Samsung ATIV SE coming later this month with a 5-inch display, without Windows Phone 8.1

Samsung ATIV SE press render

We're looking forward to a handful of new devices this month. Nokia should have two - the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 930. Samsung is the other OEM expecting to put out a new Windows Phone handset. That's the ATIV SE and is one we've been watching for sometime. However, the specs of the phone have remained somewhat elusive. That changes today.

Tom Warren (@tomwarren) over at The Verge has learned of the specs of the upcoming ATIV SE from sources close to Verizon. We know have a good idea of what specs the phone will ship with later this month. Think of it as the Galaxy S4, but with Windows Phone. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • 5-inch screen
  • 1080p display
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • MicroSD card slot to expand storage

You can look forward to the Samsung ATIV SE hitting Verizon later this month. However, it won't initially ship with Windows Phone 8.1. It'll come with Windows Phone 8 and be updated to the newest version of the OS at a later date.

We've heard from sources that the ATIV SE will come be on store shelves on April 18. It'll also be $599 off-contract.

Anyone looking to this mashup between a Galaxy S4 and Windows Phone 8? Or were you hoping for Samsung to get a little more creative with Windows Phone 8.1? Sound off below.

Source: The Verge


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Samsung ATIV SE coming later this month with a 5-inch display, without Windows Phone 8.1



This one comes pretty close, btw. It got some beefy specs, but it didn't catch much of my attention...

This is a pretty solid device!! Windows 8.1 will allow to use the memory card as a medium for apps and games! Might load a little slower but it should be fast enough still!!

At 2 GB of ram with memory expansion and a pretty decent cpu/gpu I reckon I might just get one if it gets the Nokia Photo app and Nokia Drive :P

Me likes!

If its coming later this month, there's no excuse for Samsung not to ship it with 8.1. This means they don't even care to test 8.1 WI their hardware preventing potential bugs.......this is why I will never buy another Samsung wp phone; I've owned 3......TV's however are another issue

Overreact... much!!!

For all any of us know this could be released in 2-3 weeks in which case WP 8.1 probably won't have finshed going through testing with Samsung. I would also suspect that Verizon had something to do with it as well.

Actually, I would say that if it's coming out later this month then there is a perfect reason for it not to come with 8.1.
If reports are true in that 8.1 just shipped to OEMs last week, then it would be too late for this phone as it takes weeks just to ship out to retailers. Plus it has to be put on the actual phone before that, and of course it has to be tested.

"later this month" most likely means these phones are already off the assembly line and sitting in warehouses somewhere..

That's what I'm saying, but apparently some people think that there is a Samsung sweat shop in the back room of their Verizon store churning these things out as they are ordered.

Don't hold your breath though. Change in design or practice isn't Samsung's strong suit.

People have been crying about the design of Galaxy series, doesn't look like anything is going to change anytime soon. If I'm not mistaken, Samsung just started a website to rationalize their "design philosophy" and explain to you and me, why we are the ones in need of change and understanding.

So Galaxies sell enough that they don't need to change anything, ATIVs don't sell enough for Samsung to care.

I had that phone! I remember watching videos of it before launch and feeling so excited to get it because it was my first smartphone and I really wanted a nice, slick-looking black slab of a phone with Windows Phone running on it. The AMOLED display along with squared but smooth metallic body really made it stand out against all the other Windows Phones - literally, the tiles and Metro UI were so vivid and just popped against that pure black rectangular. It was probably the best of all the first generation Windows Phones if you think about it. It's proof that Samsung could make a phone that, unlike the Galaxy and the Ativ series, actually looks cool and isn't cheap feeling. I wonder if they'll ever go back to that design sometime in the future but sadly, I doubt it would be anytime soon.

the Snapdragon 800 kind of let me down. Why not use the 801? they use it in all their other Android phones. Give us at least a copy on specs. Still going to be a good choie for certain people. Just not me. 

