Rumor claims Windows 9-Threshold may have fast one button updates

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A new rumor about the next version of Windows, code named "Threshold", claims that Microsoft's current internal builds of the operating system may offer users a faster way to update the software.

According to Neowin, using unnamed sources, users of the current version can upgrade to future builds with just one button click. The feature is built into the UI of the operating system and will not require a total re-installation of Threshold. which should make updating the OS much faster than the current Windows Update system that's used for Windows 7 and 8/8.1.

The story points out that Microsoft could remove this feature when the final version of Threshold, which may or may not be officially called Windows 9, is released. As previously rumored, Microsoft is expected to launch a technical preview of Threshold sometime this fall, with one report claiming it could happen on September 30th.

What do you think about the prospect of updating Windows in a far faster fashion than before?

Source: Neowin


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Rumor claims Windows 9-Threshold may have fast one button updates


According to rumours it might be announced this fall just after the Threshold preview comes out. I've a question, do you people think that most of the lumia devices will get WP9? Like lumia 630 for example?

I'm kinda new to WP so i really don't know how they work with updates from OS to OS. But from what i understand since the market is not that HUGE they update nearly all the phones.

They said the same thing about the Lumia 900, but there's a larger reason as to why they couldn't upgrade the 900 to Window Phone 8. I don't potentially see a reason as to why they couldn't upgrade Windows Phone 8 devices to 9, but you never know.

Well it would be really bad for the first phone to bring WP 8.1 as native OS not to be updated to 9 but lets see. I really hope that they update a large amount of devices.

Should not be... What's the problem? Hardware limitation? Newer OS should be easier to install to older devices, with advancements in optimization and all... Of course if its not fundamentally different... (like how WP7->8 was.

It's nothing to do with hardware, it's just to 'encourage' (force) people into buying newer phones, but if wp market share continues to be small, they might just give it to all wp8 devices to keep loyal customers happy. But we know nothing about the next WP OS, so you never know, hardware limitation could prevent the low end wp8 devices getting it (such as the Lumia 520). And it could be fundamentally different, MS could make a new kernel, as they did WP7 ->WP8. Point is: we have no idea.

New kernel seems unlikely since WP8.1 is really close to pure WinRT kernel. WP9 and forward are supposed to merge Win on PC and WP so I guess a new kernel is highly unlikely to happen. And if a new device is required to get WP9, I'm seriously leaving when my 1520 gives up. I will not leave my 1520 for at least 1-1.5 year unless there's a major upgrade hw wise with a 6" screen and 20MP+ camera.

I was saying if they do a new kernel, you're right, it's unlikely they will. On the subject of your 1520, obviously there's a market (albeit a niche one), so they probably will make a 1530, or whatever.

Windows RT and WP8 already share a kernel.  It's all of the OS built on top of the kernel that's different.  I can't think of a reason why WP8.1 phones couldn't be updated to Windows RT. 

You do realize this is ludicrous and will never happen. All current WP8.X phones on the market are NT based. The reason wp7 got left behind is because the platforms kernel was C.E. based. All current WP8.X logically should get the next wp9 with the exact current situation we currently have: SW features dependant on HW limitations. Ex: No glance on 520 or icon, technically the software on board is capable but the hardware is not.

I don't know about it having nothing to do with hardware. I've seen iphone become almost unusable after 2 ios updates. Sometimes, not allowing an update is the better option. If they really wanted to encourage people to buy new phones, just let them update to the latest OS that the phone can barely handle and watch the people upgrade because their phone became too slow.

Microsoft has repeatedly stated that all current WP8 hardware will be able to update to the next major OS. Obviously that does not mean lower-end devices will gain the same functionality.

I've never found myself using the start screen on 8.1 I even tried arranging tiles to bait myself into using but it just isn't worth it if you're a mouse/keyboard user.

Or you can pin your most used software/apps on the taskbar and it is a split second movement to click on an icon that is on the same screen that you are already on! 

It's a split second movement to click on anything on the Start Screen too. A small movement of your wrist can move the mouse anywhere on the screen.

