Samsung ATIV SE official, now up for pre-order at Verizon

Samsung Ativ SE

Having been leaked a bunch recently, Verizon has now made its latest Windows Phone 8 device official by putting the Samsung ATIV SE up for pre-order. The price? If you're buying without a contract you'll be looking at $599.99, which jumps down to $199.99 on a 2-year agreement. Verizon Edge customers get it for $25.22 a month. Better still, for a limited time you could actually get two of them on Verizon's buy one get one free promotion!

So, what are we actually, officially, getting for our money? Samsung hasn't left us wanting too much on the internals, for sure. Inside the Ativ SE is a 2.23GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB on-board storage with support for microSD cards up to 64GB and a pair of cameras at 13MP round back and 2MP up front. All this beneath a 5-inch, 1080p resolution AMOLED display. Sounds pretty sweet.

Some other things to note. Availability looks locked to April 12 at the moment if you pre-order, and Verizon will ship it out with free overnight shipping. There's a bunch of Samsung specific stuff on the software front, including WatchON which interacts with your TV and acts as a remote control. ATIV Beam lets you share photos, videos and documents with NFC enabled Android smartphones, and Samsung Link connects compatible devices to let you get at all of your content from multiple locations.

Hit up the source link below if you're interested. Who's buying?

Source: Verizon

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Samsung ATIV SE official, now up for pre-order at Verizon


Yeah, same thought here. Samesung came out with another device... I'm still super happy that I bought my Icon, one solid phone. Not some metal looking plastic paperweight. I still hope the ATIV phone kicks off and people will buy it just because it's Samsung.

I have an Icon already but if two for one is to be had I may buy my father this Sammy and test drive the freebie for awhile.

Weak sauce. Sammy needs to show innovation on Windows Phones. I feel like they are trying to win me over with their name alone but the phone doesn't offer anything better than my 1020 does (high benchmark).

So tempted to write first, but I wont apart from there. Looks nice but is anything going to take away from Nokia's massive share of WP except for when it becomes Microsoft

Very tempting. Gotta check it out in person first though, but I might just suck it up and get Verizon for this. 5" and SD card is what I've waited for. Will be a beast with that processor and WP8.1.

WP8.1 isn't officially releasing on April 12th. The developer preview (which in fact is like a beta) is releasing on April 14th and the official release is weeks after that for everyone else. So I don't know where you came up with that Intel but it isn't correct!

It won't come with WP8.1 installed but it will be upgradable just like every other WP8 handset (currently there haven't been any announcements of handsets that would omit the OS upgrade). But given the timeframe, WP8.1 will likely come as soon as a couple weeks after this phone launches. My only question is why Samsung aren't trying to do something a little special here. The Galaxy phones are powerful but they're cornering themselves with Verizon exclusivity and it's there's nothing really unique here. Wish they would try something a little newer and fashionable instead of plastic-y and slate in design. Still, it wouldn't be my last choice for a handset as-is.

Get this or an HTC One WP8 version on T-Mobile and I'll be happy since Nokia doesn't want to give T-Mobile any high-end phones!

I talked to one of the Tmobile sales person near my place and he told me they're getting the Monarch which will be like the ICON.

I think the 63x is the moneypenny, the 930 is the Martini and the Monarch hasn't shown its face yet. Since the 930 appears like it won't get sold in the US my guess is the Monarch will be the high end device for the US GSM carriers (tmobile & at&t).

If indeed the Monarch is real and it's going to T-Mobile as the leak say it is, I also don't think it's the 635. The name monarch means "absolute ruler" and not by any stretch of the imagination can you call the 635 "absolute ruler". The Monarch will probably be some high-end phone, or at least I hope so.

That's what the sales person told me, it will be a high end phone. I'm getting the 635 while I wait for the Monarch, this way I get to play with 8.1

That's what I'm looking at doing, except for Verizon. I'm holding out until the HTC comes out to see which I would prefer. I've been able to upgrade since January but the Icon just didn't seem worth it to me.

