Rum Run updated with a plethora of new features

Rum Run

Rum Run, a popular game for Windows Phone, has been bumped to version 1.5. The latest release includes a number of updates that will improve the experience of the strategy game. So what's Rum Run all about? We reviewed the title a while ago, but if you're not familiar the story puts the player in the role of a ship captain who is tasked to deliver food to a starving village. Sounds dangerous, right?

The player can purchase and / or sell rum and food at various ports to finance the operation, while avoiding storms and pesky pirate raids. There's always a twist. The village has to be 100 percent fed before the storage runs dry. Should the villagers run out of produce, the game's over. So what's new in version 1.5 (or since the last time we looked at the game)? The developer has got in touch with us to reveal the following change log:

  • Online leaderboard
  • Full Windows Phone 8 support with multiple screen resolutions
  • Support for new Live Tile sizes on Windows Phone
  • Performance improvements (reportedly up to 50% faster on slower devices)
  • Smaller package, almost half the size of the original
  • Support for low memory devices (good news for those with 256MB RAM)
  • Tilting the phone now rotates the tools on the wall in the main menu

Rum Run

We've also be informed that numerous miscellaneous bug fixes have been applied. This will please those who enjoy Rum Run but have experienced problems when playing through the game. It's highly recommended and is a joy to fire up when requiring to kill some minutes. While the strategic elements are by no means fast-paced, there's enough content to keep players on their toes.

You can download Rum Run from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 and there is a trial version available.

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Rum Run updated with a plethora of new features


Is anyone else having this issue where you have to restart your phone in order to get audio playback to play at higher volumes? If my phone sits for a while, or over night, audio playback is very muted, even on 30. I have to reboot it then audio plays at a higher level. I know im not the only one having this problem.... at&t Lumia 920!!!

Its like having a GS3 or something..lol!! I was hoping that last patch would have fixed it, but it didn't.. Can you help me spread the word about this?