Report: Windows Phone Tango aiming for a June release by Microsoft and carriers


Speaking of Windows Phone updates and rumors, our friends over at Mi Movil Windows have confirmed with two sources that Windows Phone Tango (finalized as OS build 8773) will be released officially at the beginning of June. (We've been told who the sources are but have been asked to not name them).

Even though ROMs of Tango have been floating around for awhile (and we've seen some for the Lumia 710 as of late) Microsoft reportedly pushed the April time-frame for release back to June so that more operators could finish testing and Microsoft could target a more universal roll-out, much like Mango. This becomes self-evident when you realize that no Tango updates have happened yet, even though the ROM has been finalized.

Of course if true, this won't mean we'll all get Tango the same day, let alone the same week. Instead what we could be seeing here is a rolling update where various regions and carriers will release over an extended time-frame.  This sounds a lot like the Mango-update which took roughly two-months to reach nearly 90% of devices. The difference here is the fact that Tango is a far cry from those 500-new features we saw last year.

Windows Phone Tango is expected to be optimized for 256 MB devices for emerging markets, feature enhanced MMS capability and other under the hood optimizations.

It will be interesting to see if AT&T, who have gone on the record twice now, will be taking advantage of this extension to also roll out this Tango update for current devices. The timing seems about right.

Source: Mi Movil Windows


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Report: Windows Phone Tango aiming for a June release by Microsoft and carriers

  1. fucking June? 
  2. WHAT THE F K DO THEY NEED TO TEST?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  If I take an unbranded Tango device and put it on ATT and it WORKS, that's all the testing you need to do!  WHAT THA F K!!!!!

1. I totally agree. I would have thought of a may release
2. The diffrent carriers do some testing on their own to check for instance that their apps work.

Good thing I don't give a F K about carrier bloatware.  ATTs string of orange sh t is the first thing I uninstall with any new Windows Phone.  Absolute rubbish.

Exactly; if the updates are held back because the carriers need to test their pointless apps that hardly anyone uses, its a travesty. This needs to stop. Carriers: we only want your data networks, quit wasting your time and efforts on apps that nobody needs or wants.

I'm not getting all worked up about this because if you're a regular on this site, you should know that the same thing occurred with mango..it was RTM'd and the carriers held it for testing at least a month or more.

Absolutely nothing wrong with "my ATT" app. Great and fast way to check your account, minutes, data etc. You obviously haven't used it..

You obviously are a AT&T fanboy.
Personally, i would like to treat them like they treat us.
P!ss on their collective leg and tell them it is raining.

They do more than testing apps. Sometimes conflicts arise between the os, firmware, and the the network that ATT can be held responsible for and they are just covering themselves.

That is the biggest bunch of malarky I have ever heard, stop perpetuating that crap.  If that were true, then all the foreign phones operating on ATTs network would need to be banned.  Due to the published specifications of GSM standards this simply doesn't occur.  If it did it would mean ATT is doing some funny business that is out of spec and against publlished standards.

Who cares if he/she does or doesn't work for a "major mobile carrier"...?  Is this discussion only limited to employees of "major mobile carriers"?

Doesn't seem to be an issue with iPhones, where Apple controls the OS updating experience. Hmmm...   So only Android and WP OS's have conflicts with the network I suppose....

Yes but if MS releases it in June that pretty much means AT&T won't push it out until October anyway.

The story said it was pushed back so more operators can finish testing it. That says they have the update and have or about to start testing it.

Microsoft seems to not understand how behind the Windows Phone is compared to the others. I hate that my Windows Phone(Sprint Arrive) has practically been the same since it came out, with only suppose Multi-Tasking added.

And just what is mango lacking compared to iOS 5 and ICS which pretty much copied mango? Know what you're talking about before posting idiot!

Don't call people idiots. Take it down a notch, don't be like an Android fanboy. Sorry about that Dudeman456.

I'm wondering what Tango will bring to current devices (except 8 programs in multi-tasking). I think it's a late date. However that means they are more focusing on Apollo rather than Tango.

It'll be telling to see which phones receive this update. I would guess that whichever phones don't get this probably won't get Apollo, either.

I honestly could care less about this update. I doubt we'll notice much of a difference. Just release some surprising and awesome news about Apollo already. 