It isn't Nokia restricting T-Mobile, it has been T-Mobile not wanting to push Windows Phone because they have been in a crunch to meet their existing BlackBerry and iPhone contracts.

However, recently T-Mobile gave up BlackBerry and threw their support behind Windows Phone, especially for business customers. Look for T-Mobile to finally bring on more WP devices in the upcoming months.

Seems like the Lumia Icon would be the better buy unless you ABSOLUTELY need that SD Card support, doubt this will move people from Nokia's hold.

So its effectively an S4 ....So why no air gestures and all that Jazz. Not that the S4 is a bad phone but it just feels like Samsung have been lazy again with Windows Phone.
Should have been held back for release with 8.1 on board at least.

Because the Air Gestures and all of the other stuff Samsung has is built into the OS of their phones through Touchwiz, they can't easily, or add it at all to WP8.

It's not worth it for them to do anything for windows phone. They would jump all over windows phone if it was a higher market share

The S4 has the Snapdragon 600. The Ativ SE has the Sanpdragon 800. The Ativ SE is NOT "effectively the S4" because it's better than the S4.

Is is worth updating from an Ativ S? I really like mine (perfect size, perfect screen, good camera, nice design even if not original at all...).
I'll have to find side by side pictures of those to ensure the SE is not a giant phone with this 5 inch screen....

Edit: forgot it has no camera button. A deal breaker for a broken deal...

My friend is preordering it. Personally I'm waiting for the Nokias to come out.

I guess this is good for those who want it......

Repurposing an S4 while S5 comes out doesn't really show much commitment to the platform from Samsung. I so want a Sony Windows Phone to be a reality. Also the price is too damn high for a phone on contract.

Um no it isn't. Its the same price as other high end smartphones from android and ios team.

Granted windows phones can be found at att within the $99 or less range but for what it offers it is no higher than any other modern day smartphone.

They always start out high to milk the early adopters. It'll almost surely come down within 3 months.

If only the new Lumias had sd card support. If only. Now 8.1 officially supports installing apps to SD card, Nokia are crazy not to utilise this feature. Crazy. This will be my next phone purely for the sd card. I have the current Ativ S and it is a lovely phone. I love my apps hence why an 32gig Lumia will never be enough (storing music, video, apps and gigs of 'other' system storage).

I think installing apps to SD card is supported in windows phone 8.1. Because I saw a option in storage sense which has option to manage apps

Yes, SD cards are greatly supported in WP 8.1, but Nokia has to release a phone which supports SD cards first.

Yes but 1520 way too big. 5" would be perfect. I want the new Nokia 930 or equivalent bit with SD card. Boo!

1020 with SD card will be awsome. But now I think windows phone is waste outside America. Because MS always makes us wait for updates. Cortana is 1st coming to America and china then next year to all other countries, I have to wait till next year, by then android or apple will have something better than cortana

AT&T just got the 1520 not too long ago. Verizon apparently wanted something smaller, hence the Icon. I'm not mad. I loved my Focus and Focus S, but when the 920 came out, I made the switch to Nokia and never looked back. I'm not sad. I'm sure we'll be getting new stuff soon anyway.

I'm with you Raven. I need AT&T to get some new WP8 blood pronto. Hopefully they get an ATIV 2 or One variant with 8.1.

I'm sure Nokia will have an event soon announcing a new phone for at&t and possibly t-mobile. Probably in May

You AT&T people are never satisfied. Let's see, you guys have gotten the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 925 (even though it was SUPPOSED to be a US exclusive to T-Mobile), 1020, 520, 1520, then the HTC 8X and at the Samsung ATIV Neo (I think? Although I don't care about that) all within the last year and a half and you're still asking about getting new Windows Phones? Really?!

I'm so sorry but all this 'murrica non sense moaning about carriers exclusive must be stopped. All the models you listed are avaiable worldwide, just pick one as you need like everyone in every free country out there. And Verizon and Sprint can die for all I care; CDMA has been doomed to die a slow painful death.

