Samsung ATIV SE Windows Phone destined for Verizon on April 18th, $599 off contract

Next week, Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8.1. Usually with big OS refreshes you get a few hardware launches, as well. That’s no different this time around as we’re expecting the Lumia 630 (aka ‘Moneypenny’), Lumia 930 (aka ‘Martini’, a non-Verizon version of the Icon) and eventually ‘Goldfinger’, which we hear is going to be a somewhat radical departure in terms of user interaction.

One of those 8.1 launch devices is reportedly the Samsung ATIV SE, another refresh from Samsung destined for Verizon. Not much is known about this device except that it may have a five inch, 1080P display and that it’s being built for Windows Phone 8.1. A render has been leaked by Evleaks that suggests a strong similarity between it and other ATIV devices in terms of aesthetics.

It’s not clear yet though if it will launch with 8.1 or get the update sometime soon after.

Now, we’re getting word from a trusted source that the ATIV SE will hit shelves on April 18 with an off-contract price of $599. On-contract will most likely be $199, but we have not been able to verify that as of yet.

That puts the release just over two weeks post Build, which seems on par with announcement and pre-order time for Verizon.

We’ve also heard about another phone launch on April 9th, which is even more intriguing, though we don’t know what phone it was. If we hazard a guess, the Lumia 930, possibly for AT&T.

We’ll try to dig up more information, but April should be an exciting month for Windows Phone fans.


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Samsung ATIV SE Windows Phone destined for Verizon on April 18th, $599 off contract


I think I remember reading that, but who cares? If they come in April they come in April :D

Even if they are Samsung phones, there's no denying that Samsung has a good name among the average Joe. Windows phone is more important than lumias alone, and we need more choices to keep fresh handsets available! (Lumia Icon notwithstanding)

I hope that new ATIV SE will be released globally.
Love ATIV design and Samsung's exceptional build quality.

Not everyone is a Nokia fanboys and like other phones. We all love WP and that's why we are here. Personally I've had nothing but bad luck with the 928. So I may go Sammy next round.

Sounds like you were a victim of a bad batch of devices as I have many of these running in my corporate enviroment and have no issues. I've recently started issue Lumia Icons to specific personnel including myself and I'm loving this device....be quality thus far coming from an owner of several of Samsungs previous wp offerings: Focus, Focus S, Focus flash.....Good luck with Samsung as I will never go back to the until they really support their wp offerings and make positive contributions to get developers onboard with WP.

Samsung's exceptional build quality

that part made me LOL. Seriously, some people may actually like the bland designs of Samsung phones, but that line is outrageous.

lmao if Samsung releases the 1st 1080p windows phone (not tablet) globally while Nokia is struggling for half a year already and still didn't manage.

First? Icon is 1080p and 5" same size as this ATIV. Samsung already lost. Hate to burst that bubble.

That is not a global sale of a US brand carrier phone. Lol. Keep digging. If you read it claimed it was imported. So that's not legit.

Why do you assume that everyone likes Lumia design and build quality?
Please don't make such an assumption.
That advice comes from someone who used extensively L920 prior getting much superior ATIV S.
Please also note that ATIV S design and build quality is not related to Samsung support for WP. Which is actually a big shame. But that is different topic...

The prediction was June/July for 8.1 updates to current WP 8 handsets, not new hardware. That still sounds correct, giving 2-3 months for carriers and manufacturers to distribute it.

Mobile Nations really needs to have comment moderation. The use of racial slurs is completely unnecessary.

I wish more for a Fanboyism moderation. I really like Samsungs options and they had less problems than my Lumias, at least on my end (I returned and replaced multiple times too) any non Nokia phone gets shunned here

Yes I'm so sick of the redundant bullshit on here. Samsung is the ONLY other OEM that actually has something in the pipeline to push forward with WP and this is the dumb shit we constantly have to see posted. Get a life.

