Rovio launches new franchise 'Amazing Alex' and it's coming soon to Windows Phone

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Although we’re still stuck with plain ol’ Angry Birds on Windows Phone, Rovio may finally be embracing Microsoft. Rovio now has a few titles coming to the Windows Phone platform including Angry Birds Space.

The latest franchise though is ‘Amazing Alex’ which is just about to launch on iOS and Android. The game is another physics-based puzzler where users must place objects on the screen in a certain way to cause a chain reaction. The game isn’t an original Rovio title as another firm, Mystery Coconut, released it in 2011. Rovio later picked it up and tweaked it a bit (evidently it wasn’t much of a hit, initially).

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In a tweet to the Nokia Blog’s Mark Guim, Rovio confirmed that “PC, Mac & Windows Phone versions are to come later, post launch”.

That’s good news and bad news, of course. The good news is Rovio is at least thinking of Windows Phone users which may be due to the Nokia intervention that has evidently occurred. The thought being that Nokia is assisting Rovio with the process of bringing games over to Windows Phone, either financially or with developer support. The bad news is iOS and Android still get it first.

No word on what “come later” means in actual human time but at least it’s in the works. 

Source: Twitter, BBC; Thanks, Sabita M., for the tip


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Rovio launches new franchise 'Amazing Alex' and it's coming soon to Windows Phone


I'm assuming these games will eventually come to Windows 8, and by extension Windows Phone 8. I'm wondering if Nokia is just stalling until then...

There should be no reason for them not to, the whole argument that "windows phone doesn't give us native code support so we can't port it, blah blah" is gone now with WP8.    Any Android and iOS game can be ported over to WP8 now, no excuses.

Lol!  Nokia stalling?  This is ROVIO - they own the game titles.  Not sure if you remember, but Rovio took their own sweet time to bring WP users the gimped version of Angry Birds that is currently in the Marketplace!
Granted, provided Rovio's relationship with Nokia, it is probably safe to say that without Nokia, WP wouldn't even get either ABS or Amazing Alex, or rather not until the year 2014!

From the picture looks like a neat game! I'm still patiently waiting for wp8 to come out so we can hopefully start getting apps and games at the same time as Android and iOS! :S if possible! Thinking positive! :)

I hope angry birds space comes soon and im just happy top see these companies at least support windows that way people won't be too scared of finding there apps when they change to windows

I bet come later means after WP8 hits the streets. Why write code for WP7, when a lot of Windows code will already work on WP8?

I never found a phone game (on WP or not) that didn't bore me within 5 minutes. And i love games, on the PC. Well until they stopped making good games for some reason anyways, at some point durung the last 10 years.

Granted, there was Portal - but, it was more an accident than aynthing else. It was thrown in as some sort of freebie on some Halflife combo-pack, they didnt even realize they had the best games since a long time on their hands. Tells half the story, the other half would be the degeneration of the playerbase - apparently they buy really everything, if the studios put in enough marketing dollars.99% of the titles nowadays is just more of the same, same old stuff - different box. This used to be different, but people who grew up on consoles pbbly wouldnt know. 

I am trying to decide if you're trolling, retarded, or live under a rock. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the latter, as there have been so many amazing games in the past 10 years!

Wow that's a bit harsh. So he doesn't like any recent games, leave em be. Its far from trolling.

He might as well have said "All games suck". To say that he hasn't liked any games in the last 10 years basically means that he doesn't like games. I would like to know which 70's, 80's & 90's games haven't at least been remade or reimagined in the last 10 years. There are thousands of games each and every year - there is no way any person, claiming to be a gamer, can hate all of them.

Schlubadub is right, it would be a brighter statement and less distasteful to say he doesn't like games. Memories play tricks on you, there were crappy games as well as good games since the 70s.

So I'll be waiting for it in a couple of months just to get the first one while other platforms get 5 different versions. 

I guess. . . It's been a few months since Angry Birds Space launched and we still don't have a Mango version of Angry Birds. I'm not holding my breath.

which really blows my mind because this time last year when Joe Belfiore uncovered Mango he played angry birds with instant resume.

Actually, he could have been forcing instant resume, which is possible through a registry edit. Works for all apps, I have no idea why Microsoft didn't include it as an "advanced option" in Mango.

I really hope windows phone starts getting more love, its such a beautiful os. A lot people don't know what they're missing

Yeah right you mean two thumbs up for Microsoft saving nokia from being shut down due to there crappy Symbian os

Lol!  Symbian users have Angry Birds, AB Seasons, and AB Rio - full versions with bonus material; WP users have a gimped version of Angry Birds, and got it long after every other platform.  Not only is the version gimped on WP, WP users pay more than 2x as much than other platforms!
Downplay Nokia all you want, but they have been instrumental in getting some popular titles/developers to port their apps to WP, hence the exclusives to Nokia and later availability to all WP users.

1. This is NOT a blaster physics puzzle
2. This is a really great game! I've played it before and the idea is really neat. It also has challenging gameplay!

I don't know why Rovio wouldn't release Angry Birds Space on WP because they'd make there times as much much money....not in volume of course but from a price prospective. Angry Birds Space is free on Android, $.99 on IOS, and most Xbox Live games are $2.99.

free on android? Where? There is a free trial, like on ios. But not full game. I have every os and the idea android has all the free games are often not entirely true, trial and-or advertisements. I will check again, but the only free i picked up was basically a trial version on ios. I really prefer WP!

"evidently it wasn’t much of a hit, initially"
That's a bit unfair. Casey's Contraptions was actually a huge succes, as it climbed close to the top of the best selling charts on the iPad in 2 days.
At that time, the game was iPad only, and the developers were beginning to work on the iPhone version. Thanks to the success, Rovio approached them and bought the IP from them, with the probably goal to port it on as many other platforms as possible (iPhone, Android, etc.).
I say good for both of them! Rovio now has a kick-ass game to sell, and the original dev is now financially super-secure so he can work on other awesome games.

Just played it on my SGS2. An extremely average game of a genre that's been done to death.

Same genre as Feed Me Oil and not nearly as good.

Anybody ever play "The Incredible Machine" back in the day? Total reinvention of it, and i killed HOURS on that game... this looks sweet.