Rumor: Instagram coming to some Windows Phone after all

A couple of days ago the Instagram icon was spotted on a Nokia Lumia 620 promotion banner, stirring up expectations near and far. By itself, the banner probably means nothing. Could be nothing but a careless photoshopping error from the designer, right? But now interesting rumor is coming out of China, the wonderland of leaks, again pointing to Instagram availability on Windows Phone.

Chinese site WPDang got words from its unnamed informant that Instagram for Windows Phone does exist, and it's now in the testing phase already. Maybe to compensate the much belated availability, the Windows Phone version will have one more filter than its iOS counterpart, but shamefully it wasn't indicated what exactly the Windows Phone exclusive filter is named or what it looks like.

Rum: 5

The app is said to be coming "soon" to Windows Phone 8 devices (no love for Windows Phone 7.8), only for Lumia devices.  It wasn't indicated for how long the app will remain Nokia-exclusive, if Instagram for Windows Phone will be hooked up to the OS camera app as a lens or if the app will extend beyond the Chines Market.  

For now, we'll sit on the fence and watch how the latest Instagram for Windows Phone rumor develops.

Source: WPDang


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Rumor: Instagram coming to some Windows Phone after all



I fail to see how this would be huge for Windows Phone. I truly doubt there is one person on Earth thinking, "I really want to switch from iOS/Android to Windows Phone, but they don't have Instagram." I doubt one app is the finger in the dike, pull it out and there will be a deluge of WP sign-ups the next day. Granted, there may be people who switched over and miss Instagram, but I can guarantee you that if Instagram for WP were released today, it would not affect adoption rates.

It's not the app but what it represents. Not having it is another reason not to switch. Having all the major apps means people can get past that and see what WP has to offer.

If one of the windows phones would put a picture of an apple with a bite taken out of it on the back, it would have a very high adoption rate. 

And an equally high return rate, once people realized it was, in fact, not an iPhone... "If it's not an iPhone, why would I want it?"

Its one reason why I was debating about switching back to my iPhone. Instagram is great for those who take alot of pictures. I happen to like the IOS version of Flickr better and instagram but no one I know uses it and the WP version lacks everything that make the IOS version awesome

Let's not forget that Instagram has over 100 million users and is growing.  Most teens are moving toward Instagram and away from facebook.  This is a huge consideration for many people. 

I don't believe that people would switch simply because of any one app, but the lack of an app like like instagram could easily be a deal breaker. Someone interested in wp8 may very well stick with android or ios based on the absence of instagram. The addition of a big name app like this takes a big step in leveling the playing field.

There is one person on this who thinks "I really want to switch from iOS to Windows Phone, but they don't have Instagram" and that's my wife. Do not be so quick to assume.

Thats it! Some people don't care about having MIcrosoft Office on their phone, they just want to use Instagram with their 8 MP  camera

at the very least, it will be one less thing the trolls can use against wp. if you read these blogs, you would think that instagram is the most important app ever. I personally think instagram makes already bad phone camera pictures, some taken with the low res front camera, even worse.

I believe it would the main reason I can't convince anyone cuz instagram is missing, its like the Facebook for teens and it just leads to hoe much we are really missing

I personally know 6 people that were hyped and ready to #switch but didn't bc of instagram...which disproves your entire paragraph

I know several people who say that exact thing. I've never used instagram, but they use it like it is their Facebook.

@longcipher Actually I know a ton of people right now that want to switch from iOS to Windows Phone but will not until we get the major apps like Instagram, Pandora, etc... I personally could care less either way but people who have been using iOS/Android and use these apps regularly won't switch until we get them. That's a fact.

Exactly. I have "sold" 3 phones to people who loved playing with my 920. I've also had several that want to switch but the first thing they said was..."but it doesn't have instagram". I show them the 3rd party work around but it's already soured them a bit. I was seriously on the fence until I found out there was Instacam and Metrogram. I don't upload photos... I just subscribe to some photogs that take amazing shots as well as some way cool behind the scenes stuff. This to me is what makes Instagram killer. Besides...Lomogram totally kills them for filter/creative quality.

