Samsung announces low-end Omnia M Windows Phone for Europe

Omnia M

Perhaps not too surprising, Samsung today has announced the Omnia M, a follow up to the Omnia W and obviously riding the Focus 2's mid-range specs.

The device is a ho-hum 1GHz  CPU with a 4" Super AMOLED screen and a disappointing 4GB of storage on board. It features HSPA at 7.2MBps which is even a low-end data, bypassing the much preferred HSPA+ or HSPA+ DC like on the Lumia 900.

It does have a front-facing camera though and the design, while reminiscent of every other Samsung phone especially the W, still looks svelte and comfortable to use.

Having said that, this is obviously Samsung's "Tango" phone, playing up against Nokia's 610 and the ZTE Tania, meaning most of you will probably want to pass on such a phone and wait for Windows Phone 8.

We're curious though how such low-end devices will sell. In theory, if this phone is offered for next-to-nothing on contract it could be a very desirable phone for those who don't yet have a smartphone. That's an important market and while it doesn't earn headlines, for market share, it's an important demographic to consider.

No word on release though we imagine it will be out in a few weeks. It's planned for Europe and "other regions".

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Samsung announces low-end Omnia M Windows Phone for Europe


-Samsung Omnia 7 (200€, 8GB)
-LG e900 (175€, 16GB)
ZTE Tania: 190€
Nokia 610: 280€
Whats the point of those low end devices if the 1st gen devices are way cheaper?

You are mistaken. First this device has more than 256MB RAM, second Tango uses no background task, but a server side push for notifications.

I like it!!! Just talking about the design! Probably I could do a nice present to my Mum...;) Depending on the price!

Exactly what I've been saying since last year. The Nokia 710 has now dropped to $176 unlocked in the UK. The emerging markets tend to spend minimum $160.00 for the lower model Blackberry.

exactly.  There is also no need to create new devices with lower specs.  If you are telling me that you can't make a device released in 2010 cheaper today they there is something seriously screwed up with your supply chains.
Samsung should be able to release the original Focus/Omnia as a low end phone in these new markets, while retaining full WM7.5 functionality.
It is time for these low end experiments to stop.

Especially when you are based in china; why do you think Apple and everyone else gets their devices made there

Complete waste of space, who in Europe would choose this over the 710 or a 1st gen phone? 4GB storage? This phone is useless for half of WP's features. Lazy Samsung.

Not so fast. It is a low-end phone but with a great display! Every other Tango device has an low quality LCD. Eve the Lumia 710's display isn't great.

What good does the display do if you don't even have enough storage on board? What are you going to enjoy? If I would only load my NAVIGON USA, my storage space would be nearly depleded.

I don't believe that 8GB or even 16GB of user memory would actually have added much to the price.

With only 4GB, this phone should have an SD card slot, so, that a user can actually extend the memory and get some usage out of it.

Maybe Samsung just found a box of 4GB memory and thought: "Let's redo the original Omnia and get rid of those 4GB chips before we have no way of getting some $$$s out of them!"

Could somebody explain why SSD drives are dropping in price yet flash storage is still apparently too pricey for someone to add more than 16GB on a Windows Phone? I get the point of cloud storage and I use a lot of it, but for the love of god, 4GB for a non-expandable multimedia device is pathetic. Even 8GB should shock people...

The rumor is this: Apple (via Samsung who makes it) sucks it all up for their iPhones and iPads. No joke.

Apple's market share is so massive (and lucrative for Samsung) that it has been causing shortages for the last 2 years or so.

It's different. I believe all phones use NAND memory now internally which is faster and more expensive

well , for a LOW end phone it still ahs the best specs out of the *low-end wp*  4G is a little small for memory , and the 7.5 HSPA is still faster then my HIGHT SPEED DSL at home ,
stilla  nice phone ,

I wish Samsung would stop tryn to copy apple hardware look galaxy phones r just ripoffs of apple just with bigger screens and this one that has the center button lol come on Samsung u make amazing tvs but ur phone hardware is shity well the way the focus and focus 2 look is nice to bad it ain't polycarbonate they got the money y not put it to good use that's y I'm a Nokia guy ;) was a Samsung but Nokia is a phone company not a tv so ill stick with the phone and just use Samsung for tv

Are we maybe getting a little storage spoiled?? I think some people in a majority of the hoods would appreciate just a few Gigs at all... =/

I'm Just glad that they are getting more devices out on the streets. Right now it's important to get the concept of the WP is out in the public as much as possible. I'm completely sure WP will grow, and succeed, but I'd rather see this growth now rather than later. Dont worry guys, somebody will buy this. We just have to be patient for WP8! With Mango Samsung, and others are kind of strapped with what they can do, or are willing to do, with a higher end device right now.... But, then again everyday Nokia is using Mango to its fullest.

I do not get this phone... It has the same model number as the old omnias and not a full 512mb of ram, nor the reduced 256mb. So will apps/features run in 512 mode terribly? Or run in 256 mode with redundant ram??

I have had the Omnia 7 and presently use the Omnia W. My main reason for the switch was the front facing camera. But by doing so the only thing I was compromising was the screen size (which since has been a plus because the 3.7" inch is more comfortable to hold and use than the 4").
So unless that front facing camera is very important for you, I do not see why anyone would buy the Omnia M over the Omnia 7 unless the former is priced considerably cheaper. I live in Oman, where the Omnia 7 is priced at OMR 110 (USD 285) and the Omnia W at OMR 140 (USD 363) sim free. So the Omnia M should be priced not more than OMR 90 (USD 234).
If it is priced at OMR 90 it would be a good option for the low end market where the Galaxy Ace is priced similarly and has similar specs, no front facing camera and no Super AMOLED.

Here is a question about hspa+dc does the phone to have and carrier or just the phone can have it. Because I am trying to maybe buy a lumia 900 UK hspa+ dc and I wanna know if I would get faster speed on att

I like it, nice design, Samsung makes good looking devices, im sure for many, cloud storage works and if I was more budget conscience to begin with, I'd be making those 4 gbs work. It all boils down to what you use your phone for, my memory is all on music but im sure lots of folks stream that, and even I stream Netflix and with SkyDrive so integrated with the phone, syncing what you want access to and leaving the rest at home within Zune isn't so bad at all. I bet the 4.0 screen is a nice upgrade and what's funny is that my focus s in the my device app says I have 384 ram as well...weird...