Rogers now lists the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X for online order

The other day we posted the about how Rogers in Canada was finally getting ready to sell their Windows Phone 8 devices Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. The date was rumored to be November 12th but the announcement was quickly pulled. But thankfully that date appears to be back on...

The Lumia 920 has a very soft launch a few weeks ago with a few stores getting even fewer of the phones. But this finally looks to be the "full launch" and the fact that you can go to the Rogers site and buy either phone is testament to that fact.

The Nokia Lumia 920, only available in black, comes with 32GB and will go for $99 on a 3 year contract or $549 on month-to-month. Meanwhile the HTC 8X in California Blue and 16GB of storage will go for the exact same price--$99 or $549 on month-to-month.

Unfortunately there is no sign of the Samsung ATIV S, which was shown earlier for the carrier though presumably it is coming "later". Nor is there word on an 8GB version of the HTC 8X, rumored to be priced at $49 on a 3 year contract or $499 month-to-month.

Rumor also has it that the Rogers Lumia 920 is unlocked, allowing it to even work on fellow Canadian carrier WIND or T-Mobile US due to its pentaband radio. We have not verified that info with this new stock of 920s but we hope to do so soon.

Head to Rogers to order online or maybe swing by your local store to see if they have any in stock. Thanks, Shane, for the tip!


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Rogers now lists the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X for online order


I was out on the weekend in Victoria to multiple locations.  Rogers dealers had 8X and 920 dummy devices.  Unfortuneately, the 12th is a holiday here in B.C. so stores here will not be receiving shipments, so we won't see them until tomorrow.
I still think that first batch of 920's were //Build devices, and a sop to Rogers for some kind of back room negotiations that we'll never be privy to.
Did Rogers annouce at some point that they would be carrying the Ativ S?  I thought it was only coming to Telus?

Sasktel is getting the Ativ S, which means Bell will as well since they have an agreement, and Rogers announced a while back that they'd carry it too.

That's some BS. How is remembrance day a holiday? It only a holiday for banks and government everyone else is working including all the Rogers store I visited today.

Why don't you do a few seconds of research before you accuse someone of BS. The laws on stat holidays vary across the country. In Nova Scotia, the entire province pretty much shuts down.

I'm not accusing him of BS I'm accusing Rogers LOL.  It's a poor excuse for why the phone isn't available today on launch day.

You call this a launch? Half the stores I called didn't even know what the phone was, and I live in bloody Waterloo where the sour taste of Blackberry should be driving everyone to other phones.

I talked to the Rogers Store on Hillside & Quadra in Victoria this morning and they are indeed open, although don't have one 920 in stock. Nice launch Rogers!

I'm very curious as to whether it will be unlocked or not. That would be a boon, espcially if I could get it shipped to my house in the states, otherwise I'll just have to drive up to Canada to get one. I hope they have a store by the falls!

There are a few stores in Niagara Falls, Ontario, store locator is at the bottom left of the rogers.com website. If you buy it straight up, you should be able to get it carrier unlocked with them if its not (though i'm unsure of how that works with them).

I've noticed on the Rogers site now, they don't offer their phones without contract as an option anymore, just on contract or month to month. You used to be able to select buy without contract but they've removed that option for some reason, so buying the phone by itself may be a problem. Unless it's different in store.

You can buy the phone off contract in store. It's usually 25 to 50 dollars more than the month to month price. Never heard of any Rogers store not letting a customer buy off contract.

Sorry but what is the difference between "month by month" and "off contract" ?  Month by month isn't off contract ?

@DrewLumia900--we link to the darn page where you can order it. We even post the image from the site with the "Order now" button.  C'mon man...

Does Rogers 920 have tethering blocked like the Att one does? Ie i am from Canada but live in USA and want to know whether i can buy one unlocked from Rogers and use without issue in the USA? On att...

as far as i know tethering is not blocked, and this is about the only one up our carriers have over the US guys..

I hear if you're under a year or so, you can threaten to cancel and they'll re-up the contract instead of dealing with the fees...but I have never had to try it myself. Retention people are very good at just greasing the squeeky wheel.

I may just bite the bullet and buy the black 920 even though I really want a red one. Its a first world problem for sure but I still feel cheated.

You could see if any of the MS stores/Popup stores carry them first. They might have a wider colour selection if there is a store near wherever you are (I plan on checking out Yorkdale on Friday myself). 

I just did. I LOATHE the black 920 and have had my eyes and heart set on the yellow for months. But the hassle and additional money to find one in yellow unlocked almost isn't worth the wait and trouble. I'll just buy a yellow case and pretend its the color I want.

All Rogers LTE data plans (save for the crappy 100mb one) allow tethering. It is not locked by the Rogers branded OS. I took my 900 to Italy and the internet sharing function wad there, albeit unusable because Vodafone didn't allow it on payasyougo sims

No stores downtown Toronto have them in stock yet. I also doubt the MS pop up stores will have other colors. They said they'll be getting whatever the carriers get. Rogers will likely get another color a few months down the road like they did with the 900.

Oh goodness, Rogers is marketing WP8s as "Windows 8 devices", putting them in the same category as tablets.  That seems a little misleading or uninformed.  Or maybe I'm just bitter about finding out that upgrading is going to be way, way too expensive.


I noticed that too. I thought Rogers was excited to actually be advertising these phones, turns out they have no idea how to.

I'll be waiting a few months b4 I buy the 920 because I want a red one. Last time I waited two months to buy my 900 then a couple weeks later they announced the cyan that I wanted.
I don't know why the hell they can't have at least two colours at launch.

It's good to note that Rogers doesn not seem to be selling the 920 off contract ie only on a 3 year contract or month to month contracts. There's no option to buy the phone outright and this looks to be the same on any of their phones on the web site. You used to have a third option of buying the phone without contract. Although $50 or so more expensive than the month to month contract price, but at least it was an option.

It may be a different situation in store but this appears to be the case on the Rogers web site.

In store they always let you buy off contract.  I've purchased 3 phones in the past 2 years off contract.  Their website just doesn't have the option for it.

Phoned the head office in Edmonton and was told they were on back order.  No ETA.  Attempted to pre-order, but the website was not working all last month, and over the phone I was told I couldn't pre-order because I had a business account.  Attempted to order over the phone today and was told they couldn't do an order over the phone.   This company is a joke.  MS should be aware of how painful this is

If a phone is on back-order it's not necessarily Rogers' fault. It could be Nokia's inability to produce these devices in any significant number. Don't throw blame before you have facts. I realize most people on this site don't like Apple but give them credit for one thing - they are tops when it comes to supply chain. There's a reason they have millions of devices on hand during launch weekend.

I ordered one online yesterday. The option Rogers offers is the $55.00 plan. I wanted  the black to begin with so it worked out for me. I have not received any updates about my order yet. There is nowhere to check the status... when I called them on Monday they said that they ar all sold out... Their website does not indicate that...