Untrue. My cousin got an iPhone 5 for Christmas, and before it, I was discussing with him over Xbox LIVE about which phone he would get. He said he was considering a Windows Phone, but that he was probably not getting one because it lacked Instagram. Someone else on this site (or the forum) said he witnessed the loss of a Windows PHone sale when a customer heard that the platform lacked Instagram.
I doubt Instagram is solely killing adoption rates, but it has likely hurt a few. As many have said, it's also something of a symbol: that Windows Phone's app portfolio as a whole is simply not on-par with the competition. Instagram ALONE might not cause many issues, but Instagram's not the only issue. It IS, however, perhaps the most-notable app omission. Once people see that it shows up, they might see THAT as a sign that more is coming, rather than thinking abotu what is missing all the time.

Its is like that though. First time buyers of a smartphone need to know that the pilar apps are on wp or coming soon. Plus how can you have an awesome camera like the one on the 920 and not have the most popularphoto sharing apps?

Believe it or not, but there are actually consumers that think like that. Have a friend that wants a 920. No instagram? No thanks....

I have had a handful of people tell me if windows phone had instagram, they would switch. It really is that important

You are so wrong it is not even funny. Number one reason I havn't switched: Lack of instagram. (reason number two: the single volume control)

I did not switch to WP initially because Whatsapp for WP didn't have emoticons support and then later this year I waited to switch over to my current L810 from my then HTC Radar due to the lack of Whatsapp for WP8 for sometime, so yes...one app does make a difference

Funny you say that, because a lot of my friends have wanted to switch to Windows Phone after I let them fiddle with my Lumia 920, but I told them not to because they're gonna miss not having Instagram. They're huge users of the service.

I created my Instagram account after getting a Windows Phone so the no-upload situation doesn't bother me one bit. It'd be nice to finally have an official app, though.

My wife told me flat out that she wouldn't switch to Windows Phone because it didn't have Instagram. So they are out there :)

A friend of mine is upgrading to a smartphone for the first time. She went into the store and asked about windows phone first because she knows that's what I have. The guy said it's good but it doesn't have instagram, and she went with Android instead.

Are you kidding? Although I don't have any interest in this, I know a few people personally that won't consider the switch because it's missing this app, it also says to people 'oh Windows Phone isn't that good because they don't have all the big name apps'.
My point is whether you want to use it or not, Windows Phone must have all these big named apps for it to succeed.

Yes - i cant believe of anything more important than this app in my store. nothing.. not vpn - not a consistent skype or facebook chat nor a clean ram.

Really? You can't be that naïve. VPN, fixes to Skype or clean ram will not grow the user base by thousands. Instagram, Pandora and other official apps that are missing will. Just because YOU don't use it or you look down on those that do does not mean it's not important.

I seriously don't get most of you people here sometimes.

Sorry - a consumer buys and checks whats on there - businesses check and buy when its provided.. so .. who is buying those devices now? yes.. the consumer - and he doesnt care - he is just disappointed after purchasing it

Honestly... This could be a EPIC FAIL for W8 as a whole. I have a mid level 8X on Tmo. They don't have a high end Nokia. All the chicks I talk to use Instagram. So if this happens I'm gonna get a Galaxy 4 or Note 2. I'd hate to leave W8 but what are my options. Nokia gets a ton of exclusives. Only problem as of now only 1 US carrier has a high end Nokia.
Also a lot of younger people go to Tmo because of pricing. Once they see that Tmo's top W8 doesn't have Instagram they want even look. I gave all 3 of my kids W7 devices. All 3 dumped them ( 2 got Galaxy 3's and 1 iphone) because of apps and they hate not being able to customize the home screen. This will be the final straw for me.

