Rumor: Verizon's Nokia Lumia 928 to be announced next week?

Nokia Lumia 928 Mockup

We've seen renderings, images and even a video highlighting the screen assembly on the Nokia Lumia 928 that is destined for Verizon. We are now hearing rumors that Nokia will officially announce the Lumia 928 on April 25th with availability in stores a few weeks later.

The Lumia 928 is expected to sport a 4.5" Super AMOLED screen and an 8.7MP OIS Pureview camera. Basically, a lighter, slightly redesigned version of the Lumia 920.

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As far as the accuracy of the April 25th date, we'll stay on the fence with that one for now. Luckily, the rumored date is only a week away and in the meantime we'll shake the bushes to see what more we can discover about the 928's release date.

source: Nokia Lumia 928 via: Neowin; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Rumor: Verizon's Nokia Lumia 928 to be announced next week?


I work for Verizon, my boss got his hands on one in a meeting a week or so back. He mentioned that it is definitely thinner and lighter than the 822 on Verizon. So excited!

Unfortunately, my boss is a big Android/iPhone guy, so anytime someone puts a beautiful piece of Lumia in his hands he probably dozes off to LaLa land lol. I'm trying to change that though :P

Sad I like the HTC One design better for now. Hopefully next Nokia design can top off 8x and One.

Something about your boss "getting his hands on one" and George P. "shaking the bushes" scares me!! Lol...

They needed to launch this device a while back and for every US carrier. I like where this is going though. Att has Lumia 920 Verizon gets 928 now give tmobile something like a Lumia 922. I love my Lumia 920 and I think everyone should have a chance to own one. Plus the difference in display technology makes people believe they truly have something different from att.

Yes and now to get Nokia off this exclusive period thing with AT&T and just release the different variants at the same time.

Exactly. Even though I'm on att I know that people don't want 8gb internal storage and wvga displays as there best option.

I agree, at the same time when a company has relatively low penetration with a large wireless carrier,  they're forced to submit to carriers' demands. Look at HTC and their previous One series(One X, One S, Evo, Droid Incredible). Its unfortunate that AT&T was the only major carrier to take a gamble on the 900 and heavily promote it. Its almost understandable they would get special perks or exclusivity; if ALL carriers would've supported HIGH END Nokia phones from the jump, a variant of the Lumia 920 would be available on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Probably, it's supposed to be shaped similarly to the Nokia Lumia 720, which correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the glass on it is slightly curved.

I've been saying that in the forums since march I would adda link to the it but it wont let me, but verizon is launching a nationwide agressive ad campaign (remember BB storm) and therefore the phone will not be available untill late May.  In fact Verizon has delayed GS4 and HTC One to focus on L928. GS4 is to launch 2 weeks after 928. Verizon 928 will come with two exclusive apps as well

Why would it be only two weeks?  . For some reason it wont let me post the link here but if you search the wpcentral forums for  lumia-928- predict-release-date-game you'll see I've already mentioned the announcement and availability while ago.

oh I work for VZW marketing dept. I've heard the phone is available internally but I haven't seen one yet myself

Verizon is going to "delay" the HTC One and GS4?  Does that mean they will launch on AT&T/Sprint/Tmobile before they launch on Verizon?  I just don't see Verizon doing that.

Verizon is set to launch the GS4 in June while most careers in U.S will launch the device in late April

The GS4 and One do not really require as much marketing as the 928. Millions are familar with the GS4, the One.

How could they not release it on the 25 since they posted that video of the crazy people and it said in the end something like "what are they going crazy for, find out April 25

Late May? :-P I want one like yesterday.  Is it here yet? Is it here yet?  Seriously though, I'm glad Verizon is finally getting a Lumia flagship phone.

