Retail stores not pushing Windows Phone in Australia

WPDownUnder Retail Check

Remember our coverage earlier in the year where we looked at how abysmal the selling (and marketing) of Windows Phone in retail stores across Europe and the U.S. was? Well it looks like it's Australia's turn. WPDownUnder have ran a superb article covering their experience in a number of stores located in Melbourne. According to their report, Microsoft's marketing efforts in Australia have been weak, and stores are continuing to push out Android handsets and the iPhone. 

They visited a handful of mobile phone retail stores and compiled data on pricing, demo units, and feedback for both the platform and Nokia. We wont ruin the cold-call report over at WPDownUnder, so here are the statistics they ended up with:

  • 13 stores checked (probably 90+ % of main shopping centre/mall outlets).
  • 5/13 stores selling WP7 (just better than 1 in 3).
  • Only 2 of those 5 report moderate to OK sales of WP7 devices.
  • Of those 5 stores, 2 stores sold 2 models, 3 stores sold 1 model.
  • In all 13 stores, between 25-50 handsets would have been on display in each store on all platforms.
  • Only 1 store (Mall kiosk) had any form of Point of Sale information (other than handset tag info).
  • Only 4 of 13 stores spoken to demonstrated any knowledge of Nokia and WP7.

We recommend you check out the full report (link below) for an insight into how awful Windows Phone is in Australia, along with some interesting observations made in some stores. Let us not forget Optus believing the Samsung Omnia 7 runs Symbian. Hopefully Nokia could sort things out with some advertising in Australia should Telstra get hold of a Lumia device.

Source: WPDownUnder


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Retail stores not pushing Windows Phone in Australia


Don't forget,
We Aussies still have no local release dates or Telco/Carrier info on GEN2 devices.  Nought, Nil, Nothing, Nada....

You forgot zip, zilch, nyet, and big fat goose egg ;)
That sux tho - hopefully you'll hear some good news soon :)

I witnessed the same issues here in Switzerland, the phones in the stores haven't even been updated to Mango. Despite Swisscom informing us via Text about the update, Sales Reps don't know anything about it. Most of them still call Windows Phone "Windows Mobile". They haven't got a clue as to how to use it, all they know is that you can swipe to the right to view the full applications list, and lots of the stores don't even have Windows Phones on display. There is almost no marketing on Microsoft's part. I once asked a sales rep how windows phone was doing in terms of sale, and he told me that they weren't doing very well, but that it was slowly gaining traction, although I could attest to that as I keep seeing more and more Windows Phones wherever I go. Despite that though, the sales rep still asked me why I had bought one, and tried to convince me that his iPhone was much better. I don't know how Microsoft can improve the brand's image, but they have to do something, because at the moment, I feel like they're not even trying outside the US.

Be assured, they are not even trying inside the US either. As a consumer who dearly want to see the platform be competitive, it is extremely frustrating to see how much Microsoft's marketing sucks. You guys do seem to have it worse though with no new devices or device eta, added on top of the already non existent marketing. 

Well i live in Australia and they Still advertise the N9. Telstra pushes the android stuff. Optus pushes the Galaxy like no 2morrow. The only other person i seen with a WP7 is a person from france who got The Samsung Omina 7 i think that right name, just mirgrated here. I ask her what she love about the phone. She first thing it was easy to use and get to FB and email. All my friends have Iphone's, 2 have galaxy's . of the 2 that have galaxy, one of the is considering a WP7. He knows its a great OS. The rest a Apple fans. Finding it hard to convice. Them to switch.  I cant wait till we get lumina here cause  my missus. Wants one.
One person at a time i guess lol.
I'd like them to do the big windows phone is Sydney. Or a same sorta 4d show on the opera house or something.

i'm in Perth Western Australia and it's just terrible! No shops know anything about WP7 except the Telstra shops who do have some phones on display and working but staff stil know nothing. it's so soo frustrating. it's frustrating also that we have no idea when we'll be getting second gen phones but not too frustrating cause I've got my work around. I upgraded my optus plan in october to the SGS2, sold it on ebay and bought myself a Radar.  take that optus!

I went to a carrier store the other day, and they did have working WPs on display. The only problem is that they no apps, no games, and no media loaded on it.
Microsoft needs to tell the carriers to create a dummy Live ID or create a special one for them and have the stores enter this into each display phone. Let the customers download all the free apps that they want.

Totally agree about the dummy live IDs... Every WP7 I've seen in stores (I've been to a lot of AT&T stores lately looking for Titans, and I finally found one!) just has the generic blue background, and you can't even see the live tiles in action! Look at iPhones, they all have media loaded onto them, and on WP7s you just see a blank screen... Not really a way to show off the phone's capabilities.

Honestly guys, most Aussie Telco's don't like selling anything but the highest selling product, then sign binding sales agreements with the vendors.
Secondly they hire numpties, and dont train them so if they personally have iOS or Android, thats what they push.  It's simply not good enough.
I've given up waiting and have ordered my Lumia-800 through Mobicity as i did for my Focus. 
They are unlocked and you dont have all the obominal software that carriers put on.

It's just as bad in Canada. I would gladly pay 4 or 5 hundred to early upgrade to a Titan if I had the chance but not a peep about any 2nd gen phones so far.

All this hype about millions being spent on advertising.... With the knowledge that the TRUE problem with this os is knowledge of it at all!! Well... I'm an Aussie and haven't seen one tv add, haven't heard a radio add, haven't seen any giant phones, haven't seen one single attempt at selling a windows phone at all. Australia has the second largest amount of smartphone users in the world apparently so..... WTF?????? There's Android, IOS, even Meego being advertised on prime time tv by carriers atm (yes I said Meego Microsoft!!), PEOPLE LOOK AT MY PHONE AND SAY "WHAT'S THAT??" (TITAN co. mobicity) everyone is interested but no one knows about it.... I'm sick of feeling like I'm doing all WP's advertising alone and unsuccessfully....