Lumia is cheap. Reason why Nokia gets exclusives is because they help get them on the platform

Didn't WPCentral highlight a story that a supposed Nokia 893 is coming to T-Mobile?  Have hope.  The 6 month exclusivity of the 920 is ending soon and those high end Nokia phones will be coming down the pipe to other carriers...

This site just reported that the Verizon-sold Lumia 822 has outsold the AT&T-exclusive 920. T-Mobile has the 822, only it's sold as the 810, right? You say that T-Mobile has no high-end Windows Phone, but what are the REAL differences between the 810 and the 8X? Beyond screen resolution, nothing. The CPU/GPU is the same. The RAM is the same. The storage FAVORS the 810, since it has microSD support.

This isn't like the 820-920 differences, where the 920 adds the higher-resolution display, higher display refresh rate, wireless charging, and 4 times the storage. The 8X is a mid-range device, in reality. Unless they knock the 16GB model down to $50-100, it's a bad deal for the customer, in my opinion.

My definition of high end.
Pick up a Galaxy 3. What windows phone can compete with it head to head? Only 2 the ATIV S (since it's the same phone) and the Nokia 920. The 8X is a decent mid level phone I only got it because it is the best available on Tmobile. What I'm saying if Instagram comes out on Nokia only I'm getting a G4 or Note 2. Its not just instagram. There's no Hulu or Pandora either. Instagram will just be the final straw for me. If Nokia had a 920 variant available on all carriers then I'd get a NOKIA. I want one bad. Unfortunately I can only play the cards I'm dealt and there's no high end Nokia on Tmo.

As far as Pandora goes... MetroRadio IS Pandora and what I've noticed is you don't get the adds like you do on the native Pandora app.

It's about being on par with your friends on other platforms. If this ends up being a Lumia exclusive, then this could be a huge win for not only Windows Phone but for the Nokia Lumia brand more specifically. Either way its a win-win situation.

Not surprised other manufacturers are lacking effort towards WP (Sammy) when Nokia gets exclusive after exclusive and special treatment from MS.

Yes the Sammy, LG or Sony could get exclusives, but the exclusives are not all down to Nokia's hard work, Microsoft is hold their hand all the way

Krhm, Microsoft is not doing these apps, it is Nokia doing co-operation with developers. So, without Nokia, Microsoft probably wouldn't bother getting the Instagram (for example) to WP.

Yep, if it is a Nokia exclusive then its because Nokia put some investment into Windows Phone.
Neither HTC or Samsung have any exclusives because they don't put anything into the platform app wise (HTC at least designed something, which with their slight marketing allows them to trounce Samsung on WP).

Clearly you're misinformed about how things are coming about on the Nokia end. It isn't Microsoft making things happen it is Nokia. They are working directly, in most cases, with brands to create windows phone apps. They are investing their own resources to get things done. Do they consult Micrsoft sometimes during the process of creating the app if they have a question of issue? Sure. But to say that Microsoft holds their hand all the way would be wildly inappropriate and quite frankly inaccurate.
Why are you listing LG and Sony who neither are producing Windows Phones as examples of companies who could get exclusives? Seems more a post about your dislike of Nokia than on the contribution Nokia seems to consistently contribute to the Windows Phone platform.

As they damn well should, Nokia having made the bet (right, but still significant) on WP unlike anyone else! Having said that, the credit,on this one is probably should fully go to Nokia.

No.  Nokia is spending money to fund app development.  My guess is that the Instagram app will be exclusive to Nokia phones for a time, maybe 6 months, and then go to all WP8 devices.
Nokia did a solid by giving everyone Drive, something they did not have to do.  Samsung, LG, and HTC just like to make phones with very little exclusive app support, regardless of the platform.  Their are a few decent apps here and there, but nothing earth shattering.  Nokia, OTOH, believes in supporting their users.  And they do.
I have been so impressed with their support since I got an 822.  The phone is better built than any I've had, is better supported, and a joy to use.  Nokia cares about their customers because they want to keep them.  So many people just buy Samsung phones that they really have no need to care.

ms provided nokia with cash to help with the transition to wp. those cash payments are over according to nokia's latest earning report. Do have any proof MS is providing special treatment that allows nokia to get exclusives? seems to me that nokia is helping fund the development of apps which takes away some of the risk from the developer and in return get exclusivity for a certain period of time.  the other oems could do the same thing but chose not to because they consider android to be their bread and butter.

