Rumored Miracast dongle may be Microsoft's answer to Apple TV, Chromecast for Windows Phone


It looks like Microsoft may be turning to Miracast to allow Windows Phone users to share and beam their phone's screens to a nearby HDTV. Miracast may bring to Windows Phone some of the screen casting and sharing functionality that rivals Apple and Google offer through their "TV" experiences, and it looks like Microsoft may be working on its own dongle to allow the connectivity to happen.


Microsoft has a new accessory that it's seeking regulatory approval with U.S. agency the FCC in the form of the Microsoft HD-10 that contains WiFi connectivity, a USB connection, and HDMI port. The device is labeled as a "Miracast Dongle" and serves as a media adapter.

Windows Phone 8.1 currently does support Miracast screen sharing capabilities, though many older HDTV sets lack the technology. By creating an adapter, Microsoft may bridge the gap for Windows Phone owners. The technology could compete with Apple TV's AirPlay as well as Google's Chromecast and Android TV.

Are you excited about playing your favorite Windows Phone game on a big screen TV and using your phone as a controller?

It's unclear when Microsoft will debut the product, but an announcement could happen on September 4th at an IFA event.

Source: Windows Phone Daily


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Rumored Miracast dongle may be Microsoft's answer to Apple TV, Chromecast for Windows Phone



Well i rather ask here since I am on this app, why by rude about it? Did offend you somehow? How am i troll, I have been using WP since the HTC HD7 and now the 1520, I have a Windows 8 tablet, Xbox and Windows 8.1 pc's

It's a dongle that plugs into your TVs HDMI and USB port.  It's largely useless if you have a smart TV, I unplugged mine due to lack of use.

This is miracast based and has nothing to do with chromecast.

That's good though. Better to use a flexible, widely accepted standard than a proprietary one made by google.

Chromecast allows for independet apps controlled by the casting device (like having Chromecast stream video, while you do other stuff with your casting device). Isn't Miracast just screen sharing?

Some people can be such smart-arsed dicks on the internet eh? I thought your comment was spot on mate, since outside of this forum most people will know of Chromecast but not Miracast. I just wish Microsoft and Google would bury the hatchet, there's no technical reason why Windows can't use Chromecast just as there's no technical reason why YouTube has to work so badly with Windows Phone and RT. Just means that I ignore Google products and look for an alternative, like this.

Like yourself you mean? Windows does work with Chromecast, download Google Chrome and the extension. The chromecast isn't mine though, its crap anyway, just like google glass. Take it apart and its like $15 worth of tech.

I have an HTPC with a HDHomerun Dual network tuner. But that's not a mainstream alternative to something like Miracast at all.

the issue comes into the plugging in part. while you need an appletv or chromecast to be plugged in, once done, media and the screen (in the case of chromecast) can be sent to the tv wirelessly at the push of a button.


microsoft needs to make this work with the xbox. either with miracast or a wifi-direct connection. that would be pretty killer

Mine does too, but I am.pretty sure the install base of people with 360s and xb1s is larger than people with Miracast capable TVs :)

I agree with this wholeheartedly, it's completely insane how devices can't just talk to one another over a network. Any WiFi compatible device in my house should be able to transfer information between one another simply and painlessly (it was actually infinitely easier to do this sort of thing on my old windows XP machine and xbox 360, never had a phone that allowed me to transfer data over my wireless network though), otherwise what's the bloody point, it's called a network for a reason. I wish they would focus more on this stuff than screen resolutions and GHz.

Right, so rather than going out to buy a $30 dongle and plug into the TV your suggestion is to build a HTPC? Good call.

I'm not sure there's any need for this. There are tons of Miracast adapters already available that work just fine with Windows devices.

Chromecast is a different concept. The dongle talks directly to the internet, and you direct what it retrieves from your device. You can use your phone to set up a movie or youtube video running on chromecast, and then completely shut your phone off. It is not at that point 'casting' from the device. The drawback there is that you need to find another android device if you want to pause the content, or do anything else. They have extend the capability to do some screen sharing.

