This summer European roaming charges will be cut in half

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The European Commission has announced that charges to roam within Europe will fall by as much as 50 percent this summer. The EC is imposing yet another limit on mobile operators, further reducing the caps from July 1 to pave the way for removing roaming charges altogether by 2016. Currently, calls within the EU are capped at 24 euro cents per minute but will fall to 19 cents per minute. More importantly (particularly in 2014 and beyond), the fee for using data abroad is falling too.

For data, from July 1 consumers will be charged a maximum of 20 euro cents per MB, down from 45 cents per MB (this is all before tax). That's a considerable drop, but these figures still aren't enough when it comes to European roaming. The EC desires to demolish roaming charges altogether for EU citizens while travelling through the continent, which would be warmly welcomed by holiday makers who travel to different parts of Europe only to be met by costly phone bills when returning home.

EU Roaming Caps

As well as reduced costs to use your contract abroad, mobile operators will also be able to offer decoupled services, enabling customers to utilize local network for data, but existing packages for calls and SMS. The EC aims to completely banish roaming chargers within Europe by the start of 2016.

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This summer European roaming charges will be cut in half


Still bloody expensive the internet on roaming, 20cents for 1mb will get you a pretty hefty bill for a normal day usage.

The German providers have a limit when they automatically block your roaming access. For example, T-Mobile blocks it when you reach 60€ within one month... I'm not sure whether this is a German or an European regulation. Usually you book a vacation data package anyway, that's way cheaper...

Same in many countries though. It is supposed to stop you from overcharging, but I dont think it is a EU regulation, more likely it is a selfregulation.

It's an EU regulation. Just a measure to stop you using more than around 50EUR so to avoid "bill shock". All providers in the EU have to adhere to this unless you've signed up to a larger package with them.

Some UK carriers offer contracts with EU roaming included. So nothing extra to pay. This is how it should be now that networks are established, imho.

Didn't know that. That's really good. And especially when you have the same network operatign in different countries. I really don't see how in that case it should be difficult to just have a nice transition.

Yup, same in France. I have 5Gb of free roaming in the EU (15 days per year though).

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I have a French contract which includes free calls and texts to any mobile and fixed phone in the whole EU as well as 3GB of internet access from anywhere in the EU (and the French oversea departments) for 60€/month.

I have similar, with 50MB per month in EU with Vodafone, when it works.

On paper great, in practise Vodafone data connection works very poorly, especially abroad. And not only on WP...

Already knew this. And this is still awesome. Especially when there will be no roaming charges anymore.

Don't get me started on "vodafone passport". 3 euros a day to use your contract plan abroad. I'd much rather that be 0 euros a day :D

Had real issues with Vodafone's EU bundle package, wouldn't enable properly on the account and ended up being charged high amounts for data.

This summer is only £2 per day for Vodafone passport, and the majority of the time it world out much cheaper than using the rates the EU has calculated here.

yeah it does and I'm happy for these packages. Which actually prove that roaming charegs aren't needed in the way they exist right now.

However don't think for a minute that these packages would exist if the EU didn't clamp down on roaming charges. They've got to be linked. I refuse to believe in the benevolence of telecoms companies.

Agreed. More Europe ASAP please. And that Vodafone deal doesn't allow tethering so they catch you out there if you try tethering and end up paying the EU max. rate for data.

Three in the UK has no extras for certain countries, you can use your phone abroad as you would at home, fear free.

No offense but when the news are concerning US it's ok? No wonder WindowsPhone can't grow since some users think US is the whole planet...geesh.

I'm in the UK, I was pointing out that this article is of interest to those in the EU, but the article I posted is of interest to ALL WP8 users. I'm not offended, you misunderstood & assumed I'm American...

You should do this for all the US (or any other specific country) related articles too then.

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Why is there an issue here? I just post a link for an article about WP8.1 here, as I had nowhere else to post it, the general discussion can move around it.

Nowhere else? What about the forums? Btw, I highly doubt that it will be released today, except maybe for carrier testing/approval.

Roaming charges is the biggest scam in cell technology after SMS fees. We are at a point where we shouldn't have any roaming charges.

i think after new year there will be no roaming costs inside EU. They accepted that a few months ago.

That's what the companies want you to believe.

And even if ti's an increase of say 2-5 euros a month. I'd gladly pay that in order to receive a nice service where I don't have to worry abotu my costs ever.

Not sure where you live but here in Poland the contracts are getting more and more affordable. For about E20 you can get 100 mins in roaming and no limits on domestic calls, SMSes and 2GB of Internet. And the tendency is for those contracts to get better each year.

Where I live, one ISP offers 2hrs of calls + unlimited texts + 50MB of data for... Free! (Or 2€ if you're not an internet subscriber) I wonder how long they will survive with these prices, though.

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yeah i'm worried this will happen, but fuck it as soon as they get rid of roaming charges i'm getting on the cheapest carrier on the continent. it's ridiculous what t-mobile charges in eastern europe, considering the same company is offering a superior service cheaper in the uk for example. 

I have European roaming with o2 and it's still expensive. I haven't and wont use it until roaming prices are abolished. They've been making money hand over fist on unsuspecting customers for years. I was caught a couple of times but not again...

Well, hurry up.
I refuse to pay roaming, honestly. Whenever I go abroad I always warm people I'll be out of reach by phone or sms. Want something, use WhatsApp out Skype. Because I normally go to a local carrier and buy a data card instead to use while I'm there. It's cheaper that way.

Looking forward to when we won't have any roaming charges.

One thing though - I travel a lot between France/Germany/UK/ROI and with the EC restriction I am on prepay SIM and actually end up paying my SMS cheaper when aborad or sending then to EU numbers than when I am in that SIM's country :) but I have to say the internet fee is still quite expansive for now although some carriers have options for EU internet for a small fee

Ahahah I've noticed this also :D It's really weird that it is cheaper. It was even better back in the days when calls cost 30p domestic. And then you went to say France and it was only 20 cents. Can't ask for more. 

Okay yes I'll post it in the Forum thanks for the advice. We don't get better at something without a little help. Yes, I agree about the release not being today, but I'm not claiming it's correct, I saw it, posted it on Twitter & here too...

I agree, still awfully expensive. one has to take into account that website also contain ever more webcontent with ad banners and picutres etc. You'll be racing through those Mb's. This summur I will still put off my 3G, 4G and HSDPA when on the road. Outside my country I only use free wifi hotspots. That's usually okay to do the online businness of communications and social sharing. I would not advice using roaming in Europe. Your bank account will be plunderd.

I wonder how much of this true and what is really written on paper. The first intension of the EC was to only include the country's in the Euro Zone. So I now wonder if this is targeted against the whole Europe continent. I would be nice to have access all around.

I don't think the Commission ever planned on a directive for just the eurozone. That doesn't sound right. Rest assured, these roaming changes each year have applied to all member states from the 1st July.