If anything, HTC got the special treatment. They were allegeldy the company that built their phones' designs around the idea of like Tiles. They were given the flagship branding of "Windows Phone 8X, by HTC," which everyone noted as a sign that HTC's devices were the ones Microsoft was most-likely to tout as the platform's flagship brand.

No, Nokia's done things on its own. If they really DO manage to get Instagram as a Lumia-exlusive app, I think there could be real concern by HTC and others that Nokia's going to just manhandle the platform. The other OEMs are coasting on Windows Phone because Android sells better, as we saw with HTC's refusal to announce a Windows Phone-equivalent to the new One.

I hate the fragmentation that's come with Windows PHone via Nokia exclusives, but they're in the right a million times over. The other OEMs are lazy. Even Microsoft has been too lazy to get the Instagram matter sorted out. If Nokia managed to get Instagram to Windows Phone as an exclusive app, it is 100% proof that Nokia is 10 times more-committed to Windows Phone than Microsoft is.

Exactly why I have a Nokia. Not a HTC. Too much up Androids butt to really help their "flagship" 8x.

I don't even use Instagram, but I'll be happy when it comes out just so people can stop talking about the fact that it hasn't ;-).

Me too. I'll take a lot of meaningless photos, uglify them with various filters, so I can be cool too, I have lots of catch up to do :-)

I have a Lumia and I'm sick of it. I want the whole OS to be successful, not just one OEM. Sure the exclusive are timed but they are for a freaking long time. In the mobile world, a long time counts.

It's value for money. I see nothing wrong with that business model. For Nokia, Windows is THE only OS for their hardware. Clearly their dedication will be more. If anyone else throws money like Nokia, they deserve exclusives too. Show me HTC or Samsung bringing their flagship devices to WP first and then rehashing that for Android. 

That is a rumour as far as real world is concerned. There is no official line from any of the companies involved about this sort of cash influx. They did sign deals with each other where Nokia gets services like Bing, SkyDrive and Office for their customers and Microsoft gets some of Nokia's patent portfolio with their maps and location solutions, plus their soul dedicated to WP. 

and as far as I remember Microsoft gets Nokia to not only bet their whole company on WP (no one else is), they get access to NAVTEQ (1 of 2 mapping companies in the world NOK bought for 8 bill), access to Nokia's userbase
So for everyones shake, do your research or shut it. 

Im loviing the nokia exclusives.   I do feel bad for the people that made a poor choice in win8 phone brand tho.

@Russell M: i dont think they made poor decisions, as samsung and htc have created beautiful phones, but they did choose the oems that choose to fully support their android devices over the wp devices.

well .. none of them support their devices.. they just pull out new ones :) but the support for current phones in android is basically poor

I agree. But personally, I think HTC has a bad reputation regarding supporting their phones, even their Android devices, like slow updates, etc.

If Nokia go to the effort to contact these developers and help them and contribute their resources, what's wrong with their customers getting the benefits? HTC and Samsung are perfectly within their right to do the same thing but they just don't because they're far more invested in Android.

I do agree.  However, the Nokia Exclusives are part of the reason that I bought the Lumia 822 over the 8X.  I really wish that Microsoft would just buy Nokia already.  If that meant that the other OEMs pulled out of Windows Phone, sobeit.  I would just like to see when an app is released for the platform that all the users have access to them right away.  I do not fault Nokia, it is just their way to differentiate themselves from the competition under the current model.  Without Nokia, the entire platform would be dead.  Long live Nokia!