That N-word is acceptable in society, here. (Literatelly the equiavalent of "dude.")

Now, if it ends with -er, we have some seroius problems.

As for his statement, I would venture away from Lumia, but those Lumia-only products attract me a lot.

I agree if you find it offensive, but if you live here and experience it over and over again, it tends to be part of the culture and we tend to disregard its offensiveness. It's like saying a bad word over and over, it is still bad, but you will end up using it as part of society when it is said too much that it loses meaning.

My society is where the word originated from, and it was originated by the "said" people the word is aimed towards. They made the word, so it is okay, if they don't mind.

I say it around them and they don't care.

In a way, "If it ends with -a, it's okay. If it ends with -er, you might end up missing."

Lets all agree.... If it ends in "a" then fine, if it ends in "er", that is just plain offensive. For clarity, the friendly spelling is Nokia.

You're right, of course, in todays world. But there are or were tribal/nomadic people who refer to themselves as nations who moved often.
Besides that, I find it humorous that people on these sites ask for less "fanboyism" from a network who divides OS supporters into Nations with their own segregated communities.

Nothing pointed to anyone, more of a figure of speech on my favorite site for Microsoft mostly branded news ( people need to get it together) if I see a article once read I express my feeling or thoughts based on that article nothing more nothing less (I've noticed i have been a Microsoft fanboy for some time now, This is why I'm on windows phone central

What was the point of this post, really?  You come in here, slam Samsung and continue to show your ignorance with racial slurs.  I too prefer Nokia, but that doesn't mean I (or anyone) should go into a topic and shit on a phone others may like.

Seriously, all you have done here is proven your a waste of skin and probably shouldn't even have access to the internet.

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Seriously though some folks are really out of touch with society nowadays. Nigga isn't used in an offensive manner. Its 2014, get over it.

If the word can be used against you in a derogatory fashion, you have every right to "reclaim" it as you see fit--the same goes for words in the LGBT community that would be offensive if a straight person said them. If I'm not a member of a targeted group, I keep the word out of my vocabulary. Telling people to "get over" feeling hurt or offended by it really isn't that productive.

I didn't, but they should. Words are just letters/sounds grouped together in order to express pre-defined tboughts/emotions/feelings. They shouldn't hurt or even make one feel bad. I like to think that we have evolved past such pettiness. However, unless you know me very well, if certain phrases are directed towards me, the trigger is pulled. That is the essence of bigotry, racism and hate. Common vernacular has changed though. Society allowed for such adaptions, and society should adapt.

As many can see were almost half way of 2014, that's a whopping two thousand + years, I happen to be a African American with brown dreadlocks touching my shoulder I an people I know use the word for figure of speech but if it offended someone oh well get it together or get off the world wide web, an yes fu##k Samsung but I do welcome there competitiveness it will only boost windows market (proud Nokia fan boy #edit Microsoft Windows everywhere fanboy)

Did you mean to say half way out of 2014? Cause it's only March. 3 months in... And a whopping 2000+ years of what? Jesus Christ? Cause its only been ~300 years of slavery if that's what you're referring to. I really have absolutely no idea what what the point of this post.

Gibberish is what makes America great!! Its also what's wrong with this country. Damn, I swear I should go into politics.

Some people in minorities tend to play both sides of the fence. They want to do or say things in public that may offend the beliefs of others, but, at the same time feel that they have the right to live their lives without ever being offended themselves. Long story short, everyone has the right to happiness if it is legally accomplished, but they don't have the right to force others to agree with them.

Still in the end he came in here to piss on the parade of those who like Samsung phones and that shouldn't be supported here. He likes Nokia, great, but why bother shitting up the comments section because he can't look at things objectively?

I still think he's incredibly ignorant.


Everything of course depend on the context and how people interpreted on they culture, for example using the term "gordita" (fat) isn't offensive in my country, btw, if you don't like Samsung keep your frustration to yourself, cause nobody gives a &@%$# if you hate it!