Miracast provides the ability to wirelessly attach a second screen to your mobile device. That can provide screen sharing, Airplay-like, or in the case of Windows, essentially a second monitor which can be used duplicated or extended just like two monitors on a desktop. Miracast technology is a direct WiFi link, it is not dependant on a local WiFi network as Chromecast is. Miracast is in essence a wireless HDMI cable.

I tend to disagree.  I have been through 3 differnent Miracast adapters that worked "OK", but two of them had very bad video issues whereas when playing movies, the video would freeze but the audio kept playing.  The one I have now, for whatever reason is not compatible with my LG tv, it only works on my Visio tv.  A "dedicated" dongle designed specifically for Windows/Windows Phone I believe would probably work much better.

Yes! Its a must! It should be there by day one. I think they should also add this to Xbox 360 if possible.

Why? What could you possibly have exclusively on your phone that isn't available on your computer? Just plug your computer into your TV, or even better, install Windows Media Center with a Ceton Infinity card (for cable TV access without the cost of a cable TV box) and you'll have an Whole House Entertainment Center for all your media at every TV with a Xbox360.

That assumes people have Xbox. There are more WP users without an Xbox than those with. Maybe we want to show pictures to people or play a game on the big screen.

I have the same setup you describe but I am not able to view all web content on my TV. I have a 360 and Roku 3 and I'm not able to view anything unless it has an App and there are many media sources that don't.

Are you suggesting an audience who loves Qi charging so much that the notion of "plugging in" a phone to charge I sounds like blood letting and betrothal marriages, that they drag a computer to their TV and plug it in? Good luck.

This is great but I think the more natural path would be to allow the Xbox one to act as a receiver... Kinda boggles the mind why that wasn't considered.

The XBox One will come - but for most people $30-$50 over $400-500 is the sell.  Look at Chromecast and low cost Roku's etc.  MS needs to compete in the space and doing it a standard is smart.

Really? How does it work? Are the HDMI adaptors to miracast? I would love to Miracast my DSLR to the Surface to use it as an external monitor when on a video shoot!

All the Surface Pro tablets support Miracast out of the box.  I purchased a third-party Miracast wireless receiver that works "ok", but I believe a dedicated Microsoft Dongle would work much better.  Just plug in the Micracast receiver to the HDMI in and plug the power USB cable into the USB port on the tv.  Set the TV to HDMI and turn on your Surface tablet.  Run through the setup process (to link the tablet to the Miracast receiver) and your Surface will connect wirelessly to your TV and broadcast video and audio.  Great for playing games and watching movies.

Tried a couple of third-party miracast receivers and didn't get great results. Would love to see a Microsoft-branded version that I could use with my SurfacePro and Nokia. Love my Surface Pro. Like the Chromecast too (I have two - one for home and one for on the road) that I use with an Nexus 7 - there are some limitations but Google is quickly adding "channels and products". Would prefer to connect the Microsoft-banded version tho.

I was thinking the same.. There is an Xbox in nearly every home, combine that with the dongle and you easily outnumber the competition..

Yeah, Xbox as the receiver would be the only way I'd use it. I probably wont buy a dongle for a feature I'd rarely use, but going through the Xbox and add support for Xbox One controllers to WP I would've played my WP games a lot more xD

"In nearly every home", well, I would say that pretty much depends on individual social networks, let's put it this way. Obviously exaggerated otherwise.

That would be very cool indeed. The only thing is that most Windows Phones available today don't actually support Miracast. I believe the 630, 930/Icon, and the 1520 are the only ones

I don't understand why it has a USB connection. Isn't HDMI enough? Or does that mean we'll be able to plug our Windows Phones directly to the dongle via USB and therefore bypass the Miracast support requirement?
But then, it's only a rumor.

I got a Netgear PTV3000 which is considered one of the top Miracast dongle.  It has the same specs as MS HD-10.   It costs $59 at Amazon.

Yep ready to buy it now. Heard about this last year was wondering when it would show up. Rumoured price was$100 better be cheaper chromecast price please.

Microsoft has an 8-core dongle that will work just fine called the Xbox One. The "I want to pick a TV show on my phone and watch it on my TV" use case is already there with smartglass. Miracast isn't quite the same as Chromecast... With Chromecast the traffic doesn't flow through your phone after you start it, the Chromecast goes straight to the source. This new Miracast dongle would be cool for sharing videos, but not good for watching movies or shows, because you will kill your device battery. So for that small of a feature, they should just roll it into an Xbox One update. I get that a $500 console and a sub-$50 dongle are in different brackets, but I think this could be executed differently.

