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Rumor claims Lumia 830 could have a 10 megapixel PureView rear camera

A new rumor claims the unannounced Lumia 830 phone from Microsoft will come with a 10 megapixel PureView rear camera, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

WPDang, which is usually fairly reliable on Windows Phone info leaks, also claims that the Lumia 830 could be the thinnest of all the Lumia smartphones released. Previous rumors have claimed the 830 could have a 20 megapixel camera so we will have to see which source is correct.

We shouldn't have much longer to wait as Microsoft is expect to announce the Windows Phone 8.1-based Lumia 830 and 730 smartphones on Thursday as part of their IFA 2014 press conference in Berlin. What do you think about the Lumia 830 possibly getting a 10 megapixel camera? Thanks to ti-ta-topf for the tip!

Source: WPDang


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Rumor claims Lumia 830 could have a 10 megapixel PureView rear camera



It's interesting that the new midrange phones are taking on the shapes of previous flagship devices.  The 730 looks almost exactly like the 920. And the 830 looks a lot like the 925.

Its a shame, but not a deal breaker. What's with the 1020 style photo lens if its just a 10mp... I'm thinking of going with the dual sim 730

Do you know what a mid-range device is? If it gets 40mp, the price goes up considerably (possibly taking it out of mid-rang price).

As for the camera hump, lets call that a design philosophy thing. Personally, its what attracts me to this phone, it makes the phone unique and memorable.

Well with the emergence of snapdragon 801, I would be dissapinted if nokia called a snapdragon 800 device a flagship? Wouldnt you?

No. Because the 801 is an incremental update to the 800. It also isn't available in any windows phone other than the htc w8. So you are saying that the htc is now the only windows flagship, that the 1520/930/ativ s (I think it has an 800, but I could be wrong) are now all midrange?

You have a flawed logic. L1520 and Ativ S were released before the introduction of snap dragon 801, and L930 is based on the L1520. Last year, the L1520 with the snapdragon 800 was a flagship phone, but for a phone released in september 2014, no, it isnt. 

And to answer your last question, Yes! Htc M8 is the only flagship device for windowsphone this year (well, so far).

Maybe its Ultrapixel idea? Big sensor, relatively few MP, but this time, enough to still make daytime photos crisp and clear.

interesting thought ....

larger pixel size but lower over pixel count...

I would be OK with a 10MP that had larger pixels... OR give me the 20MP unit that is in the 930/Icon

That would in my opinion justify the camera module shape/size on the back of the phone...

BTW i have a pureview 808 - so humps dont bother me - i just want to be able to justify it...

If it still has the OIS mechanism that could account from some space, but not that much. Also no big xenon flash like the 1020.

Im in the kind of excited nervousness where you are despretely wishing for it to be a smash hit but are worried if they would screw up.... Slim is great.. I only hope that it has not been achieved at the cost of a lesser battery... the only major weekness of the 820 was the batt. And despretely rooting for the Glance Screen to be there... rest all looks fine as far as the roumers go... Who else is with me for a big battery and Glance Screen???

But anyway, I love to see news about a phone I plan on getting. If its juicy, it makes me want it more.

The 930 already has 20mp. Remember, this is an "affordable" high-end phone, so they can't just put everything into it.

It's much better to have 10MP with a large Sensor and a fast shoot-to-shoot time than to have 20MP and up combined with the same sensor size and a slow camera!

Anybody how knows about cameras will agree. Even very good cameras have 10-12MP, but Sensors much larger than typical smartphones and even larger than 1020 (of course optics play a big role in serious cameras).

If it really has an above-avarage sensor the size of the 930er/1520er with 10MP and .dng-file-capabilities plus S800, Micro-SD, 5" 720p and so on things go better and better.



If I want to take decent shots of anything I'll go get my DSLR. The camera in my phone is for convenience and 10MP with Pureview is more than good enough for those upgrading from lower spec Lumias.

I'm just glad it has Pureview. Heck even if they used the camera from the 920/925 would have been fine with me.


I'd be happy with an updated (OIS, BSI) Nokia N8 sensor as the 2010 N8's sensor is 12MP at a 1/1.8' size with mechanical shutter and ND filter.

I was looking forward to the 20MP camera, but if going with 10MP lets them get faster shoot-to-shoot time, while still having great quality, then I'm sold.

On cameras with nice lenses, yes, MP dont really mean much after a certain point. On a mobile phone with no zoom capabilities, MP = zoom, especially when coupled with good OIS. Yes, I wish my 1020 was faster, but I wouldnt trade it for a faster 10MP version.