I wish we could put this MicroSD slot to bed on this phone. If it does not then I might not be getting it. I really want the info NOW, not later... I wish something SOLID would be leaked to know for sure...
Ugh, ANOTHER week waiting.....

or a library of music and photos, I had to get my wife a 64 gig iphone5 because she filled up her 32 gig with photos and videos...really wish this had a sd slot as I have been trying to get her to switch to windows phone with me.

iCloud plus back that stuff up on a computer or external drive. Save for maybe someones parents/grandparents, I really doubt anyone (in general here, not making this about you or your wife) is going to sit a view 32 or 64 gigs of photos and video on a 4" screen. Heck, depending on video quality and what not, it's possible I suppose that your phone would be dead before viewing all of it.
Unless you're going on a road trip or on business with just a phone, I am yet to see a reason to store on a phone massive amounts of movies for your own viewing.Given how people aren't doing business work on a 4" phone, I think the likihood of this happening is tiny. My wife has a massive music library on her laptop and gets by just fine on her 8 gig iPhone 4.

We have three boys and she loves to look through old photos and videos during the day, she dosent look at all of them, but having the ability to pick which ones is huge to her...and really who am I to tell her how to use her phone, its nice to have options thats why its nice to have a SD card.  Just because someone dosent use all the space on their phone dosent mean others dont, trust me, I get so tired of people calling others out because it isnt what they would do, will guess what people this is USA we arent made from cookie cutters, we are all a bit different (some nutty) and we are free to use our products the way we see fit.

Exactly. It's no one's right to tell anyone how to use THEIR device. Personally, with a 16gb (12gb usable), HTC 8X, I am always out of space. I have to delete apps I PAID for (not demos) just to install new stuff and when I want to go back to use that game I uninstalled, I have to find a w-fi network to reinstall it (even though I am on a LTE network with unlimited data, gota love that).
My thoughts of how I want to use a phone is with Calls, Music, Podcasts, videos, games. My 8X is full and this is with NO podcasts, No music, NO videos. A 16gb with MicroSD card does not fully solve my problem but, I will could live with it.
My dream is for this device to have 32gb AND a MicroSD slot, yea, I know it's a dream. Or at least a 64gb option....
So a MicroSD slot would allow me to use my phone for Music, Videos, Podcasts and still have a bunch of games installed. It's kind of almost a deal breaker feature for me...It's that big.

You both are speaking volumes to the overconsumption that America is known for. Go to an emerging market where they are lucky to have a phone with 4-8 gigs and no extra storage... and use that same device for a while because you don't have the disposable income to keep buying a new phone every year or two. Go talk with one of the low income people in the US that have a shatter screen on a $50 phone and have to deal with it. Talk with them about your dilemmas. It's amazing to me how lazy people get when they accumulate some money... You WANT a car that can go 2-3 times the legal speed limit- there is absolutely no practical NEED for it. You WANT a phone with massive amounts of storage. There is no NEED for it. People lived for hundreds of years without phones, computers, the internet, etc. Since facebook was launched and even more so since the consumerazation of smartphone (thank you Apple), humanity in "wealthy" countries has gone to crap. I'd love to hear someone use an argument other than "it's their money" as to why a celebrity/filthy rich person needs a $30+ million dollar house they don't even live in 24/7.
@Madisonjar, I understand having kids and taking tons of pictures. But 32 gigs of pictures on one device? There is NO way she looks through that many photos in even two days. Get those pictures on a website or the cloud and/or buy a digital picture frame. ...or just let the OEMs take more of your hard earned money you could use on something else- like more memeories with the kids. I guess at least you guys are spending time with your kids- better than too many parents out there these days.
@DavidinCT, are you really using 12gigs worth of apps on a regular basis? Don't you have a job or something? Unless you have a few 1 gig games or something, I don't see how that is possible. Even then, why do you NEED 12 different time wasting games? You WANT them. How many videos do you have on your phone? What's the resolution of  these videos? Are you one of these people that needs HD quality on a 4.5" screen? The only reason for that many lines of resolution is having big screens. There's a reason you can't find 1080p TVs that are usually sub-32" or more. What can you possibly need on a 4.5" screen that requires potentially 96 gigs? People don't need 96 gigs on a tablet that is still awfully small outside of bus/plane/train/car rides.
I wish people would stop and listen to themselves. I bet when you were in high school and became old enough to drive, you would take a car that looked like crap, had crap mileage, and even smelled funny. I understand when you get older that you want some upgrades to that, perhaps losing the crap for decent. At the same time, when you were growing up you would have taken any computing device you could. As you got older, you had certain programs you needed to run for perhaps work or school or longer battery life, thus needing an upgrade. Okay.
Why do people NEED overkill? Are people really that self concious that, gasp, they have to dock their phone once in a while? Maybe, just maybe, that picture you wanted to show your friend will have to be emailed or texted because it's on your computer and not your phone. Are they really going to stop talking with you over that? Then you hear stories about people that only dock their phone one time with the initial set up and NEVER again! I hope these people are taught a valuable lesson when their device breaks or gets lost. People are getting so lost in mobile devices it really scares me. I remember when I called my friends at home and didn't know who would answer the phone in order to hang out. Now you see kids, and literally, elementary school age, walking around with smartphones. Give me a break! If only people would take a step back once in a while, I might have hope for the future.