Me too, i personally think the hardware design of the HTC 8x is much nicer in the hand than the 920.  But i don't blame Nokia for this, they are doing their best to get people to buy their phones. It might work in my case....thinking of selling the 8X, for a 920.
This is Microsoft's problem, they created a situation that allowed this to happen. It should be them bringing the devs to the platform, not individual hardware companies.

This and soundcloud are the only two official apps I care about. Audiocloud is great but an official version would be nice.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Now this is fantastic news. And yes I know I used OMG 15 times. So sue me ;)

I have no problem with 7.8 being cut. Some of the devices that run it are very old and do not compare well to some of the WP8 devices. You either have a choice between limiting app/game performance to shoehorn it onto older phones or you release only on WP8 and try to help build the current platform.

I really don't see how some 7.8 devices could be "old" enough to not being capable of running such a simple photo app like Instagram, I could understand it if we were talking about some resource hungry game like Asphalt, I own a Lumia 900 and don't think it's fair to being left behind just because I didn't get a WP device 2 months ago.

I used to run instagram on my iPhone 3G which is almost 5 years old and was released back in 2008. i see no reason why my Lumia 800 which was released by Nokia on October 2011 wouldn't be able to run it.

Chines market? Please proof stuff guys! Back on topic - this is amazing news. I hope it's not a Lumia exclusive for long. Despite owning a 920 I think this is huge for the platform and should be shared by all. Can't wait!

I think its coming to my phone, not sure about anyone elses phone. Glad I didn't get an HTC. Nokia is killing it!

Meh i'm sticking with Fhotoroom atleast it supports ALL Windows Phone Devices, my 920 will not have Instagram installed on it,
But this will be good for the eco system maybe it will help some Android and IOS usersjump ship quicker

I guess I am an old geezer at 26, I just don't "get" Instagram. I hear all the cool kids use it, thus it needs an app and WP needs it to be on level pegging with iOS and Android; however, the outcry for this on nearly every article is amazing. If WP got Instagram app and Notification center there would be virtually no complaints here on WPCentral and WP8 market share would soar right? Again I'm an old geezer, but one who loves his L920 :)

Its a phenomenon known to me as appgapitis. I will bet 90% of the people who protest and cry on every article about instagram and the lack of certain apps and games in general will never use it once its released. They just have this irrational ocd about it not being available to them.

Same here lol I don't get the idea of Instagram, you post pics with filters and get comments or follow people, no offence to anyone. But if we get it its great for the OS and I will be happy for those who use it.

The point of it is that you can use it to upload your pics to one central app and then share it almost instantly across your various social networks. The likes of Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian find it invaluable. It is an important app to be fair, the young beautiful people use it a lot.

C'mon man, now you're really making me feel seriously old at 37 on here. TBH, I'm not sure I'd use Instagram, but I do think it's great for the ecosystem, so that young, first-time smartphone users will give it a chance.
Back to the off-topic topic - is there anyone else here in my age bracket, i.e. at least a 3 (in front of another number)?

I hate the misnomer of the "cool kids use it". There are actual photographers who post beautiful pictures without filters (i.e. photographers associated with national geographic, photos of the day from science mags, etc.) I use IG on my android tablet and I love it.
I do believe the market would soar once those 3 or 4 apps that we don't have get on the WP store.
If you're old, I'm old too at 29. I don't understand why some of you don't even try to "get" why these things are popular.

Its boosting the OS. What are you on about? Show me 5 things, no make it 3. Show me 3 things that HTC, Samsung, Dell, LG, Huwaei or ZTE has done since 2010 to boost the OS. Then we will talk. Till then all anti-Nokia commenters should go on mute.

That's not a fair assessment. None of the OEMs you mentioned got paid as much as Nokia to develop for WP. Not only that, but all of them double pay MS for WP licensing and Android royalties.

With that said, I sure could show you 5 things they've tried to do to boost WP but remember they were all also handcuffed by Chassis 1 specs.