If microsoft is going out of it's way to sell a device that is already available on the market, there is a good chance it will do something differently, It could work more like chromecast - Infact wpcentral could have misinterpreted the rumor entirely and it could be a device that allows the xbox to stream directly to the tv without the need for a hdmi cable


Use it on my surface all the time and it's awesome would like a dedicated dongle exactly targeted for Windows based devices and maybe some of the "quirks" will disappear

On your suface (all intel ones so also the surface 2) you go to the charm bar, devices, project (and if you do it for the first time with a new device) add a wireless display. follow on screen instructions and voila connected to your screen/projector. The projector i have at work does not have a miracast option but does have hdmi input and a USB port. adding the NETGEAR Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter with Miracast (PTV3000), http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Push2TV-Wireless-Miracast-Certified/dp/B00904JILO/ref=sr_1_3/177-2471473-4573734?ie=UTF8&qid=1408665932&sr=8-3&keywords=miracast made the projector and my Surface a valuable asset to our meeting room where a lot of presentations are done.  My tv's at home have wifi so I don't need the netgear push tv there. Some samsung (with WiFi) tv's do not play nice with my Surface so for those I always have an extra push tv in my bag. The PRO 3 I own now is not as reliable as my pro 2 with project to screen but I think that is just a matter of time since all new products need some time to settle ;-)


Hope this was helpful




Don't get me wrong, Microsoft directly releasing a Miracast adapter would help Miracast out, but this article makes it seem as if it's something new to the industry. Maybe enabling miracast on all WP devices that can support it 1st?

I already use a netgear ptv3000 with my Surface Pro 2 and Tegra Note with zero complaints.

Exactly, my tv has been Miracast enabled by default since I bought it but my 920 isn't... I was hoping it would come in an update (I vaguely remember Nokia mentioning it WAS possible, but I forgot where I read it) but it never came.

Yes. Windows Media Center with a Ceton Infinity card 4 and 6 cable TV tuners and no cable tv box rental fees. It is an amazing whole house or just one room solution.

I see no advantage in this unless it is able to stream stuff From my PC to my TV better than my PS3 does through Plex. Which I doubt.

It would be nice if MS would actually show the public this product on TV, and use it to push WP, but that's too much to ask for....
Everytime I see a new MS product, and get excited, I remind myself that us fans are the only ones who are going to know about it... Because MS sucks at advertising, and building awareness about their products.

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Yup there is a place in town here that makes fresh links and brats. Toss em in the smoker for an hour or so with some hickory and a side of baked beans with smoked tri-tip or brisket in it. Heaven bro.

They will show it. Then they'll tell you that you can't have it. But that it's "coming soon". And then you should be able to get it on Q4 2016.

I had to buy a cheep android tablet to use chromecast here at home. I hope developers use those google's api to allow me to use my phone with chromecast.

there are already a couple of apps that use Chromecast win WP... I used "Youtube for Chromecast" last weekend at a friend's. Now if some of the bigger apps/companies would use it too, that would be neat, but I do like miracast better so far.

no with a name like that it would be another surface/surface rt fiasco. people would buy it thinking they could play xbox games on it and then there would be a huge outrage.

Whatever they mighy call it, that's what I want. Forget the Miracast dongle; give me a $99 media/app box that melds the Xbox media stuff and WP games.

Would be great for the projectors in conference rooms at work. Most have HDMI inputs these days, so this device could just plug in to the projector.

Whatever happened to the Xbox One Mini / Xbox TV rumours? It would be awesome to see an Xbox branded device similar to an Apple TV device...

- No HDD or Disc drive (To keep costs down)
- View TV / TV catch-up apps
- Xbox Video & Music Services
- Miracast connection for Windows Phones and Windows tablets (Though they should also add Android and iOS to attract more users)

And while they're at it, why not a similar feature to PlayStation's 'Vita TV'?? Vita TV allows you to play your PS4 games in another room without the PS4 console... So with an Xbox TV we could have our Xbox One in one room and our Xbox TV device in another so that we can decide which room we play in.