CDMA is much better call quality than GSM ever was.  Then there is the GSM speaker interference thing, that just drives me nuts when someone leaves their ATT phone on their desk and it starts sending feedback through the speakers.  I would rather see GSM die, but then I use my phone for calls.

Just might be my next phone. Hoping the M8 variant is real as I'd much prefer HTC. The remote control feature would actually be really nice to have. Nokia seems to be just focusing on imaging, as the cyan update seems to suggest. I can live without an over the top camera and imaging software.

The remote control would be nice but will just be redundant for me at this point with what they're doing to Smartglass on XB1.

Re-hashed S4 design just makes it look old already. Samsung may as well just not bother.

Yeah, it's a really boring look. But the internals might make it worth it. Also, it doesn't have the ridiculously large bezels that Nokia phones have, which should make a difference on a 5" phone.

I so much more prefer this look than the hole-ridden, pockmarked, twin brother to the band aid, leprous glam look of the S5. But then that's just me.

You know I completely agree, although I could care less about this Samsung thing. But I'm definitely tired of AT&T getting all the best Windows Phones plus a TON of them while the other carriers get the leftovers.

Stupid samgung....they dnt gv any attention to wp. I dnt want a android phone with wp inside. Wp is different and so should be wp phones. I m happy with Lumia. Awaiting wp8.1 developers preview.

Am I mistaken??? Is this the first WP with an IR blaster?? Seems like a big deal to me! If this was on AT&T, I may consider ending my affair with Nokia.

Actually somehow this phone looks good, and not to forget the excellent specs. It may be that the WP interface makes it look better overall than its Android counterparts.

I don't understand why Nokia did not put sd card in. Its really stupid move. Looks like Samsung might be the answer unfortunately.
Maybe jump ship to blackberry 10

They have the same specs aside from sd support and the se lacks half the base memory(which I would prefer higher anyway) so what specs besides sd support does the icon/930 lack?

Nokia is missing sd card and the ativ se is missing the camera button which is also essential for some people ... But I do believe that nokia's build quality is better. Other than that , both phones are proboably great !

Lmao its funny to me people who complain about a lack of sd cards in Lumia phones will jump to the ativ just for that, never mind the fact that this is Samsung and we know how they are with their windows phones and half baked support. I'm not bashing the users or Samsung but you would think their reasoning for choosing an ativ would be better than....oh it has an SD card slot despite them otherwise not liking anything else about the phone.

You trash Samsung for being half baked for this phone, but the Icon/930 has no SD support OR Glance. I like AND better.

None of Samsung phones have glance in the first place so that argument shouldn't be used sfain the icon/930

Aside from a removable battery which really isn't a spec to me...and sd support, both phones are on equal level with the Lumia likely coming out on top in almost every category likely.

That's the first sensible comment I've seen from you about a Samsung device. It all comes down to what's important for the user, if you want a high spec camera and camera button with the extras Nokia provide then the 930 is for you. If you want an SD Card slot and removable battery but can live without the high spec camera and the extras from Nokia then the ATIV SE is for you.

If they have equal specs except for the camera, how does the Lumia likely come out on top? That's like saying because my ford mustang has flames on the side it's faster than your mustang.

So then not half baked as you say. This Samsung phone seems fully functional and a capable WP 8.1 device. (Unlike the flagship 930).

Removable battery, SUPER AMOLED screen, SD card, this particular one appears to have an IR Blaster. And the most important one for me...simply put like WP, it just works. No gears of death, no reboots, no purple screens, screen sensitivity issues, and all the other many issues some awesome brand has.
Edit: According to fonearena, it does have the IR LED. So, you also get your Universal Remote. More useful than anything NOKIA has.

I know what this will sound like, but Nokia devices seem to have more issues than Samsung devices as you point out. Although that could just be that it's more widely reported due to the volume of sales compared with Samsung.

Or could be they do have problems with their phones.