I'm currently a Nokia fan and own the 1520. This ATIV SE has very similar specs as the 1520 which launched 5mos ago. I dig this SE and hope it takes root and thus giving Windows phone more options. Every phone doesn't need to have the latest and greatest processor to be an excellent choice. When I purchase a laptop, it is never the top of the line laptop. What's important is that it suits my needs.

One could argue that it doesn't pay to build a win 8 phone with the latest specs. The lower end w8 phones are currently selling the best and we hear time and time again that the OS doesn't need the best of specs to perform well. So I say that we ought to embrace another wp8 device option.

Based on what? Samsung's hardware has always been plasticy meh. They have huge market share because they know how to market the hell out of their stuff with clever ad's. That's it. Their ad agency has gusto is more like it.

"Think of it as the Galaxy S4, but with Windows Phone"

So, think of it as a year old phone with the previous version of Windows Phone.

Should sell like gangbusters.


Seriously though, not bad specs. And I like that it's 16GB + SD Card, unlike the Lumia Icon. With Windows 8.1 it should be a very good phone.


Well its not completely an s4, the s4 had a snapdragon 600, and the new windows phone has an 800.

Not exactly the S4, since the S4 had a Snapdragon 600 while this has an 800

Edit: dang it, I was beat to it

Are the specs pretty similar to the 1020? But with extra storage, oh and a less powerful camera. To be fair though, I am sure the camera would be fine.

I left my S4 for the Icon. Wouldn't think of going back to Samsung. The only advantage is expandable storage, but with that lackluster design, is it even worth it?

it looks like Samsung in this platform is catching up with Nokia, which has released the same specs (or even higher) earlier.

Hmm... Interesting. I guess the Lumia 930/630 will be the first Windows Phone with 8.1 pre-installed. Although, I did find it suspicious that they were supposedly releasing a new phone less than a month after they got the OS in their hands.

Not really. In the last podcast, Daniel was uncertain about which would be on sale to consumers first.

Hey, don't bully my polycarbonate shit :P
Besides, imo that thing looks better than the new gs5
Ain't leaving my 1020 for it, but nice to have more options.

I really want to stick with Nokia because of build quality and the camera, but a micro SD slot is a must... so I may reluctantly get this Samsung, or switch to AT&T for a Nokia. Especially if the "930" supports micro SD.

Same here. This looks like the phone to get right now, until the 930 specs are revealed at least. Let's hope they do like with the 1520 and put an SD card in it.

My only concern is that ATT is still going to demand no Qi on the 930.

May not go well for them if they do, i'm out of contract on 1 line on the 2nd and the other on the 8th of this month.

And no i will not put one of those stupid charging covers on my phone.   It's like buying a beautiful car and putting a bra on it.

I would like the SD support, but then again our phones are usually like 75% empty.

The micro SD slot was one of the main reasons that I went with the Nokia Lumia 822 over a year ago. Another reason was the removable battery. I'm seriously thinking about the ATIV SE or the Nokia Icon as my next phone. I prefer to stay with Nokia on my next upgrade but I really like the expandable memory. Maybe some Nokia uber phone with expandable memory it just around the corner. I think I'll wait a bit longer. ;)

Not my style of phone, but saw the new HTC One this weekend and have to say the above Samsung phone looks way better, imho

Guess it's down to personal taste. But for me it looks like a horrible shaped phone thats so shiny its ugly, imho. Surprised really as HTC design is usually top notch.

Please dispell the no Lumia 930 at Build rumors. Build will be failsauce in comparison to expectations if the 930 doesn't show and the ATIV SE is 8.1-less. 

I heard this rumor also but we will see this week. If the 930 isn't there I'm sure Nokia will have an event later this month.

Hope you're right... I'll definitely be disappointed, but I can handle a delay of just a couple of weeks. 

Most likely I'm not getting a new phone right away so I'm looking forward to the software more than the hardware.

Whose track record, Samsung's or Verizon's? I though the ATIV S got the updates in a timely manner, am I wrong?

