Rumor: Barnes & Noble and Microsoft to unveil new Nook tablet in late September

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Could we finally see a Windows 8-powered NOOK?

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With Amazon wooing the world late last week with their new Fire and PaperWhite tablets (and eReader), many have been left wondering what Barnes & Noble’s response would be. The online book retailer has slashed prices recently on their NOOK tablets, paving the way for a new holiday refresh and release.

Now, sources to the site Digital Trends have confirmed with them that in late September in Union Square, New York, the company will unveil a new Nook tablet rumored to be powered by Windows 8.

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Current generation NOOK

In a sense, this is exactly what people are expecting ever since Microsoft invested $300 million into a new co-venture with B&N back in April. In fact, leading up to the Surface announcement, many online publications were confident that is exactly what was going to be revealed (e.g. the Verge).

With Amazon’s latest move (and their embracing of Android), the slashing of the NOOK prices, the soon-to-be-available Windows 8 OS and the existing partnership between Microsoft and B&N, it does not seem like a stretch to see this product coming to market.

The only question remains are the details and whether or not we’ll see a late September announcement with availability coming in Q4 for the holiday season.

Source: Digital Trends, TechCrunch; Thanks, Stephen M., for the tip


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Rumor: Barnes & Noble and Microsoft to unveil new Nook tablet in late September


This. I don't expect Microsoft to endorse/produce another tablet bigger than 7" when they have yet to reveal the Surface in different versions or features.

I really wouldn't mind a 7" winRT tablet; though I think, if they do go to that size, they need to just axe the desktop..

also don't think MSFT should release their own 7" surface or allow other OEMs to either. it should be an exclusive formfactor reserved for ereader-type tablets that is essentially winRT minus the desktop environment.

Can't axe the desktop. The preview version of Office still requires it.  Desktop office of a 7" tab would suck. 

Meh, might have been interesting if b&n was a international brand (and also if it didn't sound like a law firm)

And every other company is suppose to not make products ever again because Apple and Amazon already have products? You have such a loser mentality.

Agreed!  As if everyone is clammering for an iThis or That or Android this or that!  For the record I own a Nook Color, but I can honestly tell you I will NEVER own an iPhone or Android device again.  If for some reason Windows doesn't make in this segment I will always have my HD2.  There has never been a better phone made or built IMO. 

First of all, you're the loser because you can't bloody read and made assumptions about things I never said. EDDS said they aren't an international brand, and I agreed that they are globally insignificant BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BLOODY BUY NOOK OR B&N EBOOKS WORLDWIDE!! I can walk into any store and buy a Kindle or an iPad, but Nook is nowhere to be seen. I think they can be bought online, but I wasn't even permitted to buy B&N books due to IP blocking. Where did I say no one else should compete? I welcome all and sundry to the ebook market. B&N simply aren't competing at this stage because they aren't competing worldwide.

Amazon Kindle Fire only works in the US. The Amazon services and content are only available in US according to their website. The Nook has actually been outselling the Kindle Fire since stores like Target started removing all Amazon products from their stores.

I don't know about the Fire, but I can buy Kindle Touch/3G/WiFi models and ebooks in Australia. I can't buy Nook in any store, and I tried to buy B&N books but I couldn't even register due to IP checking.

Outside the US I can't walk into a B&N store as they don't exist, but can buy from Amazon online. Also Kindle is available at local retailers. Amazon: 1, B&N: 0

Since this would obviously be a 7 inch tablet, I think they have to lock out the desktop in some way. Either completely or some sort of "are you really sure" dialog. Why? The desktop is hard enough to poke at on a ten inch screen. I imagine it would nearly impossible to use on a seven inch screen.

That you don't HAVE to go to or use really except for Office.  For 99% of consumption type stuff (which is what a Nook would really be) you'd never really go there.

I am intrigued to see if the new Nook will be locked down like the older Android versions. If yes it will be nice but limited. If no it will possibly move into a contender versus the Nexus 7 and give itself a strong boost in the market.

Wait, isn't Bing the default search engine on the new Kindle Fire?
Microsoft is getting their fingers in all the pies.... good for them!

That's actually more complicated.

When you heavily modify Android, you void the ability to use Google services. That's why Bing and Nokia Maps will be on those devices as the Fire HD no longer represents the "Google Experience".

So yes it's a win for Microsoft, but one by technicality.

Are you sure? I thought OEMs just needed to pay for access to Google's apps. Its worth noting that Google search can still be set as the search on the Fire, it just isn't the default

I love my Kindle, and the new Kindle Paperwhite will be mine sometime soon. I'm just too deep into Amazon's ecosystem for books.

What about a Nook app for WinPhone? I have an extensive Kindle library simply because B&N has shown no interest in WPhone. Not likely to be interested I fragmenting it now. #toolittletoolate

It's coming. To be honest I was originally a nook fan until the kindle app come first, so this alleviates some of the nook pain

I don't care about a Nook tablet, but I really want a Nook app for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 already.  I much prefer the epub-based format that Nook uses, as opposed to the proprietary formats Kindle uses.

could this also lead to possibly some Microsoft pop-up stores at B&N brick and mortars in the future? I'd love to go to my local B&N to check out the Surface rather than drive all the way into town :)

I think an Android tablet with Microsoft services build in (bing, skydrive, etc) is more likely than a Windows RT B&N tablet
I mean a Windows RT Nook would be what? Windows RT+ Nook app?

I was pulling for B&N, I still like going to brick and mortar book stores. But I think they have already lost this race. I was given a Nook last year, Its a great device, and had they come out with a WP7 app (the phone I've been using for 2 years now) I probably would have bought more than 1 book on it. But I've been afraid to invest money into this system. Kindle is on my phone now and thats whats in my pocket, not a tablet that I bring with me sometimes. Also how could B7N not see the writing on the wall and really compete with Amazon on all of the other services Amazon provides?
I hope it works out for them, I like going to the B&N near me (its in the same mall as our local theater) but I don't see how they last into the future.

A little redundant for my needs since I will pickup a Lumia and Surface, but if the device looks good and has the content, it'd be a good alternative to Kindle and iPad. (Although I do really like the Kindle Fire HD.)

I have a book tablet and love it. I would live it even more it was running windows 8. This will be my Christmas purchase - assuming they stick with the 7" size. I take my nook almost everywhere, and am not going to tote around anything bigger than the 7"

E-ink please. E-ink please, especially with full OS (RT or Pro). E-ink for the future. Um, I meant soon to be future.
Well, if THAT happens, it will be an innovation. Or new type of display that will spur race for acceptable refresh rate. A breakthrough and major promotion for Microsoft and BN.

Anyone knows the conclusion of Dutch research on E-ink for normal OS ? Its been years since then.

Exactly right. The Kindles are cheap enough, and their books more common than B&N's, that any additional reader that is basically the same thing will not pull people from them. However, if B&N could pull off a color eInk device, they'd change the rules of the game. It wouldn't appeal to everyone, but it would have them playing in their core area of expertise, and provide something a significant number of people would truly want.

Would love to see this run WP8 and have the "metro" start screen then update all older product with a similar launcher

I was recently given an iPad for work, besides being useless it is too big. I've owned a Nook Tablet for about a year, 7 inch is a great size.

This is my one hope for a 7" windows 8 based device I think. I sure hope this is a well thought out device, but I have no idea what to expect from this yet anyway.

I guess September 26th is the day for B&N..
They are coming with new android tablet and windows 8 tablet may be..