Rumor: There's a white version of the Xbox One for non-Microsoft-employees

Previously we reported that Microsoft will be giving a special white edition of the Xbox One console to team members of the Xbox division. If you are consumed by the fire of jealousy, consider this to be some good news: supposedly an insider source in China revealed that the white next-gen Xbox One will be available to the consumer market some time after the console's initial launch in late November.

The source didn't get very specific about the time of availability, only saying "definitely into 2014". The white version will be pretty much identical to Microsoft's gift to Xbox team members, only lacking that "I MADE THIS" etching on the front panel, "all first party games" for free, and 1 year of free Xbox Live Gold membership as well. But hey, that's a white console you've probably been hoping for, right?

The source also indicated that the Xbox One will be released in Hong Kong by March 2014. This is definitely good news for gamers in Hong Kong, who have not made it into the first wave of launch countries. The news is also exciting for gamers in China, where the sale of video game consoles is banned by the government. As a result, gamers have to live on smuggled units and games from Hong Kong.

Source: WPDang


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Rumor: There's a white version of the Xbox One for non-Microsoft-employees


Lol Well the same can be said for PS+ on the PS4. I quite like the white console but it wont go with anything I have in my TV cabinet as everything is black. Plus I want the Day one Edition as im too impatient to wait lol.

Red is hot.. hehe
But Seriously, it will look nice in my living room.. Booh yeah!!! i'm waiting for this.. :)

Wouldn't mind seeing a textured matte black version. Hell maybe the Xbox shade of green for the console color!

Wouldn't mind seeing a textured matte black version. Hell maybe the Xbox shade of green for the console color!

Haha finally someone noticed who I was imitating :) I haven't seen him around for a long time... Almost miss the guy! haha naaah :P

Yep, feel the same way. That's why I also like the width of the Xbox One. Fits very well with other devices under the TV.

Everyone thinks they like the white one more... until it's sitting under their TV for a while. I'd love the white controller though.

This was clearly inevitable. The Xbox 360 launch team edition was much better because it was something they'll never produce for anyone else.

The Kinect is usually placed on top of below the TV, do you rally want a white box staring at you? 

Should change the etching to "I bought this" or "Mom/Dad bought this". And why not release Lumia colors? :P

So this is actually three toned? Love it. So much more attractive than the glossy black thing I've seen. 

If anything, I'd rather wait for a Halo 5-skinned model, assuming that comes. It would go well with my Halo 4 360. That, and after reading that Battlefield 4 will use up 30 GB of HDD space on PC, I'm hoping they release a version with something more than 500 GB of storage by mid-2014 as well.

And running at 50% capability of a PS4 :/
That thing would have to be white sitting on top of case of Jim Beam and €300 refund to make me even consider reverting my decision..

X1 can't realistically be said to run at 50% capability of the PS4. I will eat my hat if benchmarks show that X1 only has half the performance of PS4 across the board. The GPU might crunch more than X1s, but we need to look at total performance, not a single component.
What comes to capabilities outside specs, I think X1 does probably 100% extra of what the PS4 does.

Fed and happy.. But seriously, I have used Xbox for 7 years now and this xboner is a lump of shite! Tvtvtvtv.. And sorry I did make an error, its 65% after ms bumped up its power but still its an inferior dvb tuner masquerading as a games console. My only fear is that game devs will have to dumb down ps4 titles as not to make you lot weep into your cornflakes.. Stats don't lie

lol what? Outside spec capabilities? Are you referring to "offloading to the cloud"... Do you know anything about how that works? Maybe in 10 years it will be beneficial but its at most a couple of percent increase.. How fast does the average connection upload and download.. You just got wow'd by sales pitches my friend.. But please, don't let me ruin your tv experience :D

No, I'm talking about features other than gaming, not talking about performance related capabilities here.
You know, the argument "PS4 is more focused on gaming" but reversed so that it actually makes sense, so that people don't glorify the fact the PS4 has less features :P
That said, now that you bring up cloud, it's a valid argument too. Not so much right now, but you realize this gen will be probably around for closer to a decade, just like the last one? It will likely mean X1 is more future proof cos it's actually developed to take use of things that might not be feasible just yet, but will certainly be in the future.

But that aside, we all have dvb tuners and lots of us smart tv's so the Xbox is pretty futile. My smart telly runs all my programming needs flawlessly and silently.. I also don't have to worry about it listening to every word I say and watching my families every move. Simple fact, ps4 is a games console, xb1 is an entertainment unit that can run games, just not as well as a ps4 can. And the indie game drive by Sony is purely to avoid having gamers pay lots of cash for dumbed down titles and play games that live up to the consoles potential. I am über disappointed with MS as I have been a loyal Xbox user for over 7 years...