Does anyone really believe Apollo is actually going to be released in the fall?  If its taken this long for Tango, I find it hard to believe Apollo will be out on time.  And really, MS, should have started showing a bit of Apollo off by now.
As far as Tango goes, it doesnt add much  were Id think many really care much about it. People want to see Apollo.

I think Tango was delayed because they had to move LTE forward in their development schedule.  Microsoft said back when the Lumia 900 was announced that originally LTE was slated for Apollo but was moved forward due to AT&T's demands.

Looks like the Windows Phone division has tightened up about updates like the console gaming division. Bout damn time.

There was a recent leak saying that MS has started, or about to start, tests of WP8 on some devices. There was another leak, purportedly from Nokia, that their WP8 devices will be coming out Q3 or Q4 2012. If these leaks are to be believed, WP8 is coming out later this year. On the other hand, havn't heard a leak yet, other than your posting, that WP8 is coming out next year.

With news/articles like this, http://www.engadget.com/2012/04/18/gavin-kim-departs-microsoft/#disqus_t..., coming out MS better hurry  it up with Apollo. And Apollo damn well better be all we hope and more....a game changer of sorts. Despite good sales of the Nokia phones, it is NOT looking good for WP's.
MS has been working on Apollo for quite some time now. If they dont get it out this  year and it doesnt surpass the hype, though we still dont know what its going to even bring, I think most of us will be on Android or Iphones by this time next year.
At this point, nothing matters except Apollo. Not Tango, not Lumnia sales, nothing. Its Apollo or failure and it still could be failure depending on what Apollo brings.

Switch to decaf.
So tired of hearing nonsense like this. I had to go through a whole week of hearing about how Microsoft's future depended on the success of Lumia 900, now we're gonna start with Apollo and build expectations to unreasonable levels? Microsoft is making billions off of Android licenses, they could continue at the current pace indefinitely if they so desired. I think the platform is already exceptional and I'm not waiting for some arbitrary point in time.

"Its Apollo or failure"
It's nothing of the sorts. Most consumers don't know anything about Apollo or what it will offer. As it stands WP7.5 does everything and more than most people need.
All Microsoft needs is more mindshare and it's getting that now. Several people at my work are sporting Lumia 900s and I know for a fact they couldn't care less about Apollo - they are just not that interested in the technical side. They want phones that work and look cool - that's what they got.

Verizon and others are waiting for Apollo. Apollo will make or break the future of WPs. I like WP but it still lags behind others in several areas. It has too many limitations, unfortunately some on purpose. I stand by my comment. If Apollo is a let down, WP will be finished, no matter how much money MS has

Sorry, but you aren't looking at the whole picture. Despite those who may bail in the event that Apollo doesn't deliver, too many of us (and many many more to come) will not return to the crap known as android and ios. We are tired of the bugs, problems, etc. We just want a phone that works without the headaches. WP isn't going anywhere. In time, it will become the third platform. It will integrate with Xbox and windows 8. As it moves to the NT kernal, it will surprise people.

It will NOT be a failure. Forget already about all the features that Mango brought?
So according to you Apollo probably will be a failure at that time then it will be "where's WP8?". Waiting for the next whatever forever...some of you people are insane.
BWT can someone point to an official MS site that shows all of the features that Apollo is bringing? Didn't think so..

I've been a HUGE Windows Phone fanboy right from the start. I believe Metro UI is by far the best UI of all time and WP is the greatest smartphone OS ever. So I bought a Lumia 900 each for both myself and my dad. I was almost certain we would get the Apollo update. But now all Microsoft bloggers like Mary Jo Foley, Tom Warren and Paul Thurrott are saying it won't happen. I feel so disappointed by Microsoft. They shouldn't have snubbed their loyal early adopters like that.

Unless you have insider information nobody else knows about, It's a bit premature and irrational to say Microsoft has snubbed you. Nothing has been confirmed one way or the other. No offense, but you knew the potential risk when you purchased your 900.

Yes, I fully understand nothing's been confirmed yet. But, these are not just wild rumors, they're coming from the most trusted Microsoft experts like MJF, Warren and Thurrott. And no, I couldn't believe they would retire such a flagship device like Lumia 900 within 6 months.

1. they dont know that for sure everything up to this point is speculation
2. would it matter whos to say smaller updates wont bring apollo features to 7.5 even if we dont get 8?

