Sprint's Samsung ATIV S Neo revealed as 'Cronus' codename?


Samsung is reportedly working on a new smartphone, running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

According to a new app that has been published to the Windows Phone Store by Samsung, the manufacturer has a new phone on the horizon called the "Cronus", which could well be the next ATIV Windows Phone - Sprint is taking on the ATIV S Neo. That phone is due to hit shelves in the coming weeks.

Here's what the app description reads on the store listing:

MobileCare collects the log/minidump files and uploads to Samsung MobileCare server which is normally used in User Trial. The quality of the product can be improved by statistical analysis of the log/minidump

*it can be worked only on below Samsung devices.
Cronus(developing), Launched devices (GDR2 or later version of ATIV S/ATIV Odyssey)
and now we will use only for English.

Samsung is using the ATIV brand to group all of its Windows hardware, but it is unclear if 'Cronus' is just an internal name or the public one e.g. "ATIV Cronus". That would obviously make it a whole new phone, possibly for international audiences, rather than the inbound Sprint device (which is what we're leaning on).

We don't know what the Windows Phone will look like or what specifications it will feature. For now, be sure to take this lightly and while it's official with a Samsung app, there's still little to go on here.

Source: Windows Phone Store, via: SamMobile


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Sprint's Samsung ATIV S Neo revealed as 'Cronus' codename?


THE NEWS I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Brand new Samsung WP! Let's hope it will follow ATIV footprint. Great for platform. Great for consumers.

Wouldnt they have revealed a new windows phone at the event in london a couple of weeks ago? Surely its just an ATIV variant for a different carrier.

It has slightly weaker specs than the original ATIV S, so there are some differences. That and network connectivity, I'm guessing. CDMA instead of GSM.

The processor is different because there are not a lot of choices which support LTE band 25, and SMR 800MHz/PCS 1900MHz under Qualcomm CDMA code.  Battery can be replaced with one of longer life.

Sprint salesmen will NOT offer this over Android or IOS becuz they are all Fans of the platforms. I know becuz I had a HTC WP7 and every salesmen tried they best to persuade me to look at something else. Good luck tho!

Every time I heard similar stories I thought that either you guys were over reacting or it was an one thing episode, until I witnessed it for myself, here in Lisbon. A colleague wanted to buy a HTC 8x (he liked my wp), and the guy advised him to get an Android instead. Wtf...?!!!

It happens alot. Mostly from the sales guy that hasn't made manager yet and trying to prove he is alpha male. I see the same behavior from my cats as I do cell phone salesmen.

Happened to me at AT&T. Even after I told them I did not want to even look at abdroid and crapple, they still tried to push me into the other two.

These scenarios are nothing new.  It happens countless of times.  This is not an anomaly.  The people who work at these carrier stores are biased against Windows Phone.  I already know the drill, so I combat it quickly once they (worker) starts his/her pitch about Android/iOS.  Unfortunately, there are so many uneducated buyers when it comes to smart phones that they'll take the advice of these store workers without question. 

I have the same story, I have att and when I went to get my 920 the first thing the rep asks was I looking for an iPhone? I told her I hate apple, and she tried to show me the GS3, I stopped her in her tracks and told her want I wanted. A 920 in RED, and I even said No red No business, 5mins later we have the red one in stock. Carrier reps don't respect WP in anyway crazy to me.

Maybe because so few people ask for a wp in one day they just don't bother trying. I haven't seen a wp commercial in a long time now that I think about it....anyway, yea I just think its because people walk in and immediately know they want apple or android, and after a while they just forget about wp.but who knows I buy my phones online lol

When I was getting my L928 it took over 30min for the rep to order in Black and 3 people come in asking for it in black in the time I was there. When I went back to pick up Qi charging plate a couple was looking at it and I sold it for the sales guy who was pushing them to iOS. Every time I go in Verizon people are asking about WP.

A salesperson needs to ask this simple question:
"Are you looking for a specific device?"  If the customer does specify the device, they need to get that device immediately.  I see this push for only certain devices just because of preference or by direct order of a store manager (which is a prohibited practice for managers at corporate owned stores and grounds for termination of an authorized dealer contract, regardless of national carrier).

If you tell them what you want, the salesperson should be glad you're saving him/her time on the sale transaction.  I had no problems dealing with salespeople at my local corporate owned SPRINT store.  That alone gives them extra time for an extra sale which gives them a commission.
salespeople from any carrier pushing only a certain platform or device need to be either retrained or removed, regardless of carrier.

As a former Sprint indirect employee, I'll say this:

* Sales agents confuse Windows Mobile with Windows Phone and spread FUD about the platform.

* Most of my dealings with corporate showed serious dislike for the product, and again FUD.

* No one will push the platform unless they're offered incentives like other platforms.

* Agents aren't trained on the platform and most aren't going to invest the time to do so unless it's required.

Basically, the platform needs continued marketing until people are demanding Windows Phone. Some of them will still be pushed onto Android or iPhone, but over time agents will have to learn to offer the platform. Microsoft has a lot to do in getting agents educated and enthusiastic about the platform.

Microsoft failed to properly address the majority based CDMA carrier community from the start of the transition from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone by refusing to give carriers like Verizon and Sprint the proper marketing support, by delaying any CDMA devices for a year, and by the failure to code CDMA into the platform by using Qualcomm code (and choosing to use China Mobile based code). Team Windows Phone did not have a Qualcomm certified CDMA code engineer until a couple of months ago.

