Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone 8 gets bumped with performance improvements, more language support

Runtastic for Windows Phone

If you missed the ‘Red Stripe’ deal a few weeks ago for Runtastic Pro (it was on sale for $.99, down from its normal $4.99), well, you missed a great offer for an impressive service for fitness buffs. The app recently went full Windows Phone 8 on us, bringing a host of new features and a slight redesign. Personally, we’ve been using it with the physical heart rate monitor and have been having a blast.

Even if you don’t run, it has general fitness features too, including weights, skiing, swimming and more. If you use Fitbit and or MyFitnessPal, it can easily link up to both services, giving you a comprehensive overview of your activity level and calories expended.

Version 2.4 just went live in the Store for the paid, Pro version (we’re sure the free app will be getting bumped too). With it comes some interesting new additions:

  • New Languages:  Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch
  • Improvements: Updated wording, dialogs; Improved app start time and performance
  • Fixes: Login connection with Facebook repaired

For some of you, that Facebook fix is a big deal while for others, being able to use the app and service in your language will be a big boost. For the rest? Hey, faster is always better, right?

Grab your Runtastic Pro (v2.4) update here in the Store or try out the free version here (v2.3).  Also, read our in-depth review.

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Reader comments

Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone 8 gets bumped with performance improvements, more language support


It's like a $100 or more, mostly because it's not yet sold in the US (I imported mine from Australia).

What's neat is that it works with most gym machines that support HR monitoring, as those work wirelessly with this device. In that case, I just record the time/distance/calories in MyFitnessPal and let the machine determine the info (while entering in age/weight).

Does it work well, meaning like its supposed to? I want to see more support for these types of accessories. You talked about a thermometer a few weeks ago but it is a shame the phone with Office doesn't have square, intuit, or PayPal support.

Wow, I'm blown away that you imported it from Australia. I live here and by a lot of my stuff from the US or UK because I can't find it locally, or it cost 2x as much locally.

Does anybody knows if another HR monitor works with this app? I've been wanting to buy Bluetooth HR monitor but I'm afraid is not gonna work, any suggestions?

I mean...how would it? If you're on WiFi, you're probably in a gym or your home, ergo a treadmill/elliptical, which calculates your distance. Are you running around your neighborhood while connected to the worlds most powerful WiFi or something?

I have this app but I don't understand some things like is their a way to use offline maps on this or is their a way for it not to use my data and if I can use this somehow at home?

Love this app! I use it in conjunction with myfitnesspal to coordinate a weight loss program using exercise and diet. Just great.

Yea, same here. I been using it for two weeks now and I love how I can start entering my calorie intake and automatically see the exercise session in myfitnesspal. I just wished that runtastic would implement a pedometer feature for either running or have it running in the background. I hesistant to purchase a fitbit if my phone can provide the same functionality.

I got a fitbit recently and could not be happier about it. No need to check on background apps killing the battery of my phone.
I use runtastic mainly for running and the fitbit for the everyday walking.
If you have a spare 100$ you won't regret getting a fitbit. Trust me.

One question for you Daniel (or anyone else that OWNS the adapter). I was going to have my cousin in England mail me HR adapter etc, but does the adapter have a pass through for audio controls?
My workout headphones have the whole inline mic/volume/play/pause remote. If i use an adapter, can i still make phone calls through my headphones and/or control my music?

Nice to see an update. Is graph data now supported? Would be great if Runtastic or Sports Tracker came up with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that works on WP8. Think we'll be in a long wait though :(

Edit: Still no graph data. Hard to notice any changes to be honest!

If it hooked up to Runkeeper (Healthgraph API), then I would give it a try. I'm already too invested in that to switch platforms.

Yeah, same, I use Caledos Runner now so I still have all my Runkeeper data from when I used to own a 3GS...

Okay, it is still in English for some reason, since my system language is in traditional Chinese the app should be in Chinese as well. :/

If you use Fitbit and or MyFitnessPal, it can easily link up to both services, giving you a comprehensive overview of your activity level and calories expended.

Sorry, this is wrong.  There is no linking to Fitbit through Runtastic (you can however link to MyFitnessPal, which can also link to Fitbit).  Runtastic has been blowing off Fitbit integration for the past year: http://my.support.runtastic.com/runtastic/topics/linking_runtastic_to_fitbit?page=1
If you want Fitbit integration, stick to endomondo.

That one doesn't work with Windows Phones nor Android. It will only work with iPhone. I am really waiting for a bluetooth heart rate monitor for Runtastic!