After reading this comment now I am joining the Micro SD camp!  I don't care if the damn thing is blank... I don't need it but I want it 

I see you point, but asking/yearning for a micro SD slot isn't really excessive. Tell me would you buy Raman noodles because a money savings or do you opt to buy healthier arguably better food options albeit more expensive? Asking for an option that was a given for the most part in the WM5.XX and above days is reasonable since we are forced to install apps on the phone. Between my legally purchased mp3s and ripped CDs I am sitting on over 60 gigs of music on my home network. If I could stream this on my phone them I wouldn't need a microSD, but coming from Windows Mobile devices with microSD support I always had the option to carry a large amount of that music (my addiction) with me. I don't think it is an unreasonable request especially since my phone is the music source in my 14 year old car. 32gigs base is an improvement, but again, if I had the means to carry a huge portion of my library with me wherever I went...it would be like a dream. (Yes I like music that much.)

LOL, Really ? So what if I live in the US ? I work a job, I support my family, I feel I have a right if I have the money for some items. BECAUSE I want a phone with a feature I have to hear how the rest of the world is doing ? Do I really need to ANSWER to you ? LOL
If people live in low income areas, Got to school, find a good job and MOVE. This is not my fault and for the most part it's people's choice. I feel bad, I really do but, This has NOTHING at all to do with me wanting a phone with some options. I work hard for a living, if I feel I want something, I will get it. Period.
As for what I am going to do with 96gb, it's non of your DAMN business BUT, I have content I could use. I dont need it all for today, I need it for 6-12 months down the line when I feel the need for more content. This is why I was looking at a high end phone, Not a low end phone like you were discussing, If this was one of those 4-8gb devices, I would not even be looking at it.
I also dont like limits like that. This is why I was planning to buy this phone off contract at full retail IF it fit my needs.
I LOL at this whole thing from you and PolishHitta, It's a phone, it's something I am spending my OWN MONEY on. I can pick chose the features I want on a device and decide if I am going to spend MY money on.
I will stand by what I said before, No MicroSD slot, there is a VERY high chance I will not buy it, I feel the need for more space and DAMIT it's my DAM choice.

I am kinda with you that people get things and overconsumption and all that jazz, but again the issue at hand here is memory on a phone, and to be honest if we want to carry around our music, photos, videos, and work with us we are going to need more then 32 gig, its not a overconsumption thing here in this case.  Think about it, with the cameras in cell phones now how big are the picture sizes getting? and lets say we take a ten minute video of our son riding his bike in the driveway, or getting his first hit, or saying something funny, how much did we just use up? I think your post comes off as way more of a rant then needed, and again I do kinda agree that people overconsume ALOT! but as others have pointed out (ramen vs healthy options) sometimes you need to spend more to make sure that in the end your getting something of quality.  but oh well, have a great day everyone.