Yes, you are right, unlocked Ativ S got updates among the first if not first, so if they keep that up it will be great :)

Nice to see you explained whos track record you're talking about and backed it up with evidence!!!

Verizon likes to ensure software updates are tested to the extreme to avoid problems on its network later...good for them, long wait for consumers. Samsung and Microsoft will keep its end...it'll just require a lot of patience if buying this phone. Now...Nokia Lumia Icon or Ativ with microSD? Oi vey!

Except it isn't really a galaxy S4, which shipped with a snapdragon 600. S800 makes a huge difference to battery life.

IDK the ATIV S gets a AMAZING BATTERY LIFE!!! Last 3 times longer than my 8X or 925.

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looks pretty good, but after spending a year with the piece of shit that's called 'Samsung Ativ S', I ain't touching a Samsung anymore..

Either way its a phone. You can get a Finnish phone or a Japanese phone and a Taiwanese (which is claimed by china) phone. Also a Chinese phone. But oh no its Korean so its horrible!

You singled out Koreans with "koreans can keep their plastic buttfucks", which would also include LG and some others. Kinda makes you sound like you have something against Koreans.

What's was wrong with the Ativ S. I think its only of the best all round wp8 phones. Great battery, display, speed and hell yes....even the design.

I hate the plastic. I hate the camera. I hate the amoled screen burn which I have A LOT. I hate the scratches on my screen which came out if nowhere. I hate the low specs (lag in games). And I had some serious issues with my System folder in storage growing and chunking 6gb, untill I did a hard reset. I also had 4gb of stirage 'missing' (yes it was really odd). I do like the Micro SD, screen size, design and physical home button.

1. All phones are made out of plastic, wouldn't be a good idea to make a phone completely out of aluminium, would it?

2. What did you expect, an SLR in your pocket!!!

3. If you switched the screen off instead of keeping it on with a static screen displayed on maximum brightness then it wouldn't have happened

4. Some sort of case or even a screen protector would have prevented those scratches

5. Lag, what lag are you talking about I have zero lag anywhere on my ATIV S

The storage issues have absolutely nothing to do with Samsung, that's a Windows Phone issue that is a problem for everyone so don't try pinning that on them.

1. Not completely, but some parts yes. I adore the Lumia 925.
2. No, I expected a high end (phone) camera with a high end phone..
3. So, I can't WhatsApp as much as I want because this phone can't take it? Fuck dat. And I always have my brightness low-mid.
4. I hate screen protectors and after my backplate turned to shit I have a case. Still got those scratches..
5. Games.. Games games games. Modern Combat 4? Asphalt 8? Even Rayman: Fiesta Run sometimes..
6. Though they only happen on a Samsung WP? It's about firmware, not software. It's samsung's shitty firmware that can't handle storage, the software is there..

3. Yes you can just don't leave the screen on, it's not like you have to see EVERY message straight away, is it?

4. Then that's your problem isn't it, if you don't want to do something to protect the device you own then you can't really blame anyone else let alone Samsung.

6. It's a Windows Phone issue, just look in the forums and you'll see that people with HTC, Nokia and Huawei devices have the same issue. The point is that it's not just a Samsung issue!!!!!!

i can bet you havent even touch the ATIV S. youre even talking about lag on this high end WP. brain dead people...

I said in games. Have you played games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4, Rayman: Fiesta Run etc. on a Samsung Ativ S? Cause I have and I do get lag on them.

I've played Rayman Fiesta Run and have no lag whatsoever, maybe you should look at what you leave running in the background first before blaming the phone!!!

I've got a Samsung ATIV S now on Tmobile. AWESOME phone. With 8.1 screens 4.5 and larger get 3 rows. Also apps can be stored on SD cards. So I already have a Top of the Line W8Phone. The bigger processer isn't necessary with Windows Phones. They already run buttery smooth.

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I love everything about this phone. I don't care that the S4 specs are a year old, WP runs like butter on my HTC 8X so I'm not worried. I would like to know what the battery is. The only negative I see is no camera button. All phones should have a camera button right now. We are not at the point yet where a button is obsolete.