Try the "Show more tiles" option for your start screen. You won't have to move your mouse so much. Or just click Start and type what you want. Or pin your most frequently used apps to your taskbar. I hated the start screen for months. Missed the Start menu. Now I feel the opposite; Windows 7's menu seems very limiting. No live updates. No arranging of my apps into groups. Smaller and thus harder to see with my aging tired eyes. Start screen is a big change, but I now believe it was a positive change. More so for touch of course, but shouldn't all new computers be touch enabled? This isn't the 90's anymore.

He didn't say that he CAN'T use it, just that there are faster / more efficient ways of opening your program of choice without having to change screens or having to move your mouse very far. Pinning to the taskbar is one example.

Anyone that can't use Windows 7 methods to open programs fails at being a proper mouse/keyboard user.

You can only pin so many things to the taskbar though before things get cluttered. So, unless you're only using a few programs, you will need to open stuff another way. I use the Start Screen the same exact way I use the Start Menu, open it then start typing.

I have a tablet and it works great. I have a a desktop and it just doesn't work. It takes to long compared to the windows 7 start menu to move to what I need. There is a huge advantage in the start menu being a little tiny portion of the screen.

I can open Win8 Start Screen items at the same speed as those that are pinned to the Win7 Start Menu, except the former can outnumber the latter so advantage Win8. Open Screen/Menu and type? Same speed on both. Open Win7 Start Menu, then All Programs, then perhaps a sub-menu for the Company/Program and even sub-sub-menus? Yeah, far slower than Win8's Start Screen. For me there's no way Win7's Start Menu wins over Win8's Start Screen except for pinned items on the former having the ability to display jumplists, but the number of programs supporting that is negligible so overall Start Screen all the way.

I am a heavy user of mouse and keyboard and I don't understand what people find so troubling about the start screen. Works fine for me. We must be doing different things.

@mtiede:  It's because it's so disconcerting and jarring I'd imagine.

One minute you're happily working away on your email or Word Doc, then you press Start and are presented with a completely different interface which takes up completely unnecessary amounts of space - especially on a decent-sized monitor - when it could just as easily pop up an unobtrusive menu like it did in WIn 7 and earlier.

Metro/tiles make sense on a tablet or touch screen .. not where 100% of the input is done via a keyboard and mouse!

I am not here to change your outlook towards the start screen page. But I have setup my non touch PC start screen with all the programs I normally see in Windows 7 start dialog and have removed all the default tiles. Such as my computer, rdp, cmd, calculator, run, control panel etc. You could do the same.

Exactly. That's why I don't use it on my desktop PC. It feels like I've been thrown out of the expirence. I just installed Start8 since 8.0 and I've left it at that. Oh and it's terrible for multi-monitor setups like mine (I have three monitors).

However it works exceptionally wel on a tablet like my Surface. It's a much more inutitive UI for tablets than iOS or Android are, at least in my opinion.

I just find it very unnecessary, I mean the best feature I liked about 8.1 update was booting directly to desktop I didn't find it fun that I was forced to wait for the tiles to load and then press the desktop tile to go to the desktop these were the bad days.

Its fine on my tablet, but on a desktop it takes to long when the start menu is the whole screen. The windows 7 menu is a little tiny portion which makes it easy to select what you want. Also windows 7 is smart and learns the programs you use. Windows 8/8.1 doesn't. Its a fixed set of programs. I have to manually choose the relavent programs. Its not that its bad, its that its slow and ineficiant. Ironically windows 8+'s core is very fast and very good.

You must work out regularly and have extremely strong arms to so easily move your mouse around your screen. With this new Start screen, I find I am exhausted by the time I get my mouse pointer to the middle of the screen. I actually need to take a short nap and do some stretches whenever I need to launch an app from the right side of my Start screen... It's so damn far away. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

It's not like " *insert an old man's voice here* Ah I'm too tired of swinging that mouse all day long for this new start screen kids these days use"
It's more like "why do I need to?"

@girishN:  We're talking about functionality though, not subjective cosmetic stuff.

I use 8.1 myself on an XPS 12 and when in tablet mode it makes complete sense and works well.. but when I'm on the Desktop in laptop mode I use Start 8. Why? It just works better!

Your support for functionality doesn't support why the the Start menu is better. You say it's because it doesn't take up the full screen and I don't see why that would be an advantage. It's not like you can multi task between the start menu and your open applications. I hate the start menu and have since before W8, I stopped using it when W7 was released and find the start screen to be a better setup. Everyone has their preference and most of it is based on what they are used.

