Samsung Focus v1.4 update now live

Title says it all. The Windows Phone Blog has just posted that the Focus (v1.4 only) is getting NoDo + Security fix as an update (7390 + 7392). So go and plug your phone into your computer now and head to Settings and "check for update" to get it sent on over to your phone.

No word on when the v1.3 Focus will get he 7392 "Security update".

As a side note, they go on to explain why occasionally you may a specific update for your phone, unrelated to the OS (the Focus for Mango has one recently)--these are basically fixes and improvements for your phone's hardware. They're nothing new, per se, as Roger's rolled one out, the Mozart has received one, etc.

"A few months back I explained that you may occasionally receive a notification of a hardware-specific update for your particular Windows Phone. These updates improve things like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness - to name a few examples. These updates are designed to make specific improvements. Not every phone around the world needs the same package of improvements. In some cases no update at all is needed. I wanted to remind you of this because some of you will start to see these types of updates soon, and I wanted you to have a little insight into what is included. It’s all part of keeping your Windows Phone in tip-top shape."

Sounds good to us and it sounds like some "updates" are on their way soon. (Thanks, Bryce and our forums admin Dave Blake, for the heads up)


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Samsung Focus v1.4 update now live


I am very happy that 1.4 owners are getting complete update. What is mystifing to me it why the 1.3 focus has not received the security update which all other wp have now received when there was apparently never any issue with 7392 and the 1.3 firmware If theres been a problem with 1.3 why has nobody talked about the issue(s)

scratch that. took about 45 minutes. There were two updates and the second took a little bit longer but I'm running NoDo now.

Finally got the download tool thing to work. Got First update installed and NoDo is almost done! wheeee!

focus 1.3 here no 7392 update yet hopefully tomorrow on the security cert update windowsteam blog was intimating that they might/would be coming out with 7392 for we 1.3 ers. Glad that the 1.4 ers are getting your update finally and hope all will be smooth and soon for mango for all.

Just got a focus today and i have no idea what version focus i have but I am updating it as well. Very slick phone so far, returned my atrix i foolishly upgraded to to get this.

Have tried 3 times already, the update process will not go past the 100% mark on "Step 7 of 10: Creating Backup" on the first (February) update... no solutions so far, no error messages either, phone just sits there for 2+ hours doing nothing...

delete temporarily some programs you need to have sufficient space to do the bakup go to the MS WP update page

I like the info in the 2nd paragraph about the equipment updates but wonder if they will warn us on those, also Ive loaded Mango Beta 2 on my Focus ver 1.3 so I wonder if it will pick up these updates without me reverting to NoDo...I really dont want to...lol

I believe you can find it under the battery but you cabn go to settings and about and more information

OK, now finish pushing out Dell's firmware update in "mid-July" :-P (I know, this may be more Dell's fault than Microsoft, but... this firmware has been an issue since day one!)