Sample photo captured with the Verizon Lumia 929 is leaked for your eyes to see

Lumia 929

We recently looked at a leak of the Verizon Lumia 929 from Nokia, which didn't make the event in Abu Dhabi. A leaker on our forum uploaded a video and some photos for everyone to check out the upcoming Windows Phone that's expected to launch sometime before Q1 2014. Now that same leaker has published a sample shot captured by the Lumia 929.

There are still many question marks that surround the Lumia 929, including the specifications, but the Windows Phone is believed to sport a 20MP rear shooter.

Lumia 929 Sample
Nokia Lumia 929 photo sample

The above shot was captured on the Nokia Lumia 929 you saw in the leaked video. The quality of the photo is really good with high levels of detail and decent properties. We'll have to get our hands on one to see how the device fares against the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925, but early signs are looking good.

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Sample photo captured with the Verizon Lumia 929 is leaked for your eyes to see


Get one 3rd party, it's gonna be unlocked anyways. I am sure it can work on most HSPA network. I would get one if I could.

The problem is that i dont live in the US, but if this comes to my country would be a replacement for my 920! :D

thought the global variant was the 1320? or 1520?  getting confused with all these new model numbers.

Verizon uses GSM for LTE I believe. My friends unocked iP5 works perfectly with Verizon to Tmobile and my second 8X I got parts (wireless charging) works for Tmobile aswell (both iP5 and 8X for parts were Verizon, purchased straight from store with branding) and I'm a loyal Tmobile cusotmer.

Yes, the iPhone 5 works on Verizon and AT&T only because Apple consolidated its pipeline. I haven't seen any other company that consolidates GSM and CDMA.

Incorrect, The reason Verizon iPhone 5 and greater work on GSM carriers is that all Verizon devices with 700Mhz band of LTE need to have the SIM slot unlocked as part of conditions for using that spectrum.
Any and all Verizon devices (including Windows Phone devices like HTC 8X and rumored 929) that have 700Mhz LTE band all have the LTE SIM slot unlocked and can be used on any GSM carrier.

Photo looks cool enough but it cannot beat mine(Lumia 1020).But Lumia 929 is bounded to Verizon.Let us hope there will be a global version for this variant.Do you like to see one of the best images taken by my Lumia 1020 then proceed(see here) http://bit.ly/1gW4QXv

It seems finally gives me enough reasons to move over to Verizon.  I moved from Spring to AT&T because of Lumia 900.   

I'm in the same place.  I thought I would stay with AT&T to get the flagship 1520, but AT&T crippled it to the point the Lumia 929 might be the best Lumia available in the states.

Now you know how I feel about the 1020! It's only on AT&T.... At least now I can get a decent camera on the 929 although it's not the 41MP I want!

Im in the same boat - I am on a really $hitty android POS galaxy nexus that lags so bad and crashes 2-3 times a day.  All i want is the Lumia 1020 on Verizon, but looks like the 929 will have to suffice.  I have to buy outright in order to keep my unlimited plan, so i guess i could always sell it if the 41mp pureview ever comes to Verizon.

Why isn't there any talks about a global release of the same variant alongside the US market? Or does Verizon now have the power to hold global exclusivity :/

There is no microSD, but you would have 32GB and 64GB memory choices. With a 5" 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 processor, 20MP camera, 32/64GB, 3-column start screen, inbuilt wireless charging, L929 is almost a perfect phone. It should be the most popular WP phone thus far and beats all previous models.

I agree, the perfect WP. Perfect size, perfect features (if all rumors are true). This article must be top news. Cant wait the official announcement.

almost perfect, wont be pefect fit till someone confirms Verizon/Nokia didn't hamstring the hard ware and cut the wire from the SOC to the headphone jack leaving out true FM radio. That part really sucks on the L928

If it has a 20mp shooter, consider me sold. 1520 is just too large to comfortably fit in jeans pocket and 1020 has that hump(and no 1080p).

My thoughts exactly but I just got the 822 in January and still love it. One thing that I really appreciate is the removable SD card for transferring anything to my Surface. That could be my biggest deterrent from getting the 929.

