Rumor: HTC introducing 4G LTE Windows Phone early 2012 on AT&T

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According to a report published over at BGR, HTC is set to launch a 4G LTE Windows Phone in early 2012, on AT&T. According to 'trusted sources' (get the pinch of salt ready), HTC will be releasing fewer handsets next year, leaving the release schedule "shockingly quiet" (makes sense to focus on quality). Two new devices were revealed, a flagship Android handset and the manufacturer's first LTE Windows Phone. The latter is questionably going to be Titan-like, sporting a 4.7" screen.

The new 4G LTE Windows Phone is slated for an apparent release on February 5th. Should the rumours prove to be true, as well as the ones surrounding the upcoming Nokia LTE device, 2012 will be an exciting year for the platform to move on up. Of course if a 4G LTE Titan is right around the corner, how many of you will be a little annoyed that you just bought the HSPA+ version? Needless to say, CES in January should be interesting...we'll be there to cover it live.

Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: BGR, thanks TheWeeBear for the tip!


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Rumor: HTC introducing 4G LTE Windows Phone early 2012 on AT&T


So it'll be the Titan with LTE. Can HTC phone it in any more? I guess I won't be going back to HTC anytime soon. I would love to know why it seems they've pretty much abandoned QWERTY for WP7 when it was the strongest seller for WM6.5.

You know I thought I'd use the physical KB on my Arrive.
But the on screen KB is so good, I never use the physical one.

That was pretty much my experience with the on screen kb on the tilt2  I did not use the physical kb on it much at all and the focus kb is much better than the tilt2 on screen kb!

If your carrier is not ATT and they really want to get on the WP bandwagon all they have to do is pony up the dough to MS and the mfger   and it will happen.  If they dont  want to do that  well it wont happen!

Interesting, after using windows phone 7 for more than a year and got used to it, i still hate using software keyboard when texting and sending emails.

of course it also looks like the Nokia 900 will be sporting LTE for ATT as well.  Maybe VZN will be getting the 900 as well whoknows their version may even have a physical kb.   I dont need VZN and dont need the phy kb!

That's absolutely true. Verizon's doing everything they can to torpedo WP and push DROIDs. It's a joke. Make it look like it's MS fault for not having LTE support. As I've said many times before, MS should be out flanking Verizon here in the U.S. by AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and PREPAID carriers like Virgin Mobile to push WP. We'll be sitting here next year with Verizon sporting one LTE WP.

They don't have LTE support at the moment but in february the Tango update may bring LTE to Windows Phone.

"Of course if a 4G LTE Titan is right around the corner, how many of you will be a little annoyed that you just bought the HSPA+ version?"
Not annoyed here, better battery life, I'm in Wifi for 80% of my day, HSPA+ grandfathered in with unlimited cost me no change in pricing or plan, that won't be true of LTE. Coupled by lack of LTE in my (most) areas, seems like a 3G+ titan is the way to go for me at least.

This is my thoughts too. LTE is barely here in NYC and I have to wonder how much of an improvement it would be for checking my email or a Foursquare checkin, lol.

In this regard, T-Mo's HSPA+ is a much better deal and alternative, assuming you have coverage. LTE is great if you need to tether, that's about it.

Unfortunately the PR boys make it sound like if your phone does not have LTE its no better than a lump of coal, and everyone seems to be falling for it. Not really sure why a handheld device needs desktop class data speeds to check Facebook and twitter, but guess someone out there wants it.

Exactly. I'd guess they're pushing it so people will use more data and run into higher-tier data plans. Our telecoms suck hard.

Here in Providence, I am not sure that my 3G+ Titan is as fast as my 3G Surround was. So, yeah, practically speaking, who cares about LTE? It only exists on some phones and in the minds of wireless marketing folk.

In 3-5 years you will care. As every one will be supporting LTE and almost every handset is LTE based...
I wish I invented LTE.....

Apparently we have great AT&T LTE coverage here in Charlotte. If I'm only pulling 3.5 Mbps on "4G" when it's supposedly 14.whatever, I'm not convinced the LTE anything would be any better.
That being said I'd be annoyed if it were simply another Titan.

I think it's great WP7 LTE phones are coming out.  However, the one LTE tower in my area is so oversold you're better off with even 3G (on average, LTE in Chicago is slow -- but really bad in my area).  So, right now I'd rather have HSPA+.

ATT's LTE won't be completely installed for another year anyway, right?
And how come nobody is screaming "dual core" lol

I am not an Windows Phone user but this is my experience with Verizon 4G.
Downloads and uploads speeds are great here in Tampa FL.
About 12MB down and 10 up on average, but I only use it when I am watching Youtube videos or Netflix because it drains your battery fast.

4G 8 to 10 hrs normal use
3G 32 to 48 hrs normal use

So I keep my phone on 3g most of the time and change it to 4g when I need it.
This times are on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on others phones may be better or worst.

It better have more than just LTE if they want me to let go of my HSPA+ Titan. Dual core, more memory, or a higher res screen might catch my interest.

dual core unlikely the first half of the year.  More memory possible especially if Nokia's ace /900 comes out with16 and 32 GB models.  High res screen doubtful until ASpollo later next year.

It is a guarantee (and I should doubt i'm alone on this stance) that if Verizon does ever put out even a single new WP, I will damn sure scoop it up and tell them exactly where they can stick Android, or as I like to call it just because so many people mistype it; "Driod"

I would be annoyed if Verizon was still offering 4GB with tethering for the same price as 2GB.  I don't care about LTE.