Rumor: Murky shot supposedly shows Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia device

Windows Phone 8?

We're not a big fan of this story but let's get it out of the way since it's sure to make the rounds.

phoneArena, a fairly reputable site, has received a photo of what they claim is a Nokia Lumia 900 running Apollo" aka Windows Phone 8. The shot really doesn't reveal much and there are lot of inconsistencies such as missing soft keys and labeling on the Nokia hardware and the oddly numbered "Apollo" version number.

The shot can easily be faked by loading up a pre-fabricated image on the phone and Photoshoping those three image-dots out. What is supposedly shown of the OS matches the Windows 8 login screen but that seems a bit of a stretch.

Bottom line: there's no evidence this is real as phoneArena conveys nothing about the tipster e.g. their credibility, do they know and trust them, etc. Seeing as not very much is revealed in this photo and it can easily be faked, we're going to say this has very little value at this point.

We would certainly not count this as evidence for anything and while we know you're hungry for info on Windows Phone 8, we suggest eveyrone just hold tight for a little while longer.

Source: phoneArena; via Windows Phone Daily


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Rumor: Murky shot supposedly shows Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia device


EN for English. Yeah, the 3.7 sounds weird too as noted above. The whole thing is just strange but since we have bascially zero info on WP8 there's nothing to compare it to for validity.

Isn't the keyboard already in English. Mine is and I don't show an En. Looks like the emoticon button was removed, space bar shifted to the right to add the En button.
Wait, there's your story Dan, Does Windows Phone Apollo get rid of emoticons? Lol. Watch em run with that one.

If you set up your WP7 device to use more than one keyboard language, you get the language selection buttom. I have it on my phone.

It is possible on WP7.x to have multiple language keyboards selected and toggle through them as you would on the desktop.

Have you even tried adding another language to ur keyboard? If u do there will be a "EN" button besides the space button when you are on your english keybord and when you are on your, for example spanish keyboard it will say "SPA" and by clicking "SPA" you will change to "EN" Keyboard again...

Sprry if u don't understand the text lol im drunk as f*ck :P

I wish, but probably not, since my gf always misunderstand me when im texting and not talking :( damn keyboards and damn girls :( :P

Definitely not.. They even removed emoticons from the keyboard. Definitely not it. They would not go as far as that... And really.. Apollo v3.7? The guy that photoshopped this had to be high.

Well if thats the login screen then maybe it wont show emoticons on the keyboard for the moment, for example when ur about to write the web adress in internet explorer the emoticons gets switched for ".com" button. What im trying to say is that on the login screen theres no reason for thw keyboard to show emoticons nor .com button..

Just a thought, but it makes sense to me ? :P

Good call, that does make sense. I guess there goes my plan to make a password out of a bunch of emotions...

I can tell by the pixels.  :)
Seriously though, it's definitely been HEAVILY colour corrected to get a unified tone to it.  The lighting and vignetting are completely unnatural/Instagram'ed

I'm not buying this one to the point where I'm close to making an identical app to show how easy this would be to fake...

emoticons are removed since this is the password screen when you first log on to the phone...and you wouldnt need them to input your password

Wouldn't it make your password even more secure, if one of your password symbols was a pile of poo?

So what you're saying is that my password security is only as good as my keyboard. Damn this keyboard!

I know this is fake but I'm not worried about the Lumia 900 not getting updated. I'm confident that MS will update most existing WP devices to WP8 (except 256MB devices). MS has been making their OS efficient and optimized to run on lower specs, even the desktop OS

I really need to see this on a bigger display, but on my phone it looks like "Dev" and "Locked" aren't even aligned by the same left margin. The "Apollo V" naming sounds really fannish; WP codenames end in words ending with "o". Similarly the version number seems really out of place compared to anything Microsoft currently uses, and the fact that the photo was taken in front of a blue background, seemingly to complement the cyan Lumia, seems forced. If you got a leaked build of an upcoming OS wouldn't you want to get screens of it up, quickly?

The 'qwerty' keyboard doesn't even have the same angle of tilt as the phone! Notice there is more black underneath the 'return' key on the right side of the keyboard than there is on the left side of the keyboard underneath the '&123' key. The fact that the other 'parts' of the screen's display are not as misaligned suggest that this has been done in pieces.

I know we all have a choice, but even if this were 'real', that this developer didn't leak this image to a dedicated Windows Phone site doesn't make a lot of sense.  PhoneArena?

Why are ya'll torturing me with this shit? I thirsty, real thirsty! I'm dying over here... The only good thing is that MS finally started putting out some blurry images to build excitement. Yeah I said MS!

It is obviously fake. Take a look at the low edge of the keyboard. It is not properly aligned to the edge of the phone. And if that is a standard button, the font "Submit" is too small.

Oh and where is the Status Bar?

Hi, anyone notice something for the keyboard? When U have 2 or more language and U are using English. The key beside the spacebar is ENG. While this photo shows en. So its should be fake and photoshoped.

I'm sick of all the rumors and hopes and dreams.. Just do and stop hoping. I hate android but that OS works and developers make apps for it. MS I see why people hate you. On a fan turning into a foe..

It make sense some Apollo is bien built from a different kernel it might have a rev number of 3.7. Its supposed to be a drastic change

that pic is SO FAKE!!!!!! the screen's perspective is WRONG! LOLLLLL
guys, the next time u copy/paste on photoshop trying to fool someone, study a little of perspective!

Although I (just as badly as everyone else here) wants to see Apollo leaks, I'm inclined to agree and say this is fake. Not only are there wierd inconsistencies with the photo, but you also mentioned in the article that there isn't any news about the source regarding how reputable they are. That alone makes me hesitate a bit to believe this.

Everyone has missed the most obvious tell that this is fake. Look in the top left corner of the black portion of the phone. Where is the name NOKIA? And where is the forward facing camera? I will admit though that his person did a great job of getting people to talk about his/her fake image....

If it was a leak....It would be on XDA (at least the DEV rom area, for them to start with). It's not on XDA, So it's not a leak.
I call BS tho....I coudl photoshop details better than that...

Haha you'd have thought they'd have remembered to add the buttons before the hit save, the joys of photoshop tut tut....