People that like the start screen that much are probably the same people that have a thousand desktop icons.

I hate having anything on my desktop and mainly pin my most use programs to the taskbar or the start menu and is way faster to work that way. Also, you can hit the Start button on the keyboard and start typing for your program just like you can in Windows 8.

For what it's worth, I don't mind the start screen, but it's not light-years ahead of the Win7 start menu like some people think it is. To me, it is EXACTLY like the start menu except full screen and a lot more scrolling and moving the mouse around.

No, I love to keep my desktop clean and start screen is the best solution for me. On the older start menu I could hardly pin 4-5 programs, here I have more space and it doesn't look like thousands of icons, its just as different as wp is to android. And pinning to task bar becomes extremely painful when you accidently click on a program that could take minutes to load.

An absurd association between start screen acceptance and desktop clutter! Not sure how you made that...

I keep my desktop very clean, but I do use as a location for documents and items that I am actively working on which I know will only be needed temporarily. Anything permanent is saved to OneDrive. I typically will then delete everything on my desktop on a weekly basis - usually just a folder/file or two... and I LIKE the Start Screen. Have never once wished for the Start Menu. I think some people are more adaptable.

Having Live Folders in WP8.1 update, I really look forward (assuming) to these being implemented in Threshold. Doing so would improve the Start Screen experience and make it more palatable to those insisting on the return of the Start Menu. The new Start Menu also incorporates some of the Start Screen capability (live tiles). Maybe this is the best of both worlds, customized Start Menu for your Desktop experience, and a more customizeable Start Screen for your Modern experience. I'd have to experience it first hand, but I can envision the beauty of this design. Both experiences having improved usability for touch AND keyboard/mouse interaction.

Well I have developed the habbit to use touchpad gestures with w8.1, and with mouse its even more easy to use them. They are perfect combination of something functional and beautiful for me. And there are other reasons too why I love them: They keep my desktop clean, they look more organized than desktop shortcuts, and I have more space to pin my favorite things. And windows+Q combination is just perfect when I only have to search something.

I don't know...I have to disagree. I'm a keyboard and mouse user and I use the start screen A LOT! I have Reason, Adobe Premiere Pro, Office and all sorts of apps from the store. I have them arranged in sections. I just love it. This whole 'threshold' looks a bit meh and it feels like a MASSIVE step back imo. I would quite literally be DEVASTATED if I had to go back to that crusty ol' skool start menu lol! :'(

I miss the movie theater where you looked at pictures while you awaited instructions to put floppy disc 3 of 12 in. Kids these days don't know what they are missing.

'You know, when I was a kid, updates used to be special, y'know ... The family would gathered round all dressed up.
Now people are asking 'Is this Start menu vegan?' and 'Update me! Update me! Update me!'
You know what you need to put in your update queue; a hoop and a stick.'

Or at least I think that's what Drunk Uncle might say. :)

Installing updates usually take a long time for me. If installing updates would indeed be faster in the next Windows, I probably won't have to think too much on whether to click that update button or not :)

After using Start screen and learnt the beauty of it, Start menu seems old and ugly to me now. Hope there'll be an option to turn it off.

Your preferences mean you hate freedom.

Seriously, it sounds like the Start Menu/Start Screen will be options that default depending on what type of device you're on. I hope it's like that, I wouldn't mind the Start Menu on my laptop, but prefer the Start Screen on my SP3.

And I'm glad they did. Maybe the initial "start screen" wasn't the best implementation for a replacement, but there's really nothing wrong with it either - and it needed some kind of replacement. IMO, it's better than the start menu in terms of usability, provided you group and sort your shortcuts appropriately.

But as long as I can press the windows button and type to do quick searches, as well as pin programs to the taskbar, I'm perfectly happy :)

How is it progress?!?!?! It actually slows me down.

Now the new idea they are proposing with the start menu and tiles combined, THAT is progress. It's bad that the people who don't like the new idea just refuse to accept progress. ;)

How does it slow you down? My guess is you have all your apps pinned on the start screen. Leave only your most used apps and place them in the front and it should be faster than the start menu. Even if you argue that the full screen start screen means you have to move the cursor all teh way to the right on you 27" monitor, moving a cursor from one end of a monitor to the other takes milliseconds. Even if it's slower, it's can't be more than a second slower.