Can't wait to rid myself of this flippin buggy Nokia!!!!

Onward to a more functional phone with actual scalabilty!!

I just don't understand how after two major firmware updates Nokia cannot get the damn screen fixed on the 1520. Love the phone, hate the annoyance

Might be last years design, but the Samsung are powerful, solid, reliable and the support is more than acceptable.

In most cases the Ativ S has got OS updates before the Lumia's and firmware updates have been regular throughout my ownership.

They might not promote them and launch a crap load of apps, but they have release decent phones for every generation of Windows Phone.

Wonder if the 930 will look like the ICON, or just look like the 1520 but smaller. I'd prefer the latter. A lot.
We could finally have a true 920 successor, balancing design, features, and size on the same high level that the 920 did.

This Samsung isn't spectacular by any means, but if they advertised it 1/10th as much as they do their Galaxy line, it'd sell very well.

I wanted to try Nokia and I did, but the 928 was the wrong first Nokia, it's been a good phone but the build quality is garbage, and I do like having expandable memory, and a battery I can change.

Yeah. I'm getting pretty nervous, especially considering how long it took 925 and 521 to recieve the Black update. I'm hoping there won't be a repeat of that! 

They need to Launch the 1520 for T-Mobile USA, so i can ditch the international 1520 and get the use of the tethering feature.

Does the Keyboard "hack" not work on the 1520? It works for my international 920. (I had to get rid of Acess Point by changing the year to something rediculous like 2114 then opening the app, it then calls to remove it. Hope it helps!)

Samsung can keep this crap.im ready for a REAL WINDOWS PHONE aka a phone with excellent build quality and amazing support and superb cameras. Leak some Lumia renders.
My roomie will love this though. Trying to persuade him to drop Samsung for windows and get Lumia.

Samsung has enough mo money to buy Microsoft. And Samsung is a great manufacturer at least they don't get there products manufactured by foxcon like Apple inc.

Samsung cannot buy Microsoft. What are you talking about. Still, I wouldn't mind a Samsung phone with a good camera

Samsung just has to buy enough stock to become a majority shareholder. They can do it with that $250 billion.

Not sure how Samsung's stock is dispersed, MS might can do it to them with their $70 billion.

Samsung might have £250 billion but in fact most of that will be split over a collection of separate businesses. Samsung isn't one company, but a collection of many, each running separately under a single brand

if the ATIV S has expandable memory, why wouldnt the SE? Samsung will have it. Mark my words.

Samsung phones always have expandable storage. Thats what I like about Samsung, they can give you a high end phone with expandable storage and a removable battery. I wish more companies would do that!

It will. Every Samsung does. They're not idiots like people here are always claiming.

Nokia FINALLY wised up and started including SD slots on most of their phones. The Icon is actually kind of odd because all the other new Nokias seem to have SD slots.

That's exactly why I chose the ATIV S over a high end Lumia. I've also found, having used Samsung Android devices, that their Windows Phones get far more support than people believe they do.

@Daniel we all know behind all this leaks you guys are only there. So why you guys leak the things so slowly to the public. Just leak them like a BANG :D

Samsung devices are drab, cheap, POSs that have zero character or style. I get excited for Samsung like I get excited for vanilla ice cream.

Dude if you're literally getting excited about the appearance of your phone, you clearly need a woman, and more sunlight..

I'm welcoming more devices. Means more units out in people's hands (hee hee). I love my 8X, but Samsung's WPs intrigue the hell out of me.the ATIV S, IMO had some of the best hardware with the original WP8 release. I know and understand the general attitude about Sammy amongst the WP community, but so what!! If, at the time the ATIV S, was available in the US, I might never have had a chance to adore my 8X.

I just think with Windows Phone, devices need color. It helps show off the OS. Samsung's choice of color leaves a lot to be desired.

Samsung's lack of flashy colours were a big reason that made me love my ATIV S. It looks sleek and professional all at once. I'm glad that they don't make phones flashy and fruity.