Three words. 'NO OPTICAL ZOOM' . That's why clocking the devices to higher resolutions and over sampling makes sense. 20+ is perfect and I'm pretty sure the cameras will get faster as the processing algorithms improve.

Its more like:
800 = i7-4770k
801 = i7-4790k
805 = i7-5960x

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and the Snapdragon 801 is the better version of 800, then there is a 805 with 2.7Ghz, and lastly for now the 810 which will be the first 64bit Octa-Core next year :) there you go. Of course there is much more info for each of them, but just a quick view. Check their webpage.

Slovenix , and of course the 810 64-bit octa core processor. Will be for galaxy s 6 obviously , sad to say that but other companies aren't so brave to put such a processor. In a phone after its released in a short time ( I mean the processor. Not the phone ).... :(

Yeah, we'll see about that, WP currently doesn't even support 64bit nor Octa-Core. But yeah the new Android L or 4.5 / 5.0 is 64bit supported, so I'm sure that all Android phones will use it. There are low end 64bit processors from Snapdragon already out there - all new phones coming these months. About the Galaxy S6 it depends on the area, US will use Snapdragon, while in EU Samsung it's own Exynor Octa-Core processor. at least mostly I think.

Except the fact that I just read on another tech site that although that will be putting in 64bit there are no apps or other programs that currently run 64bit for android so have fun with a processor that doesn't have anything that can utilize it for quite a while.

Ah I'm pretty sure that developers will be happy to get their hands on the 64bit :) and again, I don't know what info you got, but those 64bit processors can run 32bit apps, the apps just don't take any advantages of 64bit architecture. If that's what you mean..

I've heard wp9 will require 64bit making all our current handsets EOL with no updates just like wp7 on Lumia 800/900. Hope this is very wrong as it would be very very wrong. No déjà vu please Microsoft

Hah that would be funny. I think they are going to be smarter, like on Android, The system and the 64bit chip supports both 64bit and 32bit apps. or just like Windows, you can still use 32bit apps on your 64bit system aa :) Ofc I guess we could lack some new 64bit features yes.. But I support 64bit future for the phones, if its well optimised, then it's a win :)

This will almost certainly be the case as the ARM v8 instruction set is designed for backward compatibility with 32 bit ARM similar to how we transitioned from x86 to x86-64. It means all existing code will run and you compile to 64-bit if you want to take advantage of it.

6.1MP camera on L730 and 10MP camera on L830 are both disappointing news.  It is simply not aggressive enough to compete with the new Android lineups.  I would like to see a 8MP camera on L730 and a 20MP camera on L830.  The newly announced Meizu MX4 will have a 20.7MP camera and Octa-core processor with a price tag of $290.  This is the kind of competition WP phones are facing.

LUMİA 1320 GETS CYAN ON TURKEY TODAY.(you can make an article about it)

İki hafta önce güncelledim cyana developersiz bu neyin kafası? (have updated 2 weeks ago without developer preview?)

Mega Pixels aren't everything. Anything over 10 MP gets lost in most cases short of printing posters. 


I have a full frame sensor DSLR, and it's only 22 MP while the Nikon's are like 39 MP, the Canon 5D Mark III is still a camera of choise for lots of professionals. 

Actually, you describe pureview's 40 MP camera to most photographers who know what's important, and they will question "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NEED THAT?" You don't, but understanding that they use the larger sensor to gather light is important, but the resolution of the image rendered is not. 


I"m just really curious if the 830 will have as nice of a front facing camera as well as the back. 

Sorry, but you obviously know not to much about digital photography.

I would agree if we where talking about 4MP like in the HTC one, but 10MP are'nt a problem even for large prints up to A4. Anything else isn't an option for a smartphone-camera anyway, no matter the MP-count. There are DSRL's with 10MP sensors

Yes, but DSLRs have optical zoom (how many times must this be said) On a phone you're effectively just cropping a pic when you zoom so it's good to have more MPs to work with for 3X lossless zooming in videos and stills. Oversampling also allows you to get more detail in a smaller frame. Nokia aren't morons for offering more MPs. It's NEVER been about printing giant posters.Who even said it was?

OMG,  WP Central forgot that will be more than one version of the Lumia 830!!

Verizon probably will get the 20Mp Pureview camera, with wireless charging;

AT&T will get the 10mp Pureview camera, without wireless charging, but probably with a better processor (the 800 one);;

TMobile will get the 10mp Pureview camera, with wireless charging and a 5' Full HD screen, and probably the same processor that the Verizon, and the rest of the world, will get.

The rest of the world. I guess it'll have the 10/13 mp camera with wireless charging. And 600 processor... , I guess t mobile will have a special color (exclusive)....