It's funny how Windows extreme fanboys hate what everyone else likes about Windows, the Start Menu. I'm glad it's back, but people here? No! They seem to hate everything what everyone else wants. Same exact thing happened with the Xbox One and DRM. Only people here and barely anyone else actually wanted that, while everyone else like me felt it was stupid. When they reversed the decision, I then pre-ordered the Xbox One.

The problem is you think that the loud small group of people that post on tech sites is everyone. Microsoft tracks how people use windows and the start menu doesn't get used all that much. Yet, changing it became sacrilege to the so called power users on these tech sites. So, Microsoft is bringing back and people aren't really going to use it becaue the 5 or so desktop apps that people use in a day will be pinned to the taskbar or to the desktop. Microsoft always has to deal with this. They usually had a classic menu when they release a new OS and withing a couple years no one is using the classic menu. This time they tried releasing without the classic menu and people have a fit. Within a few years, people will realize the start screen is an easier way to organize your apps than the start menu.

The thing is though, you have to drag your mouse to the very end to scroll on the start screen. Don't get me wrong, I love Windows 8, but only on touch devices.

And no, I never said those stupid people on CNET and The Verge are the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking about my friends, you know, friends? Some are Mac users, some are Linux users, and some are Windows users. All of them are unbiased towards another OS, except the Linux people towards Mac, but we all agree that the Start Screen us great for those on touch or a trackpad, and not as great for Louise and keyboard users.

And I bet you someone here will say "Oh, Windows 8 is fine with a mouse and keyboard, I use it like that with no issues". Good for them, but not everyone likes Windows 8 without touch.

I'm excited for the start menu to return, and just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone has to agree with you.

I much prefer the modern Start Screen, as well. But the addition of tiles to the start menu should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing it on action.

For me it is nearly always preferrable to see see more than less. So, a full screen start menu is better. What I am looking forward to is the actionable live tiles that microsoft research showed. Hopefully that will make it into windows 9 or next update of windows 9.

Although we do not know what the new Start menu will be....
I will express an opinion when it will be available.

Agree completely, the start menu is hideous and old-fashioned. Think it's objectively worse from a design and functionality standpoint compared to the start screen.

That will incite users to test the Windows 9 technical preview for sure.
It would be really nice to have OS upgrades and not only updates in Windows Update, because an average user doesn't always know that a new version of Windows is available. Details and new features would be displayed as well as the estimated installation time. Kind of what they did for 8.1, but in the Control panel. Notifications for updates would be cool too with a message like "To get the newest features and better support, please install the latest OS updates", something that actually makes an average user want to update.

Woah. My hands are shaking.
But I am surprised why there is no ice coming out from my beer when I press the windows button once.

You can update a stable version of Windows to a preview version without the lose of data. But up until now, moving from preview to RTM could only keep your files save and everything else was gone (however, now Windows syncs most of it (settings, apps ,etc just programs are the problem now). Through this news could mean that that's about to change too.

This could be awesome. However, it could also be a disaster waiting to happen. When this hits the streets, Microsoft had better make sure that the feature works perfectly. Actually, in order to bring Microsoft out of the dirt which it seems to be in according to public opinion, pretty much everything needs to be innovative, intuitive, and perfect out of the box.

Dude Microsoft has to think of ppl who dont like change. Ppl are sick who don't want change. But what to do if revenue comes from such ppl. Whatever Microsoft does ppl always criticize them.

Hey, I'm totally old school, everything I need is an icon on my desktop. I also miss the thinner task bar of 98 (also usable in xp) as it allowed me a row of quick launch icons while still having a full bar of open applications. My only negative with the start screen is you can't fit anywhere near as much on it and there is a lot of wasted space.

They aren't removing it. They are just adding the start menu as an option. If you don't want the menu, I'm sure if you click the Windows button, it takes you straight back to the start screen, like usual.

I'm fairly certain that the default implementation will depend on formfactor.

Touchless:  boot to desktop, start menu enabled.

Touch Enabled:  Boot to start screen, menu disabled.


At least that's the approach I'd use.