Agreed /\ /\
MS or anyone else for that matter is definitely NOT sitting behind a monitor spying on millions of people simultaneously to get a boner. Can you imagine the legal implications of that?
And despite PS4 being an alleged "50% more powerful" system will never show in games. PS3 was slightly more powerful than 360 and the only time you could notice was on a handful of games like Drake, Last of Us and a couple others. But even then it's wasn't a HUGE edge. Personally, if PS4 if a handful of exclusive games look a little better on PS4 I'm not too concerned. If you should be concerned about anything it should be about how much better PC games look than on console. Xbox One is a gaming system AND an all-in-one entertainment unit. If you ask me, that's much more value for your money than the PS4 given what it's capable of.
Btw, I own a PS3 and Xbox 360.

I see a fanboy blinded by media hype and a lol like a child... Wow mate.. The science speaks for itself.. Your comment is as ignorantly unfounded as your research... :D

"Blinded by media hype".. Interesting response. "Ignorantly unfounded as your research". Wow that's a good one too! How long have you been waiting to use that one today? LOL

you did it again!
really... you look at a paper and think specs mean performace in real world? why are you even here anyway, I GUESS you have a windows phone, do you know Android have better specs than Windows Phone, why arent you using an android phone?.
I want to think you are not here only to troll and say whatever thing that comes from your mind without researching first. 
but you know... Windows Phone runs better than android without quadcore and 2gb+ ram... so what about that? arent specs important there but in a console they are? 
and now talking about xbox one, did you forget articles and how developers (not anonymous ones) mention there is no difference between xbox one and ps4? do you really think Microsoft doesnt have the "powers" to make a game console? do you think they dont know how to write software to optimize everything to run fine with the specs they have for xbox one? do you think Microsoft doesnt have the money and brains to know how to make a chipset for xbox that will perform perfectly fine for 7+ years?
you cant even research and you keep throwing numbers you dont even know about. its funny though, but first ps4 was faster 30%, then 40% and now 50%? lol, whats next, ps4 faster 75% and then 100%?
you DONT even have sources, I bet you will link an amazing article with "anonymous developers" though (like the one that was published couple days ago)... because I guess people like John Carmack or Hideo Kojima are not important to you, maybe you dont know who they are. 
or maybe you forgot how Panello explained Microsoft knows what they are doing... they arent noobs at this. and of course not to mention its a WIP so still Microsoft is working to have a good optimized console for devs and consumers.
even Adrian Chmielarz said he meant 50% faster when DEVELOPING GAMES (if he was one of your sources), not the performance between consoles.  (not that i care what he says since he isnt even working on the consoles) but i guess that doesnt mean nothing to you either? :) so I guess "keep believing in magical paper numbers" would work for you.
hmm which makes me wonder, why did you even buy the 360 in first place if it was so "slow" compared with ps3? there was more difference between ps3 vs 360, BUT you still got it? I mean... thats what the paper said, but still you can see great games in 360 that will look fine compared with ps3.
anyway, its not like every studio will work the same, with the same engine, with the same teams, so every game will have the same performace all the time. and even if there was a performace difference you wouldnt even notice, its not like you can pretend you would notice between 60fps vs 55fps, for example.


Well said _Emi_! Actually now that I recall I was at Fan Expo in Toronto in August where they had the Xbox One and PS4 (oddly not the actually console but dev units that were actual PC's) and they allowed everyone demo some of the hottest games. And I'd say I'm certain that after playing them both that the PS4 games didn't look 50% better than the games I played on Xbox One.

What? No Cyan for Xbox one? Did Nokia use up all the paint making the 920 cuz that color is awol...?

Is this is a surprise in any way? MS, Nintendo, and Sony have both released alternative colors of their consoles...don't see why this generation would be any different.
I think this is one place where MS should follow Sony and release multiple colors.

I'm holding out for a Halo 5 edition, but if that doesn't happen, I'd gladly pick up this sexy beast. Love the black/white contrast. It would match my Lumia 920.

After a week it's just another machine in your home theater stack. Anyway, I'm holding out the champagne version.

I think that is gorgeous. Already have white on my TV stand (Cable modem/Triton headset) hopefully it comes along with a price drop. I want an Xbox One but since I really only use my 360 for media already (never have time for gaming) don't have much motivation to plop down FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.
$400 or less. That's it.

My only complaint about the new design it that it's only meant to be used horizontally. My 360 I have standing vertically in my entertainment unit and the Xbox One was going to take it's place. But now I have to rethink my entire entertainment unit as there's zero room for another horizontal unit. Grrr.

By the way I just thought of something. I was thinking about how great it is that it's meant to be your all-in-one entertainment center. And I was really looking forward to running my cable through it to eliminate some tv remotes etc. But then I just realised that I assume it's meant to be on 24/7... So will it is meant to be turned on and off with your tv? Or left on all day like a cable box? 

WANT. The only thing that would make this better is to partner with Lucasfilm (er, Disney), and make this into a stormtrooper version.

This looks way better then the black one to me. So im just wondering why do people feel the need to point out they'll be getting a PS4 on every Xbox one post granted im also getting a Ps4 but I don't need to be negative about this console cause I'll definitely get one next year but I guess I come from a world where I had a Super NES and a Genesis and now have a ps3 and 360