Sam don't worry. I'm more than sure your Lumia 900 will get all software updates that Apollo will bring, because it cannot give your handset HD resolution and dual-cores...

I like this. People complaining that something that wasn't given a release date won't be out "on time"

Also who cares if tango is out in may or June? It wasn't given a release date and still hasn't been officially. Are you going to wither away or something?

Switching to decaf sounds like a good idea.

Tango seems like such a minor update and uninteresting to me. Apollo probably need many driver rewrites and testing, which means only manufacturers that are willing to go that extra mile is able to upgrade their devices. This is just guesswork on my part, but this could be the reason why Microsoft can't openly says existing devices can be updated. It will impose cost to oem and oem's have to commit to that first. Well, it takes two to tango :)

Apollo os kernel is quite a departure from the windows CE based mango os. So driver rewrite is a strong possibility. But unless one works at oem, it's difficult to know the extend of the work needed.

My question is if the requirements for windows 8 CP only need a 1 GHz processor and current requirements for wp7 also only require a 1 GHz processor (I know one is ARM and other is x86) but shouldn't it make sense that hardware compatibility isn't an issue (unless they need a minimum RAM or dual-core that wasn't stated).

Doesn't work like that. Arm =/= X86.
You can have an Arm cpu and an X86 cpu at the same clock speeds and the X86 will still smoke it.

If people want an update right now...it seems like they're not happy with the current platform. This hurry to upgrade OS's is a false need driven by most nerdblogs and "tech news" sites.

I find WP7 to work flawlessly, and I don't find myself in a hurry to upgrade my OS.

I think the only thing that Tango fixes that I care about is:
Video messaging
Text Receipt Confirmation
...That's it.
If they add proper SD card support, custom text alerts and you tube uploading, I'll buy another windows phone when I'm due, I do like the Metro UI.  If not, I'm going Android.  I'll get all of those things, and way more apps.  WP has most of what I want, but my bank doesn't have a WP app, and there are a few others I would like to have.  That may be the developers' fault, but nonetheless, if I want those, I have to jump ship.  I can live without them, but without those other issues fixed, I'm out.  Hey Nokia, "The Beta Test is (not) over", you shoulda pushed MS to fix these issues before releasing your phones.  Not that you could afford to wait... 
And someone mentioned the Lumia 900 not getting Apollo?  Doubtful.  I think Gen 1 devices (like my Focus) will be out of luck, but I believe the Lumia is considered a Gen II, so you should be fine.

A lot of complaining about an update nobody knows about. I'm pretty happy with WP7 in its current state. Sure some tweaks here and there would help but I just switched over from Android and I don't miss it one bit. What is valid is some apps missing like my bank and some top cross platform apps, but I knew that coming in. I still believe apps will take time. WP7 needs to continue to increase their base and get the casual cell phone user using their product to increase mindshare. As their base grows, the developers will have to start including MS in the picture and create a WP app out the gates too.

All I want to know is will more than 5% of Android devices be running ICE before I get my Tango.

It's interesting to read how many people on this site, primarily windows phone users I would assume, are not excited about this update. Those of us stuck with AT&T that want to get rid of the disappearing keyboard and other bug fixes of 8107, want visual voicemail finally, etc are probably very excited about this update since AT&T has skipped the last two releases. I know I am. It can't possibly come soon enough.

Isn't Microsoft waiting to release the update for better timing? If they wait until June the millions (hopefully) of new Lumia Windows Phone users will be thrilled to get an update a few months after they bought the phone. Come October/November, yet another update. They are timing it so that users are pleased with so many updates. Where Android users likely never get 1 update.

 For the LOVE OF GOD...Will AT&T push any update for my Titan? They have yet to with the previous chances.
Your 2year contract with a mobile carrier should be void if they do not support Available updates to a OS in a timely manner.
One more thing, when Apollo drops my 2 year contract phone will have a year+ of App envy. Anyone who bought these phones is just gonna be pissed at MS and AT&T

Windows Phone becoming very boring phone without updates for phone OS, also in last couple of month I am notice very small number of updates for apps itself. Very boring, it becoming like old fashion phone which was mainlly be produced that people see it that you have it and to make and recive phone calls. Even homebrew community, becoming boring, nothing new.