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I think you kinda missed my point. I'm not saying there weren't any issues, I'm saying that because of the huge volume of sales of Nokia devices the reports of failures are going to be higher than Samsung devices.

And this has the same camera that comes in the Note 3. I have the Note 3 and the ICON and the Note 3 camera blows the ICON away, so Nokia doesn't even win on the camera front. The Nokia has a nicer build quality but I would rather have the extra storage, hard Windows button that should wake up the phone and the removeable battery. I have already been in a situation where my ICON ran out of battery and I wasn't near an outlet. This might be more important to business people. For me, just being able to quickly slap in another fully charged battery is worth it.

What is half baked support? Because they don't have exclusive apps? I don't use ANY Nokia exclusive apps but Samsung has exclusive apps too that I'll ignore when I get one. There isn't much else they've done aside from firmware updates, which Samsung has also done.

How can it be a wp8 without a camera button? I thought it wasn't till 8.1 that the requirement stands. Either the photos without the camera button are fakes or its preloaded with 8.1.. Idk this is weird.

This is where things fail. Phones should be available on ALL carriers, not just one. That way, OEM's only have to deal with one phone and not multiples of the same thing. It would save so much money for the OEM's.

Great looking phone. Just throwing that in there among the hate in the comments. And btw, every company has their own design, if every company decided to make vastly different looking phones all the time, it would not be iconic of the company, they don't want people looking at your phone and being like what's that? For example, we see an iphone and know it's an iphone because of it's iconic look that they've been "rehashing." Think of it as artist's having their own art style.

So is there going to be a review soon? I'm going to be getting a new phone, leaning toward Icon, but if this thing is any good I could be persuaded to get it instead. 16gb internal is kinda a deal breaker though. Why is it so hard to make a phone with 32 gb AND an SD card. Love the Icon, hate the fact it takes RAW photos with no external SD support. Seems rather idiotic to me.

Taking RAW photos is an option that you can enable and disable at will. If you don't want RAW photos eating away at the 32GB storage, don't take RAW photos.

I get that, thank you. However, it doesn't change the fact that to add the ability to shoot RAW without expandable storage is silly. Hey here's this great feature. Hope you didn't install a lot of apps or want to shoot a lot of photos in it

So beautiful. This could be replacement for my ATIV S. Cant wait to see new phones from other manufacturers, because these lumias have become sooo boring.

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They are only good in java programming not in c#, thats why they are lazy to create great apps for their windows phone.

I'm Verizon but I need this phone to available to all carriers. Its the only way to keep competition going. Did anyone see if its an exclusive?

Just can't bring myself to buy another Samsung WP. My first they and AT&T essentially abandoned by not bothering to update it after Mango and the second I had the phone replaced twice because the 4g radio just randomly stop working. Fool me once, shame on you Samsung. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never again.

Absolutely correct, there are very few OEMs and Carriers that released the 7.8 update through official channels.

The fact that this has microSD support makes it more interesting than the 930.
Unfortunately for Microsoft, it's a Samsung and I'm not going from horse to ass.
I'd rather jump to an HTC Android with their horrible cameras before I ever consider a Samsung device.

"Take great pictures with a premium 13–megapixel rear–facing camera that you can access even when the phone is locked. The ATIV SE also has a 2–megapixel front–facing camera for self–portraits and video chat."

From the Verizon website sourced in this article.

Seems as if it's a he said she said kinda thing. Engadget is also reporting 16-MP sensor. (Not that they're the most reliable source)

You were both right. I went to Verizon's website and it said 16MP and also said that it was 8GB of storage. But they have now changed those to 13 and 16. Verizon just put the wrong specs on their own website for awhile.

This might be my next. I want to see some reviews first. But this just might beat out the icon for me. I miss micro SD cards, and WP8.1 finally brings proper support for them, and it has an IR blaster, removable battery, nice specs and design.