Of course it is a fair assessment! Nokia still pays licensing fees to Microsoft. HTC and others have to pay twice that money because they have chosen to support more than one OS. Nokia's loyalty lies with Microsoft. I don't see how that can hurt anyone? If you have more than one girlfriend at the same time, of course you will have to spend a lot more money and be accused of infidelity. However, if you keep sleeping with one and keep asking the other to make sandwiches for you, it's even worse. That's what HTC and others are doing. On the other hand, since Nokia doesn't sleep around anywhere else, it gets better treatment from Microsoft - that's the by default in any situation! They are nice to each other because they've shown loyalty to each other time and again. Ask HTC and Sammy to drop their Android love and give high end handsets only to Microsoft first and commit to the platform, I am sure Microsoft will cut them a deal. Heck, back in 1990s Microsoft even cut a deal to Apple!

According to AdDuplex, over 78% of Windows Phone devices out there are Nokia Lumia devices, so even a Nokia exclusive will still reach a hefty majority of users.  If it then becomes non-exclusive after 3 or 4 Months, the OS has certainly profited as a whole, and Nokia has gotten a serious head-start.

I was about to post the same thing (or at least something vaguely similar), but you did a much better job than I could/would have.  +1 to you.

Microsoft is pulling out of direct app sponsorship. It has proven to be counter productive (devs holding out for larger and larger pay offs). Nokia is the only company still throwing around millions for our app fix. It leaves us with a simple choice: time limited nokia exclusive, or nothing at all. Seen in that light, your complaining is quite ridiculous.

You are LAME for not choosing Nokia eventhough everyone knows nokia is the one who has put their entire company on risk to support Windows phone exclusively,  without Nokia Windows phone would be dead by now.

I agree Nokia is sick and their investment is also amazing but honestly it's a bit disappointing for me, as an 8X user because im a huge audiophile and I've tried the equalizer and Dolby audio on Nokia, and it just isn't as good... So I stuck with 8X and am happy with it. Just didn't think exclusives were gonna get to the big apps :P I've had a wp7 and the only big app that had an exclusive (to my knowledge) was Viber.

As someone mentioned in the previous article on this rumor; isn't it a great deal more likely that this is simply the tile for one of the existing apps that has this exact look with round corners and everything? Either Instagram Tweets or Instagram Blog.

Lets just hurry up and get it so it.  Remember when WP first came out and it was "does it have angry birds?" The sooner we get instagram the sooner people will run out of "but does it have _____?" questions. :)

I often suspect these articles are put on as a fishing exercise by the team at WP Central who then sit back and laugh at the explosion of comments and mass panic they have created.

Instagram would never publish such badly laid out logo... looks like brute force compressed into the tile.

you know what if instagram comes to windows phone ill use it. against my better nature ill use it just to show support for those that desire to really use it.

Why do i see people complaining why this app is exclusive? It will remain such for only a few months and therefore would become available to every Windows Phone 8 users. Just go and thank Nokia for making efforts to bring top apps to the platform. Tell me, has HTC done something to actually bring these most-wanted apps to the platform? No. Has Samsung left the bed with Android to put effort in making these kind of moves for the platform? No.

Exactly. And let's not forget that Nokia has given every WP8 user their fantastic Turn-by-Turn app, Drive. Nokia has also really pushed the platform with apps like City Lens, Cinemagraph, and Photobeamer. They don't just invest in other developers building apps, they do a lot of it themselves.

So much win for win phone! :D

Out now :
* New twitter app
* Asphalt 7 Heat game (epic!)
* Twitter Upgrade

Coming Soon :
* Instagram app (As per the rumour)
* New Nokia lens called GlamMe with smart portrait mode features
* Other new games by Gameloft (lawl)
* A new Lumia 920 firmware upgrade with possibly even more camera fixes to make epic epic-er ( http://forums.wpcentral.com/showthread.php?t=218598 )

OS Upgrades :
* A new upgrade in summers
* Fix for the "Other" storage issue
* Another one this fall
* Windows Phone Blue afterwards

That's it I am done with Windows Phone, I'm tired of all these stupid exclusives! How is this gone benefit Windows Phone when every app is not going too every phone... My sons Windows phone just died on him and I'm not getting another WP because of stupid bs like this! I'll get a different OS, at least I don't have too worry about apps. Smh!