Yes, and this will be my next phone. I use a Lumia 920 but I don't want a Lumia 930. The Lumia 830 will be perfect. :)

Ahh, TMobile could get a bigger screen (5'') and full hd. I think at least one carrier will get this.

The perfect phone, I guess they will sell alot of the 730 and the 830.... I hope those two change all thoughts about Microsoft and WP in general

I'm the same. Love my 920, hoping the 830 will be a good replacement. The 10MP sounds good. Would also like wireless charging built in. We'll see soon enough.

Oh shut up, want a better camera? buy a flagship! it's rediculous how needy you all are, do you seriously expect a flagship at $300? really? To me its more than enough that a midrange phone has higher specs than the previous flagship, if these leaks are true then I'll be getting this as an upgrade to my 925

Sorry, he needed it, if he expected a 930 for this price, then he had no idea what he was talking about. It's not opinion, its fact, from a buisness perspective, they are giving a lot of what made the 930 a flagship away, this phone is impressively high end for its price, this isnt opionion, I'm just stating based on how the specs look on paper (which is in my opinion selling the phone short since specs dont mean everything)

Still has a lower resolution screen, potentially less RAM (1GB vs 2GB) and potentially a worse camera (10MP vs 20MP). Seems like a good compromise for the midrange for me.

Size doesnt indicate pixels, in all actuality pixels arent even that important, unless your gonna blow a picture up on a poster, what matters, is how much light can reach the lense, so this camera could prove to be a really nice one.

The problem is the size, not the pixels. If they could squeeze in a 20 megapixel camera in the Lumia 930 with the lens being so small, I don't understand why this should have such a huge lens.

They may have gone for a different which focuses on the amount of light gathered by each pixel rather than just fitting as many pixels as possible onto the sensor.
Or to put it simply - if they put a 10 megapixel sensor onto a camera module that big, the camera will be pretty amazing in low light. It'll blur less often, and should also have excellent bokeh.
In many ways, this has the potential to be the best camera of all Lumias. It won't of course - because they'll cost save in other areas (lens quality/coatings etc).
This should be a cracking phone though. Still not enough to tempt me away from my 1020...but a v.nice looking mid range phone.

agreed, though I think the 1020 will still hold that record, since it has that giant housing which looks bigger than this one indicating a bigger sensor on top of the 41mp camera, however, I think it has the potential to outshine the 1520/930

The more pixels, the more sharpness. I'm pretty sure you dislike videos that has been recorded with 0.5 megapixel cameras. You know - the video that has a lot of comments saying "You recorded this with a potatoe!"

You don't understand what makes a good quality camera....
Don't get hung up on the number of megapixels. It means NOTHING! It's about sensor size, lens quality & the software behind the lens.
I would far sooner take 10 megapixel on a big sensor than 20 megapixels on a small sensor.
For an example - have a look at the Sony RX100 vs the Sony HX20V. The latter camera is a superzoom with a small sensor...but more megapixels.
The result? Fine detail turns to mush - it just looks like a watercolour painting. The RX100 on the other hand has fewer megapixels, a much bigger sensor - and the best image quality this side of a DSLR.
Megapixels mean nothing.

Worst example ever.

You do realise that 1080p video is only about 2mp right? Hell 4k video is equivalent to 8mp (roughly).

A larger sensor size trumps more megapixels any day of the week. There is a reason that the high end Lumia phones take 5mp images as their main shot with the larger size as a supplement.

In some ways the midrange phones of this generation are better than the high end phones of the last. That bodes well for the next wave of high end devices. I wish we had a clue when they will arrive.

May be it has to-do with the different variants for the US-carriers and the global model. Some may have 10MP, some 20MP ...

Anyway what really counts above 8MP is the sensor size and nothing else

Makes sense. Otherwise you are pretty much getting a 930 with lower screen res for the price of an 830. Although I do think there will be something special about the camera, considering it has the black circle and has lost the dual-led flash

Yup me 2 , because the 930 has a 20 mpxl camera and the sensor is very small compared to this thing in the 830 camera , how about a 10/13 mxpl in such a sensor !

Don't think it will be special as that black circle is just a design cue shamelessly used to make one think it must be special (1020) just like you are thinking. Hope I'm wrong but doubt it.

What? And what evidence are you presenting otherwise? It's ALL rumor and this is yet another opinion. Look at u all worked up over what exactly? What a shtstain u must be on all around u.