I hope the international version has a proper xenon flash. Led is next to useless, even dual leds. Either way my 1020 will still take considerably better pics. I hope they come up with a version of the 1020 with a 1080p screen (hopefully 4.7 to 5 inches). That would be the perfect phone

I think Verizon has a hand in designing the phone as the 928 is the Verizon version of the 920 same phone just a different look

I really want this baby. But I'm not sure if it's gonna work in the Dominican Republic. There's no Verizon here. :(

It's gsm unlocked you can use it with any gsm carrier that uses sim card. The obly thing that may not work is the 4g data for your carrier, but 3g should work fine.

Why? it's not that GDR3 has set some hardware limitations and every 8.0 device will get the 8.1 upgrade. A 5" 1520 variant is a necessity now, globally.

8.1 will not be an OS change. So, they don't need to wait for it. It will come to all models anyway. And on phones featuring the snapdragon 800 - the most powerful mobile chip yet - there's absolutely no reason to even fear performance issues.
Can you imagine if all OEM's only released phones when the providers of the OS released main updates? We would still be in 2010.

So AT&T is getting the 1520. Verizon is getting the 929. T-Mobile getting the ......? smh. Typical Nokia, lets make huge announcement about phones & tablets, but ignore the release dates &/or preorders, oh, and lets release it 1 month later, then 6 months later to other phone carriers. Why couldn't i just love Android, instead of Windows gorgeous Live Tile. Curse you Flipping Tiles, Curse you to Hell.

If all the US carriers would order 500 000 phones each of the same version, do you think Nokia would say no? The problem is that your carriers don't give a shit, and they are taking advantage of the situation. They don't need Nokia, so they can bully them any way they like.

That may be true but doesn't explain T-Mobile getting the 925 six months after AT&T launched the 920.
Microsoft is to blame too, they have the money and clout to have simultaneous WP8 launches in the US with massive marketing & promotion.
At this point I would buy the freaking 1320 if T-Mobile launched it 2morrow.

Sure is, lol. I'm already mentally planning my tile layout on the 6in 1520/1320 though, weather that be 1 month or six months from now.

Let's hope the increased size provides enough space for a battery so the life isn't mediocre like the 928.

Inb4 Nokia fanboys claiming the 928 has great battery life.

All I know is it's got better battery life then that piece from Samsung I used to have. And what's wrong with being a Nokia fanboy? They make great phones

I am worried about the battery, too.   I don't know that it's going to be enough for a non-AMOLED screen of that size.

It's a sickening trend that Verizon had been unrelentless about. It's tacky and should be stopped. Why does the nation's largest carrier need to slather it's logo on both the front AND back of their phones?

Ugh, another beautiful phone marred by Verizon's tacky logo marks. I'll be switching to Verizon to join my wife soon. I fell out of love with Sprint's service but one thing they started to do right is remove carrier logos from their flagship phones.

I'd like to see Verizon realize that they should have enough pride and confidence in their brand to not have to slap it across the front and back of all their phones. It's a sign of insecurity, imho.

I'm hoping that's because of the phone's size and not because they went through with their threat to make it a 1320 clone. I need that 20mp camera!

OMG WINDOWSPHONE is slowly but surely getting up there,the buzz is on.. Still rocking my lumia 900,i skipped 920,925,and im also skipping 1520, waiting for WINDOWSPHONE 8.1
But im glad to see 2 of the biggest usa phone carriers are on board with WINDOWSPHONE..i really think Verizon will dump the Moto droid brand because DROID is dead

Why? 8.1 is most likely months away, and Qualcomm hasnt announced anything better than the 800 SOC that all the WP phones are coming out with now. If anything you mine as well wait until WP9, that's when the next big hardware jump will come.

UI'm guessing we might see one coming on ATT.  It looks like their Nokia stock may be getting a little cheaper.  Let's all hope.

I really love everything about this phone, from the rumoured specs to the design...but those brandings...ok, I get the Verizon branding. I don't like it but ok.
But was that stupid "4G LTE" logo really necessary? Why not stick the NFC logo there too, since we're at it? And snapdragon's logo. And Microsoft's. And Windows Phone's (like Samsung does). And 3G and 2G logos too. And the HERE logo. And a logo for the wireless charging. Turn the back of the phone into a huge commercial display while you're at it.  