I know I go on about this , but if thestart menu is going to look like that can it please have transparent tile like the phone version. I would love to have the exact start menu picture for my PC as the one on my phone's start screen. It would also get people more excited by WP

Microsoft. PLEASE. Make the start menu a god damn option. There are A LOT of users that we love start screen* since the very beginning and we been fighting for it

That Start Menu is utterly hideous. It looks like as huge step backwards in time. Hierarchical menu structures? Please. 

I know!

Always hated menues, like going into one thing to go into another, to go into another......or just click on a tile. A tile that updates with information.

#KillMenuesPlease lol

Probably it will be like with Windows 8.1 if you have a desktop with non touch capabilities you are send to the desktop mode if you are on a touch enable PC you will use the metro UI

I knew many users would like startscreen eventually... Startscreen is not perfect but better than startmenu in many ways. It just needs design and ergonomic tweaking for improvement. You know, its really awkward to click startbutton from lower left then go all the way to upper right just to shut down the pc. Things like that needs efficiency testing.

Ms shouldnt have been too abrupt to return the s.menu

Hey, why so many comments abt startmenu?? Haha

Ladies and gentlemen, I a have problem. I installed MikTex 2.9 on Windows 8>8.x and I will like to update the packages, how I update? I also want the packages to come from the nearest source ie university of new South Wales.
Help missing mathematics packages are making the software unusable.

They should just make the OS updates follow the same model they have with Office 365. Click-to-run, drip the updates regularly, no more big upgrades. One OS to rule them all.

You know what would be cool, is if there was an on screen way to adjust the volume instead of using the keyboard. Also, all touch screen systems and AIOs need to have a volume button. Maybe volume control can be added to the charm bar.

I REALLY hope that there is an upgrade path from preview to release. Even if its a paid path, just give us an option! The one-button upgrade holds hope....

I'm afraid my L1520 or any Lumia will NOT get Windows 9 Threshold. I think only will be for new Microsoft devices. What do you think guys?!

That's called shooting yourself in the foot, the Lumia brand is fairly strong, and it is unknown if there ever will be a Surface Phone. (hope so though :) )

Actually. I got some info from a friend of mine that works with phones. He told me to hold my breath cause MS is going to release their own line of phones. And apparently it will be before the end of the year. And not Lumia branded. So I'm curious about it.

We all wish, but info from a friend is nothing to go on. I think the Lumias will just be phased in favour of 'surface' phones, same bright designs with sturdy and good-value hardware. Or a new line all together: it would be like shooting yourself in the foot to get rid of Nokia's strong brand

That's interesting. Maybe new Lumia devices will be sold with Windows Phone 9 or a Windows 9 variant, and only Surface Phone came with Windows 9 Threshold.

What I really meant was a windows phone branded with Surface, not a Windows Phone running... what you mean. It's all speculation, though.

Well being a different OS it will be good to see the new version of windows with new hardware and sensor cores and infrareds and much more both for winows and windows phone. However, older devices should get the update to new version but there would be difference betwenn the hardware and OS capablities...

I think I am more interested in Windows 9 and what it brings to the desktop and tablets than I care about a start button.

Isn't it funny how whenever people don't like what Microsoft does, people love it here, and when people like what Microsoft does, people hate it here? So ironic. I love the Start Menu, will be much better on a non-touch PC.

Its a conspiracy Unstoppablekem.  lol.  For me, the start button isn't news. I use Windows 7 at work. So no big whoop. So by it returning, it'll make it easier for the very non technical business types and fake tech bloggers attempt to impress others with their limited technical prowess.

Doesn't WIndows Upgrade any time do that with Windows 8 now ?

The biggest thing I would LOVE to see from Microsoft is to FIX WINDOWS....As  a Sr. WIndows Server admin, My biggest pain in the a$$ on WIndows servers are Windows Updates.

Yep, Last Sundy, updated and rebooted 40 servers(took most of my weekend when I should of been off with my family), all updates on servers that SHOULD NOT BE REBOOTED (production servers, global scale)....This week ? Yep, 15-20 more updates, all new....and they will require a reboot. They WILL have to wait....

No wonder why most Windows servers are so back dated on updates...If Microsoft would FIX their products before releasing them, we would not have patches every other week...