What evidence? History. The lumia line has never added a bulky camera for asthetics in the past, so why, when its never been done before, would they suddenly start now? While theres a first for everything, there has been absolutely NOTHING anywhere at all to indicate that its a "design cue shamelessly used to make one think it must be special" That sounds like nothing more than mindless slander. My reasoning has a basis, wheres anything that supports your comment?

What's wrong princess? 10mp maybe? History..... U idiot what history? Nokia has been bought out by Microsoft didn't you get the memo? History as u put it has a long history of using design cues for nothing more than design. With a single tiny flash and an equally small lens there is no need for the Oreo like on 1020 which had a long xenon flash and deep sensor to deal with. It may also aid in putting the back plate on easier for alignment. Come end of week I bet I'm right and your well still you.... Hahahahaha. Get a life.

10 mega pixel isn't a common mpxl count for a mobile , I don't remember a phone with 10mpxl in my whole life , so I guess it's not , unless its a version for a carrier , in my opinion that's 15% right and 85% wrong

Doubt the snapdragon 800 will be used as flagship 930 uses it just like 20mp main cam which makes the 10mp on 830 possible but I believe at least the 12mp of the Nokia n8 as Nokia has never done a 10mp in fact I've never heard of a 10mp phone camera.

If you like loss less zooming capabilities hope for the 20MP camera. If zooming isn't a big deal, hope for the 10MP camera with an 930/1520 sized sensor for sucking up light. But in reality, this phone is likely to feature a Snapdragon 600 with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of Storage (with an SD card Slot), a 10 MP camera and no wireless charging. Economies of scale on the parts make this almost a certainty. It will probably get the same 5MP front facing camera as the 730 though, which should make this the best midrange device you can buy if you like thin designs with awesome cameras. Think of it as 930 light with half the specs, but a much better front facing camera.


If The Nokia marketing team could handle the promotion of this device it could be a hit. It has to stay under $300 ($299) off contract to have any real relevance however.

I hope a 1.5 GB ram , 80% not but I hope , and I don't think this will have a 5 Mb ffc because if that's right . There's no need to the 730 device

730 will have a Snapdragon 400 with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of Storage (with an SD card Slot), a 6 MP rear camera with a flash, no wireless charging and a 5MP FFC. Hopefully with a price around $250 off contract.

Glad to see a 10MP sensor instead of a 20MP. 20MP in such a small sensor is just for marketing purposes. It means poor low light performance, larger/slower files for phone to process, and would probably outresolve the lens anyway.

Eh, I would like to believe that the 20mp camera for Nokia would have to be the minimum for me as far as Nokia goes. I kinda feel like its all(20mp camera being all) or nothing(nothing meaning a switch to the HTC One M8 for Windows) when it comes to a Nokia/Microsoft device. For the unique design and features of the One for Windows in willing to sacrifice the camera but not the other way around for a Microsoft device. I own the Lumia 1020 so I expect alot from them when it comes to image quality but I will surely reserve any judgement until I see the final product. And with the 1020 the only reason I'm considering either of the new devices(besides new phone envy) is the option to expand internal storage but with 6gb left and most of what I need already on my phone, I'm considering whether I should upgrade at all.

You mention the One "sacrificing" the camera but when WPC put it up against the Icon & ATIV SE, the pics looked pretty good.

If you want a 20MP camera, buy a digital camera! Or buy a Lumia 930! A phone is a phone, you shouldn't let its camera define it. But cleary there is a market, so I imagine you'll get your 1020 update in the near future.

Might be asking a bit too much as if I recall 820 first started retailing unlocked around 500 euro/500US.. might be that my memory does not serve me well.  But yes, I too do expect the 830 to start retailing cheaper than 820 did.

No? Who keeps making this up, housing size does not = higher megapixels, the houseing size is for gethering light, the more light you can gather in the lense, the better the picture, megapixels doesnt matter nearly as much, this phone will probably have a great camera

Then they could've made a larger lens with the same material all the way through, like the 1520, M8, etc. It looks better that way than having this ugly black thing.

what? the 1520, m8 dont have a big housing, the m8 has quite a bad camera for starters, and the 1520 has high megapixels, not a big housing for light capture, this one simply has a bigger housing than the 1520, its extremely unlikly that its a cosmetic thing as that would make no sense, more than liklely its a different take on the cameras than microkia normally take, using low megapixels and high a high amount of light capture


the rality is, this phone possibly has one of the best cameras in the lumia line

M8, 925, and 1520 have bigger camera housing than flagship Lumias like the 920, 928, and 930. Like you said originally, they gather more light.

Putting a 10 mp camera and snapdragon 800 in a thin body for what's supposed to be "mid-range" is very intriguing. If only it didn't look like every other Lumia with that unattractive recycled design.

