Rumor: Windows Phone 8 to have native screenshot capability

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File this under rumor but certainly plausible

Ever since Windows Phone hit the market in 2010, complaints that users cannot take screenshots have persisted as a fairly major annoyance for what is a technically minor issue to implement. Due to some of the media hounding various Microsoft execs about the problem it shouldn’t be a surprise that Redmond is finally addressing this with Windows Phone 8.

The site WPDang is now reporting that this feature will be built in to Windows Phone 8 with the following key-combo to initiate: press and hold Start plus the Camera button.

We are as of yet unable to confirm the validity of WPDang’s claim so take it with a grain of salt—but let’s be honest, of all the surprises that Windows Phone 8 may bring, native screenshots should be fairly predictable and doable. Such a feature would be beneficial for developers for promoting their apps, consumers for sharing bug reports and those in the tech media who need images for reviews. 

Currently, there is a hombrew option for those with developer unlocked Windows Phones. It requires sideloading of a XAP file and while it is very effective most Windows Phone users are unable to use it due to the requirements. 

Source: WPDang (translated); via Windows Phone Daily


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Rumor: Windows Phone 8 to have native screenshot capability


I've always thought that hold the back button to bring up the tasks and then having a camera icon below the screen image would be a neat way to implement it

can you please go to windows phone user voice and suggest that? ill make a ton of accounts to vote it up so it gets seen

You are Emerald!
That idea is the elegant way of doing it.
Camera + Start (a physical button and a Capacitive touch screen) never going to be sync and it is really bad idea!

As everyone else has said, this is a pretty ingenious suggestion. I can't believe I never thought of something so simple.

I'm going to have to agree this is an amazing idea. Please put it in the windows phone suggestions and link it to a new forum topic. Lets make this happen!

I put this idea up in the windows phone suggestions and I put a link to it in the forums. Its in the windows phone 8 general discussion forums

So, if it's windows+camera button, how will you work with screenshot and tell me? Personally, I think tell me should be initiated by a long press of the search button.

Just long press the camera button should do it... Some of you are thinking way complicated to screenshot.

You'd then have to delay the camera launch from a tap of a camera button, as the system will have to determine whether you've taken your finger off or not.

long press camera button already activates camera app when you can just press once to activate it when the phone is on. So why wait for it when it could be used as a different function?

I like the holding back button and having camera icon seems like the best cause it really shouldn't take two hands to take screen shot.

The article states it pretty well. Developers could use it to take screenshots from an actual handset rather than an emulator - much better when you're trying to show off a game or Xbox Live features. Also, we in the press would rather take our own screenshots than rely on stock images from the Marketplace and developers.

Well besides developers...
So I assume Android and ios have it?
I'm all for it even if only a small percentage of users need it just as the FFC article proved. After reading the glum news about Nokia and WP marketshare last week any feature that the other two os's have should help us!

I believe Android has it (not sure since I haven't had much hands on time with them) but I know for a fact iOS has had it for years. I used to use the feature quite often on my iPod Touch.

afaik, android didn't have this feature by default up until ICS. A few OEMs and custom roms added it before (I know my Galaxy Tab got that feature with 3.2) and there were a few apps on the play store that added this feature to any phone.

That's a welcome news.  Although I dont do much but from time to time i do but couldn't.  Cant wait.

Duh I'm sure they would put the screenshot option in with the tab menu and the favorites and all the other options that are in there.

Very handy! And good way to do it too, why not use the camera button, it is capturing an image after all!

It's not hard, but context menus are app-specific - and it also means that you will constantly get screenshots with context menus in them!

Lol!  I have a free screen capture app on my N8 that I downloaded just to see what the hoopla was ablout concerning capturing a screen shot. I've used it once in the whole year I've had my phone...to send a screen shot to a developer regarding their app and how his app was behaving on my device.   I still had to describe the issue, for context, so I could have easily conveyed my message without including the screen shot.  However, the develper was quite thankful for the screen capture.
Definitely a feature that I can't imagine more than a very small percentage of WP users ever really needing to use; I suppose, though, that it's just a 'nice to have, just in case' type of feature. 

Its also nice if there is info from a website you might want later on just in case you aren't near a WiFi spot and dont want to waste data. When I had an iPhone, I used to use the feature all the time for capturing directions, recipes or possibly saving a Facebook posting that would be hard to find later

The why question could be asked of every feature on the phone.

I vote for Power + Camera buttons, for the ability to take a snapshot of anything on the screen, including the task cards.

Back + Camera is too difficult. It should be:
Volume Up, Volume Up, Volume Down, Volume Down, Back, Search, Back, Search, Power, Camera :P

For me, this is quite important as a marketing tool. A major part of IOS being as popular as it is, is due to the spreading of screenshots on the internet. Almost free viral marketing.

Oh, sadly, this is one of those DUH features.  I "understand" why they were reluctant, but those excuses were lame. Unless they were worried about being investigated by EU again for something else.  I hope this is coming to WP7.8 and not just WP8.

I'm starting to be a disgrunted WP user. This shit should of been on the phone since the beginning. at lof the features they are probably coming out with WP8 should have been there to begin with. You wonder why WP isnt selling well, this because of this. My gf keeps getting fustrated over her WP because she thinks it's not intiutive enough as the iPhone.

This needs to be in 7.8.  Some apps (Toys Soldiers and the Urban Dictionary app) have screenshot capabilibies.  I don't know why more developers don't put that into their apps.