Actually in terms of SOC, it's greater than the S4 which only had Snapdragon 600. This one has the Snapdragon 800. And with a microSD slot, and an update to WP8.1, this is really a good phone.

Unfortunately we'll have to get used to no camera button. Renders of both the ATIV SE and Lumia 630 both look like they don't have buttons and the rumor is the 930 will be button-less as well. You'll have to hold out hope that whatever HTC, Lenovo or LG come out with will have one.

Yes, I'd go for this. I doubt I'd buy another Samsung, but the Focus S was a great little phone. If anything, I'd use a Note 3 running Windows 8.1. The 1520 is killer in so many ways, but having better gestures such as the ones in Windows would be great.

Maybe they closed their leakhole. I mean X was leaked, but nobody realized there was going to be X+ and XL. Or maybe its too soon for leaks.

Why no 8.1. Shame
yet it won't sell as well now and they'll be slower to turn new devices yet again. At least that's my thoughts.

The article actually is quite positive. But the specs, although an improvement with the Snapdragon 800 compared to the S4's Snapdragon 600, still not as good as the S5 so don't expect people here to jump up and down with excitement over the Ativ SE.

If only AT&T would get this. Hopefully it's a limited carrier exclusive and AT&T can pick this up later in the summer...or at least get a new HTC with a big screen.

Sounds pretty good, however I always had the feeling that when the Samsung engineers develop some great hardware, someone coincidentally mentions that there should be a 'case around the sensitive parts'. The first time that guy mentioned that, an internshipper of the HRM department having some time left, drew some lines. Since then the engineers have always fallen back to that same sketch.

I dont see a point in comparing this any way to S4 as it has better specs or any other Samsung, seriously, Evey Samsung is almost same designed so whatever,  and SAME  goes for Nokia, every time the same, and HTC now..Sony?.. all the same.. LG is probably the most new with every phone :) ? anyways, kind of weird that it wont run 8.1 in the first place or not cos its Verizons and not Samsung original.. Just saying ;) :)

It seems nice, if a bit uninspired. If I were on Verizon, I might consider it as a change of pace, but as is, I'm on ATT and looking at a December 2014 upgrade-- I'm gonna try and hold out for Goldfinger.

Better than nothing from Samsung so it's good. Didn't the S4 get only Snapdragon 600? The Ativ SE has S800 but I was hoping for S801 and 32GB of storage. Still it's good to get something from Samsung.

Exactly, at least Samsung are releasing new Windows Phones. I haven't heard anything from HTC, LG or Huawei.

I used the HTC 8x for awhile now using the ativ s neo. And I have to say samsungs own apps a much more then HTC has in windows phone and much more helpful like folders app and better camera apps. Probably next best thing behind Nokia. But running a ativ s neo with a 64gb memory card is priceless and battery life is much better on the ativ s neo then it was on the 8X. Just accessory for the ativ s neo is barely non at least when it comes to the brand names. And the bigger screen is nice too and waking the phone up on the front is much more convenient. Can't find much to hate about the ativ s neo. Besides that they used a different screen between neo and ativ s international. Removable battery is nice as well. Not a fan of build in batteries. If they go bad u have either replace the whole phone or get it repaired what normally takes time. Just able to switch out a bad battery for a good one had a lot of benefit.

Doesn't it bother you though (even if its only a little), that Samsung never released GDR3 for the Ativ S Neo?  Or are you blaming Sprint for that?


Well i am using the at&t ativ s neo and it has firmware 8.0.10512.142 what is gdr3 so it does must be sprint since i havegdr3 on my att version neo

Shitty phone because it has pretty much the best specs of any windows besides the Lumia 1520. Yeah shitty phone that Samsung better specs then any windows phone besides 1520. So why is that Samsung a shitty phone? It sounds to me ur mad ur Nokia doesn't has those specs and removable battery and SD card.