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What even funnier other than all the hating is that Nokia had a press release for the 930 and 630 but will 1. Not be released until summer and 2. Will be scattered releases like they always do. In the mean time Samsung barely announced this phone and is already on preorder. Way faster than the Icon EVER was. So now fanboys and haters just nitpick anything else they can try to find. Smh

It's crazy Nokia fans are just off the chain. They just bash anything not Nokia. We should be happy the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer is making a phone for the #3 OS.

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Yep everyone bitching and whining about no SD card and glance for 930 but plastic for the ATIV SE? Lol. Lame

5" and SD might seal the deal for me. I've got the music pass but the data limits keep me from streaming away from home so the extra space is a real upgrade.

It looks like a Galaxy S4. Samsung needs to offer phones with a different design language for their WP offerings. That being said, the only thing this has over the icon is the SD slot. Its too expensive for what it offers. Icon trumps it over everything else (camera, Nokia exclusive features, design). They need to position it below the icon. $499 off contract and $99 on contract seems about right to me.

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Removeable battery, IR Remote, better camera (I have tested the ICON against this camera, same as S4 and Note 3 and the Sammy wins hands down. 20MP doesn't mean it takes better photos). The Nokia might have better build quality and built in Qi charging but that is about it.

Exactly how I feel, a camera is just a tool for getting a photo. The point is that you could have the best camera in the world but if you're a shitty photographer then no camera is going to help you get great photos.

Megapixel ratings mean nothing unless you're resizing photos to ridiculous sizes. I could use a 5MP camera and get better photos than the 41MP camera on the 1020, it's all down to the photographer and whether he/she has a good eye for a photo or not.

Checked out my friend's S4 today and it is really nice. He has had zero issues with it and it has held up well. I know the S4 supports Qi charging, does anyone know if the same back can be used on this phone?

Probably not unless its the same build structure. But that would be another plus if it did and I'm sure Samsung would make the accessory for it.

As an ATIV S user, this SE looks very tempting with its slightly larger screen. Those commenting on looks have probably not seen an ATIV in the flesh. My S looks sleek and professional, it's also thin and light. Good to see Samsung coming back to Windows Phone.

Will it be compatible with the new Gear Fit? I really liked that gadget, but I'm not switching to Android to use it. Removable battery is also a big deal to many people and it's something Nokia usually doesn't offer in the most powerful Lumias.

Lol only if designers are retarded enough not to incorporate plastic for antennae or find another workaround.. I just don't like "faux" anything. Its not fooling anyone

Can anyone verify if this is the same physical dimensions as a galaxy S4? It would be a smart move because there is already a vast eco system of accessories for the S4 world that won't be available if this phone is slightly physically different. As a power business user I run through my battery on my Lumia 928 and would love to be able to swap batteries or slap on a Mophie Juice pack, something not available to me sadly as a Nokia Lumia 928 owner. I would consider this phone and forgo the better camera possibly to get more battery life.  If Samsung changed the dimensions so this isn't able to take advantage of S4 accessories then well that would be a bad move on their part IMO.

Specs are up on Verizon and compared to Galaxy S4 and of course physical dimension are different. So close but slightly different. Means all new accessories are needed for cases an mophie juice pack. That is unfortunate. Why would Samsung do that? That is a missed opportunity for sure.

Galaxy Dimensions


  • 5.38” (H) x 2.75” (W) x. 31” (D) inches
  • Weight: 4.59oz
    ATIV SE Dimensions
  • 5.42” (H) x 2.75” (W) x .33” (D)
  • Weight: 4.79 oz.

NO NO NO NO! Its plastic. Throw that 1080p 800 snapdragon removable battery and SD Card trash out the window! I love the ignorance of response of fanboys. Remake S4 - nope. Then it was won't have the latest specs. 1080p 800 snap, LTE SD Card Support. Then it was oh this thing won't come till next year and wamp wamp already on preorder. Then its no support. HA Ativ S scheduled to get 8.1 as will this as with firmware updates. Then its oh it don't have Nokia apps. It has its own exclusive apps plus HERE and I'm sure once Nokia goes straight product services it will be open to other OEMs. So what's left? Oh oh oh ! It PLASTIC!

