Rogers My Account app now available for the Focus

For those up north on Rogers, you'll want to take a look at their new app 'My Account' which basically gives you details on voice, data and messaging usage, account balance and other useful info. Seems similar to the AT&T account app, which is something we like to see on other devices. The app is also Mango-ready.

Now if Rogers could just get some new phones...

Source: MobileSyrup


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Rogers My Account app now available for the Focus


I've already had this app for quite a while now (before no-do)... nothing really special about it, but it does the job. Is there anything new with this app with the Mango update?

It's not new. I've been using it for a couple of months now on my Focus.Thanks for posting still.Edit: They do have a new version.Released 10/25/2011 Version 1.0.0

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It is showing as new because it was removed from the marketplace for a while. It was recently put back up however there is no difference between before it was removed and now, still needs a mango update

i been using this sints i got my FOCUS in 2010!! LOL this app is 1 year old!!and it even says: check out all your billing information for your ANDROID phone ( on the discription) .. HAHAHAHA rogers is the WORST! i cant wait for my contrat to finish with them..

not only rogers, all carriers in Canada has got to get new phones... we've got no updates on new phones so far...