It is a shitty phone because It is inferior to the galaxy s5. Period. As long as Samsung sees windows phone as a platform to give non innovative, thrown away -previous android models- that always sit below the throne that the galaxy s5 takes, I will call it a shitty phone.

I'll stick with Nokia BUT this is NOT a shitty phone. In fact it has a better SOC than Samsung's own S4 with the Ativ SE's Snapdragon 800.

And thats ok you stick with nokia nothing wrong with that but saying this Samsung Ativ SE is a shitty phone is just ridiculous. It obvisouly isnt. I know you didnt say ti it was CRISE

This is the same shit posted on every article about Samsung by you Lumia Hipsters so give it a rest, we know you all hate Samsung so shut up about it.

Better than calling someone a fanboy though ;-)

The Samsung hate is in the comments of EVERY Samsung article and it's getting tiresome and repetitive.

I have the ATIV S, best phone I ever had. Nothing can beat removable battery, SD card, Amoled gorgeous screen, and AMAZING battery life. For those bitching about the plastic, do you know that plastic is the best suited material for smartphones? Doesn't interfere with reception, doesn't scratch or dent, not conductive of electricity. The ATIV SE and ATIV S2 will be amazing for sure.

In my opinion, This phone looks solid. I wont ditch this phone or any brand of WP. Take note that every phone has their own pros and cons, but what impt is, they carrying a very good OS (WP).

Can't wait for people to buy this and then complain when they don't get 8.1 for 6 months. Don't shoot yourself in the foot, don't buy it if it doesn't come with 8.1 preloaded.

The ativ s was always updated right away. It is the carriers in the USA with crippling phones because of putting there own software on phones to make them worse then they are. Ativ s international has wireless sharing enabled right out the gate and now other restrictions unlike all those carrier phones. So don't blame Samsung for the slow updates is the carrier versions that getting them slow not Samsung.

Exactly, thankfully I'm not stupid enough to buy my phones from a carrier any more. Once you go SIM free you never go back.

Ah, that sucks. In the UK we don't have those sort of restrictions, just stick a 4G SIM for whatever network you want into the phone and away you go.

SIM free is always the way to go, if you have money. When a SIM free device cost $800 in US compared to the same device on a carrier for $100, it's hard to talk yourself into getting a SIM free phone.

I wasn't blaming Samsung, the carriers are the whole problem. This is why it's better to wait and get a WP 8.1 device unless you want to load up 8.1 Preview.

Really then tell me, is the Lumia 810 getting 8.1 seeing as it runs Windows Phone 8?

I bet even the ATIV Odyssey will get the 8.1 update.

Decent phone. Like them or not, Samsung makes phones that are very good in nearly every aspect, if not stand out in any area. There is a reason they lead the android market. If you're not into the Nokia photo stuff, this would be a great choice for a win phone.

Same shit, different article. If it doesn't interest you then don't post, most of us on here are getting tired of hearing Lumia Hipsters saying they don't like something!!!

Doesn't sound to be a bad phone. However Samsung could have done more,nevertheless it's more than what's going to be out in the near future other than the Nokias. Should've shipped with 8.1,but anyone coming from Android should be used to this and shouldn't be a deal breaker. It's not like you won't get the update,just a matter of when. That's a carrier issue.

Looks like your typical Samsung design ... I'm sure some people will love it, Not a fan of the faux metal back though.

Fair enough, Sammy, for not including 8.1 on the new handset. At least not until you give us, Ativ S owners, the update. Well, we are still waiting for GDR3 after all.

Not all of us though, I'm one of the people that has GDR3. My guess is that Samsung has the initial shipment of the ATIV SE ready to go that's why 8.1 won't be on it when it's released.

13 megapixel camera not using carl zeiss lens, 16 gig storage, no here drive or nokia camera pro for US$ 600,00 ?

Are they really expecting to sell anything?  Lumia 1520 is about US$ 550,00 and its a way better device...  at least Galaxy S4 sells for US$ 440,00 wich is a better price for this device.

