should prompt and ask the user during initial setup do they want to boot to Desktop or Start Screen.

Shouldn't the device manufacturer choose what boots by default? Or when the person is setting up the computer, could they at least get to choose when they are going through the set-up?

It should vary from device to device. Or for tablet users it should boot directly to start screen whereas pc users should have option to chose the default mode. But we can live with that. The thing with which I can't is the smooth clear type font on desktop like windows 7. At the it is really hard to read books or anything on windows 8/8.1. Also need window mode for apps on desktop

What they need to do is merge the Start Screen wtih the Desktop. Add in the task bar to "modern" mode (have an option to autohide it, but not by default unless you're in a full screen app). Then, make the start screen tiles transparent, but still visible in desktop mode. Now, make it so that a double click/tap on the desktop wallpaper switches immediate to the start screen (it makes those transparent tiles opaque), and then when in start screen, a double click/tap on the start screen wallpaper (any place that isn't a Live Tile, obviously), jumps you back into desktop mode. It will be a lot less jarring, as it'll look like they're more connected, and it will also be much faster for both keyboard/mice users and touch users to double click/tap on any open space.

what is with everyone and this obsession with transparency? that is NOT what metro is about, transparency confuses the brain, it makes clutter! It's about priorities, the foreground having strong contrast to the background, not blending the foreground into the background, thats what aero was about. transparency is outdated, a product of vista, perfected by 7, its done, its dead, quit clinging to it!

Cleary you'd be able to turn it on or off or control the exact percentage. What's wrong with options? Also, I think you misunderstood my idea. They would simply be transparent live tiles on the desktop wallpaper to remind the user that the 'metro mode' is there. They would be no more cluttered or obnoxious than most other wallpaper that people use (such as the rotating Bing image wallpapers). Most of the time they wouldn't even be visible because most people, in desktop mode, have various applications open that would be covering it. The transparent tiles wouldn't be visible with an IE or Word window on top of them.

That said, even without that idea, I'd still like to see the double tap/click to switch interfaces idea. That would be much better: faster and less jarring. Then they could free up the Start Button to return to a Start Menu. Everyone is happy.

I see, basically an overlay off live tiles over the wallpaper?
Some think options are a bad thing... Probably because they are incapable of making quick decisions when faced with an array of options. Having taught people and kids to use the pc (windows 7 / 8). I can tell you some are incredibly slow or virtually have no patience in making in rational decisions. For these a walled garden is a better fit as they veer towards simplicity and a linear line of logic.

Oh what the crap!! Blood and bloody ashes!!! So now I have to change it to Metro default because of these whiners!!!

I think it's good for Windows 8, not so good for RT. But since the RT and 8 updates are separate, I don't see why Microsoft would push this preset on the RT version and I think they probably won't. Which means the Nokia L2520, the Surface RT and Surface 2 will still boot up in the tiles screen and only Windows 8 will go straight to desktop.


And as for the option of opening it straight to desktop, I'm obviously in favour. Not that I need it because my 8.1 PC already boots directly to desktop but it should help new users avoid the Start Screen that the majority clearly isn't fond of.

I only agree with this if it was smart... as in location smart. As an option MS should offer a toolkit and ability to customize how you boot the device into what mode. For example, tablets should never startup going straight into desktop mode, they should remaind in Metro. Desktops could boot up into desktop mode by default if the user sets that as the preference. Now if I put my Surface into a dock, I would like it by default to switch to desktop mode, switch back to metro when removed. If they build it with conditions and user customization then I am all for it.

I don't understand the complaints. There's a setting to change it back if the boot to desktop option is default. Currently, Windows boots to the start screen by default and I changed it to the desktop. I don't see why an option to change it back would not be available with the update.

Booting to desktop by default means exactly that. It doesn't mean you can't boot to Metro if that's what better suits your device. As of right now you have to click a check box to enable "Boot to desktop" this update just means the checkbox is ticked by default.

No. No. No. I hope there is a way to reverse it. I am on desktop & laptop . I love the way the start screen opens up like a flower!

You will just have to do what people who prefer to boot on the desktop do today: change the option in settings and you will be booting back in the Start Screen by default.

I know that but Microsoft should stop this flip flop thing. Does not look good going forward then reversing back. They have done the same with the start button

Agreed, they are caving into these whinging tots. This mode should be context specific but knowing MS its one way or the other... There is no in between, until all the metro users start up lol. All this is pretty comical really.

I suppose you want Microsoft to have Windows Phone boot to the Windows Mobile interface and have the Xbox One boot to the 360 blade style dashboard by default as well?