Well it will look a bit like the 930 which is a design that is new (with of course hints/connections to older designs - almost no manufacturer completely ditches its previous design language/cues in any model; that's why Apples don't look like Samsungs don't look like HTCs. :) )

It's a midrange phone and besides the 800 is still fast enough for most phones

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Please give us the 20 MP on L830 Microsoft. If you are going to give a 10MP with this it means you are not learning your lessons from Sony et all offering 20.7MP on their newest compact models.

I clicked on the source and read the Chinese article, it says that the Lumia 830 is going to:

- use a S400 processor instead of a S800 (this is strange...)

- have a 1280*720 display

- have an aluminium frame just like the Lumia 930

I am hoping for the 10MP sensor, I think I used the high resolution images on my icon twice. Faster camera stores is what a 7 or 8 series phone needs.

SD 800 for L830 and SD 600 for L730 make sense as relatively old flagship L930 has only SD800,but these SD SoC's are pretty old for a new launches. What do you guys think about WP 64bit invasion! 

A 10mp camera?  Why are they going BACKWARD in specs?  This is no way to entice customers.  Of course, they're also going backward with Windows and Windows Phone, so I guess I should not be surprised.

1) They may have better pic quality than previous gen higher MP ones did - and would not be surprised if they do 2) Nokia/MS have significantly shifted down the price points of their this gen models (both 530 and 630 were/are a lot cheaper than 520 and 620 were ar launch). It may be that 730 and 830 will also be significantly cheaper than 720 and 820 were. Thus a little lower or unchanged specs on certain bits of the phone (eg. camera) might make more sense.

Learn what makes a camera work, and you probably wouldn't consider this a backward step...
Megapixels mean nothing.
A bigger sensor with 10 megapixels has potential to outperform the 930/1520...
I pity phone manufacturers who have to appease this stupid megapixel race.

Well it's an upgrade from the 820.. A worthy one to be quite honest.

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2014, the year where cameras stop being a choice by which most users buy a phone given most of them already match point and shoots and are now good enough for most situations.

Micro-Nokia need a new strategy. They can put all the work in cameras that they want but that hasn't worked, and it won't work in 2015.

It's a midrange phone. Did you really expect it to be revolutionary?

It is better than most mid range phones out there specs wise.

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Here's a strategy: stop calling Micro-Nokia to something that is as much Nokia as Apple is Nokia just because they hired Ari Partinen.

Price? Sit and wait, I need a back-up phone my Nokia Lumia 1520 is too big for my pocket while doing cardio. I need a smaller phone and a MS wearable fitness device:)

    While we are all hoping and speculating what it will have or have not the really big question is not what it will or not have but when will it be available after it is announced. The time between anouncments and actual happenings with Microsoft is getting astronomical. By the time the new 730 and 830 are available they could be Lowend compared to other makes of phones as every one else will have passed them up in specs. Lord help the poor people on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T that are still waiting for cyan/8.1 that was announced months ago.

I gather 10/10 rating for the rumor means its pretty much confirmed? :)

Anyway, 10mp should be ok, although say 14MP would be better for the spec war/marketing.

Given that 730 is supposed to have "only" 5.6, it could be that 830 indeed has around 10. Hopefully Nokia (these were still developed by the Nokia team I assume) has been able to further improve picture quality for this price point camers!

These were started by Nokia but they were finished by Microsoft Mobile. That's why they're still able to circumvent the terms of the deal and use the "Nokia" branding on the phones.


But these phones have really no Nokia-soul in them and they'll most definitely not have the top-noch Nokia support. They'll be subject to Microsoft's horrible customer support.


True Nokia fans will not buy these phones and will be moving to Android where Nokia is concentrating their efforts (Z Launcher, HERE apps and all the upcoming services and products)

There have been reports those terms on the branding may have been tweaked - we may be a little wiser from Thursday.

These were proably 95% ready by the time the deal closed, but sure, they were finalized during the MS ownership/

Well, IMHO, true Nokia fans realize that most of MS Mobile staff are ex-Nokians and also mostly in Finland. There is, as of now, no reason to jump ship. Perhaps down the line if things go badly. But I do hope you enjoy Android! :)

   I talked to a good friend that works for AT&T yesterday and he told me one of the higher ups told him they have only released cyan/8.1 for the 1520, 1020, 925 and 520 because those are phones that they still sell. They are in no hurry to release it for the 920 or 820 (my phone) as they no longer sell those phones so there is nothing in it for them.

Doesn't look too blocky and is that a rubbery finish?
Could be a good Verizon choice.
Wonder if optical image stabilization is included.