I used to be where you were... I worked for a 3rd party AR. The points you described are EXACTLY what I dealt with among my coworkers.
One difference is that we weren't offered incentives to sell one platform over the other. Everything we sold was the same flat rate. Just our owner preferred we sold anything OTHER than iOS since iPhones are much more expensive to keep in store. We never kept any BlackBerry phones in stock, so those were never sold. I started working for them just before the Arrive was EOL'ed so I never saw any in stock but my coworkers always thought it was Windows Mobile and were generally uninformed about it.
Microsoft needs to strongly push education to their carrier partners. They have a tough uphill climb until then.

When I was a salesman at Sprint, I would try to get people into the best phone for THEM. Sometimes it was the Arrive, and sometimes it wasnt. I can tell you though, when I properly qualified the Arrive for someone, they loved it, and I never had one returned. Unfortunatly most people shop for what they see on TV, so they usally wanted an iPhone or Galaxy device, which sometimes isnt actually the phone they are looking for. They need to ask questions and make reccomendations based on thier needs first, and thier wants second. If it comes down to them saying, "I still want X device", thats what you sell them. Salesman see greater success when they ditch thier preconcieved of whats 'good' and just do whats right for the customer.

Agreed, Adam.  Sometimes it works to offer them what's best for their actual needs.  However, you have to realize some people do the proper research prior to buying a device and already made the decision.  This is the part when a salesperson needs to finalize the sale as quickly as possible (and for those who worked on a environment of selling products know this type of sale saves you a lot of time and earns you the commission quickly enough in order to get the next sale completed).

That's exactly how I operated when I worked for Sprint also. I work qualify the customer the phone that exactly or closely matched their needs. That's usually not what people ask for, they just want the device of the day that their friends have or their kids tell them to get (REALLY? Slap your damn kids down). I can't keep up with the amount of people saying "I WANT THE NEW GALAXY" or "WHAT'S THE NEWEST DROID". Then I tell them 'Droid' is a Verizon-only BRAND and tell them the hype over commercials. I always take out my Arrive, display the slide-out keyboard/tilting screen and built-in Office and Xbox Live.

Customers would usually say 'I've seen these phones on TV!' or 'Xbox on a phone?' and show surprise at the platform and how they've never been exposed to or seen it in person either.

As I've said above, Microsoft's biggest problem is education about the platform and making the platform appealing to the average person. Xbox and Office are two of the biggest differentiators. USE THEM!

I think Microsoft offers ample information required by these carriers to sell their platform. It's up to the carriers themselves to ensure that their sales workers are educated so that they can answer questions and even offer that certain product.

That's true as well to a certain degree. I took the Windows Phone 7 training and it covered the basics really well. Every hub was mentioned and most features were talking about (SkyDrive, Office, Xbox, etc.) It showed how to use the Start screen, move tiles, and such.
The attitude of the sales people and management makes a huge difference. My former boss likes Microsoft products generally but prefers Android due to it's tweakability. He's not a fan of Windows Phone being more similar to iOS compared to the expandability that Windows Mobile used to offer. A HUGE issue I noticed is that everyone still thinks Windows PHONE is the same as Windows MOBILE. They assumed (for example) that since WM had a file manager, that WP does. They were highly disappointed to find out it doesn't.
No one believed me when I tried to say that WP doesn't freeze or crash and is much more stable than WM was... they assume it's just as bad, just with a new skin over it.
Keeping the Windows name may have been a detriment to perception of the OS, but that's a whole other debate. I personally like the Windows Phone name.

I'm amazed people even go to these stores. They're disgusting and over-priced. Just walking past one of these stores and seeing the clueless/greedy salespeople in there gives me the creeps. It's as bad as car dealerships. Here's a tip if you absolutely must go: dress down and mess up your hair. They will assume you don't have money and will leave you alone.

A friend of mine works for T-Mobile and said they get a better commission off of activating android or iPhone....maybe that's why they don't recommend wp8. I don't listen to those salesmen...got my 822 when it came out. Go WP8!

I agree sometimes want the customer wants isn't always want they need, its up to the reps to do a little digging and there those times when a customer knows exactly what they want.

If you know what you want you will get what you want.. WINDOWSPHONE is known now.. People are very aware of it.. They see windows8 they see WINDOWSPHONE.. They just stuck with the idea of iPhone and galaxy they have no idea what they missing

"That phone is due to hit shelves in the coming weeks.".....Let's hope so. I would much prefer Samsung to HTC. But I cannot wait til late September for it. I just get the feeling there'll be a Samsung delay. In that case I'd settle for 8XT.

I can't find the article, but I thought I read last week that neither the Tiara nor the ATIV S were high-end WP8 phones for Sprint. The Tiara's hardware made it low-end, and Samsung's phone wasn't the latest stuff either. Would that suggest a third (I suppose faster) phone will be offered by Sprint further down the road?

Based on current WP8 specs, the 8XT is mid level, and although with a slightly slower processor the Ativ S Neo is as high en as the Ativ S. Sprint could have chosen really low end devices like the low end Lumias with half the internal storage of the 8XT and processors running not higher than 1GHz and 512MB RAM.

Not low end devices for current WP8 standards, unless you are expecting quadcore WP8 devices coming soon which will actually need GDR3 to operate.