More colour options, maybe pastel shades would be nice but it's the OS not the phone that I'm showing to people.

Well, there are other WPs, that have that, black 8X, white L920, etc. I can respect your position there. I feel the same way about my blue 8X. That's one of the things I loved about my HTC Radar. Aluminum. Can we get an aluminum or VaporMag bodied WP, please??

Hopefully this will have at least a Snapdragon 800 and not the 600 chipset that was last rumored.  $600 seems a bit high for that kind of hardware.

Would be nice if they gave windows phone users a phone for every galaxy an note, rather then a few here and there, I'm not even surprised they don't at least have low end phones to rival the Lumia 520/521/530 etc they would make a killing

We'll have to see if it's based on the S5 or S4. If I had to guess I'd say this is based on the Galaxy S4 and probably has a snapdragon 600. 


$600 is just launch price, it'll very quickly drop below that. Verizon WP phones always become super cheap.

"a radical departure from in terms of"...? Seriously guys. Get someone to proofread your articles. It's not worthy of a serious website to have almost everything riddled with mistakes.

I think we've made a huge improvement of the last few years from previous efforts. Mistakes happen, even when proofreading. I've written 1.2 million words for this site (no joke), and yes, some days are better than others.  

In the future, it'd be appreciated to simply notify us and leave the snark to the side.

I think alot of that could be asked the same from editors that reply with snarky comment.

There was no snark in my comment.

I'm also a bit surprised that Daniel Rubino of all people complain about snark. :)

I agree that improvements have been made, but compared to all the other websites I visit, this one still has more frequent little annoying mistakes like the one I mentioned (or at least it feels that way). I'm not in the business of proofreading, and I haven't mentioned this excessively, so I don't think I'll be pointing out any more mistakes in private or in threads. I love WP Central otherwise, it's a small blemish on a wonderful site.

Calling exclusivity for the Lumia 930 for AT&T and then the bloodbath in the comments when people are upset. As an AT&T subscriber, I cant wait :)

I'm just saying. It will probably happen and the follow will occur:

T-Mobile people get upset

Verizon people get upset

AT&T poeple rejoice

People get upset at the exclusivity thing

People wonder when the variant of the 930 (938? 935?) will come to their respective carrier

Because exclusivity hurts Noika, WP, & consumers. The only entity that is helped is the carrier with the exclusive. Why applaud any carrier, they all suck! Samsung and Apple figured this out a long time ago, hell even BlackBerry has changed to a certain degree. (whether they sold or not) The Z10 & Q10 launched on all carriers other than Sprint. Less, VZW got the white, but you could still get a the device form your carrier if you wanted it. I really hope Microsoft conforms to this going forward.

IF it gives us a 5.0" option. If it is sub 5.0" I will still be looking at this Samsung and the Icon on Big Red and wonder at what point did AT&T decide it doesn't need the near industry standard- and my personal sweet spot- in a WP???

*Fingers crossed*

Well as an owner of the Icon, its a beautiful device. If the 930 is 5 inches like the Icon with AT&T LTE support. I am sold.

Unless they do the optional accessory as they did with the S4 at which point it wouldn't matter

First you say the 930 will be an international version of the Icon, then you hazard a guess it will be for AT&T?!!

"international" as in "for everyone else, not just Verizon".

Whether specific carriers then opt for it is another discussion. The Lumia Icon is a custom carrier device though, so we're talking about similar specs here mostly, not necessarily design.

Regarldess, when has AT&T not picked up a new mid to high range Windows Phone?

In truth, we windows phone users don't have a real reason to have so much vitriol towards Samsung. They have released phones for every generation of windows phone. They haven't advertised their phones or spec'd their windows phones like they have the galaxy line, but they have continued to support the platform. Now I know we all would like to see what would happen if they actually made a Galaxy Windows Phone and put a few advertising $$$ behind it. But we Nokia Lovers might not like the end result, because if they actually blew past the Lumia sales numbers, they could take over influence of the OS development just like they have with android. Be careful poking the beast. It might not pan out like you think.