Again exclusives are due to Nokia paying money and they are only exclusives for a few months. So everyone technically benefits just Nokia does first.

I understand stand that, again it's stupid period.. I don't blame Nokia for putting forth the effort and glad they but people don't want thongs late and u know this.

ok how bout you work 8 hours a day and share your paycheck with me?  its not fair that i dont get paid while you get paid. 

Yeah, do that. But don't see you understand the scenario here and a google search or something might help. But get him iPhone 5. He will love it.

Actually it's clear too me; it is u that don't understand so I think you should go count something... I will do that and sure he would love it, thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not saying that it doesn't make sense I'm just saying that Nokia Is at the very least bringing instagram if the rumor is true, a three to four month wait is better than never no?

Nokia pays money to bring apps to WP platform you idiot, they have bet their whole company on windows phone whereas the other manufacturers dont give a fuck, without nokia windows phone would be dead by now.

First of all you stupid pompous homo no one is talking too you anyways if u gotta bring in name callings.. So go pack a lunch and have a Snickers Bar!

Well mate if you are so pissed off why don't you just get a Nokia phone for your kid? They have 5 models catering to ALL consumers at different price points.

I would love too and would look into that.. But for me I would like a Lumia 920 but thanks to this exclusive mess I can't on stupid T-Mobile lol..

How will the new filter look like? Like shit obviously - all Instagram filters are like that :-)
Happy Instagram user (on my other devices) who does not use any filters.

If true, praise Nokia. They pay for The apps to promote their phones. Again it's Nokia that helps the platform to grow. But us like to see some confirmation before I believe this is true.

This is such a fake app. I don't believe Instagram will come, and if it does it will surely not be Lumia exclusive, because in this way Microsoft it will bash WP8 by its own hand. That's just stupid, whoever from China posted that it's just a liar.

why you gotta be a downer bro. why would it be by microsofts own hand if nok is the one that would have payed for it? if ms payed for it, it would not be exclusive fool :P why would ms pay for instagram for noks only? and even if it is lumia exclusive would a three to four month wait be better than nothing?

I'd expect Instagram to come at some point but im not sure how credible this story is. That icon is just another client currently in the app store. Ideally, Instagram should roll into the pictures hub since Facebook owns it. An app would be a nice addition also. The filters should ideally be a camera lens.

I could understand Nokia securing the rights for an extended time exclusive, but this might be the one case where Microsoft might say, how much money is it going to take to integrate the service at the OS level, to bring the app to the entire platform. I think the Instagram owner was not a fan of Microsoft, but even if Nokia did the negotiating, with the user base Instagram has, a single app sounds like it isn't really the direction Microsoft is looking for when you consider how windows phone works.

Also Instagram is setting a bad president for the platform. Basically its perceived as the key to the platforms success with the 13 to 35 demographic and maybe its the tipping point to major growth. But if im another app developer with a lot of users, im thinking, how much can I get out of Nokia and $MS for my app. That would be a definite death sentence for the platform. I'd prefer they sell the app rather than take that approach. If Instagram came out today for $4.99, how much would they make selling it on the platform.

I could'nt care less for that app. Only thing I would want it for is to look at other peoples pictures, but I would never use it to take pictures myself... It's overrated imo!

Just in time for my contract to be up. Don't with HTC, time for Nokia since they seem to get all the goodies first. Now which one to get (if there's a new one out by April) (on Verizon)

If true, its onto how it isn't like android/IOS then its onto why Candy Crush Saga isn't here. It never ends.