>Oh oh oh ! It PLASTIC!

LOL, funny, Go head, drop your ICON on the floor, IF it hits on the corner (as most hit on depending on the hight of the drop), your screen WILL crack. Plastic or not, not a lot of difference from a drop standpoint.

If you dont like the look, ok, that is your choice but, just because it's plastic does not mean it will break easier than a crappy Nokia (yep, I hate Nokia, buggy phones(822 and 928) worst customer service ever)

Yea, this phone is kind of plain looking, nothing extra special in the looks department but, it does have where it counts.... Better than most Nokias....MicroSD AND IR....

Just my opinion.. But you physically interact with the chassis of the phone everyday. Plastic can be done well.. But a flagship phone shouldn't feel or look cheap. Its about as important as a nice looking display in terms of first impression.

Best thing is that's your opinion. Cause ever OEM flagship - LG, Sony, Nokia, LTE, Lenovo, Huewei, Samsung, Oppo - are made of plastic. This is just bullshit excuse for people to shit on Samsung devices. HTC is the only few that tried to stay metal. Even though they left and even made the Evo, HTC One X with plastic for their flagship. Samsung could make their phone with polycarbonate (you know plastic) like Nokia and people will still just shit on them. They can never be right and some haters eyes. It's stupid.

As an end user I am not concerned what materials a company use, only the product itself. Samsungs feel cheaper in the hand. About 6 of my friends own an S4.. And they all admit my 920 feels/looks more premium even though they are basically both plastic. All plastics are not the same, and are not used in the same way. Fact is.. The majority of people aren't bothered by this, which is why Samsung will always sell more than all those OEMs combined.

Only 16gb internal, that is a little disapointing (I want a 32gb/64gb + MicroSD), IR is cool (according to Verizon, it has IR that could be used to control TVs etc...), Does it have FM radio as well ?

As it lists up to 64gb MicroSD, would it support the 128gb one (as I have seen most devices that support 64gb card will be able to use the 128gb one) ? I guess we have to wait for someone to test that.

This MIGHT be my next phone, as Samsungs are hackable for the most part and a Root level access on a Windows Phone 8 device would be a blast to have....

Also if it can support a 128gb card, this would be epic, never would have to worry about space again, at least for a few years at least :) but, a 16gb+64gb would also be very nice to have as well...

The IR blaster and the SD card make this a really compelling device if you're not into the wireless charging and the imaging that the Icon provides. Can't go wrong either way, just pick the one that's right for you.

I am due for a new phone on May 15th, I was set on the Icon but will now take a look at the Ativ SE before I decide.  I do find it funny that my L822 has an SD card but the Icon/930 doesn't.  The Glance thing is a bit of an issue but not the end all be all for me on the Icon.  At least we had a reasonable sounding explanation in the article yesterday on why Glance doesn't work on the Icon/930.  More choices the better...

i'll get it but on t-mobile, but predy shure they are not going to do like there Note 3 or S5 and sell to all carrier...

As a Canadian im sick and tired of seeing these wp devices being released and the shithole canadian carriers dont pickup anything.

Positives: Another high-end WP8 device from a company other than Nokia. Expandable storage. Removable battery. For all intents, a very good device.

Negative: It's launching the same day as the S5 and WP8 is getting stuck with last year's hardware specs.

Samsung has officially announced ATIV SE smart-phone on April, 2014 which is going to be in the market for sale in April, 2014. The phone is powered by Windows Phone 8 operating system. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and Scratch-resistant glass. The HD recording videos and the battery capacity makes it different from othe phone. http://tech.infopsyche.com/samsung-ativ-se/

Just ordered two from Verizon.  Can't beat the 2-for-1 deal.

I was set to buy the Nokia Ikon for my wife but it is too thick.

That 2-for-1 deal is great, and I do like seeing WP hardware from other manufacturers, but I wouldn't trade my Icon for it.  I love this phone!