That would be one way to sell more covers for the phone. Having a cover for it will be a must just to hide most of the logos.

this might just sound crazy but i simply love the way that 1520 looks and even if it's big i simply adore it's design. i don't care how big it is. and i heared reviewers saying that it actualy fits in a normal sized pocket. i normaly use a suit at work so it won't be a problem carying this device, though i know that if you wear a pair of jeans which i do in my spair time, it might be a bit difficult. but wtf it's to beautiful:))))

I hope the rumors that this puppy is global like the 928 are true. Traveling with a global phone is so freaking easy. Just pop in the new sim while the plane is landing and you are good to go.

Why no xenon flash? I would be hard for me to upgrade to this from my 928 with the exclusion of xenon flash.

Ya, well ATT butchers the hardware.
I'd rather have a phone that looks a little less pretty than one missing wireless charging. 

Verizon butchers it all the time. Just get the 5" version of the 1520 instead of ruining it. Let Nokia design it and you sell them. Stay out of their design studio Verizon.

Why can't they just sell the phone in stores and online without these damn exclusive to a carrier bullshit with 2 year contracts?! It really hurts customers and Nokia cause I'm not getting trapped in another 2 years and I'm sure others saying the samething too!

Its fat and boxy and plain boring, vs Lumia 928 slim, plain boring and boxy vs Lumia 920 fat but beautifully curved and just plain sexy.

Why so much love for this phone?
Ugly design. Looks like a Droid.
Add color Verizon!

Same here. One 6-inch that resembles the 925, another that resembles the 625 and now this, which resembles the 928.

Just give me a 5.2 inch designed after the 800/900/920.

Ugly like the 928. Nokia makes beautiful phone and these head honchos who have no design knowledge interfere with it. 1520 is beautiful just manufacture it in 5" and 6".

My biggest problem with the look is that this phone as well as the 928. They cut corners.
I love the sharp corner look the 920, 1020, 1520 has.
Bring that design and some color to a phone on Verizon.....sold.

I dont want a boring black and white Droid looking phone.

As Joe B. stated earlier, it depends on the size of the display as well as the OEM to enable that feature. But really, 3 rows of live tiles on 4.5 in. device, would seem a bit cluttered, don't u think?

If it works, I'm all for it. I prefer less scrolling down as possible. If its up to the OEMs, I hope Nokia incorporates it into the L920.

It may very well work, but unless its a feature that can be turned on or off by the user, might make quite a few people upset, me being one, that my 4.5in screen would be cluttered with smaller tiles that probably lose the "live" functionality as each tile gets smaller. If it were to be made optional in settings (big if) I would be all for it.

Why can't Nokia just launch a black & white version on all carriers and just do exclusive with other colors. Would sell more phones for sure. These exclusives are becoming a joke. How long does att have the exclusive for the 1020 and the 1520?

This is the phone I am waiting for! I plan on buying one the second it's available! Wish they would come on with it. Pokiness is what drove me away from Apple...

Haha, its so true when reading comments of every article about a new device, that and the fact we live in a country or countries where most people feel they are entitled to almost everything these days. Its sad, but most humans have lost ability to think for themselves and accept responsibilities for said decision making.

There is a sense of entitlement in many parts of the world, but this is just wanting a phone available with "basic colors" on all carriers. I don't think this person felt entitled to anything, just wanted to get this in black or white on their carrier of choice.

Microsoft has done well with AT&T, hence the Nokia exclusives. This isn't unlike the Palm Pre's run of success on Sprint.

That's exactly the phone I'm looking for. I don't like phablets because of the size, but having the same kind of specs announced for the Lumia 1520 on a 5-incher is enough to change my lovely 920.

This is a "good" photo?  In comparison to what?  It would be one thing if the leak featured a shot taken with this new model and a current Lumia that is out on Verizon already - to show the camera is either worse, on par with or better than the current generation of Windows Phone devices.