Dear whichever Microsoft employee who checks out this site, this article in particular, and might happen to read my comment by chance,

Please...don't do this. You're better than this. And if you are planning on doing this, STOP doing it. You're letting the nagging minority bully you into a frankenstein of a product, comprised of things you probably don't want, random settings and last minute functionality. Grow a backbone and stop giving into want the consumer wants. Stop giving into corporate rags (iCNET). Take a page from Apple's book and ignore your customers. Look how well it's worked for them! Stop flip-flopping. Make something, stay with it, and above all stay strong. The ones who have stuck with you all these years will still stick by you. But you have to find yourself, and quickly before the next CEO takes over. Grow a backbone, keep to your plans, don't apologize.

- a msft fan

It should be a choice during setup with an explanation of benefits of the Start screen vs traditional desktop choice without explanation. Tablets and touch screen laptops/all in ones should have Start screen by default (the active background I saw on one device was awesome) and to the desktop for desktops and regular laptops. Device detection for these setups should bring up a prompt asking the user for their preference when they first start using Win8. Touch screen device vs non touch screen is the only factor that should matter. It's great they are listening to their customers instead of giving a "You're holding it wrong" response but I think this could hurt MS if they don't keep the Star screen in some form.

Here's a more elegant solution. Detect for touch screen drivers/device. Boot into modern start. No touch, boot into desktop.

It's a non-issue if you have the option to boot to start if you want. On my Suraface Pro I prefer to boot to start to see the live tiles right away, but on my desktop I would prefer to boot to desktop if I could pin live tiles on desktop as gatgets.

On a large screen the start live tiles are useless as I would prefer to see them float on my desktop while I can still interact with opened programs, hopefully something likle this comes in the near future, because I am sticking with Win7 on my desktop until pining live tiles to desktop comes along.


As long as its an option that we can change it shouldn't matter... Those who want it can use it, those who don't...wont

This is wonderful for people such as myself who are looking long term as an IT systems analyst that will eventually employ the latest version of how Windows 8.1 will develop at the firm, as a vast majority of those people would hate to see anything that's not how they like it. That's how it is at the corporate law firm that I work at.

Personally I prefer for it to go to the Start live tile screen on all of my devices.

It's a good thing that MS is giving the masses a choice. Now all basis are covered.

I think its a bad idea. Whats the point? Everyone i know who bitched about windows 8 was fine with it when i showed them how to do all the things they thought they couldn't do anymore. They just need education, not caving in to

Makes so much sense. None touch devices should default to boot to,desktop and touch to "metro".

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Come on Microsoft, grow a fukn pair, and press on. Include a series of video tutorials for all the luddites who refuse to use and understand the start screen.

Man that sucks, I hope they will have an option to revert back to the live tiles booting up first.

This is great! Now my parents won't bother me for 79 hours asking how it works

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another step backword .......ugh ....danm it msft i liked how windows 8  was all then came windows 8.1 with a start button .......and now a boot to the desktop ...wtf ...all msft had to do was imrpove what it had insted of taking orders from the loud minority that are suck in the past ...... *sigh*

No. I want metro first and foremost on all my devices, touchscreen or not. It's just easier, faster, and all around better to use.

Not a good move. I use both worlds on my desktop. Force us to learn something new then f- uck around with it and force us to learn again.

And how will a person like your mother ever find this hidden option? Many people I know would never find it.

I set it differently on every device depends on function, so not a problem for me. But I can also understand how it may confuse some tablet users too...oh boy lol. Windows 9 should be a lot more integrated, but I still love 8 too ;)

Smart move. MS can't force people to use their product in a way they don't want to. It just drives people away for no good reason. They should simply have tablets boot to the touch UI by default, and desktop boot to Desktop by default.

Why, because they respond to user feedback and make changes? Would you prefer them to be more stubborn? No, you'd complain either way.

LOL did I strike a nerve? But honestly I love Microsoft I'm a huge fan they make fantastic stuff. BUT! They need to stick to their guns there's already an option to boot in desktop mode. Making it default on all devices would make the majority of people not even bother to learn the tiles. People are inherently afraid of change good or bad. The tiles are good and go nicely with WP and Xbox but people won't see that until they are accustom to it so putting them on the back burner will hurt us all in the long run

Agreed, just think about Surface and Surface Pro. They were built to showcase the Metro interface.

My Surface Pro would be aweful if this and the other changes are real (and not an option)! I really love Windows as it is. Just put metro apps inside a normal window when I'm on Desktop...