The return of USB storage to Windows Phone

We covered using your phone as a USB storage device awhile ago. It's one of those features that lots of folks want but the demand waxes and wanes, usually based on remembering that our phones can't do it natively. For the record, Microsoft always frowned upon this practice as you could theoretically screw something up. We're not even sure if the original hack works anymore (we're betting 'no') but that hasn't stopped developer Den Delimarsky from coming up with his own solution.

His method is detailed in full in this post and we'll leave the nitty-gritty to the developers out there. As he says, you can do this yourself though for us non-techies he's looking to release this publicly when it's all good and ready (at least we really hope he does).

"You probably always wanted to use your Windows Phone device as a USB storage device but never could. Well, this is solvable. There were a couple of hacks floating around, but I was curious to see if I can do it by myself. Well, I found a way to do it without third-party OS hacks and only with the help of a simple application built around the Microsoft.Smartdevice.Connectivity assembly.

I am not releasing the application itself at this point because there is more work to be done, but you can take a peek at what it looks like."

You can even upload files to an app's isolated storage, which is a bit advanced for most of us. Just form glancing at the tool this certainly seems like a much nicer method than before and looks quite promising. While not a plug-n-play solution, probably something we won't see anytime soon, it could be a decent option for those who need such a method for file transport.

Source: DZone


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The return of USB storage to Windows Phone


uploading files to "isolated" storage sounds like a big contradiction to me. I'm sure that somehow or at some point this will **** things up.All MS should do is let OEMs/Users add a SD card but don't add it into the pool, leave it as a 2nd read/write area that is shared (not isolated per app etc) I don't see why it'd be hard or not, sure it could break the UX if someone takes the SD out and then starts to wonder where their files are etc, but the majority of phone owners don't do this imo. Most buy a phone and use it as is without updating it's storage etc. Those that do know what they're doing so it's fine.

My bet is MS will get to this eventually, in an official capacity. It's not a priority for them and I'm in agreement with that approach--many other features are more important to consumers. Still, eventually this could come up as something for them to work on.

Do you even know what you're talking about, or did you just see the word "isolated" and start guessing wildly?

Granted, I'd love the feature personally, but if most users aren't going to use the SD card, why bother? Also, having an SD card with essentially the same privileges as internal memory but without isolated storage to keep it from potentially accessing the OS sounds like a huge security issue.

My old creaky Blackberry allows what it calls "Mass Storage Mode" whenever you connect it to a computer via USB that allows copying files directly on to the removable SD card. It shields system files so they can't be deleted. If they've been able to safely do that for years on Blackberry with all the security on them, I can't see why MS can't find a way to do something similar.

If you install the Easy File hub client on multiple PCs you can do that today. Upload any file to your phone and offload to another PC.

I just want a way to upload documents (word, excel, Adobe PDF, etc) with out having to upload them to a website to access them on my phone.If this could do this, it would solve my major security issue with my Windows Phone 7 device.