I wouldnt buy ATIV SE for 440 either but it could sell some at least... Here Drive + 20 megapixel camera with good lens worth the extra US$ 110,00

I am going to USA next week and i would need Here Drive+ wich is not free for non Lumias devices since thats not my region.  When renting the car they asked for an extra US$ 70,00 for 14 days with a GPS.  Thats 1 trip and it would already have paid itself.

I'm wondering if it will come with any Samsung software. Air gestures,s voice etc?
Although gimmicky ,features sell phones .

Does it have a plastic build?  If it were metal, i'd probably consider it, not that I hate plastic or anything, plastic definitely has it's advantages, such as expandable memory.  Since i'm on verizon I don't have a lot of options haha.  I'm glad Samsung is making a WP though, I have friends that love Samsung, so this would definitely be a consideration to get them to switch, since unlike many people here, they like the Samsung design.

I got nothing but praise and credit for Nokia buttt I have an ATIV S and it honestly is an awesome device and clearly can see people bash without having a clue. also a lot of users didn't don't have the chance to buy into a Lumia flagship due to the foolish carrier exclusive deals Nokia makes. In canada sure I could cancel with Bell and go with Rogers BUT i'd also would have to go from LTE to 2G/EDGE service... ATIV S was a WP8 launch device with a nice big screen, same specs as the rest and micro SD support. yeah would be nice to see samsung put more support and effort into the OS for sure

I hope you guys arent complaining about snapdragon 800 vs snapdragon 801.....  Cuz those are practically the same thing, the 801 being a little faster due to higher clocks (and a few tweaks to some internal stuff here and there).

The 805 however is a different beast.  Newer faster CPU cores (Krait 450 vs 400)  and newer faster GPU (adreno 420 vs Adreno 330)


Also a faster memory interface.  Decently faster, and a better image processing chip.  Nothing unforgivable, but I was hoping we'd get S5 hardware from Samsung. 

FM radio ? 16gb is a little weak but, with 8.1 (apps on SD)and I wonder if it will support the 128gb MicroSD card.... Cause that would just kick ass....All my music, plenty of videos and movies and PLENTY OF SPACE FOR APPS...

Cant wait to get rid of this buggy Nokia 928 #Nokiasucks

I really want ativ phone. It can be rooted.

But I can't buy this because all carriers do not support windows phone in my country.

God damn.

Why on earth do both the ativ 2 and the 930 only have 16gb memory? It is the deal breaker for me. (even with a micoSD, no apps or movies, my primary use). What happened to 32 and 64 GB?? We should have premium phones with MORE storage, not less.

How do you know what the capacity is going to be for a device (930) that hasn't even been announced yet? Or how WP 8.1 will handle storage? Think you're getting excited a little prematurely. At least wait until we have the facts before freaking out.

If the 930 turns out not to have expandable storage, and indeed only has 16 GB onboard, it will still satisfy most of the people that get it. The people commenting on this article are not the typical Windows Phone users. Most WinPhans (assuming they are on AT&T here in the 'States) will either get the 1520 or stick with the 1020. If the 930 comes with "crippled" storage, than the price (on contract) will likely just $100, and probably less after a few months. This is what sells Windows Phones. Catering to new or casual smartphone users that are not very closely tied into Google's or Apple's ecosystem yet.

Good old Samsung, lagging behind on OS updates like usual. They do the same thing with Android - release one version behind and make users wait months for updates, if they ever come at all. They burned me with the Focus and then the Focus Flash. I'll never buy another Samsung WP handset.

Again those are all carrier branded phones. The focus flash in europe international unlocked non carrier branded version got all the updates and the international ativ s as well. it is in america the carriers that cripple the phones with there onw stupid branding and stuff. Not samsungs fault. As i said the international version get the updates just fine.

Have received all GDRs along with firmware updates on my ativ s. Not sure what you mean by Samsung "lagging behind on OS updates as usual". Have also received Samsung app updates routinely.