Personally something like that would be perfect for me.

Why can't they just make a windows RT hdmi/USB dongle? If RT is free, can't some manufacturer make this happen?

Too little, too late. This thing still has to be approved, marketed, manufactured, and shipped. By then, how long will have Chromecast and Apple TV been available? And like the commenters have said it only works with a few WP phones. It better work with every device on the market when it gets released or no one is gonna buy it.

Notice it is branded Surface. It is more targeted at Windows, in my view. Surface Pro's have the broadcast capability as do the Dell Venues and my Asus Note 8. My Lumia 2520 supports it as well. Somewhat surprisingly, so do my Android devices, MotoX and Nexus 7. Miracast is actually a standard. Yes it works on my 1520, I have the Actiontech and Netgear receivers. Been looking at the Belkin for size. The picture posted at the German site above looks pretty compact.

You can do that now with 8.1 on most devices via USB. It uses the Project My Screen you can find in settings and requires a client Project My Screen app on a PC. Works quite well for demo's. Get a long USB cable. The Miracast functionality is accessed from the same Project My Screen setting on the phone.

Though the new TV I'll be getting by next payday to upgrade my old one will be having Miracast I still find this to be terrific news! The more Miracast is used the better!

I would rather they released a harddrive-less digital 360 remake for media consumption at $100 to compete with Ouya, PlaystationTv, AppleTv, etc...

Apple has had this for years with Apple TV and AirPlay. It is good to see Microsoft taking this area more seriously though.

I would imagine so. Miracast is a standard. The same Miracast receivers I currently use with my Surface and Lumia 1520, also work with my Android devices. It is a matter of the platform supporting Miracast. I don't expect MS will cripple a standards based device so only MS sources will work.

If microsoft can get Miracast to work with no lag it can be truly revolutionary. Considering windows 8.1 now is a Miracast reciever this means you could, potentially, get your XBox One to send game video to your PC so you can play if someone else is using the TV.  At the same time, you should be able to project your WP screen to your PC now. What if Microsoft is using miracast as a video streaming standard for something bigger that would let you control your phone and Xbox from your PC? It would be an amazing strategy for ecosistem integration. If you have a Pc and get a WP, now your PC can also make calls and send messages. If you have a PC and and Xbox, you can play your Xbox games through your PC as well. What about taking calls from your Xbox? It would be amazing.

"Considering windows 8.1 now is a Miracast reciever ". Could you expand on that a bit. I can't find any reference to that capability. Is there some app that is required? Some obscure setting?  I clearly need to tell my Surface to receive in some manner, for it to show up on my 2520 or 1520 as something I can project to.

This is good news, but I really would prefer the more AppleTV approach than the Chromecast approach. I use AppleTV at my business's country club for wireless display and run it through a display matrix to project on multiple TVs. Currently the only Windows option I have is a Lightshow device which has TERRIBLE performance.

Do you mean the Apple TV, internet connected settop box with a remote and no requirement for any other device, or the AppleTV Airplay screen sharing approach? If the latter, that is exactly what Miracast is.

I don't get the excitement? Search amazon for Miracast dongle, there are *hundreds* out there already, for under 20 quid, doing just what Microsoft is 'innovating' already..

Don't get me wrong,I have a surface pro and a Lumia 630, I love my MS products, but I have been casting to my TV from both for weeks - sometimes it feels like people think things don't exist until Apple or MS or Google put a logo on them...

Some don't realize it's an option (I was one of them *hides shameful face*). People like the option of all-in-one solutions from one place, I suppose. On that note, I'm checking Amazon right now...thx for the tip ;)

Google and Apple have had solutions for quite a while (in Apple's case years), the only one who hasn't put a logo on it is Microsoft.

I'm new to Windows phone, trying out the platform coming from iOS.  Seamless integration with other devices is the biggest thing missing in it.  I don't mind looking around for an alternative to Apple TV or Airport Express, but the average person just wants to go buy the device (without having to research around the Internet), hook it up, and have it running with a minimum of fuss.  This is where Apple excels, and for Microsoft to catch up they need to do better here.