Ah the typical "it won't fit all my music" excuse. I own 70+ GB. Of music and about 200 of them actually make it to my phone, why you might ask? Well im gonna answer it anyways... I don't listen to them all. And if you do then that means with the same library size as mine you'll be listening to all your songs for 2 months straight

Who are you to say it's an EXCUSE ? I use my phone/media player different than you do, or anyone else here does for that matter. Who made you an EXPERT by any means here ?
It's not about having every album I use on my phone, it's about having that album available when I want to listen to it. Isn't that the point of 64-128gb iPOD ? I have over 100gb of music, I only want to keep about 20-25gb with me, as that is the stuff I listen to the most and every once and a while songs.
A MicroSD option will allow me to do this(with other media), a 32gb device, will not.

Oh im sorry, I need to introduce my self and show you my badge too? 64 and 128gb ipods are designed to those like unique cookie cutter, patriotic Mr. Captain Americas here who have too much money and don't know what to spend on. And they know that you're gonna buy it... Why? Cause its biggest and newest. And I would love to see you stop one day and say "man, wish I had some Justin Bieber to listen to. I should have bought a bigger iPod." oh God "Mericans" are so #%$# spoiled. Being From USA does not make you special.

Sorry, so what if I am in the USA??? If I am spending the money, it's my f'n choice to make on what device I buy and what features I desire in a device. That is why there is different models to make a choice based on my needs

I don't care where you are from but, you better get over yourself. You do not know everything like you seem to think.

I never claimed I was special but for some dam reason you do. Really...get over yourself.

then why are you asking stupid questions if you supposedly know the answers to? I'm gonna drop this right now before you accuse me of bombing Boston, blowing up Texas plant, and disabling phone and internet in the Bay Area.

What is with all the self righteous posters today? I have a 250 gb ipod and needed to get a second because it was full... I guess that I am damned to hell for this unpardonable sin. Personally I will be glad to tell everybody the things that I want in the 928 but I will not tell them what they need.

MicroSD is a must, I don't get why some top of the line phones like the Lumia 920 don't have it.
It's always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Ditto. That phone comes out I'll bring my money first day of release to Verizon and force them to take it... And they better like it

I would have switched from At&t to Verizon if this had been released in January! Plus it looks like the L920 and the HTC 8x had a baby together to make the L928.

Being on ATT I'm glad my Verizon friends can have more options as well.
glad I left Sprint,still nothing but failure from the not now network

Now we have some date rumors to go with the pics.
Have there been any price rumors yet?
My Droid X was old about a year ago. Need something new very soon, and I'm interested in jumping into the WP arena. No sense considering the 822 or 8 if this is coming soon.
I've also been holding off getting a new android phone with the rumored april release on the 928, but it's getting harder and harder with the prices coming down on the GSII, Droid DNA and others.
I've seen very little speculation on price. Someone on one of the forums suggested the possibility of Verizon pricing it at $99. I have no idea if that's accurate or not, but it'd pretty much be a done deal for me if it is...

Flagship phones always sell for 249 to 299 on contract. Verizon standardized pricing. 199 for upper mid range and 99 and below for lower mid range and low end phones.

Rumor was $549.99 full off contract retail on it, right in line where the 920 was..... I bet $99 to $199 at retail as they are trying to promote the heck out of WP....

If I recall, the suggestion was that Verizon's costs for windows phones are subsantially lower than they are for Android and Iphones, so they'd be able to offer a lower price.
Add to that the possibility of Nokia/MS giving a big(ger) push to get people interested in these and that sort of backs of the possibility, anyway, of a lower cost on contract.
Then again, I could just as easily see them saying "hey, this is a premium phone, just like the Galaxy or the DNA, and for that it's $299.
Hoping for the best and expecting the worst... :)

Its an exciting future for Lumia phones. I got an email yesterday that confirmed everything this post specifies. I should be getting a 928 within the next week.. I haven't been provided with any details on a new AT&T 920 variant which is weird. Nokia Product Specialists currently visit wireless stores every two weeks to promote and increase awareness of Nokia Lumia phones. They will be blitzing stores HEAVILY within the next few months. If you live in a major metropolitan area, there's a good chance you will see one inside a wireless store.