I feel you, at the same time when you look at LG,HTC etc and others the chase to hold the throne and or obtain it is healthy competition with a win for consumers.

This is just my opinion, but i don't think Samsung is interested in dominating Windows phone because they can't really Brand it like they can their galaxy line of devices. Everything Samsung does with Android isn't really about android. They can make it look, act and feel any way they want. This leads to all things pointing back solely to Samsung. No one really thinks about Google when they buy an Samsung device. We geeks know who's behind the curtain but Samsung's UI is so different from standard Android that they really could release a galaxy device without Google and still sell quite a few before the questions started coming. That's what they're testing with their new line of Watches. How important is android really at the end of the day.


Windows phone doesn't exactly work like that. When you build a windows phone, you're not getting all the brand recognition. Microsoft and the Windows Phone interface itself are going to be a part of the conversation. That's great for the platform as a whole and Microsoft, but it also means Samsung isn't getting as much bang for their buck. Now if the cost of building Android devices continues to increase (Patents) things could change. If it costs as much to build a Galaxy Phone as it costs to build a ATIV Phone, maybe they'd shift some of the advertising and design money in the windows direction.

Well said, every word. Sammy has dine well by WP overall when you factor in the release in 2010 all the way up to the pending WP 8.1 here soon. The only real black mark against them is no official 7.8 for their WP 7 devices (which HTC didn't do either) and lack of advertising. But, updates, firmware, and new devices they have done well.

Trivia: What was the last WP7 device ever released? The Focus 2. Let's back off Sammy.

The lack of a 7.8 update can be rectified using seven-eighter seeing as it's only an OS update. FYI the HD7 did get an official 7.8 update from O2-UK eventually.

I'm glad more reasonable commentors are coming out. This is 100% spot on. I never understood how we could have had sooo many Focus lovers here in 2010 and now so few.

Wouldn't it be amazing if an unlocked all-frequencies phone was sold directly from Microsoftstore.com? One can dream, right?

That is the dream. No more depending on carriers to provide your updates nor having to worry about being able to use it on any network. I don't care if Nokia, Samsung, HTC or Microsoft itself or any other manufacturer makes it. This would be the phone to get for me! Surface phone

I've had the Omnia7 follow by the Ativ S, but the lack of physical camera button will stop my Samsung WP loyalty dead in its tracks.

Such a shame really as I prefer the designs and reliability.

I know what you're saying. But to be honest I rarely take pics.Even though I was upset about this at first, I could see MS doing what they do with the Tablets and just have us swipe down to use the camera.

Swipe down would be superb and might make me consider it.

I do take a fair about of photos and just prefer a button, both for launching and it feels more natural to use the button.

Nokia will slightly upgrade (e.g) there 5 series, but if someone wakes them up they will be forced to show there hand as king of the low end windows market with maybe even flash enabled cameras

Seriously, this looks like the Focus S, Ativ S, Ativ Neo. Samsung puts absolutely no effort into their Windows Phones, this is probably the biggest reason most WP fans don't care for them. Generic looking, lacking unique features, no promotion, lackluster support, no wonder Nokia dominates so much. For the #1 smartphone maker on the planet it's a shabby effort. Till they do better Samesung won't be an option for me.

"lacking unique features"? By the screenshot, it looks like "Samesung" will be a little different as it appears to be equipped with an IR Blaster due to that WATCH ON APP.

I actually was thinking, when the S5 reveal happened, that they should ditch the gimmick heart beat thing, and instead include an IR transmitter. Far more useful than a heartbeat sensor, I mean come on, seriously.

I agree. Definitely looking forward to having a variant of these with the IR Blaster on all carriers.

