Rowi gets a major overhaul with latest update

Rowi for Windows Phone

The popular Windows Phone Twitter app Rowi has undergone a major update. Version 2.0 brings a decent amount of enhancements, improvements and tweaks to Rowi as well as Mangofying the app.

Here are the highlights of the version 2.0 update:

  • Instant resume
  • Fast app switching
  • Pin tweets and messages to the Start Screen
  • Retweets are now included in the list timelines
  • Photo previews for tweets in timelines
  • Conversation views on tweet details page
  • Tweet details now show who retweeted it
  • Now Playing added to the tweet screen to let you tweet about what you're listening to
  • Image upload services through Lockerz, yfrog, Twitter and Twitpic
  • Toast notifications now display inside of Rowi and take you to the new tweets when tapped
  • New remaining character counter for new tweets or messages

And that just scratches the surface. You also have settings changes to make things a little simpler to tweak, layout changes to make things easier to navigate and read, as well as the customary refinements and bug fixes.  You can find the full list of changes, improvements, and additions over at Rowi's website.

The update makes a good Twitter client for your Windows Phone better. Rowi is a nice looking, well laid out app and if you're looking for a Twitter client, Rowi deserves a try.

Rowi v2.0 screens

There are two versions of Rowi available. You have Rowi Lite that is a free, ad-supported version that lacks toast notifications, live tile updates for mentions or messages. Rowi, which is ad-free and will cost you $2.99. There is a free trial version of the ad-free version available to let you try before you buy. The trial version lacks the notifications but is ad-supported (basically the Lite version).

You can find Rowi Lite here and Rowi here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Rowi gets a major overhaul with latest update


The update is great, but I can't seem to load my 'Lists'. The headers show up, but won't load new items.  It also won't let me swipe away from it while it's trying to load the list. Is anybody else experiencing this or is it just me?

Try uninstalling then reinstall should work fine. Works fine for me & also worked in beta without problem.

The update is great. But disappointed that they didn't updtate or work on it untill a decent competitor came along (Carbon). Mangofying now after 6 months? I moved away long back Rowi. But good for new users and long standing supporters.

I believe that it's supposed to be on sale for $0.99 in the near future so you might want to hold off on purchasing it.  I was wondering though, does anyone know if it's possible to get a live tile to display the number of timeline updates in this or any other decent Twitter app?  The trial has no notifications, so I can't tell.  Carbon doesn't do this, and that's my biggest issue with it.  Since I follow a small number of people that I want to see updates from, it'd be nice to see how many new tweets there were before opening the app.  Coming from webOS, where every Twitter client lived in the notification area and told you this, it feels like all the WP7 clients aren't as good.

I would so love this feature as well. Just tell me how many new tweets I have via a live tile. Beezz did this but that app seems to have been abandoned.

So that feature is definitely there?  I just don't want to buy it until I know for sure.
I mean, I know I can pin the timeline, but will it actually update with an unread count?

Leave it to devs to charge for basic mango features. Don't they know that we can see tweet notifications on the me tile?

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this update. The other top full featured Twitter clients, like Carbon, Mehdoh, and now especially glƏƏk! have most of what's "new", and the non-Metro actions like the tap-custom menu popup instead of a compliant context menu seem strange...but it is fast! :)

Wait a few days to get the $0.99 price. Marketplace hasn't caught up to the sale price yet.
Not sure I am a fan of the slightly non-standard UI. I expect to have to touch-hold to activate the pop-up, as that is standard touch-control Windows behavior. It's how you right-click/activate a context menu on a Windows tablet.

You Switch it in the settings to tap and hold menu. Though the new method saves lot of time because you don't have to wait several seconds for a stuipid menu to pop up.

Oh that's what "I like my context menu on hold" means.

Works more like I expect, but the hold delay sure is, uhhhh, generous! Wish the delay was configurable all the way down to 1/4 second. I know, pick, pick, pick.

Wasn't this update supposed to include multiple account support? Yes, you can add another timeline to view, but that is not the same as full multi-account support.
Maybe I'm just missing the right way to activate the feature?

I'm disappointed to read some people's comments that it doesn't support multiple accounts :( That's the most important thing for me!

How does it compare to Carbon now? I uninstalled all my other twitter apps once I tried Carbon and I'm very happy with it and can't imagine changing but then again I thought the same with "Mehdoh" :-D

I'm a CARBON user now.... tired of waiting for the rowi update, it wasn't mangofied till today, and the developer is someone from microsoft, how can a microsoft developer develop an app that isn't mango at all? and why did it take so long to him to update the app?.... sorry rowi..... this carbon guy is doing it right and I'll support him! period.

The guys behind Rowi are not a full time software company, but have jobs & work on this as a side project. This is why it takes so long to ship major updates.
I have both Carbon & Rowi on my Titan & Rowi is by far the better of the two, slick, fast & clean. To me the Carbon design just doesn't look right & takes too long to load tweets & doesn't have Push notifications.

I don't believe Rowi has real push notifications either, just on background task like Carbon, glƏƏk etc, right?