Save the world in the popular RPG Never Future, available for free until August 8

Never Future

There are a variety of role playing games available for Windows Phone that are worth downloading and Never Future is one of them. The platform-exclusive title, developed by SneakyBox, is currently free until August 8, a perfect opportunity to try out a highly-rated experience. So head past the break, read more about this post-apocalyptic adventure and download the game for some monster bashing.

Players take control of a young archaeologist who comes across a mysterious artifact. The artifact teleports the hero to an unknown world where he's tasked with locating a way to get back home. In Never Future you will gather, sort and recycle trash in exchange for powerful upgrades. Eventually players will be able to wield weapons of ultimate trash destruction. You'll – of course – have to fight your way through the new world and put these weapons to good use.

Here are some highlighted features:

  • Beautiful game regions with lively and interesting characters
  • Monsters born from unsorted junk
  • Over 50 different maps, including deserts, dungeons, caves, laboratories, cities and oases
  • 3 different weapon types (Melee – Driller, Range – Sniper Rifle, Range – Granade launcher) with over 18 upgrades with different attributes (lightning, fire, ice).
  • Upgradable armor and special abilities.

Never Future

The controls are solid, the gameplay is addictive and there's even some humor thrown into the mix to really create something special. You can pick up Never Future from the Windows Phone Store for free (usually $1.99). It even works on hardware with 512 MB of RAM.

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Reader comments

Save the world in the popular RPG Never Future, available for free until August 8


So why ask this person to write a game himself to see if he'll disappoint you? Are you not happy? Would you rather be disappointed?

Isn't it obvious enough, he's getting a paid game for free and yet he's bitching about being disappointed.

So I'm suggesting why not he go write a game to see if we'll be amazed or disappointed?

You have any problem with that?

I get it. You want him to write a game so you can say "Ha! Now I'm disappointed too". You must like being disappointed.

Calm down and be cool, men. It's only a feedback. Im sorry if i make a mistake what i say. It only a feedback men... ! ✌

I really hate the smug, self righteous attitudes you c**** imply when saying this. Who actually cares? Me obviously, because I'm taking time to post something irrelevant, just as you are.

This game is awesome, reminded me of classic action RPGs. I was playing out on my 920 before I switched devices. It really ducks that I can't retain saves across d devices for the vast majority of games because I really don't want to have to restart them.

For free, I highly recommend this game though.

Anyone know if this games pushes in-app purchases on you? I would rather pay $5 for a good game rather than a 'free' in-app purchase game.

Also, if anyone wants a great strategy turn-based game get European War 3 by EasyTech. They have a few others which I can't vouch for (some are in-app purchase based), but European War 3 is probably the best war game I have found for WP. Definitely worth the money.