The appearance is probably more of a Verizon issue than Samsung. Verizon wants everything to look like an iPhone or a Galaxy.

But all Nokia devices look the same to me only the sizes may be different. Honestly, there's only so much one can do with a slab phone, and this goes for any company. I'm actually excited to see other OEM besides Nokia. I have a Nokia 521 that I use every once in a while. I'm even considering a high end Windows phone when I'm ready to upgrade, but I just don't want a high end Nokia. So, I'm waiting to see what others are going to offer. If no one brings anything, then I'll just continue to stick with the Galaxy Note series.

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At first, I thought the samsungy design was ugly. Then the windows logo button was ugly. Then I saw the Verizon logo. #nopenopenope

I'd like to work "designing" Samsung phones. Just pasting together bits of old phones and tweaking the HSV numbers of one or two pieces. Great jorb there sam

It won't come for a while but what ever happened to those 1520 Sized Samples with the 1020 sized Camera Cutout. Once you have the 1020, moving to something else without the same camera magic is a bit disappointing. I like the 1520 (even though it's to large for my hands) but I like my 41MP. An Icon Sized device, with an Q805 chip, a QHD screen (2560x1440) and the monster on the back sounds just about perfect.

Obviously that screen resolution is a bit much for 5 inches but you'd have to admit that it would be the greatest Viewfinder in the history of Viewfinders. Maybe Games would take a hit pushing all those pixels, but there are other devices with an FHD (1920x1080) screen that could be promoted as gamer focused.

I have a feeling the 1020 replacement is coming next spring/summer. Ready to cash in on those that had a 2 yr contract on the 1020. Shame, as a 1030 is my next phone if it is out this year. Great photos and qi charging would be sweet.

Im waiting for a Lumia, since having a HTC phone for each of my past 2 WP devices. But I will be going into Verizon now just to mess with 8.1

The Samsung is sounding promising. And i wonder when the Nokia phones will go out. Would love choice as looking to buy again within April, early may.

Then again where is the 1020 update - like the description of an 805 packing monster, as said above ;)

It is evident that the deal breaker is on contract $199.00. Be not surprise as for this is for every phone and carrier.

I don't mind the looks of this device. I'm running a L925 and a L710 . I like my Nokia yes but if my carrier came in with what I want, I would buy it, be that Samsung or HTC. 5.5-6.0 would suit me just fine. I would love to see HTC come out with a WP8.1 along the lines of the HTC One Max. It doesn't always have to be Nokia. I would love to see all the OEMs put out qualify WP devices.

The problem with other OEM devices isn't their bad quality. I think they are good devices. The problem is the support and commitment that those OEMs give to the Windows Ecosystem! That is just weak!

They may only be announced in a month or so, so there is still time for those leaks. I'm sure EVLEAKS already got something, just waiting a bit longer to drop the bomb!

I just want Sprint to finally get a decent WP device so I can finally get one!!! I have everything else in the 8.1 ecosystem except a WP. I am on Sprint with five lines on different contract end dates, so I can't just change carriers and the ETF would be astromonical. Damn you, Sprint!

This is almost designed for me. I'm that phone user that isn't brand loyal, likes Android, but is looking for an upgrade from his Verizon Note2 this year. I've had Lumia and Samsung and I can tell you, the Lumia is built better but the Samsung has been the best phone I've ever used. It's reliable, fast, and does a TON of things (more than I can even imagne actually) very well. I really wanted the 1520 on Verizon.. I NEED verizon because here in north GA they have the BEST coverage by far. My neighbor has AT&T and she can't use her phone at home because it has no service. I can stand beside her with a full signal. Verizon has the best coverage by far so I need verizon. I like the bigger screen of my Note2 but I'm a Windows user and PC builder so I run Win 8.1 on all my computers for work and home and I love it. I really want a good BIG windows phone to upgrade to, so if this has a 5" or larger screen I'll be happy knowing that it's a Samsung because mine has been awesome.