The 1520 I'm testing is awesome, but I'm not sure I want to deal with switching ecosystems.  The platform is good enough I may consider spending a year with it, but MS has a ton of catch-up to do.  They're not far off and I hope they can do it.

Miracast has been around for a while. Some tablets already support it (such as the Google Nexus 7 2013 and the Surface 2). Miracast replicates your screen as if you had an HDMI output port on your device while (until just recently Chromecast only supported certain apps. I have both Chromecast ($35) and Miracast (~$60) dongle and performance wise, the Chromecast is significantly faster as the programming is a direct WiFi stream (Chromecast) as opposed to replicating (Miracast) which ultimately causes noticeable latency issues. Plus, with Chromecast, you can cast something to your TV and continue using your mobile device while Miracast you can't. I will tell you however, that Miracast offers greater flexibility across a multitude of platforms. That way you don't need a bunch of different dongles if your devices are different platforms. Bottom line, MS should pursue it to level out the playing field. I'd still buy it.

YESSS!!!!! Oh Microsoft, PLEASE get this! I would be so happy. Then allow me the option to mirror my laptop, and you've got yourself a happy MSFT customer ;)

Yawn .. Should be already running on Xbox one without a dongle with ability to anonymous connect once on Wi-Fi like apple TV does. Oh and cross platform support as well

Meh Chromecast is only as good as the apps that support it and whilst there's some great apps that do work it's still not what I would want. I have a roku media stick and whilst this also has areas that are lacking its a better service with channels (yes some are so bad they border crimes against humanity!!) added weekly and some nice little perks, like private channels and I don't mean porn. Yes porn is there but I mean channels not available via the website but via developers who offer a sort of download code. I have discovered some real good porn...no no I, I, I mean art, yeah that's it art, I've discovered some really good art channels. Ahem...

I've been wondering what exactly all these devices do that I am living without? I have over the air TV, 100s of cable tv channels, the internet, my phone and OneDrive sends my photos and home made videos to my computer connected to my tv, the internet is on my computer connected to my tv. My computer is a Windows Media Center so all my media is available on all my Xbox 360 connected TVs throughout the house. What is it that I am missing?
I carry a HDMI cable with my SurfacePro2 and can plug into any tv with a HDMI input.

Edit: Wikipedia says miracast is like a wireless HDMI cable, if the sending and receiving devices have it and there are no latency standards. So, when it works, it is just like plugging in a HDMI cable to mirror your screen. I think an HDMI cable is more reliable, works in all cases, and has no notable latency. Am I missing something?

Microsoft should be building a $100 Xbox 360 box without a physical drive. That would compete very well with the other competitors.

I returned Chromecast as it didn't add any value to my smart tv. This device... As long as it supports Sky Go, I'll buy and give it a try... :-)

I already own a Netgear push2tv adapter similar to this which supports both miracast and widi so I can connect most Windows devices that support this to my tv. What ever happened to that rumoured Xbox tv media box? That would be a device that could actually compete with Apple tv and android tv.

Play Windows Phone games projected onto a TV?  That has got to be the stupidest thing yet. The onlyt things that make sense to send would be pictures, video clips and music.  Which I can already do via Play To capablity. Why on earth would I project a stupid game onto the TV?  Heck, I don't even use my Xbox One for gaming.  My PC is. MUCH better gaming platform.. 

This may be Windows Phone Central, but this device isn't limited to Windows Phone. It can essentially create a secongd screen for compatible Windows devices. That is duplicated or extrended. You could do presentation mode in Powerpoint  wirelessly...even from an 8" tablet that has the speaker notes in your hand. Demo'ing WP is a killer use case.

I wonder how well MS will integrate this into the media apps; Google's implementation of Chromecast is excellent and one of the features I genuinely miss from Android.

I really don't get it. There are already plenty of miracast dongles available on the market, why would i buy a microsoft one, which will be more expensive?

Chromecast and Miracast isn't the same: chromecasts biggest advantage is, that it recieves links, and streams directly from the internet. The phone can be used for other things afterwards. or you put it away and it won't consume battery. Really handy when suing apps like netflx oder play music to stream content to your tv. your phone is the remote control, not the content provider.

Of course, with many devices you use chromecast to stream your phones screen, too. So chromecast handles everything miracast does and much more, and costs less.