Samsung Epix gets a ROM update for that nagging 'SLOG DUMP' error

OK, you patient Samsung Epix owners. Here you go. After suffering through forced slog dumps and the radio problems that came with a supposed hotfix, AT&T has released an honest to goodness ROM upgrade that actually tackles several issues.

  • "Slog Dump" Fix: On certain circumstances, the handset may report a “Slog Dump” error message. This software provides an update to the network layer which prevents the problem from occurring.
  • Missed Email Audio Notifications: A previously released cab file for notifications is included in ID1. This enables the EPIX to provide audible notifications alerts for your emails when the device enters an unattended power saving mode.
  • Outlook Notes SSP Support: The update contains the ability to synchronize the popular Notes feature available within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Ascending Ringtone: Ringtone behavior design was set to ascending/escalating volume during inbound call regardless of setting specified. With this update, the handset will act in accordance to the volume settings selected

So back up all of your important data (this is a ROM upgrade after all, which means hard reset and a virgin device), head on over to the download site, and read the instructions. Then read them again. And read them one more time, just in case you missed the part where it said to take out the SIM card or downloaded the XP updater instead of Vista. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Then get to flashing.


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Samsung Epix gets a ROM update for that nagging 'SLOG DUMP' error


How long has it been since the Epix came out and they are just now getting around to fixing these issues??

Via GearDiary? It was posted in the WMExperts forum 18 hours before the GearDiary post... I'm just saying.

So far my phone has been stable - but I'm not ready to say fixed. It's been requiring daily battery pulls due to freezing - both before and after the FOTA update.


It's interesting that this ROM is being made available by Samsung and not AT&T.

ATT's site has a link to the ROM download on Samsung's site but states that they (ATT) do not provide support for this ROM.

Which is fine. But I'm wondering if this means that the ROM will be free of the stuff ATT installs, will not have the network settings locked down (whatever was locked down in the original ROM that is), and will not have the ATT/Cingular splash screen.

If that's the case, show me where to sign. (Of course, I'd update even otherwise, but this would just be icing on the cake).

The instructions on the Samsung site state that this is for the AT&T phone only, so it appears to be one of those releases where you're going to get the carrier and the manufacturer pointing at each other. The phone reboots with the standard AT&T bloatware, but I've hard reset this phone so many times that I can hide all the AT&T stuff and get my programs the way that I want them in about 2-3 minutes...

I don't know if it's still locked to the AT&T network, but you still have to disable the AT&T proxy to get better net performance.


Thanks Craig!

Can you point me to the instructions for getting rid of the ATT bloatware?

It's not that big of a deal -- I can simply not use it (and I don't) -- but I like the idea of keeping my device clean of stuff I don't use.

Thx again!

I don't actually get rid of it - I just hide it. I use file explorer and create a folder under My Device/Windows/Start Menu/Programs and call it zStuff (or whatever you want - the z moves to the end). I then move the shortcuts for all the AT&T stuff into that folder - out of sight, out of mind...

I got it to work, the only problem I had was at Step 7 I turned off the device connected it to the PC and turned the device back on and the software did not find the phone. But I repeated the setup and it worked correctly.

with the new update my Google maps and Live search stop working (GPS)